My best friends little sister
Don was my best friend and he was over my house swimming in our pool. Gayle his younger sister who was 11 at the time came over and said he had to go home if she couldn't swim with us. Since I didn't want him to go I told Gayle she could come in, little did I know I would be "cumming" in her later that day.

Don had decided he had enought swimming and got out to lay out with my sister on the patio. Gayle and I were still in the pool when she got out to dive in. As she got out I found myself checking her out and looking at her nice young hard body and those tight atlethic legs. Gayle played softball and she was in good shape for her age plus she was just starting to grow tits. I realized that while I was watching her ass and trying to to follow her crack of ass to between her legs that I was getting hard.

When Gayle finally dove in the pool she somehow had lost the bottoms of her cute bikini. I was pretending not to look but found myself staring at her slit between her legs and the hairless area. She dove to the bottom of the pool to recover her bikini when I got my first good view of her young virgin pussy. Gayle spread her legs as she went under water and I saw her pink hole for a second as she went under. My cock was starting to poke from my trunks and Gayle noticed on her way up for air. When she surfaced she swam over to me and wispher in my ear that she wanted to see what was sticking out in my shorts or she would say something outloud for all to hear about me.

She then told me that since I got to see her, she wanted to see me and came over and put her hand on my shorts. Gayle started to pull my shorts off when I started to tell her someone might see us. She just continued and pulled down the front till my cock sprang out. She grabbed it and felt it while stroking it now and then. I then reached down and let my hand slide down her stomach to her hairless area above her pussy lips. I felt her slit on my middle finger and kept going down when I got my fingers sliding along her young pussy lips and my middle finger found her hole. I put my finger in to the finger nail when she clamped down with her pussy on my finger. I pulled my finger out of her and rubbed her clit making her body convulse and causing her other hand to stop whatever feeling it was doing on my cock.

I saw that Gayle had closed her eyes while I was rubbing her clit and before she could stop me I slid my hand back down along her pussy and slid my finger into her again. I had my finger completely inside her hot tight pussy when she clamped down on it and tried to stop my finger from invading her virgin hole that had not been touched until now. I asked her what was wrong and she said it felt really strange but good and was afraid to let me continue. I told her to relax and said if I hurt her to let me know and I would stop. She relaxed and let me continue fingering her young hole while she stroked my hard on under the water.
Before long Don called over from where he was laying with my sister and said they were going inside my house to listen to an album and said he would be back out in about a half hour. I answered alright and then realized I had 30 minutes to spend with Gayle.

We both got out of the pool and went into the jacuzzi. As soon as we were in Gayle got close to me and gave me a peck on the lips. I asked her what she was doing and she said she liked me and wanted me to have her first kiss. I looked at her and pulled her face to me and gave her a nice slow kiss that turned into little kisses while my hand went to find that nice tight little hole it had earlier. I found it and pulled her bikini aside and slid my finger into her hole while rubbing her clit. As I fingered her tight hole I kept on rubbing her clit until Gayle started to breathe fast and her hips were starting to bounch up and down and she would grind and squeeze my fingers with her pussy. All of a sudden she rose out of the jacuzzi as her first orgasm and I felt her juices starting to coat my finger while in her pussy and my finger got warm.

Gayle after she came back to earth from her orgasm and said she wanted the real thing. She pulled me up and started to pull my swim trunks down and then pulled her bikini bottoms off. I just stared at that beautiful young pussy slit and the thought that I was going to be able to fuck it for her first time. Gayle said she didn't know what to do or how to do it so I told her to just sit back on the edge of the jacuzzi and I started to come toward her. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips and got her juice on it before giving her the head. As it slid in she winched in pain and I told her it would hurt a little more but after it went in it would be better. Well I quess I was talking to much because she put her hands on my hips and pulled me into her and I could feel her cherry break and she started to cry. I started to fuck her nice and slow taking me time and letting her feel my cock inside of her young tight hole. Everytime I stroked it inside of her I could feel her pussy squeezing on it and she started to get more into it and her sobs had become heavy breathing. I told her I wanted her to bend over and I was going to give it to her doggy style so she could feel more of me inside of her and I wanted to see her cute little ass. I pulled out and she then turned over and I squeezed her ass as I slid my cock back into her tight hole. I started to ram my cock in and out of her and she started getting into it and was moaning and telling me to go faster. Just as I started to fuck her hard and fast she started to shake and I felt my cock getting all wet from her cumming on me and I shot my load of cum deep inside her. I continue to fuck her as I shot load after load of hot cum inside her hot young pussy. As I finished and pulled out of her she layed there for a minute or so and I could see my cum and her's slowly seeping out of her slit. She then lowered herself into the jacuzzi and just as she and I were putting our swim suits back on, the door to the patio started to open. It was Don coming out to say that his mom had called and they had to go home. Gayle smiled at me and said thanks for letting her come over and swim. Don said later and told me to come over to his house later at which Gayle then added, Yeah come over later and winked at me.

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