Some of my readers are not familiar with the concept of psionics
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It has come to my attention that not everyone reading my stories is familiar with the term “Psionic”. I will therefore make an effort to explain the concept, all though the best insight available is still the story “Camp” by Michael Sharpe. Whether this is his actual name I don’t know but I would like to thank him anyway, for an excellent story.

Since reading that story the concept of psionics has intrigued me and it has long since been my hope that someone would write another story about them. To my knowledge this has not happened so it only appeared logical to “steal” Michael’s concept of psionics once I started writing myself.

So, what is a psionic?

A psionic is a person, actually a mutant, that possesses extended mental powers. Depending on the psionics level and skills he is able to perform various tasks as for example:

He can manipulate the mind of other humans.
He can move and manipulate objects using his mental power.
He can rip out a persons personality and replace it with his own creation.
He can create a mental extension and form it at will, mouth, penis, steel rod etc.
He can read a persons mind.
He can control a persons movements without altering that persons mind.
He can alter a persons mind, making it more acceptable to his control.
He can stimulate a person sexually without touching that person or using his extension
He can help to heal a person.
He can manipulate a persons DNA.
He can torture a person using his ability.
He can kill a living being using his ability.
He can use his ability to fly.
He can use his ability to make himself invisible.

In short, if you are a control freak, a psionic is what you want to be. And for a powerful, skilled psionic his imagination only, is the limit on his abilities.

There is most definitely more but I think this should suffice for you all to get the picture.

Whether a psionic can perform any or all of these tasks depends on how developed his ability and his psionic skills are.

Hope this helps to shed a little light on the phenomenon.

Kind regards
J. Bailey

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2014-07-19 03:06:24
9jqG6s This is one awesome article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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2011-06-15 01:49:18
Psionics refers to the practice, study, or psychic ability of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena. Examples of this include telepathy, telekinesis, and other workings of the outside world through the psyche.

nuff said...


2010-09-08 15:52:54
I have given this some thought and would like to say the following:

I am not recreating the Camp environment. I freely admit that reading Camp gave me the idea that I wanted to read more about Psions, even if I had to write it myself. So I borrowed the ability/mutation from Camp, but everything else is and should be the sole property of it's original writer.

In my stories I simply use the Psion's ability to manipulate people and matter for a fluent and a bit different story line. Those of you that like my stories, please enjoy. Those that don't like them - well tough luck.

I am working on a bunch of new stories and rewrites and additions to older stories of mine. Unfortunately, due to the recession, I have had very little time for this but hopefully I will post one or two new stories in the next couple of weeks.

The larger stories have to wait somewhat longer. And for that I appologize.

Kind regards
J. Bailey

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2010-09-03 09:09:52
Are you seriously worried about the validity of the word psion when the word kinetic didn't appear once in this description you yutz?

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2010-09-03 09:09:17
"In short, if you are a control freak, a psionic is what you want to be. And for a powerful, skilled psionic his imagination only, is the limit on his abilities."

you're retarded

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