Show and tell Sex Style
Ever since I had discovered the pleasures of my own pussy at a very young age, I have had the fantasy of being some ones servant.
I was lucky enough to meet Brandon when I was 19 years old and make my fantasy come true.
He loved the idea of having some one who would do as she was told and meet his every sexual desire.
However, I was in for some surprises that I had not expected.
We had set a few ground rules that basically meant that physical pain and torture were out but pretty much anyhting else he wanted was OK.
I had only had a few sexual encounters in my life and they we all pretty much a grope and a fuck so anything Brandon wanted to try would be new ground for me.
When I moved in with him I was told not to bring any underwear with me as I would not be needing them. I was also to shave off all my body hair including my pubes.
I arrived at the house early in the morning as intstructed and Brandon met me on the front porch.
He took my bag and put it inside the door. He then ordered me to strip right where I was standing. I glanced around but could see no one on the street. "It's a bit early for them so I don't think any one will see you. The new "No underwear" rule meant I was only wearing a dress and sandals, so getting undressed was relatively quick. I felt incrdibly exposed and silently prayed that no one in the houses was looking out their window. As I tried to make a move towards the door Brandon pushed me gently back onto the porch. "Not before the inspection" He looked over my entire body feeling under my arms and up and down my legs. When he reached my thighs he gently pushed my legs apart and ran his hand over my pussy. The sheer embarrassment of being outside naked had aroused me and my pussy was starting to get very moist. "Ah, so you are liking this." Brandon sounded very pleased with himself "That's good to know"
I had an intense feeling of relief when he finally let me into the house. He watched me as I unpacked and set about doing the house work.
For the first few weeks I was there we acted as a normal couple would except with a few rule changes.
While at home I was completely naked. I even hung out the laundry in the yard naked. There were houses on every side of the yard but it was also lined with trees. It would only take a neighbor to lean over the fence though to see me. If we went out any where, he picked my clothes. I usually ended up with a short figure hugging outfit the clung to my c cup tits and threatened to exposed my butt or pussy if I moved the wrong way.
As we sat watching television one night, Brandon said " Did you bring the laundry in yet?" I had completely forgotton about it. "So my clothes are still out side?"
"I'm sorry, I'll get them now"
"Its a bit late, don't you think. They'll be damp now." He seemed quite annoyed in this lapse in my concentration "I suppose I should punish you"
As soon as he said this I felt a tingle in my pussy and the warmth of my juices starting. I had been waiting for a chance to see what sort of idea's he had in store for punishing me. I was in for one hell of a surprise.
He walked off into the kitchen and grabbed his car keys. "Come on" He said striding back through the living room. I got up and followed him and was hit by a second and stronger wave of arousal when he opened the front door. I halted a little to see if any one was out there but Brandon took my arm before I could see anything.
"Car" he said
I walked very nervously accross the lawn. This is the first time I had been naked outside since the day I arrived. I desperately wanted to cover my privates but I knew that would be unacceptable behaviour.
I was relieved to climb into the passengers seat but worried about where we were going.
Branding pulled the car out of the drive and we headed off.
"Sit up straight and part your legs" He said with out looking at me. We drove up and down lots of streets for about an hours or so. It was late in the evening so there wasn't much traffic around and I am not sure any one really saw me.
"I have to pee" Branding declared. He pulled up at a little park and got out. Rather than walk to the toilet, he came around and opened my door. I was horrified that he expected me to get out.
"I old you I was going to punish you and this is it." With that he reached in and unbuckled my seat belt and pulled me out. I stood completely naked on the side of the road with houses all around. Instinctively I put one arm accross my tits and the other hand over my pussy. "Brandon. What if some one is watching?"
"That's the whole point. I plan to humiliate you into being a good girl. Now move your hands and start walking."
Unbelievably embarrassed and equally aroused , I did as I was told as he led me accross the park to the toilets. I was relieved to find we were the only ones in there. Branding stepped up to the urinal and stood there. "Come on Girl" He said "It's not going to get itself out."
I unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out. It was starting to get hard so I knew he was enjoying my fear and embarrassment. He peed as I held his dick. Gently he put his arm around me and started running his finger up and down the crack of my arse. It made me wonder what else he would make me do as part of my punishment. I was contemplating that thought when a mans voice came. "Holy Shit"
Some one had come into the toilets and I froze on the spot. There I was naked in a public toilet with a complete stranger standing right behind me.
"You can put my dick away now dear." Brandon said to me. I moved my arms ony as I tried not to bend over infront of who ever was back there. As I pulled up the zipper, Brandon started talking to the stranger.
"I hope we haven't offended you"
"Hell No!" The stranger said "What I can see from back here is anything but offensive"
"Thats good" Brandon replied "You see. The girl got a bit tardy with her house hold duties and I am punishing her. A bit of public humiliation might bring her back into line."
"Couldn't agree more" Said the stranger
"Girl" Brandon said "Why don't you assist our friend here with his needs. He has obviously come in here for a pee" The look on Brandons face said it all. I had no choice. I could feel my whole body burning red with the humiliation of it all as I turned and faced the newcomer. He was an older man in his mid fifties with a huge smile on his face and a growing bulge in his pants. He looked directly at my bald pussy that now glistened a little with the juices I could not control. As he stepped up to the urinal I unzipped his fly and took out his hardening dick. As he peed he continued to stare at my pussy. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Brandon stepped up closed behind me and pushed his knee between my legs to part them. He reached his had between and felt my pussy with the stranger watching.
His finger slipped between my pussy lips and started flicking my clit. I have the worlds most sensitive clit and Brandon knows it. I started breathing heavy as a feelingof total arousal over came me. My body betrayed me in this public place with a stranger watching me.
"Now, I can't let you fuck her mate but you have to feel how wet and hot she is" My humiliation was complete as the stranger put his hand where Brandons had just been. He rubbed my entire pussy then used his fingers to open my cunt lips and take a good look at my clit. Using his middle finger, he flicked it a few times and seemd to take great pleasure in listening to me moan. I simply could not help myself.
"Damn, she is fine' the stranger said. "If I'm not allowed to fuck you honey, could you please put my dick away. "
I had been standing there just holding it with out thinking. It was a difficult job to get that hard cock back in his pants but I managed it some how.
The stranger continued to rub his finger along my clit as Brandon moved around to the side to watch. As hard as I tried to fight it, I could no longer stop the feelings that welled up inside me. With a deep satisfying moan, I came in the stragers hand. I could not believe what I had just done. In my humiliation I bowed my head so I would have to look at either one of them.
"I must come here more often" the stranger said.
"Well, now I have a problem" Brandon said to him"
"Whats that?"
"Now her pussy is covered in cum and she is going to leave a stain on my leather car seats. Would you mind cleaning her up for me?"
Brandon led me over to the sink which was in full view of the door. Any one walking passed would be able to see me. He mad me stand sideways to the sink and put his arm around me before ordering me to put my leg up on the bowl. With me legs spread in this position the stranger dropped to his knees and strated licking my pussy. He went right in between my legs and around my love hole before licking his way up between my cunt lips. He did this several times before he stood up again. He turned on the tap and wet his hands and rubbed the freezing cold water over my pussy. Then he took a hankerchief from his pocket and dried it.
The stranger accompanied us back to ours car and Brandon made me give him a kiss and a hug before we drove away.
"Will you be doing things properly from now on?" he asked
"Yes Sir"
Up until that point, this had been the most humiliating experience of my life. However, I was soon to find out that worse was to come.

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