More to come at Grandpa's house...
I could not believe what I just watched in the car. And not to mention that Grandpa had caught me and knew that I was watching the entire thing. Cat eventually dozed off after getting off. I sat up in the back, Grandpa just looked at me with a smile on his face. He didnt say a thing, it was like that the rest of the way home.

Nothing else happened that evening, but when I was laying in bed I heard some noises and decided to investigate. I made it into the hallway just as Cat was slipping into Grandpa's room. I slowly crept my way to the door way and pushed open the door, just wide enough to where I could see what was going on inside. Cat was completely naked and laying in the middle of the bed. Her pert breasts where just standing at attention, begging to be played with.
Grandpa came into the room only wearing a towel, this was quickly tossed to the side as he saw who was laying on the bed waiting for him.
"Oh, Cat, you are a dream come true."
"Come and show me properly how much you missed me, Grandpa."
Grandpa's cock sprang to attention at that, he climbed onto the bed and told her to spread her legs as far as she could, I knew that she was going to do the split. Sure enough her legs flung wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her pussy was completely shaved bald. I grew extremely hard in my boxers. Grandpa dove into those legs like there was no tomorrow. All I could see was his head bobbing up and down but I knew exactly what he was doing. I held myself back as I felt my hand creeping down to stroke my cock.
I saw Grandpa move up and then push Cat's legs up to her chest exposing her asshole. He dove right back down there only this time licking her ass. I felt myself go weak in the knees.
"OH, that is right, Suck my ass, Grandpa. Make me come all over your dirty face."
"Oh, I will princess, Just hold your horses. I have more in store for you then this."
I watched him climb off the bed and rummange in a drawer on the nightstand. He pulled out this tube of what looked like lubricant. I just sat there in shock at he spread some on his cock and Cat's ass. He tossed the tube onto the bed and began to push his cock slowly into my sister's ass. I blew my load right then and there.
Cat moaned as he got all of his cock deep into her ass. "Show me who is my master."
"That is fucking right, I am your master." Grandpa said as he began to flex into her. I saw her writhe on the bed in ecstasy, She was pinching her nipples and moaning real loud, I felt my cock getting harder again. All I could see was Grandpa's ass cheeks pumping faster and faster into my sister.
"Give me your cum inside my ass, Gramps," I heard my sister say. "I am cumming so fucking hard."
I could see Grandpa increase his speed. "You want it, you fucking dirty slut?"
"Oh, ohh yes make me your slut, old man, make me yours."
I heard Grandpa give a moan as he shoved his cock one last time into Cat's ass. I came in my shorts a thrid time. Cat let out a scream and promptly fell silent. I looked in and saw Grandpa looking back at me, sweat on his forehead. Cat had apparently passed out from the intensiveness of her orgasm. I watched as Grandpa pulled his cock from Cat's ass, making a small popping sound as it came out. I moved out into the hallway and made my way to my room, but the time I got there I had dropped my shorts to change them, Grandpa was in the room with me.
I could see that his cock was still rock hard, cause he had no clothes on. "What did you think?"
"I think my sister is a slut."
"Well that is true, Did it turn you on what I did to her?"
"You know it did."
I stood there as Grandpa came over to me and pulled me into his arms kissing me on the mouth. Our cocks were rubbing together against our bellies. I felt mine get hard for a third time tonight. I reached behind him and grabbed his ass to pull him closer to me. Neither of us were gay, but it turned both of us on, and hey an ass was an ass no matter who or what it was on.
I felt him slowly pushing me towards the bed, all I could do was go along with it. When I felt my knees hit the bed I stopped, Grandpa paused in front of me and then laid me back onto the bed. My head fell short of the bed considering it was only a single.
I watched as Grandpa moved around the bed. I could only stare up as he moved to my head and as I looked up all I could see was Grandpa's cock hanging in my face. We both stared into each others eyes and I slowly opened my mouth. He began to shove a little at a time in, giving both of us time to adjust. So when my nose hit his sack my eyes flew up to his, but I couldnt see his because his head was thrown back and I could tell he was restraining himself.
I pulled my arms up and began to move his hips forward and backwards. Not long after that Grandpa took over the motions on his own. I pulled my arms away and found them traveling to my own cock. Grandpa watching this began to shove faster and faster into my mouth. More....

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