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Five years ago seems like a long time when it is looked at retrospectively, but in reality it's not that long ago. Since then my sister and i have grown apart and we rarely speak, and whilst i don't believe that this story has anything to do with our coldness to one another, it may well have been the catalyst to that inevitability.

I was fifteen and she was eighteen, but we were still living under the same roof. She was at university and i at school most of the time, so the only days we saw each other were during the holidays. My parents were split, so it was just the three of us living in a fairly large country home. As with most nights my sister went out with some friends to get drunk and have fun on the town and i stayed in. I was extrmely horny and had tried almost everything, in a Portnoy-esque manner, to try and get myself off. Scat, beastiality, humiliation , but the type that i enjoyed the most was incest.

Whilst i had thought that i didn't harboured incestual feelings for my sister, she was attractive but she was far from beautiful, as with all addictions the more i read about other npeoples incest stories the more i craved a story of my own. It started with little visits to her room, getting myself off over photos of her and kissing and rubbing her dirty underwear. She wasn't aware of this until the summer preceding our encounter when she found a photo of hers which i had stolen, taken by her boyfriend she was standing in a hotel room in jeans and a bra, in my room. We didn't speak of it and i thought she hadn't forgotten about it, or atleast set it aside in her memory.

That night i was doing my usual thing which included staying up late on the computer long after my Mum had gone to sleep. About two a.m. a taxi rolled up the drive and my sister got out, stumbling as she was clearly drunk. I was only lightly concerned that she might be sick on the carpet, or that i might have to assist her booze battered form. I heard her downstairs and her the chink of glasses. Sighing, i tried to ignore her progress, but had to accept that she was coming upstairs and was probably going to speak to me. I had been admiring some of my more beautiful female friends photos on FaceBook and when she entered i tried to close the window, just at the point the processor became awkward, resulting in the screen not closing at all. She came in with a bottle of Jack Daniels and leant on my shoulder looking at the screen. She asked me to come downstairs and have a drink with her, and as with every time she asked this i declined and told her she should go to bed.

She told me that tonight was different and that i didn't even have to have a drink if i didn't fancy it, so i grudgingly went downstairs to the sitting room with her and sat there whilst she got progressively more intoxicated. It was a couple of minutes before she breached the subject of the pictures that she had seen. She seemd to find it quite funny and told me that she thought i was gay. I protested to this and she insisted that she had found gay porn on the computer and that it beared no other explanation. I didn't know how to answer so she asked that if i wasn't gay what kind of girls did i like. I told her some celebrities that i liked, Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst and some of my friends, Eve and Annabel. She asked if i eer thought of them sexually and i, growing more uneasy, answered that i had of course imagined myself with them.

She then asked whether i had ever thought of myself with her. I double checked and then asked her whether she had ever imagined herself with me. She recognised that i was being evasive and i think she realised that i had more than once pictured ourselves intimate. Once she realised the power that she held she seemed to get more aggresive in her interogation, asking whether i masturbated over her or snuck onto her FaceBook to look at her pictures with her Uni friends. I stayed silent and blushed. She leaned forward towards me and laughed. She wasn't exactly skinny, she had a fair bit of flesh on her but she wasn't unattractive. Whilst i hadn't seen her tits since we were young children i knew they were fairly small, a fact that belied her weight. As she leaned forward she organised her low cut top so that it exposed her small amount of cleavage, in the suggestive manner that i had often dreamt about. She whispered to me that if i remover my shirt she would remove hers. I looked at her for a long moment, but she just smiled serenly, maintaining her calm aura.

Eventually i decided to humour and removed my shirt. She looked at me with a half smirk. I wasn't scrawny or muscular, nor was i fat and my build was decidedly average. She then removed her top to reveal that unseen beneath it was a little sports bra. She just whispered oops, and laughed. Gripped with a sense of betrayal that emboldened me i leant across and pull the bra down before she even knew what was happening. She still hadn't quite recovered from the shock when i grabbed one of her little breast and squeezed the big, brown nipple. She looked a bit put off, and i thought for a desperate second that i had ruined my chances, but then she said carefully that she would have to see my cock for that. I was stunned. My penis had long been an insecurity of mine, but i decided that i would play her bluff and so i stood up and walked over to her positioning myself right in front of her. She smiled up at me, leaning over on the edge of her seat.

She ran one finger down the line of my stomach and i felt my hairs go on end. When that line finished it came to my jeans and she slip a finger into the top of them and popped the top button. Biting her lips with her slightly big front teeth, she pulled down my zip and fushed my jeans to the floor. She then placed her two index fingers into either side of my boxers and slowly pulled them down. First the small bush of my pubic hair appeared and then my penis which popped out unexpectedly, earlier than she had anticipated. She giggled and whispered up to me that it was: 'A bit small, isn't he? Now i want to know if he's a grower, he must get bigger otherwise he'd be tiny!' I felt a bit ashamed but the humiliation also gave me a sense of extreme satisfaction. My cock hung limply at about an inch and a half and she began to stroke it with only two of her podgy fingers, in the most demeaning fashion. Once she had got it fully erect, it still only stood at about three inches, she laughed and said to me:

'Is this it? It's quite the most pathetic little pecker i've seen! You could never satisfy me...'

I prepared to be rejected and almost drew away, when she gripped my little cock in her hand and moved her mouth to it, flicking her tongue over the tender end. She kissed the shaft right down to the balls, it wasn't a long journey, and began to suck them slowly. This was a practice i appeared to have missed out on in porn films and i enjoyed the sensation which was stimulating a certain amount of pre-cum. She grabbed the tip of my length in her teeth and went all the way down it's shaft. In order too humiliate me further she deep throated me several times and didn't even gag, my size meant that it barely scratched her throught.

Hours of masturbation had given me a very quick ejaculation time and unwilling to warn her what was coming, i shot out earlier than she expected whilst it was still deep in her throut. She coughed and spluttered and tried to push my little dick away from her put i pushed the rest of my load into her mouth and then rubbed everything that remained into her ill looking face that now seemed close to a combination of tears and vomit.

Whilst she was still looking vulnerable i bent over and kissed her so hard that even though she tried to grind her teeth together we were still locked in a passionate embrace of tongues. I tasted my own bitter semen and pulled out slapping her on the boob as i left the room. As i was just leaving she cried out so loud that it might well have woken my sleeping mother, 'Tiny dicked cunt!' I just left the room and we didn't speak again for a few weeks, and even after that it still remained awkward for some time, but my passion remained unbridled and i searched avidly for another opening in which to explore her chubby but sexy body.

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2010-07-22 20:39:38
and you don't know why she wont talk to you gee i wonder maybe because your a dickless idiot and tried to drown her in your come

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2010-04-25 13:07:57
dumb story i hope you don't give up your day job because you will never make it here also get a dictionary and an editor if you want to post again

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boy, that was just kind of nasty...

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