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So first ive gotta say this is the first sexually story ive written and most of it is fiction but some is based on real events in my life, also the first part of the story doesnt contain much sexually its more at the end of the story as this was the first
My name is Scott and I’m a 19 year old male from western Canada, I’m in a band called R&R and play rhythm guitar. I have short brown scraggy hair that I spike in a phohawk sometimes. I’m fairly pale but have a great complexion; I have an average physic and am just under 6 feet tall. Lastly I’m still a virgin.

So it all starts on the first day back to college, right back into another semester of my freshman year, and it was all cool another fresh start and new classes. The only thing is that on my way to school I always pick up this girl, on my way to school and take her with me. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that im madly in love with her.

She is just so perfect; she has short blond hair, at the moment as she dies it regularly, and she is slim and around 5 and a half feet tall. She has gorgeous long legs, a great ass, C-cup breasts, and the most beautiful shining and funny personality in a person I ever met.

So the thing is I can’t even ask her out because she gets asked out weekly by all different guys, who all get rejected, this fact of course made me happy and depressed at the same time because it didn’t make my chance with her seem all the great either, and I was afraid to ask her out because I didn’t just want to be another guy who liked her.

This went on for a whole month of school before something wonderful happened, I had a dream it was about her, oh I haven’t told you her name yet, well call her Megan. So I had a dream about Megan, and this wasn’t an ordinary dream, you know the dreams were everything feels real and you’ve convinced yourself its real that u actually feel everything that is going on, well this dream was one of those.

Firstly I was at her house sitting on her lawn with her, it was summer which is odd since at the time it was actually winter, and we were talking and laughing and she was wearing a very nice white bathing suit, soon her dad started talking to us and told us that we should get together. At first I didn’t think much of it and just shrugged it off cause I wasn’t gonna admit to anything in front of her dad. Then something I never would of expected happened she says, “don’t be silly dad, corbin doesn’t like me like that you know that I already told you like 9 times.” Now I don’t know why I did what I did but I’m glad I did cause I piped in, “um well the thing is I actually do, I think about you all the time and the very idea of being with anyone else makes me sick.”

Now this being a dream convenient things happen and her dad disappeared and she started making out with me, at first I was a little surprised but then I feel into my emotions and kissed her back like shes never been kissed, next thing I know shes holding my hand and walking me to her room. Even at this point I was still confused, and then she sat me down on my bed and we started making out again. Soon I started gaining confidence and went for her left breast I started caressing it lightly with my whole hand and noticed her nipple was already rock hard and sticking out through her bikini top. I quickly move my other hand to her other breast and started caressing both at the same time and she let out a soft moan. This urged me on so I bit her bottom lip softly and slowly run my right hand down her body and slide past her navel, along her hip and down her thigh, and then back up to the top brim of her bottom and slowly slide my fingers down and…

BBBRRRRR….BRRRRRRR……BRRRRRRRR…. MY FUCKING ALARM GOES OFF!!! I instantly start to feel like shit at the realization that it wasn’t real and only a dream. I just sit in my bed and think about how realistic it wall was how euphoric it all felt, then I realized I was trembling and had goose bumps all over my body.

This is when I made the decision, I’ve got to tell her today for me and get an answer or I might go nuts cause I cant keep torturing myself any longer. So I get up shower quickly, dress brush my teeth, spike my hair the best I can, put on my best cologne and hope in my care while feeling so surreal.

Soon enough I pull up in front of her house and shes waiting for me in her door way, shes wearing her hair up and has on a nice blouse and a short black skirt with black stocking. “GOD dammit I think to myself, why does she have to be so gorgous?” She shoots me my favorite smile in the world and I melt and simply start up with the small talk, trying to avoid my inevitable question.

Before I know it were at school, “dam that was to quick, ill do it on the way home!” I think to myself, so after what had to have been the longest 5 and half hours of my life I meet her by her locker and start talking to her again. Soon enough were in my car and I start giving myself shit for talking so long to simply tell her how I feel. So right before I turn into her neighborhood I just decide to say the first thing that comes to mind. “hey so umm megan can I tell you something?”

thats it for this part please read part 2, theres more sex
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