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Chapter 28

Ken came to a stop as he stepped into the dimmer light inside the burger place and waited for his eyes to adjust before he looked around. “You’re here,” an excited voice said as a girl grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the counter. Ken blinked a couple times and looked down to see Mary’s friend Linda looking up at him with a satisfied grin. “Let’s get some food and then take a booth so we can talk in private.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ken said as he tried to adjust to the changes that had taken place so rapidly in his life. He and Linda ordered their food and followed the brown haired girl as she led the way to a booth in the back corner of the dining area, watching the suggestive roll of her hips and ass as she walked ahead of him.

“I take it that your parents finally caught on to Mary and Dannie’s pregnancies?” Linda said as she pushed her hip against Ken’s and gave him another grin.

“Yeah,” Ken said with a sigh after he swallowed his first bite of his burger. “Mom came home early from grocery shopping and caught Mary with her shirt up above her belly. There was no way she could miss her swollen stomach when that happened.”

“So while Dannie and Mary kept your mom occupied with their half truths and distractions you left the house to meet me for our date,” Linda said happily. “Did you have any trouble getting away?”

“A little,” Ken admitted, “but mom was more concerned with my sister’s pregnancy than she was with me leaving for a date. But I’m not looking forward to facing both my parents when I get home. I’m not in as much trouble as I would be if they even suspected that I was the one who knocked up Mary and Dannie, but I’ll still be in trouble for sneaking off to meet you when I was suppose to be home watching them.”

“In that case I suggest we make our date last as long as possible,” Linda suggested. “That way you’ll be able to avoid as much attention as you can, and the two of us can enjoy each other as much as possible.”

“That sounds good,” Ken said as he gave Linda a knowing wink. “I think it’s also what Mary and Dannie had in mind when they set this whole thing up. After all, Dannie said I was suppose to treat you just like I treat them, and she said she meant that just the way it sounded. I guess that means they expect me to fuck you and knock you up just like I did them.”

“I hope so,” Linda said with a mischievous grin as she stole one of Ken’s fries and licked the salt off it. “I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I helped Mary plan your seduction. And after the way your sisters have been bragging about how good a lover you are and how good it feels to walk around with your babies growing in their bellies. I can hardly wait for you to pop my cherry and knock me up just like you did Mary and Dannie.”

“Oh God,” Ken moaned as he watched Linda pop the fry into her mouth after she finished sucking the salt off it. “You’ve got me so horny I can’t wait to fuck you. Do we really have to go to the movie? Isn’t there some place we can go?”

“I don’t think the movie’s going to be a problem,” Linda said with an impish twinkle in her eyes. “Besides, I think your parents would be suspicious if you got home without seeing it after the way you ran out of the house for our date.”

“I guess you’re right,” Ken sighed. “You and my sisters really did plan everything out didn’t you?”

“I guess we did,” Linda said with a smile. “And speaking of planing you might want to stick these in you wallet.”

“What’s this for?” Ken asked as he took the ticket stubs Linda pulled out of her purse.

“Have you forgotten already?” Linda asked with a laugh. “Your parents are suppose to think that we’ve been dating since school started two months ago, remember? If you have a couple ticket stubs stuck in your wallet it will look like we really have been dating and you just happened to leave a couple stubs in your billfold by accident.”

“That’s not bad,” Ken said as he shoved the ticket stubs deep in his wallet.

“Ready to go now?” Linda asked as she got up and grabbed her tray. “If we hurry we should be in time for the movie I want to get into.”

“It must be a good movie if you want to see it this much,” Ken said as he got up and grabbed his own tray.

“You’ll see,” Linda said excitedly as she walked to the trash with a bounce in her steps.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“This movie sucks,” Ken hissed as he turned to look at Linda’s shadowy figure. “Why the hell did you want to see it?”

“You mean why did I want to see it again when I knew it was such a bad movie?” Linda said with a soft chuckle. “Did you notice that we were the only ones in the theater when the movie started?”

“Not really,” Ken admitted with a blush Linda couldn’t see in the darkness as he remembered that he’d been too busy watching the sway of Linda’s ass to notice if anyone else was in the movie theater.

“Well I did,” Linda said as she grabbed some popcorn from the bag in Ken’s lap and then washed it down with a sip from her soda. “I thought we might have an empty theater when I overheard a couple of the employees talking about how the movie was so bad they hadn’t sold a single ticket to a showing in three days. So I knew the theater would be empty for this show and no one would notice anything we were doing.”

“I like it,” Ken said, giving Linda a grin in the darkness as he helped himself to some popcorn from the bag. “So, what did you have in mind for us in this empty theater?”

“Something I think you’ll enjoy,” Linda said as she took the popcorn bag from Ken’s lap and balanced it on the chair next to him. She stretched her neck and gave the older boy a quick kiss before she got out of her chair and straddled his lap as she swirled her tongue around in Ken’s mouth.

“I think you’re right,” Ken said as he gripped Linda’s hips to help the girl balance on his lap as she reached between her skirted legs to unzip his pants and reach in to stroke his semi-erect cock through the fabric of his boxers. Ken caught his breath with a gasp and shifted one of his hands under the hem of Linda’s blouse, working it up along her bare belly until his groping fingers made contact with the girl’s erect thirteen year old nipple.

“You’ve been thinking about this for a long time haven’t you?” Ken asked as he felt his prick growing hard in the girl’s hand.

“Oh yes,” Linda sighed with pleasure as Ken played with her nipples under her shirt. “I’ve been thinking about this since I helped Mary plan your seduction before the end of the school year. Whenever I see the way your babies are making your sisters’ bellies and tits swell I think how much I want to feel your cock inside me, breaking my cherry and filling me with your cum so I can have my own baby.”

“Really?” Ken asked as he felt his shaft grow even harder with every stroke of Linda’s hand. “Are you really a virgin? And do you really want me to knock you up?”

“Yes and yes,” Linda hissed as she pulled Ken’s erect prick out of his shorts and through his open zipper. “I just wish I was in my fertile period so you’d have a better chance of knocking me up, as it is I just finished my period yesterday so there’s not much chance of that. But at least I’ll get rid of my damn cherry.”

“There’s always a chance,” Ken hissed in Linda’s ear as she rubbed her ass in his crotch and slid the length of his shaft along her wet panties.

“True,” Linda said softly as she glanced up at the screen to see what the loud explosion was about. “But the odds are against it. Can you feel how wet I am for your cock, Ken? Even through my panties I’m so wet I’m coating your hard shaft. Are you ready to stick your baby-maker in my tight little cunt and pop my cherry?”

“Ready, willing, and anxious,” Ken said with a grin in the darkness. He could feel Linda holding his cock steady with one hand while she fumbled to move the crotch panel of her panties aside so she could aim it right for her pussy.

“Fuck me Kenny,” Linda moaned as she caught the head of Ken’s prick between her pussy lips and lowered her body down on his shaft.

Ken could feel Linda’s wet hot cunt sliding slowly down his cock as the thirteen year old girl adjusted to the intruding shaft. Linda’s slit felt so tight around his cock that Ken gasped with pleasure as it slipped down his shaft a half inch at a time. Linda’s pussy lips were almost half-way down his prick when he felt the tip hit something and heard the girl straddling his thighs give a gasp of her own as she raised her crotch a fraction of an inch before she steeled herself.

“Say goodbye to your cherry,” Ken whispered into Linda’s ear as he shifted around in his chair.

“You mean good riddance,” Linda said with a determined hiss as she dropped her ass down on Ken’s lap with her full weight. Ken felt Linda’s hymen hold for a second or two and then felt it split against the force of her thrust as the girl slid down the rest of his shaft in one quick gulp. “Oh God,” Linda groaned as her body went stiff at the pain of losing her virginity.

“Relax Linda,” Ken told the girl as he played with her bare tits under her blouse. “Just stay still and let your cunny adjust to my cock before you try moving.”

“I know,” Linda moaned as Ken licked the tears that slid down her cheeks, “I know what to do, but I never expected it to hurt like that.”

“Well it won’t hurt for very long,” Ken assured her, “in fact I bet you’re already adjusting to having my cock buried in your cunt.”

“Maybe,” Linda admitted, “a little. And if you keep playing with my tits like that I’m sure I’ll forget about the pain in no time.”

“I know you will,” Ken said as he pulled his right hand out from Linda’s blouse. “But I think you’ll feel better even faster if I do this.” As quick as he could in the dark theater Ken slid his free hand under Linda’s skirt and pushed her panties aside so he could reach her erect clit and run his fingers along the hard nub.

“That feels so good,” Linda moaned as her body shivered against Ken’s chest.

“Does your cunt still hurt?” Ken asked as he tickled Linda’s nipple with one hand and her clit with the other.

“Not anymore,” Linda sighed as she raised her pussy pu a few inches and the let her ass fall back into Ken’s lap. “In fact I feel as hot and ready to fuck as ever.”

“Good,” Ken said as he lifted his ass off the seat of his chair to meet Linda’s slit as it dropped into his crotch, “because I have a load of baby juice just waiting to knock you up no matter what the chances are.”

“Then fuck me Ken, fuck me,” Linda cried in a voice loud enough to be heard throughout the empty theater.

“Not too loud,” Ken hissed as Linda’s tight pussy slid up and down his shaft, “we don’t want an usher to notice the noise and come in here to see what’s happening.”

“Now that I’ve finally lost my cherry I don’t really care,” Linda said in a much softer voice from before.

“But if they kick us out now we’ll never finish our fuck,” Ken pointed out as he raised his hips up to meet Linda with every thrust. “Then you won’t get your orgasm or my load of baby juice.”

“I guess you’re right,” Linda hissed in an even softer voice. “But your cock feels so good inside me that I don’t know if I can keep quiet.”

“Well try,” Ken groaned, “at least until you have your first orgasm.”

“Yes,” Linda moaned. The pain of losing her cherry was only a dull memory now as Ken’s long hard cock slid in and out of her wet cunt every time she raised and lowered her body. She could feel the sexual energy running up and down her spine and gathering in her belly where she knew Ken’s baby would be growing soon. Even now she could feel her cunt quivering around the invading baby maker and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she had her first orgasm with a prick buried deep in her body. This felt even better than she expected and now she finally understood what Mary, Kathy, and Dannie meant when they said they couldn’t describe how good it felt to have a cock in your pussy. One more thrust and Ken squeezed both her nipple and her clit as her ass bounced off his thighs and Linda felt her whole body explode with pleasure.

Ken knew when Linda had her first orgasm, not only did her whole body stop moving and go rigid, the whole length of the girl’s cunt clamped tight around his buried shaft and tried to pull the baby juice right out of his balls. With gritted teeth Ken managed to hold off his own orgasm in spite of Linda’s best efforts to get him to shoot his wad. When Linda’s body began to relax slightly in his grasp Ken started moving his cock in and out of the thirteen year old with short fast strokes as she caught her breath and slowly started moving with him.

“That was incredible,” Linda murmured as she went back to stroking the full length of Ken’s shaft with her pussy. “Is it always like that?”

“That’s what Mary, Dannie, and Kathy tell me,” Ken said with a chuckle. “Sometimes I actually feel jealous because you girls can have more orgasms than a guy can.”

“Don’t be jealous Ken,” Linda said as the sexual energy started building up in her belly again with every stroke. “After all, you don’t have to carry a baby in your belly for nine months or worry about your monthly period. And you can knock up as many girls as you want all at the same time.”

“You do have some points there,” Ken admitted, “I guess you girls do need some extra pleasure to balance out the pregnancy thing. Are you sure you want to have my baby?”

“Fuck yes,” Linda said, “now more than ever. I don’t expect anything to come out of this because I know how you and Kathy feel about each other - but at least I’ll have your baby.”

“If someone had told me a year ago that I’d love fucking pregnant girls I would have said they were crazy. But the more I fuck Kathy and my sisters with their swelling bellies and tits, the more I enjoy it. I can hardly wait to see your belly growing bigger and bigger with my baby inside it.”

“You make it sound so sexy Kenny,” Linda moaned as the sexual energy in her belly built toward a new orgasm. Her new orgasm was building much quicker than her first one and Linda could already tell that it was going to be even bigger and better than she’d ever imagined. She wondered if Ken would be able to hold out on this one so she could ride him for a third one, but she could feel his cock shivering in her fuck hole and didn’t think he’d manage to hold out this time.

“I’m cumming,” Ken heard Linda squeal in a low voice as her cunt grabbed his cock in a vice grip hold. This time he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out but he tried until he felt the baby juice shooting up his shaft to fill Linda’s hungry pussy.

“I’m cumming too,” Ken groaned as his balls cramped hard and shot wave after wave of semen filled cum into Linda’s thirteen year old cunt.

When Linda managed to catch her breath this time Ken was surprised when she managed to lift herself off his lap and turn around with the head of his still hard cock lodged between her pussy lips. Linda sat back down when she was facing him and lay across his chest as she dropped back on his shaft. “Thank you Ken, that was wonderful,” she said as she kissed him. Ken felt her tongue slip past his lips and slid his own tongue into her mouth as they kissed. He heard the door at the back of the theater open and thought about turning around to see who it was, but he was enjoying the kiss and tight hot cunt too much to bother looking until the beam from the flashlight hit him in the face.

“Ok, that’s enough,” a voice said from behind the beam of light. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.”

Ken could just make out the face of the usher in the light from the movie screen and he realized that the guy wasn’t much older than he was. From the look of his face and the bulge in his pants he suspected that what the guy really wanted to say was, “Can I join in?” But he had his orders and Ken was sure that if he wanted to keep his job he couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

“Ok,” Ken sighed as Linda pulled her cunt off his cock managed to shove it back in his pants while she adjusted her skirts before she stood up. “It wasn’t a very good movie anyway.”

“I know,” the usher said as he followed the two of them to the back of the theater. “I wondered why the two of you wanted to see it and I was ready to let you have your fun, but the manager told me to come in here and chase you out if you were up to something. Sorry about that.”

“You have to do your job,” Ken said with just a touch of bitterness to his voice. “At least you gave us as much time as you did, thanks.”

“So, what do we do now?” Ken asked Linda as they stepped out of the theater and into the cool fall day. “I could take you home and then head back to my own home, but I’d prefer to wait a few more hours until things have cooled down a bit. Can we go to your place?”

“That’s no good,” Linda said with an emphatic shake of her head. “My parents are home and even if they didn’t notice the sounds coming from my bedroom they’d know something was wrong when I got home early. And trust me Ken, if we did go to my house I’d have you in my bed as soon as we walked in the door.”

“And I’d be leading the way,” Ken said with a grin. “So what do we do?”

“I’ve got it,” Linda said excitedly. “We can go to Kathy’s. After all, her dad and brother know all about her fucking and I don’t think they’ll have any problems with us fucking there.”

“Not only do they know about Kathy fucking,” Ken said with a chuckle, “they fuck her. But if we go there I think you should know that I’ll probably end up fucking Kathy and Jim and his dad will want to fuck you for sure.”

“Sounds good to me,” Linda said with a grin. “I do want to have your baby, but I also want to fuck other guys. As long as they have some condoms I’ll let them fuck me and there’s no chance they can knock me up before you do.”

“Let’s go then,” Ken said as he took Linda’s hand and pulled her toward the bus stop, “if we hurry we should just make the bus that goes past Kathy’s house.”

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