Self explanatory title. I finally get some, and there's a lot of firsts in here. First time head, both giving and receiving and obviously my first time having sex. FYI: This was NOT her first time.
Chapter 3: Francis’ First Time

After that first night of going a few knuckles deep I was totally stoked every time I got to see Clarissa. We didn’t see each other at school because she was home schooled now. The problem was that all of her boyfriend’s friends still went to the same school as me, so I had to keep this really quiet. Well, since I was sixteen years old I was quiet about it for around twenty minutes, put a pin in that, we’ll come back to it later.

I was still stuck with having Christie and Clarissa sneak out on the weekends to come see myself and Lee at John’s house. There were too many fights and things stolen so John’s house was no longer the party house. It was just for the regulars that all got along and were more likely to buy something for the house then they were to steal from it. So his house was still setup like a party house, big table for drinking and four bedrooms. One was his moms, which was only used to spite her if we ever got mad at her.

Well, when Christie and Clarissa would come over we would all hang out then everyone would leave somewhere between 12:00am and 2:00am, giving us ample time to handle business then walk the girls back since they had to go back before Christie’s dad knew they were gone. It wasn’t very far but we made it last forever by going slow and stopping a lot to make out, turning a fifteen minute walk into a half hour voyage.

One night we had been hanging out playing dominoes and drinking a bit. When the patrons went home the girls showed up. We hung out and talked a bit then took separate rooms when the small talk was done; Lee and Christie to the TV room couch and Clarissa and me to the spare bedroom right next to it. Nothing but two pieces of drywall, some insulation and some studs to separate us.

I sat down on the bed and Clarissa sat on my lap kissing me. I scooted back a bit so I could lie on my back and have her straddle me, still fully clothed. I didn’t even have to say anything, she knew her place was right on top groin to groin and lips to lips. I slowly started to lose her clothes; first the sweatshirt, then the T-shirt. I took my time after that, slowly removing the bra and kissing her shoulders the whole way down as I slid the straps down with my teeth. I had one hand on her neck to hold her head in place as we swirled our tongues around passionately and recklessly; less coordination in our tongues than Helen Keller playing whack-a-mole. The other hand reached back and undid the clasp on her bra and it fall on its own right between us.

I stopped everything and looked her right in the eyes, not blinking. Grabbing the bra and unzipping my backpack and sliding it in there. I gave her a wink and said “Souvenir”; she just giggled and shrugged. Now topless there was only one more half of her body to conquer and once again I took my time. Her still on top I grabbed her pants with my fingers on the inside part around the zipper and my thumb on her pants button I had a nice grip to pull from and started a motion reminiscent of the park adventure.

Her skin tight paper thin pants allowed me to feel the warmth coming from her slit and as we kept going I could feel it trying to grip the width of me right through my pants. We sat there grinding away and kissing every so often she would have to stop kissing me and bite her lip to keep from letting out a little whimper; she didn’t want the others to hear us.

I couldn’t take it anymore and undid the button on her jeans and unzipped them. She stood up on the bed and pulled them off; exposing her shiny blue thong. I let her keep that one on, for now. She kneeled over me and started unbuttoning my shirt throwing it to the floor and stripped me of my pants as well, throwing them right on top of the shirt. This left me with my undershirt and my boxers and her in just her bright blue thong.

We laid there continuing the motions but with less chance of a friction burn from the rough fabric of our pants. Luckily my boxers were the “No split” and I could somewhat keep myself concealed in the boxers as long as it went down what little leg space there was in my Fruit of the Looms. Couldn’t have it just swaying in the wind and trying to grind, don’t really want her chasing it.

I rolled her over next to me and put her on her back with me on my side. I put my hand on her neck again and slowly brought it down her upper chest then across her left nipple giving it a little bit of a twerk as I passed on by. Slowly down each rib then over to her belly button and stopping at her mound starting by rubbing the outside of her slit. Thanks to my friend Google I was more knowledgeable of the female anatomy. You always see a clitoris in the diagram in school but no one ever tells you what it does! According to where I looked it was an amazing little button and my source was correct as I was about to find out.

I started by rubbing it with just my middle finger getting an immediate sign of approval by her full body shudder and her eyes rolling back in her head. I just swirled around it a bit letting the moisture build up and slowly ran the length of my finger and the crutch between my thumb and index finger down her clit so as to never lose contact with it while I went for the knuckles deep maneuver. Slowly penetrating her with my two fingers and quickly rubbed her clit with my thumb; Yes, the infamous bowling ball grip.

She started kissing like she did the first time, deep, passionate and rough with heavy breathing and the occasional whimper. Less than a minute went by before she had a full body shudder and a gasp. I figured my job was done with that proverbial stamp of approval but when I went to stop she grabbed my wrist and looked me in the eyes.


Somewhat intimidated I just laughed and started right where I left off, only I went faster and deeper this time reaching my goal even quicker than the first. After just another twenty seconds or so she came again this time with a rush of fluids soaking my hand in her juices. I asked if she wanted me to go again, she wasn’t able to catch enough breath to say “No”, so she just sighed and shook her head then laid there smiling. I just laid there with my sticky fingers and a big smirk being proud of myself at my new power of being able to make a girl cum. It wasn’t really a new power, the ability was always there, just needed a girl.

After about two minutes of cuddling and kissing softly she looked at me and said “Well what now?” I quickly summed up my courage and choked out “Head?” She just smiled and asked if I would “return the favor”. I quickly agreed since that’s what I wanted to do anyways, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing anyways. I figured I had time to come up with a game plan while getting serviced.

She didn’t waste any time and slid down grabbing my boxers with her teeth and pulling them down, my member sliding across her cheek as it sprang into position after being released from the confining under garment I had on. I will admit this right now, worst head ever. She didn’t know what she was doing either! She kind of just slid her mouth up and down with very little tongue action. It was more like she was milking it with her mouth than trying to actually pleasure me. Nonetheless it worked and after about five minutes and lots of concentration on my part I came, spurt after spurt in her mouth, and she took that like a pro, swallowing every drop.

She slid back up with a smile on her face and leaned in slowly to kiss me. I leaved forward and then remember where her mouth had been and what I left in it, then flinched back and made a “What the fuck are you doing?” face at her. She was a little disappointed at that but I told her we could kiss as long as there was no tongue involved, that lasted about two minutes before I slipped up and after that I just didn’t care. It’s not like it was still in there or anything, I think?

So as promised I had to return the favor; “OH SHIT!” I thought to myself. The entire time I should have been trying to come up with some made up technique for what I was about to do I was concentrating on getting through that horrific blowjob from hell. What the hell am I to do now?

I figured if I just kind of searched around with my tongue I would know what parts worked the best and what to do. I’m much better at it now, but this first time was just trial and error. Going down on a girl was at the very top of my list of things to do, other than sex. Just the intimacy of it was enough for me to want to try it.

So I took my spot with my head between her legs, stalling for time by kissing her thighs and such. Once I had milked that enough I started by slowly licking the outside of it, letting the tension build. Running my tongue up and down lightly inserting it a bit, getting a twitch hear and there I summed up my courage again plunged my tongue in her as far as it would go.

That started it. Her legs wrapped me up like a boa constrictor, only I wasn’t the one being eaten. At the same time she lifted her upper body off the bed like a scene from The Exorcist. This time she actually let out a grunting moan, the loud grunt the only thing muffling the moan, but still and unmistakable moan. Her legs loosened just a bit and her hand gripped my head and pushed like she wanted the whole thing in there. I went around and explored her soft insides with my tongue and then slid it up and out and made my way to her clit. Fast at first then slow to see what the difference would be. Right in the middle was where she wanted me apparently. I stayed in that 2nd gear position for a bit and her legs clenched again and she started to quiver and then it happened. She started rocking back and forth rhythmically and then sat up and soaked the lower half of my face with her juices. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt and I wasn’t even the one cumming.

I brought myself back up and immediately slid in for a kiss and she didn’t even hesitate. My face still sticky and wet she kissed me tasting her self on my face and even gave my chin a little lick, just leaving me in shock that she didn’t mind it, hell she even liked it.

Once again we laid there kissing here and there and she slid back down without a word taking my shirt off first and throwing it to the floor. She took my now flaccid but quickly rising member to her mouth sucking on just the tip and swirling her tongue around it, like she’s supposed to. As soon as I was at full attention she went back to her rough up down milking motion. I just leaned back and enjoyed what I could from it, closing my eyes with my hands behind my head.

A few minutes passed and I still hadn’t finished. No bother to me, it passed the time quite well. She stopped, I figured it was to adjust her hair or something, but there was too much movement for it to just be that, maybe her knees or elbows were tired. After a few seconds I felt her warmth again, but it was different. I look down and I am half buried in her pussy and she sees the look on my face and laughs then lowers her whole weight on me. I just kind of sat there in awe of it before my body caught up with my mind. With it being my first time and already close to finishing from the now defunct blowjob I was reaching climax very quickly. Her body on mine in her to the hilt and not a real in and out motion just the back and forth she leaned in and put her hands around my wrists, which were still behind my head. She sped up and before she could get that faster motion going I released. Spurt after spurt inside of her, I think I lasted maybe a minute. She just laid there full weight on me except her head was above me and we were kissing lightly.

Then reality hit. I didn’t have a condom and she’s not on birth control.


2008-05-12 01:32:56
This reminds me of this girl I use to know..
Stole my parents car to drive to the next town for an entire summer one year...
I was just smart enough to always wear a condom
Looking forward to Chap. 4

PS. I heard Mephisto and Diablo were little bitches compared to Baal ;)

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2008-05-11 13:15:25
Sucks for him, a blow job from hell then a baby. Damn.

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