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I had a crush on my english teacher for a long time, never did i think that anything would come of it...
Dazed, I lay there listening to my alarm clocks blunt monotonous drone. I lifted my hand above my head, feeling around for the button that would shut it off. After several seconds of fumbling around in the dark, I hit it.

I pulled the covers off my body and sat up. Through a foggy window, I could see the horizon, rimmed with dark blue and inky black above it. The sun would be up in an hour or so. I stood, opening a cupboard I found some fresh clothes grabbing a light blue polo shirt, striped with dark blue, a singlet, clean underwear, and a pair of long pants I made my way from my room, down the hall and into the bathroom where I had a quick shower and shave. I went down stairs and made myself some breakfast, bacon and eggs.

As seven o clock rolled around, I found my school bag, and removed several books, I didn’t have my physics class today so there was no point carrying around two extra note books, an experiment book, three manuals and graph paper, surmounting to about four kilograms of paper. After that, it felt much lighter, almost too light. A brainwave hit. My homework, it was still up in my room. Quickly I dashed up stairs, retrieving it from my desk, then shoving it into my bag, before making my way down to the garage where I kept my bike.

The air was cold outside, and it quickly numbed my face. My hands felt frozen to the handlebars. It didn’t last long however, school was just down the road, about a kilometre, and it was mostly downhill, it was the getting back home after a long day at school that I really didn’t like. I coasted into school, parked and locked my bike to the bicycle rack.

I made my way over to the other side of school, where the language classes were, hoping to get my English teacher to review the essay I had spent most of last night writing. I wanted to alter any mistakes before I needed to hand it in. it was quarter to eight, and school didn’t start for another hour, but some staff where already here, setting up for their various classes. I knew Miss Smith (my English teacher) was here, I had seen her car in the staff car park as I rode into school, so I jogged to her class, pulling my essay from my bag as I went.

I arrived at her class, the drapes were pulled, but the lights were on inside. I knocked on the door, and was given no reply. I knocked again, and still no answer. Carefully, I put my hand on the door handle, and twisted, pulling it outwards. I stepped inside, and immediately noticed Miss Smith in a swivel chair, with her back to me, listening to an mp3 player. I stepped closer, trying to make as much noise as possible, so as I wouldn’t startle her, but she didn’t hear me. As I neared her, I heard a faint moan, as she arched her back. One of her hands went to her breast, under her shirt, and from my angle, I could guess the other was up her skirt that would usually come down past knee level.

“Uuh, miss?” I uttered, unsure of what would happen if she caught me here.

Miss Smith whipped around, ripping her hands out from under her clothes. I held up my essay, and I tried to say that I wanted her to mark it, but the words wouldn’t form. My mind was a jumble, not helped by the fact that her nipples where poking out obviously against her shirt, and her blue cotton panties were around her ankles.

“Jay? What are you doing here?” she stammered, making a futile attempt to cover herself up.

I didn’t reply at first, but after several seconds, I gathered my thoughts, and said “my essay… I wanted you to look at it so I could fix any problems before class today” I extended my hand to her, holding up the four or so pages of type.
She quietly grabbed the pages, trying to act as if nothing had happened. Her white cotton blouse was still up over her stomach, and her skirt was up over her thighs, and as her hand touched my essay, I felt her slick hands brush against mine. My cock immediately sprang to life, as if it had been waiting for the most opportune moment to show itself. I tried to cover my rising cock, but failed, and several of the pages fell from both Miss Smith’s grasp and mine. I quickly bent to pick them up, kneeling down in front of her desk, I saw that one of the pages had drifted under it and had landed right under her panties, a dark spot in the centre of the crotch piece. I gathered one page and lifted it to her desk, expecting her to get the other. She didn’t, so I knelt down again, and found I had to crawl under the desk in order to get it. I hazarded a glance up, she was looking right at me, her legs still wide, and me a foot away from her exposed pussy, which my eyes promptly fell to. Timidly I extended a hand for the paper, reaching over her panties, I had to turn my head away as it got close to her inner thighs. I could smell her scent, it was thick and strong, my cock strained hard at the seams of my pants.

I felt a hand on the back of my head, and looked up, Miss Smith was smiling at me, she applied more pressure, bringing my head a few inches away from her throbbing cunt. I could see dribbles of clear pussy juice dripping from her cunt. I didn’t hesitate, I had fanaticized about doing this for a long time, making love to my English teacher. I had imagined running my hands over her 5’6” frame and through her dark brown hair many times over the past year. I snaked my hands around her thighs, and brought my head in close.

Slowly I ran my tongue around the edges of her cunt, not touching her clit, which was exposed and wanting for attention. I brought my tongue right up the middle, parting her labia, and running the entire length along her clit, causing an erratic spasm and a sharp gasp and moan. Her hands pressed hard on my head, mashing my face to her cunt, rubbing it in. I brought a hand around, and worked a finger into her pussy, she gasped and rocked her hips back and forth, helping my movements.
Her breathing became faster, as did her rocking. A deep moan escaped her lips and her legs squeezed my head as I ravaged her clit with my tongue. I brought my hand up and began rubbing her clit with my thumb, kissing her inner thighs. She came hard, a fair portion of it leaking down onto her chair, not helped by her body, which seemed to be in an uncontrollable spasm.

I pulled my head away, wiping some of her juices off on the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I looked up into her eyes, then down to my cock, which was straining painfully at my pants. I rose up, face to face with Miss Smith, her delicate features only centimetres away from mine. I slowly leaned forward, she did likewise, and our mouth’s met in a passionate kiss. She worked her tongue into my mouth, massaging mine, and trying to get as much of her juice as possible.

Her hands clasped my belt, slowly undoing it. I ran my hands up her waist, settling on her breasts, they felt firm and stiff through her blouse, slightly bigger than a handful. My hands worked from the top button, undoing them down until her torso was bare, except for her black lacy bra.

By now, Miss Smith had my pants down around my ankles, and was pulling down my underwear. My cock sprang free, standing to attention. It was seven and a half inches long, and thicker than my hand could go around. Miss Smith let out a sigh.

I bent in close, and our mouths met again, we kissed passionately while my hands roamed lower down her body until they wrestled their way under her and lifted her off her seat. I placed her down on her desk and ground my cock into her throbbing juicy pussy.

Miss Smith groaned audibly and draped her hands over my shoulders. We kissed again, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths. I felt her hand on my cock, positioning it in her entrance, I felt the head nestled in her warm folds. I began with shallow strokes, pushing in lightly, letting her get used to my girth; I didn’t think she had had anybody my size before, it showed on her face, pure rapture. As my cock got deeper in her, fiery cunt, her moans and grunts came faster. I wasn’t even fully in her and she was ready to cum again. I felt her pussy muscles clench around my engorged member, I took this as my cue and thrust hard into her, till my pelvis slapped against hers. Miss Smith let out a cry of sheer delight as she exploded over me.

Now that I was fully inside her I brought my cock out, so that the head was almost out of her, then thrust slowly inwards, teasing her, I repeated this motion several times, drawing deep sighs from her. I knew she wanted me to fuck her, she was ready to submit to sheer brutality, but she had to ask me to, I was quite happy teasing her, stringing her along while her pussy craved a good hard fucking.

“Please…” Miss Smith stammered

“Please what?” I asked casually, sliding my cock right up into her.


“What do you want me to do?”

“Faster… I need you… faster…. Fuck me” Miss Smith managed to say in between my slow thrusts.

“Please?” I asked, a grin forming on my mouth.

“Please, please fuck me.”

I grabbed her shoulders from behind, thrusting deep into her. Miss Smith let out a sharp whimper, and she bit lightly into my neck.

My thrusts increased in pace, sliding my full length out, then hammering it in. Miss Smith began mewing into my ear in time with our bodies colliding in a satisfying slap. I felt my toes begin to go numb, and knew I was about to cum. I tried to hold it in, just a little bit further and Miss Smith would cum again. I felt the numbness seep up my legs, my balls contracted, and I felt my whole body stiffen as jets of hot semen cascaded into her steamy body, this tipped her over the edge again, and she came violently, her hips buckling against me, our cum mingled in a heavy stream, and flowed over her desk. I grasped her around the waist and pined her chest against mine, we kissed again, however most of the passion had ended, and it was gentler than before, our lips met, twisting and writhing over each other, I slowly pushed my cock in and out of Miss Smith’s cunt, letting her squeeze the last of my cum out as I deflated.

Our kiss ended and I pulled out with a dull plop. More cum ran out of her pussy and began dripping down onto the carpet. I bent down, and picked up her black lace panties that had ended up half in the rubbish bin in our lust. I wiped up most of our juices with it, taking care to get most of it on the inside, then slipped them up her legs and up over her waist.

“Ooh, I feel so dirty” miss smith said as her arms snaked around me, drawing me in.

“Well, you’re going to feel like a dirty slut teacher all day then aren’t you” I said, pausing every now and then as our lips met.


Part 2 to follow.

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2014-04-03 18:31:20
This is an awesome story!! Remind me of the time I had one of my students on my mind. I knew he was well hung by watching him in basketball practice and could see his big penis flopping as he ran down the court. After watching for several weeks I too put my plan into effect and found the right time to have this student fuck and suck me and what a great time we had that entire year.


2009-10-02 17:12:55
That was awesome. There were a few parts in which I was left wondering, like, as previously mentioned, the cotton - lace panties. But other than that, very very well written.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-06 17:23:45
Gheay. It was like reading a story about having sex with donkey's (Which i do alllll the time).
Eat pussy for real, then rite gud storyz.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-20 01:05:27
Excellent story, except I found myself wanting to know more about what his teacher looked like. Can't wait for part 2.8.5/10

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-15 19:10:42
Should have described what She an he looked like better, is he in college, highschool what? Just more detail involving then

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