Mature Male Meets Young Adult Female
Outdoor Expo

Each fall there is a large event for people who enjoy using the outdoors for recreational purposes. At this event classes are taught on how to improve your outdoor skills plus vendors are there showing their products. This is the largest event of its kind in the southeast region of the country and is held in a state park. In fact, the event has gotten so large over the years that the entire park is now reserved for participants of the event only. Being an avid backpacker from a rocky mountain state, I’ve wanted to go to this event for several years but due to the demands of work and the long distance to travel it just never seem to work out for me to attend.

Then one year, about 2 months before its start, I found that I would be in the general area of the park due to a business trip. I called the sponsoring organization and found that I could still register for classes but would have to talk to the park directly to arrange sleeping accommodations. Almost every one who attends the event camps in the park due to the fall colors and mild temperature. My plan was to put my backpack on the plane with my luggage and set up camp in the park just the same as I would during an overnight hike. However, when I called the park I found that every campsite, cabin and room in the lodge was taken. When I asked about just setting up a tent in an open area inside the park I was told that camping was allowed in designated sites only. They did give me the phone numbers of two small motels about ten miles away. I called both places and found not only were they both completely full but they said their waiting list was full also. I called the park back to see if they had a waiting list and got the same lady again at the registration desk. She said that they did not have a waiting list either but to hold on, she thought there was a cancellation being made on another other phone line. Sure enough she came back on the line and said a room was now available in the lodge if I wanted it; it was a handicap, non-smoking room with two full beds. I gave her my credit card number and the room was mine!

I arrived at the park in the rental car late in the afternoon. While checking in at the lodge I found that the vendors were hosting a wine and cheese reception in the conference room where they had their products on display. The conference room was just off the lobby and the event registration desk was in the lobby so there were a lot of people milling around. I dropped my bags off in my room and headed back to the lobby area. The lobby was a large, high ceiling room that used tree trunks and the tree’s limbs to hold up the ceiling and the walls were made of exposed logs. All the bark had been removed from the trees and logs and the wood had been sanded smoothed with varnish covering the wood. There was a large stone fireplace burning at the far end wall and sofas were place around the lobby area. The area was having record low temperatures so lots of people were near the fireplace warming up. I initially was disappointed that I did not get to camp during the event but after being outside for just a short time the last few nights I was glad to have a room in the lodge due the low temperatures.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the lobby I noticed an EXTREMELY cute young girl in the lobby and assumed that one or more of the adults in the room was a parent of her. However, as the time went by she seemed to be by herself. You ever see a person of the opposite sex for the first time that you cannot stop yourself from staring at? Well, that how it was with her. She was just so cute I could not stop myself from stealing glances at her. The trouble was that she caught me staring at her on two occasions. The first time I just looked away but I could tell that she continued to watch me off and on for several minutes. The second time she smiled at me and I just smiled back and left the room. I knew that I had to stop stealing glance at her or I was going to get labeled as a “dirty old man”. Apparently I did not have the self control I needed to pull this off so I came up with a plan; I would not allow myself to be in the same room she was in. This plan was working well until I was talking with a vendor about his rock climbing and repelling products he had on display. As we were talking I noticed that someone had walked up to my right side but could not see who it was. When I glanced right to see who had joined us, there she was! I was surprised at both how small she seemed standing next to me and how much cuter she was up close than across the room and it caught me off guard. But my years of business experience kicked in.

“Hi” I said as I turned to look at her “Hi My Name Is” tag “Allison. This is John and my name is Sam. You a rock climber or repeller” I asked?

She gave me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. “I’ve never did either, just the thought of it scares me” she said.

“Well, maybe after John gets done explaining how this all works you won’t be so scared” I replied.

As John started his sales pitch Allison stepped closer to the table and me. I was surprised at how close she was standing to me and then she actually brushed up against me several times. The physical contact both startled and excited me. As John talked I concentrated more on the presence and smell of Allison than on what John was saying. As the three of us talked Allison really added life to the conversation, she had a way of keeping the talk light and moving. I found myself saying things to make her smile or laugh just to see that beautiful smile of hers again. And when she laughed her eyes sparkled, it really drew my attention. I then realized that what added to her smile was the most perfect white teeth I’d ever seen It was the kind of face and smile you would expect to see on the cover of a teen magazine.

When John was finished we started talking to another vendor. We eventually sat on one of the sofas in the lobby and talked for a long time. You ever meet someone for the first time and it’s like talking to an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while? Well that how it was with her. Talking to Allison was so easy; conversation just flowed without thinking about what to say to keep the conversation going. Even with the difference in our age we seemed to never run out of things to talk about. When I first saw Allison I thought she was in her mid teens but due to her vocabulary and mannerisms I thought that she was probably older, maybe in her late teens. But then Allison mentioned that she had just got out of college the past spring so I realized she was actually in her early twenties instead. She was just one of those people who look younger than they really are.

It turned out that Allison had just landed a marketing job with one of the biggest outdoor suppliers in the country. Not only was her new employer a large sponsor and vendor of this event but many of its employees taught classes, manned the information tables and did what ever needed to make the event run smoothly. Allison said she knew absolutely nothing about the outdoors so she was using this event to both learn about the outdoor business and to meet other employees. It turned out that unlike me Allison could not find a room for the event so she and a friend were going to camp in the park. Allison had never camped before but her friend had camped often with her parents and they had everything needed. But at the last minute the friend cancelled. Allison had come anyway still wanting to meet the other employees so she had came by herself with her friend’s parents camping equipment and set up camp this afternoon. As she talked I was watching the people around the fire place and mentioned the record low temperatures the area was experiencing. Allison said she was concerned about the cold and was afraid that the sleeping bag they had loaned her was not rated low enough for the temperatures that were occurring at night. I told her some things to do to stay warm; the most important was to keep a hat on during the night and keeping your head inside the sleeping bag. It turns out she did not have a hat of any kind. I had one in the room that I offered to let her have it and she accepted the offer. I got up to go to the room and get the hat assuming she would wait but was surprised when she got up and followed me to the room. As I started going through my luggage looking for the sock hat Allison looked around the room.

“Lets see, you’ve got two beds and I’m sleeping in the cold. What’s wrong with this picture” she laughed. I was startled by her comment.

“Well, you could set up camp in the room and sleep in that one if you want” I offered.

“I was thinking I would take the room and you take my camp site”. There was a silent pause. I was not sure what to say and then she started laughing again.

“I was just kidding” she said. “I’m going to be fine”

We walked back to the lobby and talked for probably another hour. I guess because of the wine and realizing she was older than I thought I started looking at her a little differently. Since I’m 6’3” and she came up to my neck she was probably around 5’4”. From across the room she looked taller than that but I guess that was only an illusion due to being so thin. I would not call her skinny but very slender due to having all the right curves in the right places. Her breast was larger than what you would expect to see on that slender of a body but not so big as to be a major distraction. I would guess she weighed around 100 pounds. She had short, dark brown hair with light high lights that really looked great on her. But what got my attention the very first time I saw her in the lobby was her ass. It was without a doubt the most perfectly shaped ass I had ever seen. From her ankle to her waist there was just a long beautiful curve, there was not a break in the curve showing the end of her legs and the start of her butt. Allison was wearing a tight, dark gray pair of pants that really showed off her ass well, I found myself starting at it every opportunity I could without getting caught. I’ve always been attracted to girls with narrow hips and a small butt and she sure had both! When this event happened I was in my early 40’s so I started feeling slightly guilty about thinking of her in such sexual terms. But since I knew nothing was going to come of it I saw no real harm.

By now it was getting close to 10 PM and I was starting to wind down. I said good night to Allison and the other people that had joined in our conversations and headed back to the room. I started watching a news broadcast and it was near 11 PM before I really started to get ready for bed. Then I realized that I had left my registration packet tucked between the seat and arm of a sofa in the lobby. I went back to the lobby to retrieve the packet and found that all most everyone was gone but Allison was still there.

“What are you still doing here” I asked.

“Just getting the last of the heat from the fire before heading out” was her reply. I noticed that her mood was more somber now.

“Look Allison, you really can use that other bed if you want” I said.

“No, I’ll be okay”

“If worse comes to worse, get in your car and start the engine to get warmed up” I offered.

Her face lit up. “I never thought of that” she said.

“It’s perfectly acceptable to sleep in a car while camping. I’ve done it more that once”.

“Thanks for the tip” Allison said and seemed more cheerful. We talked briefly more and then she then headed out the front door.

During the night I awoke without knowing why. I looked at the clock, it said 3:17. Just as I started to go back to sleep I heard a noise coming from the next room. So that’s what woke me up. I laid there listening, no more noise. Just as I started to doze off again the noise started again. What were they doing over there anyway? Then there was quietness, finally. Then the noise started again but even louder this time. Enough of this I thought. I turned on the light and started to call the front desk when I heard the noise again. I finally realized that the noise was someone knocking on my door. I opened the door and there stood Allison. Even with a blanket wrapped around her I could see her shaking.

“Allison, what happened” I asked as she came into the room. I had trouble understanding what she said next due to her shivering.

“I was so cold. I got into the car and started the engine and turned on the heater. I guess I fell asleep with the engine still running. When I woke up the engine had died and I was cold again. I tried to start the engine again but the engine would not start. And when I try to start the engine now it makes a noise that I’ve never heard before”.

“Allison, we’ve got to get you warmed up. Take off those outer layers of clothes and get into the bed I got out of” I instructed her.

As she started taking off layers of clothes I found the heater controls and turned up the heater as high as it would go. When I turned around I saw Allison climbing into my bed. But instead of just removing the outer layers of clothes as I had told her she had removed all her clothes except for her underwear. She had on a sports type of bra and I could see her breast giggle as she crawled into the bed. And her underpants were the kind that were cut high on the sides and showed lots of leg and butt cheek. Damned if that didn’t look good!

“Do you need anything” I asked.

“I’m really thirsty” she said.

I got her a glass of water but she was unable to hold the glass because she was still shaking so much. I held the glass as she drank. When she was done drinking I pulled the covers up around her neck. I could clearly see her shaking under the covers. I knew that the body shakes trying to warm itself up but when the body gets that cold it takes a long time for it to start to generate the heat needed to feel warm. During a winter hike/camp years ago I had a friend who had gotten this cold and it took several of us lying with her in a sleeping bag to get her warm enough to stop shaking. I wondered how long it was going to take Allison to get warm without any external heat. We talked a few minutes longer and I turned off the lights.

“Sam” I heard her ask in a few minutes.

“Yeah Allison”

“I feel colder now than before”. I could still hear the shaking in her voice.

“Its going to take awhile before you warm up” I told her.

“I don’t know if I can wait much longer” she replied.

“Can you feel your toes”? There was a pause.


I got up and turned on the lights. I reached under the covers and pulled out both her feet, they felt unbelievably cold. I looked at her toes closely, everything looked normal.

“Can you feel this” I asked as I pulled on her toes.


“Well, I don’t think you’ve done any permanent damage” I said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get warm” she said. “Is there anything that can be done to warm me up quicker”?

“I can call the front desk and see if I can get more blankets”. I knew that this was not going to actually help, she had more than enough blanket on.

“Will that help” she asked.

“Allison, I’m not sure” I said. I knew what needed to be done but was not sure how to approach the subject. The direct approach was the only thing I could come up with.

“Look Allison, what we do during camping trips when someone is this cold is lay together to warm the person up. I understand if you’re not comfortable with that solution right now but that’s all I know to do right now. If you want I can get more blankets and we can try that or I can lay with you until you’re warm, it’s your decision. Once your warm enough just let me know and I’ll move over to the other bed.

At first she did nothing, but then she slowly pulled back to covers without saying anything. I climbed into her bed and curled up behind her, it felt like I was hugging an ice cube. I put my right arm under her head and draped my left arm across her hips. I grabbed the sheet with my left hand to be sure I did not start grabbing at anything without thinking about it. I was surprised at not only at how cold she felt but also how small and fragile she seemed up against me. It felt as if I was holding small, cold child against me. She quit shaking probably 30 minutes later and sometime after that I feel asleep. I woke later due to being so hot and I was in the same position. I looked at the clock, it said 6:37. I climbed out of her bed, turned down the heater and got into the other bed. It seemed so cold and lonely in the bed without her lying against me. It had felt so natural and comfortable lying with her; I thought of climbing back into bed with her but decided that would only cause problems somewhere down the road.

I woke up around 8:30 and sat on the edge of the bed thinking about what had happened last night. About that time Allison opened her eyes, gave me that beautiful smile, and closed her eyes again. I got up, got my things together and went in to the bathroom and took a shower. When I left the room Allison was still asleep. I went to the front desk and got a extra key to the room and after letting myself back into the room as quietly as possible I wrote Allison a note saying she could either sleep here and use to the room key to come and go as she pleased or she could use my rental car to sleep in, it was her choice. I left the car keys on the note pad.

I did not see Allison at my morning class, at lunch, my afternoon class or at supper but as large as the event was and spread out as much as it was that would not be uncommon. However, when I showed up for my evening class on locating stars I found that Allison was signed up for the class also. She came across the room and gave me a big hug; damn if that didn’t feel good! Just as we started talking the instructor told everyone to take a seat and since there were not two seats together we had to sit at different places. At the end of the class we were to walk to an area away from the lights to where telescopes were set up for us to locate the stars we had just talked about. Allison waited for me by the door and joined me on the walk to the telescopes. I was surprised in the amount of contact that she was making with me as we walked to the telescopes. The ground was uneven and it was dark so I attributed it to that. Once I thought I actually felt a breast pushing into my arm. Allison and I were given a scope on tripod to use that should have been set on a table but there were not any tables so we had to set the scope on the ground and kneeled down to see through it. The next contact Allison made with me could not be accidental though. What happened was that I was kneeling down to look through the scope and I was unable to locate an area of stars. Allison had located the area and instead of kneeling besides me and pointing she laid across my back and pointed her out stretched arm besides my face. Even with our coats on I could feel her breast pushing into my back. She made no attempt to get off my back even after I located the stars and even moved around slightly causing her breast to slide around on my back.

I felt my dick twitch for the first time.

She only climbed off my back when the instructor called us together to give us more information. Everyone was standing in a loose circle and Allison turned towards me to use me as a wind break. When she did she put her left breast into my right arm and left it there the entire time the instructor was talking, I was hoping the instructor was going to talk for a long time. When the class was over we walked back towards the lodge. As we walked back I felt her breast in my arm a few more times. She then put her arm in mine and we walked the rest of the way back arm in arm. I began to wonder what was going happen once we were in the room alone. How far was this going to continue? As we walked back to the lodge Allison started telling me about the other employees she had met for the first time and felt she had made some new friends and we talked about that all the way back to the lodge. Once we were in the room Allison acted as if nothing unusual had happened between us, was I reading more into her physical contacts than what she meant them to be?

I had to get up early for class the next morning so Allison said I could have the restroom first. When I was finished she turned off all the lights in the room and closed the door to the restroom as she went in. It took a long time before I saw the door open slightly. Allison called my name softly a few times but I pretended to be asleep. She came out of the restroom and turned off the bathroom light. In the dark I could not see her at first but felt her presence. Since her bed was the one closes to the window, the closer she got to her bed the more light there was even with the curtains closed. I could just vaguely make out her shape. I thought I could make out the curves of her body but thought why would she wear something that tight to sleep in? Then, as she pasted though a weak beam of light I thought that a breast actually looked bare. OH MY GOD, WAS SHE NUDE? Was that why I could see the curves? When she passed though a second beam of light I was sure I saw a dark area where a nipple would be. I THINK SHE IS NUDE! When she pulled back the covers to her bed I saw that the shape of her breast changed and then, they actually swayed slightly. MY GOD, SHE WAS NUDE! What a site!!!! What should I do? Did she call my name to be sure I was asleep so I would not see her? Did she call my name to wake me up if I was asleep so I would see her? Should I ask if she was cold again so I could climb into her bed? If so what would I do once in her bed? Would she climb into my bed during the night? What-in-the-hell should I do? In the end I did nothing but slept poorly knowing she was in the bed right next to me nude.

I woke up the next morning to the alarm going off. I turned it off quickly and did not seem to have awakened Allison. As I was taking a shower I thought of the things that happened last night with Allison trying to figure out what was going on. Then I heard and saw the bathroom door open.

“Hey Sam”

“Yeah Allison”?

“I just remembered that I’d agreed to help set up a display this morning. Could I take a real quick shower”?

“Sure, give me a sec to rinse off”

“Is it okay if I just join you”? Before I could respond I saw the shower curtain slide back and she stepped into the shower with me giving me that beautiful smile.



GOD !!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I thought that she was cute with clothes on, but this way beyond that. Her beauty and boldness caught me off guard; I could not talk, move or breathe. The only feeling I had was that of my dick getting harder and harder by the second.

“Would you wash my back as I wash my hair” she asked casually as she turned away from me. I knew if I touched that body with my slick, soapy hand there would be no stopping a full erection. And she was acting so casual about this situation that I did not want her to see that I was getting very sexually aroused. I tried to speak but nothing would come out of my mouth. I concentrated on forming a word.

“Sure” was all that I could get to come out and it was only a whisper.

I looked around and saw a wash cloth. I grabbed the cloth and rubbed soap onto it. As I started washing the back of her neck she turned to look over shoulder.

“You can just use your hands if you want” she said.

“That’s okay, this will get you cleaner” came out of my mouth. Hey, my voice had come back! My erection was continuing at a slow pace so I wanted to find a way to stop its growth. I started multiplying three digit numbers times’ three digit numbers in my head and the erection did not go down but at least it stopped growing. I started at Allison neck and came down across her shoulders. As I continued down her back I stayed far enough from her sides so as to not come into contact in the area where her breast met her ribs. When I got to her butt I was unsure about how far to go in washing it. I momentarily stop washing just to admire it. It was absolutely perfect. Then I felt my erection starting to grow again so I started multiplying again. I started washing her butt cheeks. I was not sure I should run my hand down the crack of her ass but decided I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. As I ran my hand down between her butt cheeks I thought I felt her push back against my hand slightly but was not sure. I continued down her leg kneeling down to get the tops of her feet. As I stood back up Allison turned back around to face me.

“Would you wash my front as I rinse my hair”?

Oh boy, now what? As she had her arms above her head rinsing her hair, I started at the front of her neck, along the top of her left shoulder and brought my right hand down along the left side of her left breast. I raised my hand cupping her left beast in my palm. As I held her breast I rubbed her nipple through the wash cloth with my thumb and she closed her eyes briefly. I then brought my hand up over her breast, across her chest and came down the right side doing the same thing. As I started washing her stomach the wash cloth dropped and I did not pick it back up. I washed the top of her pubic hairs and then slid my hand slowly down. I was not sure she intended for me to wash between her legs but then she opened her legs slightly so I knew she wanted me to. As I slid my hand out from between her legs I let my middle finger enter her ever so slightly. Allison moaned softly and I felt her hips rotate just a little. I pulled my hand all the way out and knelt down to finished washing her legs and feet. As I stood up I looked down and was glad to see that my erection was only about half complete. Allison stared at my dick for a few seconds.

“I can’t believe that you didn’t get a hard on from this” she said giving me that smile.

“That’s why I used the wash cloth” I confessed. “I was afraid if I used my hands the entire time I’d been completely hard”

“And how do you know that wasn’t what I wanted”

“Because I thought you came into the shower to get clean, not sexually assaulted” was my response. This got her laughing and gave me a chance to see her eyes sparkle once again. Allison got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. I stayed in the shower long enough to get let my dick soften. I wrapped a towel around my waist before getting out and found Allison standing in front of the mirror styling her hair with a towel wrapped around her. The towel she was wearing covered her breast but was not long enough to cover her butt entirely, I could see a little of the bottoms of her butt cheeks sticking out. DAMNED THAT LOOKS GOOD! I gathered my stuff and went into the room to dress closing the bathroom door behind me. When I was dressed I knocked on the bathroom door.

“Allison, I’m going. See you later.” The door opened and she stuck her head out.

“Thanks for letting me get in the shower so quickly” she said.

“The pleasure was all mine” I responded. Boy, was that ever an understatement!

The rest of the day was completely shot for me. I could not focus on what was being said, all I could think about was that beautiful body nude in the shower with me. I went over and over what happened and what I could have done differently. I also thought about what was going to happen tonight. Would I get to see her nude again tonight and if so would I end up on top of this girl before morning? The thought of how it might look and feel to be lying on top of that little girl while fucking her kept me partially hard the entire day. I did not see her in the morning class, lunch, the afternoon class, at supper or the night class. I was a wreck! I went back to the room after the night class hoping she would be there but she was not. I left the room and looked for her in the lobby, the room the vendors were in and in the restaurant but did not see her anywhere. The event was so large and spread out so much it made it impossible to find someone without knowing where to look. I began to fear that maybe she had found someone else to spend her time with. I had noticed several of the young guys eyeing her on many occasions, was she with one of them at this very moment? It hurt to think of that possibility. But I had no claim to her; she was not my girlfriend, lover or wife. In fact she was young enough to be my daughter. I laid awake until 11 PM waiting for her before deciding she was not coming back so I turned off the lights but could not sleep. Around 11:30 I heard the door open and I pretended to be asleep. Allison came into the room and went straight into the bathroom. A short time later she came out, walked to her bed and turned on the light next to her bed. She did not move for a moment and through my partially opened eyes I thought see she was watching me but I continued to act as if I was asleep. She then turned away from me and began to undress. As she turned and twisted while removing her clothes I got to see that perfect body nude once again from lots of different angles. It was not a strip tease performance but it had the same effect on me, I was fully erect by the time she climbed into her bed and turned off the light by her bed. It was all that I could do not to masturbate as my mind went over all kind of scenarios of what I’d like to do to that little body given the chance.

I had trouble sleeping that night and woke up several times dreaming about her. I got up in the morning before the alarm went off and climbed into the shower. No sooner had the water started and I heard the bathroom door open. Without saying anything Allison climbed into the shower we me again. MY GOD SHE WAS SO GOURGOUS!

“I was hoping you’d be awake when I got in last night” she said.

“I was waiting for you but I must have fell asleep without realizing it” I lied.

“The people I met that work at the same place as me held a party at one of the cabins. I came looking for you so you could go along but could not find you” she said.

“Sorry, I went down to the vendor’s room for awhile. I guess we just missed each other. You meeting your friends again this morning” I asked.

“No, I just thought since you were nice enough to wash me yesterday that I would return the favor if that alright with you”. She gave me a sly grin.

“Sure, that would feel great” I said. She turned off the water and took the bar of soap and soaped up her hands.

“I hope you don’t mind me using my hands instead of a wash cloth”

“I hope you don’t mind me getting a hard on” I replied. She laughed.

“And how do you know that’s not my intentions”

“It better be ‘because it’s starting to happen”

Allison laughed again and began to stare at my dick as it got larger and larger. She started with my chest, stopping to pinch my nipples until they hurt. By the time she got to my stomach I was fully erect. She kept going lower and lower with her hands. Would she wash my dick with her slick soapy hands? How long would she wash it, just enough to get it clean or longer? How much longer? Just about when it was time that I though she would start she had me turn around. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. She was not going to wash it after all! She started washing the top of my back working her way down. When she got to my butt I felt her slide her hand down the crack of my ass. As her fingers passed over my rectum I felt her circle the opening of it a few times and then she slid one of her fingers up into my ass. My body tensed and my dick started quivering. I glanced over at Allison I saw that she was staring at its movement intently. Allison knelt down to wash my legs and feet and as she stood up she pressed her soft, soapy tits into my lower back.

“I don’t want to forget to wash this thing” she said as she reached around my waist.

She grabbed the head of my dick with her right hand and slid her hand down to the base. Oh My! She slowly started rubbing her hand up and down the entire length of my shaft with her soapy hand. I looked down as she masturbated me, this looked and felt so wonderful. I noticed that her small hand could not even reach all the way around my dick. About that time I felt her other hand reaching in between my legs so I spread my legs slightly apart. She grabbed my balls with her left hand and began to massage them at the same time. This was feeling OH SO GOOD!

“Tell me before you cum” she whispered. I could not imagine why she wanted me to tell her that. I hoped it was not so that she could stop before I had an orgasm. It did not take long of her masturbating me before the soreness in my dick began to build and I knew I was close to cumming.

“I’m about there Allison” I said.

Sure enough, just as I feared she quit. But she then sat on the built in seat, turned me around to face her and pulled me towards her. She soaped up her hands again and with my dick almost touching her face she began masturbating me again. With her left hand she started rubbing my balls again and it only took a short time before the soreness started building again.

“Allison, I’m about to cum” I warned her.

She acted as if she had not heard me and the soreness started to increase greatly with each stroke of her hand. I knew I was VERY close to cumming. I touched her shoulder to get her attention.

“Allison, I’m going to cum” I warned her again.

She just looked up at me and gave me that smile.

“ On My Face ” is all that she said.

I had seen this done in movies but had never done it to a girl before. The thought that this cute little girl wanted me to squirt my cum on her face was hard for me to fathom. My dick was so sore by now I could hardly stand for her to touch it but she continued to stoke it fully and even started stroking it faster. My dick was hurting so badly by now but I could not cum! I guess Allison realized I was having problems with the thought of what she wanted me to do to her so before I knew what was happening, she released my balls with her left hand and shoved two of her small fingers up into my ass. That’s all it took, I closed my eyes as the first thick squirt came out.

“Oh Yeah”

Another squirt.

“There You Go”

Another squirt.

“Let Me Have It”

Another squirt.

“Keep It Coming”

Another squirt.

“Keep Going”

The next squirt was less and then she did something to cause me to have another orgasm. She started sliding her fingers in and out of my ass in time with rubbing my dick.

I felt another large squirt of cum shoot out of my dick.

“I Knew You Had More In There For Me”

Another large squirt.

“Oh Yeah”

Another squirt.

“That’s It, Keep Going”

Another squirt.

“Give Me More”

That was all I had, I was done in more ways than one. I had to hold onto the hand hold and the curtain rod to keep from falling my legs were so weak.

“I take it you enjoyed your washing” Allison said.

I finally opened my eyes and looked down at Allison sitting on the seat. When she looked up at me, I saw my cum was in her hair and all over her face. One particular large thick glob went from her nose, to her chin and then hung half way down to her chest.

“Let me sit down before I fall” I told her.

Allison laughed as she got up. She turned the water back on and began washing my cum off her face and hair. What was on her body came off easily and I watched the globs of it go down the drain. The cum that was in her hair though did not want to wash off. She had to run a fine tooth comb though her hair and then pull my cum off the comb with her fingers. She did this until we could not see anymore and then she washed her hair. As I watched her bathe I started getting another erection. Allison noticed the size of my dick growing again a laughed.

“We both have places to be” she said “this will have to wait until tonight”. But then she knelt in front of me and took my dick into her mouth. She milked the cum out of my dick and then licked me clean. We both got out of the shower and this time she remained nude as she stood in front of the mirror getting ready. Watching her made me think I had to be the luckiest man alive. Allison was still standing nude in the bathroom when I ready to leave for my class. She came out of the bathroom, put her arm around my neck and pulled my mouth down to hers. After a long kiss she released me slightly.

“Tonight” she said “I want to feel that thing buried deep inside me when you cum again”

“How about right now”

She gave me that beautiful smile.

“No, I want you to think about it all day long” she said laughing.

Well, that’s exactly what I did. And I thought that yesterday was shot for learning! I barely was able to function today. I had a full hard on all morning long thinking about what she had done to me in the shower and what was going to happen tonight. I just kept going over and over the emotions and feelings I had in the shower as I came, knowing that my cum was going on her face. I’d leave a class without any idea what the class was about or what was said. During lunch I did not see her so I joined an older group of people I had met in class that morning to eat. Just before the meal was served Allison joined us. She picked up an extra fork and ate my meal with me as if this was normal. I think one of the older men across the table figured out what was going on cause when no one was looking he winked at me and I just smiled back. After everyone had left Allison turned to talk to me.

“My afternoon class is in a wooded area away from here and my evening class is at the same location. It’s probably going to be between 9 and 10 before I can make it back to the room” she said.

“I’ll be waiting” I told her.

That afternoon was probably the longest afternoon of my life. It seemed as if the clock hands did not move waiting for nine o’clock to come around so I could see Allison again. About four o’clock that afternoon I was in the room where the vendors were displaying their items and talking with a group of people. I felt someone grab my arm softly and I turned, there was Allison.

“Sam, could I talk to you for a minute” she said.


“Would you excuse us” Allison said to the group.

She led me away from the people.

“I thought you had class till nine” I said. She said nothing. Softly she said to me so no one else would hear.

“I can’t wait any longer. Take me back to the room AND - FUCK - ME - NOW”!

I had a full erection before getting out of the lobby knowing what was going to happen in the next few minutes. I opened the room door for Allison and she walked in before me. She still had her back to me and the door was still not completely closed before I reached for the bottom of her shirt and started pulling it up over her head. She raised her arms as the shirt came off and I found that she was not wearing a bra. As I was still behind her I reached around her with my hands and grabbed each breast and started rubbing them and pinching her nipples. Allison let her head fall forward until her chin touched her chest and moaned. I reached down and unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper. I grabbed the tops of her pants and started wiggling then over her hips. As they went down her legs I picked her up, carried her to a bed where I sat her on a corners edge. I lifted up Allison legs which caused her to lay back on the bed and I grabbed the bottoms of her pants legs pulling them completely off. She was now laying on the bed completely nude, I could not wait to climb on top of her and bury my dick deep inside her. As I started removing my shirt and she sat up on the bed and started undoing my belt. By the time I had my shirt off she was pulling down on my zipper. Both of us used our hands to pull my pants and underwear down at the same time. She had her face so close to my crotch that when my dick came out it hit her on her forehead. As I stepped out of my pants Allison grabbed my hips and pulled me forward taking my dick into her mouth all at the same time. The warm wet feeling of her mouth on my dick felt so good. She could not get much more than the head of my dick into her small mouth but she knew what to do to make the most of it. She used her tongue to rub the sensitive part of the dick where the head and shaft meets on the bottom part. Then she took her hands and started rubbing them up and down the shaft in time with her mouth going up and down. Oh man, I was about to cum already. I wondered if she wanted me to shoot my cum on her face again, this time I wanted to keep my eyes open and watch the cum squirt out and splash on her face. But I then remembered her saying this morning she wanted my dick buried deep inside her the next time I came.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth to keep from cumming and pushed her backwards on the bed with her legs dangling off the bed. I knelt on the floor and lifted her legs with my hands; I was surprised at how thin her legs looked as I put my mouth between her legs. Allison spread her legs apart and I took a long slow lick with my tongue of her opening and saw how small her opening was. Would it enlarge enough for me to put my dick in there? I put my fingers on both sides of her opening to open her slit further and started nibbling and sucking on her clit. Allison was moaning softly and playing with her tits as I continued used my tongue to explore her pussy. I had started inserting my tongue at the lowest part of her opening and running it up her slit, stopping to nibble on her clit. While doing this one time my tongue came into contact with her rectum and she let out a loud sigh. Realizing she had enjoyed that I put my fingers on both sides of her small ass cheeks and spread them apart further and Allison raised her legs giving me better access to her rectum. As I started running my tongue in circles around her rectum I felt Allison tensed up. Then after licking her rectum for a few more moments I put my tongue at the opening of her rectum and shoved it up into her ass as far as it would go. She had her first orgasm. I continued to use my tongue on her rectum and pussy and after a few minutes she had a second orgasm. As she was coming down from that orgasm I concentrated on nibbling on her clit. When I slid the middle finger of my right hand into her rectum, Allison tensed up again. I continued to nibble on her clit and started sliding my finger in and out of her rectum at the same time and after a few minutes she had another orgasm.

As she was still having the orgasm I stood up, grabbed her right foot with my left hand and pushed her knee to her chest. Using my right hand I slid my dick up and down her opening a few times to get it lubricated. I felt the opening and slowly started pushing in. My dick when in about a third of the way before it stopped. I pulled it back out and pushed in again, this time it slid in about three fourths before stopping. I pulled back once again and drove it in hard and it slid all the way in to the hilt. Allison opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out. I reached down with my left hand and grabbed her left ankle and pulled it up. I was now holding both ankles in front of my chest and I started sliding my dick in and out of her taking long slow strokes. Allison was just laying on the bed with her eyes and mouth wide open and not making any noise. After a few more strokes she started quivering and if she cold again. I’ve always had large, full balls and when I would bottom out in her I could feel my balls slap up against her ass cheeks. With the feeling of my balls up against her ass and how tight, warm and wet she was wrapped around my dick it felt so good, I wanted this feeling to last a long time before cumming. Even with how strange she was acting I just continued to slide my dick in and out of her wanting to put my cum deep inside her. As I watched her tits giggle every time I bottomed out in her I could feel the soreness start to build in my dick. It took about another minute or so more before I knew I was about ready to cum. I had decided that I was going to get into her as deep as possible when I came and I started to move her so to allow me a better angle. But then I started watching more and more how Allison was reacting, she still had her eyes wide open but still had not made any noise or blinked and she continued to quiver. Was she breathing? I stopped fucking her for a moment. Oh shit, her chest was not moving up and down. I put my face by her mouth, I could not feel any air movement. OH SHIT! I pulled my dick out of her quickly, what should I do? I needed to start mouth to mouth, I had training for this but had never actually done it before. Then Allison’s eyes blinked once and she took a large gulp of air as if she had been under water for a long time. She continued to stare at the ceiling, then she brought her eyes to mind and blinked again. She then started taking quick breaths.

“Allison, are you okay”? Nothing.

“Allison, can you hear me”? Nothing again.

Then she blinked again. Her breathing seemed to start to slow down. She closed her mouth and swallowed several times; things were looking better by the minute.

“Give me a few minutes” she finally said. Good, talking was good! Allison was still lying on her back and she began to move around a little on the bed which made me feel better knowing that I had not killed her somehow. After about five minutes she began to speak.

“God, I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life. I’m not sure if it was just one long one or if there so many it seemed that way”.

“Are you going to be okay” I asked.

“Yeah, I just need to lay here for a while”. She did not say anything for several more minutes then she turned her head to look at me.

“That was unbelievable. Did you get to cum again” she asked.

“No, I was just about to but you scared me so much I lost the urge”.

“I’m sorry” she said and I could tell by the tone of her voice she truly meant it.

“It’s okay. You sure did a job on me this morning in the shower” I said trying to make light of the situation.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that, but I wish you could have felt half of what just happened to me. Then you’d be laying here exhausted as me”

“You’ll not hear any complaints from me” I assured her. “Maybe later if you feel up to it I can finish what we started. But if not then some other day”

“I think its going to be a long time before that gets used for sex again” she said pointing down to her crotch. “I’m so sore there it’s going to be awhile before it’s get used again”. Allison laid on her back and was quite for a long time. She rolled over onto her stomach and raising herself on her elbows and looking at the bed cover. She was in the position for what seemed a long time. Then she turned her head towards me as if she was going to say something, seemed to change her mind, and looked at the covers again. She did this again a second time. The third time I turned to looked her in the eye and was getting ready to say something but she began to speak first.

“Sam, I’d let you use my ass to finish yourself off if you want”

I’d heard what she said but was unsure what she actually meant. I guess she could see the confusion on my face.

“If you want to cum again, I’d let you fuck me in the ass” she explained.

I’d never had sex with a girl in that way before but had wanted to for a long time. The few girls that I had approached about having anal sex not only said no but the relationship started going downhill from that point on. The thought of putting my dick up Allison’s small ass was starting to make me hard already. But then I remembered that just a short time ago I was sliding my middle finger in and out of her rectum and how tight it was on my finger. I knew that my dick had to be four times as thick as my dick, would it even fit inside her ass? The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her in some way.

“Allison, I’m not sure that would be a good idea. I’m afraid that I’m going to hurt you doing it that way” I said.

“You ever do a girl in that position before” she asked.

“No” I answered truthfully.

“In that case I want to be your first” she said.

“You ever do it that way before?” I asked.

“I’ve only done it twice before but that was with boys. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get one that thick in me” she said.

“Allison, I don’t think it going to fit in you first of all and if it does I think that you’re going to get hurt.”

“But I want to be your first, even if we can’t go all the way. Let’s start in my ass and if it hurts me to much I’ll finish you off with my hands” she said. “Do you have any lubricant with you” she asked.

“No, didn’t think I needed any for this trip”.

“Neither did I” Allison said. “Go get all the lotions off the bathroom counter” she instructed me. “Grab some towels also” she yelled as I was in the bathroom grabbing the bottles. When I came back into the bed she was sitting on the edge and I handed her all the lotion bottles. She read the ingredients off the back of the bottle.

“Nope” she said dropping the first bottle on the bed. She picked up the second bottle and read the back of it also.

“Nope again” she said. I started to worry. I had began thinking about how good it was going to look and feel I when I shoved my dick up the ass of this little girl. I was getting another erection quickly just thinking about it.

“Here we go” she said looking at the ingredients. “This is exactly what I was looking for”!

I expected Allison to get on her hands and knees on the bed so I could mount her from behind but instead she got up and went to a chair in the room that had large padded arm rest. She moved the chair to the middle of the floor and then pushed the footrest over to the left side of the chair. Allison draped a towel over the armrest and stood on the footrest, then she dropped to her knees and laid her stomach across the arm of the chair. She used her hands on the seat cushions to hold her upper body straight.

“Put some lotion on your finger and work it up into my ass” she said. I knelt beside her left side, poured a little of the lotion on my middle finger of my right hand, pulled her ass cheek apart with my left hand and ran the tip of my finger around her ass hole. After making a few circles I lined up the end of my finger with the middle of her ass hole and slowly inserted my finger up her ass. Oh man that felt good on my finger!

“Oh” I heard her say and I could feel her clinch down on my finger. “That feels good”!

I continued to finger fuck her ass stopping occasionally to add more lotion. Her ass felt so good on my finger, I could only imagine how good it was going to feel on my dick. But her ass was still unbelievably tight on my finger, I thought it was a real possibility that my dick would never fit up inside her. I kept sliding my finger in and out. By now I had put quite a bit of lotion up in her ass and Allison had relaxed so my finger was starting to slide in and out more freely.

“Use two fingers” Allison instructed me.

I made a point with my middle and ring finger of my right hand. I put it at her ass hole and pushed. At first nothing happened and then both finger slid into her ass. I kept working the fingers in and out until I had both fingers buried in her ass up to the knuckle. A moan came from Allison. As I worked both fingers in and out of her ass I started pouring lotion into her gaping hole. Allison laid her face on the seat cushion, reached behind with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She turned her head to look at me.

“Okay, see if you can get that dick in my ass” was all that she said.

Without removing my fingers I got up and threw my right leg over the footstool straddling it. I grabbed my dick with my left hand rubbing some lotion onto it at the same time. I guided my dick to my two fingers that were still in her ass, laying my dick on top of my fingers. As I pulled my fingers out of her ass I started pushing my dick in. Once my fingers were all the way out I increased the pressure. Nothing happened. I pushed a little harder and then I saw the head of my dick disappear into her ass and stop.

Allison moaned.

I pulled back a little and put a few more drops of lubricant at her rectum and started pushing in again. Slowly my dick started sliding in her ass. I got about a third of it in and it stopped again.

Allison moaned again but louder this time.

I pulled back out until I could just see the start of the dick head, added more lotion and pushed again. This time I got about three fourths in before my dick stopped moving.

Allison started taking short, quick breaths.

I pulled out again until I could see the head, poured on lubricant this time, and started pushing again but harder. Slowly my dick just kept disappearing into her ass until I was all the inside her.

Allison let out a muffled cry.

I grabbed her hips and started slowly pulling my dick all the way out of her ass and pushing it all the way back in. The feeling was unbelievable, it felt as if every nerve ending in my dick was sending pleasure signals to my brain. I looked down at her ass as I slid my dick in and out of her, I just could not believe that my dick could fit all the way inside that small ass. Where did it go? With Allison’s hips on the chair’s arm, and her face pushed up against the chairs seat and the other arm rest, she could not move away from me. So all my thrusting went directly into that little ass of hers. Her ass was wrapped so tightly around my dick that when I pulled out I could see her rectal walls pull out a little of her also. This felt and looked so good! I stopped momentarily and put my right foot on seat cushion by her face so I could get into her ass even deeper. The first time I drove into her this way Allison let out a yell but I didn’t care, I just started hammering that ass again. By now Allison was crying softly but I could not stop myself, I was going to put my cum in that ass no matter what happened. I knew this was becoming a rape instead of just having sex but I did not care, nothing was going to stop me. I could feel the soreness start to build in my dick so I started thrusting in and out of her ass faster and faster until I knew that there was only one more stroke to go. I pulled out of her until I could see the head of my dick start to come out and then I drove into her as hard, quick and deep as possible and held it there as I started dumping a large load of cum into her bowels.

I could feel my cum leave my balls the orgasm was so intense. On the third squirt the room started to go black and I started seeing little while stars explode. I knew I was fainting. I put my right foot back on the floor and laid over Allison’s back to keep from falling. After a short time I felt my balance coming back. I stood back up and looked down and saw that my dick was still imbedded in her little ass, so I pulled out slightly and shoved it back in. OH MY, that felt so good. I could not believe that after just cumming my dick could feel that good again. As I stroked her ass another time I saw some of my cum leak out of her asshole. I grabbed her hips again and started sliding my dick in and out of her ass. I was surprised how good this was feeling, I guess my cum was acting as a natural lubricant which changed the feeling on my dick. The longer I fucked her the more cum I saw leak out of her, I could feel it running down my balls and dripping off onto the footstool. Very quickly I had another orgasm and I put another load into her ass.

As the orgasm subsided I finally became more aware of what was happening around me. The first thing I noticed was that Allison was crying loud and uncontrollably. When I asked if she was okay she just continued to cry. When I slid my dick out of her ass she screamed and then started trying to get off the chair. Her arms did not have the strength to lift her body up off the seat so I helped her up. Then when she tried to stand her legs were so weak she began to fall. I picked her up and carried her to the bed, I was surprised at how small and light she felt now. Allison continued to cry uncontrollably and I felt bad about hurting her so much. I examined her rectum, it was a bright red from the abuse it had just taken. I got up and found some pain relievers and she took several of those. It took about 30 minutes before she stopped crying completely but she continued to squirm and moan in pain for hours. We both thought that a soak in warm water might help so I ran some water in the tub for her. She was still unable to walk so I carried her to the tub and placed her in it. After about an hour I carried her back to the bed and she finally fell asleep. She awoke around midnight in pain again so I gave her more pain relievers and she soaked in the tub again. She finally fell back asleep around 3 AM and slept until morning.

We woke up around 8 AM the next morning and Allison was barely able to walk. I ordered room service getting her fruits and juices. That day we just slept, ate and watched movies, I was her servant. Anything she needed or wanted I got for her. I was feeling so guilty about what I had done to her in my sex drive I could do enough for her now. Allison said that she was partially to blame also since she had never said “stop” or “quit” but I knew in my heart it would not have changed anything; even if she had said those words I could have not stopped, I was out of control with lust at that time. That night we slept nude together again but the thought of sex never crossed my mind knowing how much I had hurt her. All I could think about as I held that small, fragile body against me was how could I have done that to her? What was wrong with me to have abused her like that?

The next morning was the end of the event. Allison could walk but not well, she was still in pain and had to hold onto me to keep steady. I packed her car and was going to drive her home but she said no. I then said I would at least follow her home to make sure she arrived safely but she cancelled that plan also. I had a distinct feeling that she just wanted to get away from me for what I had done to her. As she drove off she gave me a weak smile and a small wave, I knew that I would never see her again.

Editors Note: My wife enjoys reading erotic stories so I wrote this for her on our 10 wedding anniversary. It was she who encouraged me to submit this story and even made a few corrections to it. It excites Allison to think that people are getting sexual aroused as they read what happened to us that first time we met.[/i]

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ho HO !!! your first anal sex with your wife !! unbelievably MARVELOUS !! I had my wife read it. our first time was only a little bit more mellow. together for 26 years now, this November 2012. great story and thanks for writing it. *****


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