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Hi, I'm Mike and I am still at school. This story is based on a personal experience and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It was just another day...

It was 14:20 I was at school as usuall. I was in class just dreaming as always and starring at my teacher's fine body, a perfect ass, which you could see really good in that short skirt and she also had some awesome tits, a little bit bigger then would fit in my hand. I was dreaming about me and her just like all guys in the class did. Even if we didn't have school, we talked about her fine body. Some guys even claimed to fuck her in front of the class. And in sudden I woke up, my teacher was calling me!

"Mike... Mike! Wake up!'

"I am awake." I replied as I woke up out of my daydream

"That's it Mike! I want to talk to you after class!" She said to me

Some how I just agreed, I thought I was in trouble but I just agreed. I didn't disagree so for her it was like I agreed.
15 minutes later class was over and as my friends whished me luck. I just nodded and the class was all empty except for my teacher and me.

"You should't be dreaming that much in class. I wouldn't mind if you only would be getting A's"

"I just... I... I should...." was all I could say.

"It's OK for now, if you're willing to help me." she replied

"OK, what do I have to do?"

"Put the chairs on the tables so the cleaners can clean faster."

I didn't answer I just took my chair and put it on the table. I took some more chairs and put them on the table and then there was that sound. A chair fell, I looked at the chairs I put on the table, they all were still on the table. Then I looked to my teacher, I saw her lean forward to pick up the chair but aswell as I looked at her, I saw her skirt go up a little. You could see didn't had anything under her skirt. And as I stared to her, I didn't notice she was looking at me!

"Do you like the view?" She said

"Defintely!" I reacted brutally

"I am glad to, if you want you feel it..."

I was shocked, did my teacher really told me to feel her ass? She noticed that I thought that. She asked it again, but now she asked me to teach her breast. I walked towards her, she stood up and slowly removed her top. I gently touched her nipples and I looked at her. I saw her eyes were closed and I could see she loved it. I continued.... but then she said "Do you want me to suck you? Because you really cant hide that hard one!" I blushed and I said "Yes, I guess I can't hide it..." She took that as a yes and pulled my jeans and boxers down.

"Wow, I didn't knew you were such a big fella" She said before she took my dick and started sucking

I have had blowjobs before but this was really great. I felt my orgasm comming and I noticed my teacher knew that too. She now even sucked harder and then the first white string of dickmilk shot in her warm mouth, 3 more dickmilk shots followed. She swallowed it all and played with my cock a bit more. She cleaned my shaft nicely and she stood up and said "Do you have any classes now? Or do you want to fuck me?" I didn't even think I just said "I don't have any classes and I definetly want to fuck you." She smiled, jumped on the tables... and gave me an awesome striptease, my cock was harder then ever and bigger then ever! She asked me to pick a good position and I put her knee on a chair and the other foot was on the ground and she laid on the table with the rest of her body. I stood behind her and I just want to put my dick in her as soon as possible and I gently pushed it in. As I stuck it in her she moaned hard. I felt her humen break! She was like 25 but never got laid, not even with such a fine body? Odd but I didn't mind, I was honoured to put my dick in her as first ever!

"O Mike, I have never have had suck a big cock in me!" She screamed

"Well that's logic you were a virgin!" I replied

"Were indeed but don't tell anyone anything, please" She said

I smiled and kept fucking her... A couple minutes later I laid on the tables and she was on top of me. I could see my dick disappear and appear. Her pussy was nicely trimmed it had 1 small hairline. And as she was bouncing on me I could see her tits bouncing and jumping it made me so horny. So horny i had to cum, she must have feel my cock become swollen and she screamed "Oww Mike! Put your awesome cockjuices in me!" and I did.

After we were all dressed she asked me to come over every time I didn't had any classes. I agreed but I realised it would be strange to go to her every time. She saw my worried face and said "Don't worry, I will tell them you new some extra classes and I will give you a nice grade!" I smiled and came back everytime I didn't have any classes.

Hop you enjoyed it's my first story, based on a true happend story.
Next story will be out soon!


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2016-02-06 19:22:40
wow intresting

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2013-01-16 02:17:51
This is a horrible story, grammar and subject is all messed up it needs to be rewritten correctly or remove from this page.

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2009-05-10 04:32:54
Bad you cant spell.Go back to school and fuck your gay teacher agine

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2009-05-03 08:32:30
fail....... your spelling is almost is worse than the story


2008-06-03 18:36:36
Absolute stinker of a story mate, shocker!

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