Unbelievable but true
When I was 14, I had a birthday party in my family's newly completed game room. It was above the garage, and had originally been intended to be a place where my friends and I could hang out. But once it was finished, I realized just how cool it was.
So my first party in the room had just started. I was not a really popular kid, but I had lots of friends and about 15 of them were here. We started my party slow, we played some XBox, ate pizza, and my guy friends and I played paintball while the girls watched. As the night progressed, we watched a movie--Shoot 'Em Up (the sex scenes in it, while softcore, gave all us hormonally charged, horny guys hard-ons that we were uncertain whether to hide from the girls or advertise to them), and sat around and talked about various diverse topics, ranging from teachers at the high school to movies to who had gone the farthest with people they had dated.
Of course, none of the girls were allowed to stay too late, so as the clock rolled around to about midnight, the girl's parents began to stop by to pick them up. The guys stayed inside and played around while I, for politeness' sake, walked the girls out to their cars and told them the standard goodbyes and thanks for comings and see you laters. Before I knew it all the girls except for Lily and Sarah were gone. Lily and Sarah were next door neighbors, and just one parent of one of the girls would pick them both up and drive them both home. Tonight, however, no parent came for either of the girls. We sat outside for over an hour waitng, but no one came. My mom eventually walked out to us and asked the girls if their parents had known to come get them. Sarah answered yes. Mom offered to drive them home, but they graciously refused and said that their parents would be here soon. Mom said okay, and with some reluctance, said she was going inside to go to bed and to wake her up if they decided they needed a ride home. She also said that they could use the phone to call home if they wanted.
Now I should explain something to you, reader. Both Lily and Sarah were the most beautiful girls. Lily was around 5'7'', six inches shorter than me. She had long legs, tan skin, a heavenly face, and a perfect figure. I had always liked to look at her breasts, but had always made sure she didn't catch me, fearing that things miught become awkward between us. Tonight, however, she had caught me. She was wearing an impossibly short miniskirt and a low cut white shirt that had no shoulder straps and stayed on simply by being tight. Under this she was wearing a slightly higher cut brown spaghetti strap shirt that squeezed her breasts together and showed off a wonderful amount of her 33c cleavage. When she had seen me looking at her tits, we had been watching Shoot 'Em Up, and I had been just stopped hiding the huge bulge in my pants, thinking that it might be time to show some of these girls what I had. I had frozen as her eyes met mine, and had been about to stammer some lame excuse for why I was staring at her wonderful, perfectly proportioned breasts, when she winked at me and licked her lips seductively. I had been trying to get her alone since then to ask her what the hell that was and if she was, you know, into me, but my chance had never come.
Sarah was about 5'10'', and she was just as sexy as Lily. She had a perfect, tight ass, and long legs, with large breasts-I'd say a 34d- and sexy, but innocent looking face. She had red hair of the kind that seemed to always make my head say"FUCK HER. DO IT NOW. IT WILL BE WORTH THE CONSEQUENCES". She was wearing a tight pair of jeans with ripped holes that showcased her perfect thighs, and a yellow top that made her tits stand out beautifully. She knew that I had been ogling her for a while, and when she caught me for the first time about a month ago. From then on, she had started striking sexy poses whenever she knew I was looking at her.
Despite both girl's reactions to me feeling them up with my eyes, I had been to afraid to ask either one to go out with me.
Back to the story.
Around two o'clock, the guys all left as their parents came and got them. Lily, Sarah, and I went back into the room above the garage to watch 300 as we waited for a parent of either of them.
During the 1st sex scene of the move, I, of course, got a huge boner. I did not hide it.
Suddenly Lily rested her head on my right shoulder, and Sarah rested hers on my left. My hard-on got even bigger-if that was possible-and formed what looked like a tent in my jeans.
My voice shook as I asked the two what they were doing. Lily smiled and paused the movie.
Sarah laughed. "You really don't"
Lily grinned, saying,"We know you like us, Rob. We've known for way longer than you think."
Sarah smailed as she said, "We like you too. We always have. And tonight we are going to make our feelings clear."
Lily spoke next."Our parents never came and got us because they think we went to spend the night at Beth's after the party. Tonight, we are free."
Sarah nodded. "We knew that we were going to seduce you tonight, Rob. And now, I think, Lily, that we should start."
Lily nodded. My voice shook with both fear (that I was dreaming)and excitement (just in case I wasn't dreaming) as I said, "Seduce me?"
Both nodded, smiled, then leaned back and took off their shirts.
My mouth dropped open as I looked at the two most beautiful racks I had ever seen. Better than the tits in pornos. Way better.
Lily's nipples were small and stiff, and her aureolae were large and beautiful. Sarah's tits had larger nipples that were already stiff too, and her aureolae were smaller compared to her larger breasts.
Sarah said,"Stop drooling, Rob. Either that or think of a better place to put your spit."
I looked into her eyes questioningly. She nodded, then both she and Lily slid closer to me and put their tits right in my face. My tongue went out and gently tasted first Sarah's, then Lily's beautiful breasts. Both girls moaned as soon as my tongue made contact. I went back to Sarah and licked her right tit repeatedly, while working my hands around Lily's nipples, stroking and rolling them between my fingers. I switched my tongue to Sarah's other tit, and began licking and sucking on the nipples, placing my entire mouth on the aureola and blowing gently. Then I did the same thing to Lily. Some time during my tit exploration, the two girls began to rub the bulge in my pants. I took my mouth off their nipples and asked them how far we were going with this. They both smiled coyly and then simultaneously grabbed my pant legs and ripped of my pants, then pulled my shirts and boxers off. I was completely naked, my 8 inch(huge for my age, I was the envy of everyone in the soccer locker room)cock standing at attention.
Both girls gasped and smiled wickedly.
"Now it's our turn,"said Lily. And with that she wrapped her hand around my dick and began jacking me off. Sarah started rubbing her tits along my face and chest, and then she kissed me long and deep. I gasped as the pleasure rolled thru me in waves. Sarah leaned back and then she licked the head of my cock, with Lily still jacking me. She placed her mouth on it and went down as far as she could-4 or so inches-and then began running her tongue all around it and sucking it. I moaned with pleasure and gasped that I was going to come. Sarah grinned around my cock and sucked even harder.
I came then, and the cum shot out of me and deep into Sarah's mouth. She must've swallowed it. because none came out after that. I spurted six or seven times, and then Sarah pulled her head off and switched places with Lily. Lily got my cock to go down her throat until her nose was in my happy trail, and her mouth was all the way down to the base of it. Sarah began licking my balls. Lily was sucking with a vengeance, and I felt myself cumming again. Lily was a better deepthroater than Sarah, but she let almost all of my semen leak out of her mouth and puddle around my pubes. She and Sarah both combined to lick this up.
The two girls leaned back and began to pull off their bottoms, slowly and sexily. When those were off, they were in nothing but a g-string each. Then they stripped those off and spread their legs in my direction, exposing wonderul lips. Both looked to be freshly shaven, and each began to finger the other. Then Lily turned over and buried her head in Sarah's crotch. I leaned in for a better angle, and was delighted to see Lily's tongue stroking Sarah's lips, her clit, and now her slit. Lily bit softly on Sarah's pussy lip, which brought a moan from Sarah's mouth. THen Lily flipped Sarah over and pulled her ass cheeks apart. SHe then snaked her tongue into Sarah's asshole and began to flip it around and around, while she put her fingers into Sarah's pussy. Then she pulled off Sarah, Sarah turned around to face me, and I took Lily's position. I first licked Sarah's slit. It tasted delicious, and it smelled magnificent. Spicy, and new, this smell was one that needed to be made into a perfume.
I moved up to Sarah's clit, which I sucked on until it was fully erect. I felt Lily pull my ass apart, and braced myself for a new sensation, while I spread Sarah's lips and pressed my tongue into her hole. I became aware of a pressing on my asshole, and then something soft and wonderful feeling was inside my ass. This felt even better because I could imagine how much you must like someone to clean their ass with your tongue.
Then I noticed that Sarah was turning over, and exposing her ass. I hesitated briefly, then decided, what the hell, I really liked Sarah and I was open to new things. I pulled her cheeks apart and probed her ass, first with a finger. It came out slightly brown, but for some reason that only turned me on, and I was suddenly putting my entire tongue into her ass and moving it around. I was sure I tasted shit, but it was actually not too bad, expecially when Lily started sucking my dick again. Soon Sarah was moaning and then a flood of tangy, delicious jucies rolled down into my mouth. THis, along with the blowjob, made me come almost instantly. Lily drank all of my semen this time.
We all stood up. I was amazed as, when I looked at the sweating figures of the girls beside me, I began to get another hardon. Lily told me that she wanted me inside her ass, so I eagerly bent over to lick it when she told me that she would rather have my dick in there. I was shocked. But I did not argue. If these girls wanted to go all the way, that was fine by me. SHe spread her cheeks aparts and I guided my 8 inches in while Sarah licked my sack and ass. Lily cried out as I went in, and as I began to instinctiveky thrust back and forth, I heard her moan from pain and from pleasure. Her ass was so tight. As she began to orgasm, her rectal walls squeezed me and I lost control and came deep inside her.
Sarah sucked me back to erection and told me to put my cock inside her pussy. THis was even better than getting to perform anal. She spread her legs and opened her pussy lips as I gingerly put myself inside her hole, which was warm, and slippery, and pouring juices. Her vaginal muscles made her cunt squeeze my cock as I thrust in and out of her, and she began to moan with pleasure.
Suddenly she screamed in pain and i felt something rip, a trickle of blood came pouring out of her, and then she told me to keep going that she was a virgin until now.
I lasted much loger this time for some reason, and she moaned for a long time beore suddenly screaming "Oh fUCK yeah Ohhhhhhhhhhh goooddddddddddd godddddddd goddddd ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh" and then it was like a water ballon exploded inside her cunt because a ton of pussy juice came pouring out and it was only then that I noticed that Lily was beneath us and was preparing to lick my balls.I kept thrusting, and when Lily licked my balls I sped up even faster. She drove 2 fingers into my asshole and began thrusing in and out, while she sucked on my sack. I kept thrusting and driving my cock into Sarah and my balls into Lily's face and then both of them started moaning and then screamed almost simultaneously. Realizing I had just given 2 girls orgasms at the same time, I came deep inside Sarah, spurting wave after wave of hot cum deep into her pussy. THis made her scream louder and longer, and she just kept humping me until I had stopped spurting.
THen the three of us stood up and laid down on the couch and fell asleep.
When I woke up it was still dark outside. THe two girls that I had just fucked were laying on either side of me. And there, right in front of my wake up hard-on, was my mother.

If you want to more of my escapades leave me a comment saying so. If i get enuf, I will do a sequel.

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