This chapter also sets the story a little more. First time for some things, but no sex yet!
Chapter 2: Home for the Holidays

Two years had passed and we had all lost and gained friends once we hit high school. Now attending Samuel L. Clemens High School, I had joined the JROTC program and taken the successful nerd route. Nerdy, but at the same time headed in the right direction. Taking leadership classes and business classes while at the same time having discovered alcohol my freshman year I was now partying every weekend. Now 16 years old I had had two girlfriends and hadn’t done anything past kissing and groping still. This was soon to change.

Clarissa had continued her ways of weed and drinking most nights and a few shrooms every now and then. I don’t judge, that stuff just never interested me. She was now not dying her hair black, and had her ears and tongue pierced. She had some tattoos as well, a Celtic knot on her wrist, a happy face on the bottom of each toe and some symbol that supposedly meant “Josh”, on her upper back, and it was about the size of a silver dollar. I would affectionately later call it “The Mark of the Beast”.

We hadn’t hung out much since that night at the dance. Clarissa, Christie and Josh had come over to drink one time. Josh was completely plastered by the time it came for them to walk home, so I went with them just in case he had to be carried. Another time, right before Halloween Clarissa, Christie and her cousin Krista came by and hung out. Turns out that they had to be home around 12pm so we left to go hang out at a park near Carissa’s house around 10pm so they could get home fast if needed and then sneak out once they had “gone to bed”. It turned into the most one-sided game of Truth or Dare anyone has ever seen, not that I’m complaining.

The game was dare… or dare. No truth. Clarissa and Christie were daring only Kelsey and I and only on each other. So it started out innocent enough, kiss here, leave a hickey there. It eventually turned into hanging out on a jungle gym with her breast in my mouth and her grinding her crotch roughly against mine through her jeans and my Dickies.

Krista was a tiny 15 year old freshman. She had a nice adolescent figure with maybe B cup breasts, very petite and sexy body with a cute tight ass and cute face. At this park there was an old wooden and metal car that had a sort of truck bed in the back. We sat on the edge with her straddling me topless with one breast in my mouth and one of my hands on her ass. This was the first time I had touched a girl like this before, but usually what I thought about when I was all alone. Her grinding was getting more and more intense and came to an abrupt halt. Clarissa and Christie had called her over to their vantage point from where they were watching everything. They just whispered and giggled and then all three came over and Krista started right back from where she left off. I gave the other two a strange look wondering what they were talking about when I noticed Clarissa had one hand on her chin and her other firmly in the front of her pants.

Was she..? Yes. Yes she was. She was pleasuring herself to the image of me and her best friend’s cousin grinding on this park play set, looking back it’s kind of creepy. Krista grabbed me by what little hair I had and pulled me in to kiss her then stopped grinding. She just looked at the other two and smiled. She undid my belt and the button on my pants, I was so nervous. She started rubbing my obviously erect member through my boxers. We were kissing still but that soon stopped as I needed to say something, but didn’t quite get out anything more than a sigh. She kissed me some more then wiped her hand on her sweatshirt that was lying next to us and buttoned me back up. I gave the awkward hug and goodbye to everyone, the girl who just jacked me off and the two girls who watched and walked home with my wet boxers, got home, showered and went to bed reenacting the scene in my mind at least three times that night.

The next night I went to John’s house and told him and Lee about the walk home. John was astonished and Lee was pissed. John was my best friend. We met my freshman year and he has been there or been the first to know about all my firsts in life. He was two years older than me so he had been the equivalent of my High School mentor. His house was the party house, because his mom didn’t really care what happened as long as it was relatively responsible and no one got hurt or arrested. Lee was mad because he had gotten sent home once the girls showed up because he had a history of cheating on his current girlfriend with random girls. Well, that’s what we told him, we really sent him home because he was better looking than us, he knew, we knew it, the girls knew it.

Halloween came around and Clarissa and Christie invited Lee and I to go hangout with them and a couple of their friends. Turns out we were just hanging out at some guy’s house playing games and drinking a bit while driving around in a pretty nice chop-top 1970’s Cadillac. The seating arrangements were a little awkward, but not bad by any means. It me in the middle back and Clarissa to my left with Lee on my right and Christie lying across us below a blanket so the cops couldn’t see too obviously. The driver and the other guy in the shotgun spot were two of Josh’s friends, David and Justin. I didn’t talk much to them nor them to me; or Lee for that matter. They kind of just kept to themselves and smoked. Every now and then I would flex a muscle, or flick my wrist and playfully hit Clarissa to get a rise out of her. It eventually turned into her resting against me with my arm around her and her hand on my thigh. I was the first to be dropped off and hopped out of the car, cutting my leg and tearing my pants on one of the “not so chopped” parts of the top. I gave out the handshakes and hugs to the girls, giving an extra long one to Clarissa because we had a tiny conversation about a good night kiss and how she wanted to, but couldn’t because of the guys.

The next few weeks turned into hanging out with Clarissa and Christie more and more because Christie and Lee had started dating after that night. When we hung out at his house it turned into those two fooling around in his room while Clarissa and I sat on the couch watching TV. Once again to get a rise out of her I started hitting her and poking her, right through her threats of getting me back. Out of no where she tackled me to the ground, I was almost a foot taller than her and had at least 80-100 lbs. on her and she was able to tackle me. She didn’t have long to enjoy that small victory as I flipped her over on her back and began poking and prodding her again until she nearly wet herself from the laughter. When she went to the restroom Christie had come out in nothing but a blanket wrapped around her to get a glass of water. She asked what the noise was and I explained that we were just wrestling around and she laughed.

“You know what she really likes?” she asked.

Not knowing I shrugged and gave her a blank but impatient stare desperately waiting for her to tell me.

“Bite her. Not hard, just hard enough to mean it, but do it, anywhere, she loves it.”

I gave her my thanks and went back to the TV waiting for Clarissa to come back from the restroom. When she did I poked her again and again to no avail. Not even a snicker. I thought I had made her mad or something so I leaned over and very seriously asked her what was wrong. She just smiled and I knew what was coming. Once again she tried to dive at me and tackle me, but I got her mid dive and got her on her back, a little bit harder than I had intended but no harm was done. I instantly pinned her down and lightly bit her neck. I couldn’t see her face but her head tilted back, she got silent, and all except for a sigh and shudder through her whole body. I tilted my head back up to see what I had done and she was just smiling away. So we kept wrestling and I kept biting until we were both too tired to do much more. We just laid there on the couch, me leaning back a bit and she leaned against me with my arm around her.

Out of nowhere we heard a car horn outside.
“Oh shit! Christie! YOUR MOM’S HERE!” yelled Clarissa.

All you heard was the door to Lee’s room fly open and see Christie struggling to pull her pants up while spraying body spray to get the smell of sex off of her. We all say our goodbye’s including a little nibble on Clarissa’s neck just one more time.

“If there’s a mark I’m going to have to convince Josh that it’s from Christie, you ass hole.” She said half joking. She didn’t actually care, but he would, so she had a way out to just blame it on one of her and Christie’s drunken lesbian escapades.

Thanksgiving break! It’s the time for Turkey, football, relatives and the occasional hand-job. Wait, what?

Thanksgiving Day had come and gone, but I still had a week and a half of break left. My house was the place for everything entertaining; Internet, MySpace, video games, movies etc. So Lee talking to Christie on the phone for two hours while I played video games was nothing new. Lee was in my room on the phone and I was in the game room playing Diablo II. That’s right, old school. Lee came into the game room and whispered to me;

“Would you kiss Clarissa?”

I looked at him for a second and said;
“Yeah, I think that’s a definite yes.”

Christie had apparently heard it and moved on to the next question; Lee looked at me and said;
“Would you fuck her?”

I looked at him blankly and probably somewhat frightened and said;
“I’ll cross that road if I come to it, I couldn’t really say right now.”

A blatant lie; a cute girl, with my favorite hair color; who I had been somewhat attracted to since Junior High wanted to fool around with me? Sign me up! Those kinds of answers were never really my thing, so that’s not the answer they got. Turned out that the girls wanted to hangout tonight, but we weren’t sure where to go.

My house was off limits; no way was I bringing girls to that AA meeting. Lee’s place was off limits because his parents were having people over for dinner. John’s place was the normal hangout but he had somewhere to go and wouldn’t be back until around 11pm. We decided to go somewhere neutral and hangout until John had come back and then we would go there. We decided the only place we could go was a park or something similar. The only problem with most of Northern California is that the summers are blistering and the winters are freezing. Seeing as it was late November, we had to put up with the latter.

We decided that the elementary school behind my house was sufficient enough. We grabbed some blankets and dressed warm and headed out. The girls came to my house and we went to the school. We hung out and talked as a group for a bit until it got pretty cold. It was already dark around 7pm and was getting cold really fast. We split up into our two little groups and shared body warmth and the blankets. Ended up with Clarissa and me cuddling at one end of the play set talking and Lee and Christie at the other end necking.

We went from talking about nothing to making out and touching in no time. It was freezing out but I still managed to convince her to take off her bra and lift up her shirt to enough to get my head in it. It soon turned into a re enactment of the previous park incident. Clarissa had developed into a very cute rebellious young girl. She had just over a B cup perfect breasts with the nicest ass a pair of girl Dinkies has ever seen. Cute, round and even better with those wide hips flaring out, it was just amazing. She still had a bit of baby fat on her, but she was stunning nonetheless.

It was so cold that her nipples didn’t even get hard, they were too numb. That didn’t keep me from getting hard and we were grinding on the slide in no time. Head up then shirt, hand on the ass, feeling her lips penetrate right through her jeans and grip my cock through my boxers. I apparently was the only one wearing underwear between the two of us.

I almost came when I took my attention from breasts and looked at her face. She looked almost unconscious; if it wasn’t for the heavy breathing I would have thought she was. Eyes rolled a little back, a little grin shining through over her bottom lip that she was biting intensely, that sight alone could have made me lose it.

She stopped abruptly and looked at me.
“I want to keep going but I don’t want you or anyone else thinking I’m slutty.”

I thought for a second and replied; “I wouldn’t think you’re slutty, how many guys have you been with?”

“Just Josh, but Christie may think I’m slutty.”

My jaw dropped. “Are you serious? Christie? I can’t buy my lunch at school without running into nine guys she’s fucked. There is no way for her to think YOU are slutty.”

She laughed a little and that comment was apparently enough to make her more comfortable because she went right back to what she was doing. She then slid off and sat next to me on the slide. We kept kissing and I was still groping her until her hand nervously and shakily made its way to my boxers. She was just rubbing the outside of my boxers but it felt amazing. She eventually went from outside the boxers to hand inside getting the shaft with her palm and rubbing the tip with fingers to pulling me out so I could finish without having to do laundry this time.

We all regrouped to the middle, fully dressed and all with blushing smiles. It was about 10:45 at night now.

Lee broke the silence;
“John will be home in 15 minutes or so and it’s a twenty minute walk, you wanna head there? I dunno about you but I’m freezing my balls off.”

We made the twenty minute walk in about half an hour; all the stopping to make out made us fall a little bit behind.

When we made it to John’s he was getting ready for bed. We were all hanging out talking and he felt like a third wheel, even though we were in his room on his bed. He had two full sized beds pushed together, so there was a LOT of room. Lee and Christie were doing their own thing on one bed while Clarissa and I were getting pretty hot and heavy on the other. While Lee and Christie were just groping and kissing I was slowly undoing Clarissa’s pants.

She was hesitant and I was nervous. She kept looking over at Lee and Christie to see if they were paying attention. Even though they weren’t I know they knew what was going on. I got her pants down under the blanket and slowly rubbed over entire mound, shaven except for a close cut landing strip. We both lied there breathing heavily, slowly kissing and then I went for it. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, all I remembered was to put two fingers in about 2 or 3 inches and make a “come hither” motion. That’s what I had learned from John and Lee; they were both two years older than me and taught me a few things. Not knowing what a clit was I went old school and just engulfed as much of those two fingers in her as I could.

As soon as I penetrated her she shot up and kissed me so deep it was like she came from just that. Teeth clicking on the initial hit, trying to bite my whole mouth, passionate kiss. After just a few seconds she couldn’t even kiss anymore and just laid back panting lightly and then right when she started to cum and convulse she went back to kissing me, just as passionately, lightly and jerkily grinding her hips against my hand that was becoming more and more soaked by her until one final hard thrust was all she had left and she threw her arms around me and we just laid there for a minute. She came down from her euphoric high and we realized I was still two fingers and three knuckles deep. With a sigh and a shudder she pulled me out of her and ran to the bathroom to wipe her self off, not before wiping my hand on the sheet. It was like a dream, I had to sit there for a second and let it soak in so I knew it was real. While she was in the bathroom cleaning up I took advantage of having my back to the other two and having no one else around to indulge in my adolescent curiosities and inquiries.

I slowly put my hand up to my face and smelled my hand. That sweet sweat smell, like body odor, only not foul or offensive; the greatest smell in the world is that smell. The kind of smell where you fool around with a girl and everyone thinks you’ve been working out, but it’s not really offensive so no one says anything. Where you come home and your mom tells you to shower and you just giggle. Not even a shower brings that smell off your hands, it takes a couple of days, I even tried bleach once, and that didn’t work.

After she cleaned up it was time to take them home. We hopped on our Chevrolegs and escorted the two girls to Christie’s house for the night. On the way back Lee and I had a bit of a crude teenage bragging conversation. It went in the order of him telling me he knew what happened and then me going into detail about it then lightly slapping him in the face to make him smell it, he said something along the lines of “That’s a good year.”; as if her vaginal juices were a fine wine.

I started talking about a boyfriend girlfriend situation when Lee interrupted me by reminding me she already had her boyfriend; Josh. I had completely forgotten about him in the excitement of the night, I think I just naturally assumed that since she was fooling around with me they had broken up. I had a quick moment of reflection and realized that I had pretty flexible morals and did not care about him. Truth be told he was a bit of an ass hole and we didn’t get along all that great, so I viewed that night as a victory.

We walked home and went to sleep. I laid there once again running what had happened through my head at least three times and enjoying each time. It was the first time I had fingered a girl, but I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. That comment about getting better with time was no understatement either.

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