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I wondered why my tiny little petite sister was called “Large Marge.” Then one day I found out.
Fbailey story number 224

Large Marge

You know how nicknames are...a guy that is fat might be called “Little Leonard” or a girl with big tits might be called “TT” which used to stand for “Titless Terry” when she was younger. Well my sister gets called Large Marge. Her name is Marge alright but she is anything but large. At five feet two inches tall and about ninety pounds she still wears an A-cup bra.

I had just become a freshman in high school and had entered the ninth grade. My sister was a sophomore and in the tenth grade. When I first heard her called Large Marge I just laughed. Of course she threatened me with death if I ever told mom and dad. I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about.

Then I was invited to a Halloween party that my sister was also invited too but she didn’t know it. It was a last minute thing and a girl I knew needed a replacement date because her date’s parents wouldn’t let him take her to the party. I really liked her so I begged my mother to let me go and she gave in knowing that my sister would be there to watch out for me.

I got a cheap mask and then went to pick up Desiree. She was disappointed in my costume. However she had been planning on going to that party for about two weeks where I had only had about two hours notice. Desiree was a very cute sixteen-year-old girl that was in the same grade that I was in. When I saw her I was amazed. She was so beautiful that I got an instant hard-on. She was Cinderella and she had on a beautiful gown complete with glass slippers. The neckline was squared off and showed an ample amount of her cleavage. She certainly had great tits. Her mother drove us to the house where the party was taking place. She told us not to drink, not to do drugs, not to have sex, and to call her when we were ready to come home.

As we walked into the house Desiree told me not to pay attention to anything that her mother had told us. She took me straight to the keg and drew us two cups of beer. She even gave me a straw to drink through so that I didn’t have to remove my mask. I was just about to tell her otherwise when I spotted my sister.

There was Marge surrounded by at least eight guys and they were all chanting Large Marge, Large Marge, Large Marge. I watched as my sister stood up on top of the dinning room table, lifted up her miniskirt a little and then pulled her panties to the side. The next thing I knew she was squatting down onto a beer bottle that someone was holding for her. She took almost the entire bottle up into her pussy without any preparation what so ever. The guy removed his hand from the bottle and then Marge stood back up with that beer bottle still stuck in her pussy. She rearranged her panties to cover the bottom of the bottle and got down off the table.

I walked up to her and said in a disguised voice, “Are you Large Marge?”

She smiled at me and said, “You bet your sweet ass I am.” Then Marge took my hand and placed it between her legs so that I could feel the beer bottle in her pussy. Then she said, “After a few more beers I can put a wine bottle in there.”

In that same disguised voice I asked, “Anything else?”

Marge whispered in my ear, “A pony that my friend owns but I really have to be drunk to let him fuck me.”

I still had my hand on my sister’s crotch and was holding onto that beer bottle when I removed my mask. I had to laugh at the expression on her face. She went white as a ghost. I just laughed and told her that I kind of liked Large Marge better than my stuck up sister Marge. She smiled at me and thanked me but I told her that I wanted to see that wine bottle and the pony in her pussy someday soon. She smiled and said, “Okay little brother as long as you promise not to tell mom and dad.” “Deal!”

Reluctantly I let go of the beer bottle. I went back to Desiree and told her that Large Marge was my older sister. She said, “No way.” So I took Desiree over to Marge and introduced them to one another.

All Desiree could talk about was someday being the center of attention at a party like this and having everyone in the whole school knowing her name. Then she asked Marge how she had gotten that bottle up inside her. Marge told Desiree that it was not as easy as it had looked. She told Desiree that she had started out with a carrot and graduated to a banana and then to a cucumber. After that it was zucchini in larger and larger sizes until she was as big as she was now. Marge said that while other girls practiced playing the piano or learning gymnastics that she was stretching her pussy out. She said that she sleeps with something in her pussy every single night. I just smiled at the thought. Desiree said that she wanted to do that too.

Marge reached up under Desiree’s Cinderella dress. I watched as Desiree’s facial expression changed. Then Marge said, “Hell girl, you’ve still got your cherry. The first thing you have got to do is to get rid of it.” Marge turned to me and said, “Take her up to one of the bedrooms and fuck her, but first come with me.”

Marge pulled me up on top of the dinning room table that she had been on earlier. She dropped into a squat until the beer bottle tapped the table top then she unzipped my pants, pulled my stiff cock out, and started sucking on it right there in front of everyone. The crowd cheered her on and shouted until I cum in my sister’s very talented mouth. She showed them the white puddle on her tongue and then she swallowed every bit of it. Next she stood up and whispered in my ear, “There, now you can enjoy fucking Desiree a little longer. When you’re finished with her though I’ll need her back.”

I got down off the table and took Desiree’s hand. She was still very excited about having my sister teach her how to insert a beer bottle into her pussy and she was willing do as Marge had requested. That was to let me fuck her. I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to be like my sister but I really didn’t care as long as I could fuck her. I was still a virgin too but at least I had gotten my first blowjob, even though it was from my own sister, and in front of about twenty people. I knew that I would never forget that blowjob for as long I lived.

Now I was on my way up the stairs with Desiree to loose my virginity in another way by sticking my cock in her pussy. I was smiling the whole way up. Desiree picked out a room and took me in. She seemed more excited than I did about the whole thing and I was a horny teenage boy. Nothing gets hornier than that. I just wanted to fuck her but all she wanted to do was please my sister. Marge had told her to let me break her cherry and she was going to let me. I wasn’t even her boyfriend, I was just a last minute fill in. I guess I really didn’t care why, as long as I got to fuck her.

I thought that I would have to seduce Desiree or talk her into it a little bit more but she just starter to take her clothes off. It seemed that my sister had told her that she had to loose her virginity while completely naked. What to hell I just watched the quick striptease. Desiree was really pretty and she was the first naked girl I had ever seen. I was very impressed with her naked body. Her breasts were perfect half oranges with hard little nipples on them. Her tummy was slightly rounded and very smooth. Her pussy was covered with nice short brown hair. Her legs were long too. She just stood there with her arms crossed waiting for me to get undressed, so I just removed my clothes as quickly as she had. Then Desiree turned to climb on the bed and I got to see her wonderful ass. It was so rounded and sweet looking. I knew right then that I would forever be an ass man. Her twin globes twitched as she crawled across the bed and then rolled onto her back. I crawled up between her legs and asked her what I should do. Desiree told me to just shove it into her. I told her that it might hurt and she said that Marge had told her that it was supposed to hurt the first time. What to hell I just placed the head of my cock at her opening and shoved my hips forward toward her. My cock slipped into her, I fell onto her breasts, and she let out a scream. Oh my God I had really hurt her. I felt so bad about it that I apologized to her. She just gritted her teeth, dug her fingernails into my back, and then pressed her mouth tightly into my shoulder. She wrapped her legs around my waist and crossed her ankles. As long as I was in her I started thrusting forward and pulling back out. I sure wasn’t very good at it but it sure felt good. She stopped clutching me so tightly and allowed me to make slightly longer strokes into her. She was almost relaxed when I started to shoot gobs of cum into her pussy. Finally she whispered in my ear, “You broke my hymen. I’m no longer a virgin. Now your sister will teach me to stick a bottle in my pussy. Maybe she will let you help too. I sure hope so.”

Just then the door to the bedroom opened up and in came my sister. She jumped up on the bed with us. She asked me if I was done and I said that I was. She told me to roll over then and I did. Marge then got between Desiree’s legs and started eating her out. Several people both boys and girls entered the room to watch the show. There I was lying there with my cock still half-hard, Desiree with her tits exposed, and my sister with her head in Desiree’s crotch. I had a pretty close look at my sister while she was eating my fresh cum out of Desiree’s pussy. Marge even gave Desiree an orgasm as the group cheered her on. When Marge pulled back she shoved a banana into Desiree’s pussy and made her smile.

Marge looked over at my stiff cock and told me to put the banana back in Desiree after I fucked her again. Then I was to help Desiree get dressed with the banana kept in her pussy the entire time and bring her back downstairs. Marge left and the others went with her.

Desiree smiled at me as I fucked her with that banana. It still had its skin on and it was bigger than I was but Desiree enjoyed it. I knew right then that I was going to ask Marge if I could be a part of Desiree’s training. After all Desiree had put that thought in my mind. I wanted her to be my girlfriend now that I had fucked her too. Hell her boyfriend must be a total jerk to pass her up because of his parents. After a few minutes I took out the banana and took it’s place. That time I slipped in easily and she liked it a lot more. I also fucked her longer and I liked that too. Somewhere along the way I managed to give her an orgasm with my cock in her and she liked that a lot. Before I started to cum Desiree was fucking me as much as I was fucking her. That’s when I cum in her. She hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, “I love you. Please be my boyfriend. Please help me enlarge my pussy.” I whispered back, “I love you too and I do want to be your boyfriend.” I pulled out of her and shoved the banana back in. After a while I helped her get up and helped her on with her panties. They did help to hold the banana inside her pussy. I helped her on with her bra and then with her Cinderella Dress. She slipped on her shoes as I got dressed. Desiree told me that she couldn’t sit down. I laughed and told her that Marge couldn’t sit down either.

When we got downstairs Desiree went right to the beer keg and poured us two more cups. She drank hers right down and filled it up again. When Marge saw Desiree she came right over and took her up on top of the table. Then Marge squatted down and again clicked the bottle in her pussy on the tabletop before lifting up Desiree’s dress and showing the banana sticking out in her panties to the rest of the group.

With shouts of panties, panties, panties several other girls stood up on the table and lifted their miniskirts or lowered their pants to show off their panties too. I counted eleven girls including Marge and Desiree. As I looked around I only saw seven boys besides me. I smiled as I realized that we were outnumbered eleven to eight. Then I saw one boy take two girls upstairs and thought to myself…that lucky bastard.

I filled Desiree’s beer glass again and handed it to her while she was talking to Marge. Desiree told my sister that we were going steady and she squealed with delight. I was curious and asked Marge, “Can a guy still fuck you and feel anything?” She laughed and said yes. She explained that a girl’s pussy was very flexible and that she could stretch out to a wine bottle and shrink back to a boy’s cock instantly. Wow.

Then Marge grabbed one of the boys and said, “Fuck me. My brother wants to watch.” She took him up on the table and announced it to the whole world. Then my petite sister undressed and the beer bottle stayed where it was. She pulled it out and got on her hands and knees as the boy entered her from behind. He pounded her good too and Marge moaned. Shortly the boy was filling her with cum and pulled his cock out of her. Marge called him a son of a bitch and begged another boy to fuck her. Sure enough another one dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and entered her from behind. He too slammed into her but at least she had an orgasm with his cock in her. When he pulled out a third guy asked her if he could fuck her too. She said that he could and then she asked the other guys around her if they wanted to fuck her too. Two guys had already fucked her and the third one was taking his place behind her. There was a guy upstairs with two girls and then me. That only left three others. Of those three two got in line behind her.

Desiree nudged me and whispered, “You should fuck her too. After all you need to know if my pussy can still satisfy you after a beer bottle.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

“Not if it’s your sister, but maybe if it was another girl that could take you away from me I might.” She replied.

I kissed Desiree and reached down for that banana and said, “I love you. We lost our virginities together and I’ll always remember that.”

Desiree took my beer cup and told me to get in line. I stayed with her and waited my turnthere. The guy came down from upstairs with a big smile on his face, he saw the line behind Marge, and got in it. I waited until he climbed up on the table and walked over there to wait. Marge smiled back at me and said, “About time little brother.”

As I slipped my cock into my sister’s pussy from behind I could feel her muscles tighten up. I could feel her trying to squeeze my cock and it felt good. She was right she could accept a beer bottle and a cock in her love hole. That was the forth time for me to come that night and it was taking quite a while. Finally Desiree came over and started to play with Marge’s tiny tits and pinching her hard nipples while I fucked her. She asked me how it felt and I told her that it was really nice. Desiree told me to hurry up because she should call her mother soon for a ride. Marge dared her to keep the banana in her pussy until she got home. She said that it would just get squishy but that it would still come out.

When I cum in my sister she stood up and announced to the group that she had given a virgin blowjob, eaten out a freshly sacrificed virgin, and that she had let all eight guys doggy fuck her. She also pointed out that her own brother had been the virgin blowjob, that it had been my cum in that virgin sacrifice, and that I had been the eighth guy to fuck her too. Then she challenged the other girls to top that if they could. Wow! Marge sure did things in a large way. She really was Large Marge.

Desiree sobered up a little and then called her mother. When she arrived we were sitting out on the front steps. The banana had been crushed. We sat in the backseat and Desiree told her mother that we were going steady now. Then she asked her mother if we could kiss in the car. Her mother looked at me and said that we could kiss as long as we didn’t go much further. I was trying to figure out what much further meant when Desiree placed my hand on her breast and started kissing me. Her mother smiled at me and then turned around to drive away. We kissed nonstop and I constantly massaged her breasts all the way to my house.

At my house Desiree got out of the car with me and walked me to the front door. She dared me to take the banana out of her pussy and to eat it after being in her pussy all night. So as we kissed I reached up under her puffy dress and retrieved the crushed banana. I stood on the porch eating that banana as she got back in the car and her mother drove off.

When I went inside my mother wanted to know how my night had gone. I told her that I had a great time, that Marge took very good care of me, and that Desiree was now my girlfriend. I thanked mom for letting me go and went up to bed. I undressed and took a shower first. Before I fell asleep Marge came in to see if I was still awake. I was. She asked me if I still wanted to see her take a wine bottle. She told me that she had had enough to drink if I wanted to see it. She even had a wine bottle in her hand. I told her that I would love to see it.

Marge sat the wine bottle on the floor and opened up her bathrobe. She then squatted down on the neck of the wine bottle. She eased herself down the neck until it started to flare out. She wiggled her hips a little bit and then moved down further. Her hips wiggled a little more and then she dropped down several inches. Holy cow! Where did all of that bottle go? Only a few inches remained outside her body. As I watched her pull on a pair of spandex riding shorts to hold the wine bottle in place she told me that she had learned to insert the neck of the bottle into her uterus. She said that that was the hardest thing for her to learn to do. Before she left she kissed me and told me that I could remove the wine bottle in the morning if I wanted too. I told her that I would love to. Then I asked her if I could take pictures of it in her. She said that I could as long as I didn’t show then to anyone. I told her that I wouldn’t. I got another kiss on the lips and then a kiss on my cock before she went to bed.

First thing Saturday morning I got my digital camera and went into Marge’s bedroom. She smiled up at me and told me to lock her door. She told me to get my camera ready then she flipped the covers off her body. There was Marge lying on her back, topless, with her spandex shorts on. Her legs were spread and I could see the bottom of the wine bottle poking out of her. I took several pictures as she smiled at me. Then she grabbed her waistband and pushed them down a few inches. Then a few inches more. Soon they were down to her pubic mound and I got closer. Then her pussy was exposed with the bottle showing. Then the whole bottom of the bottle was visible. As I took pictures step by step I inched her shorts down her legs further. Finally I removed them and there was my sister with a wine bottle stuck into her pussy and into her uterus. She spread her legs wide and it stayed there. She asked me to unscrew it from her pussy so I did and it came out an inch, then another inch, and another inch. I took pictures of it coming out. I took a whole series of pictures until the neck finally came into view at the entrance. I asked Marge if I could have the bottle. She smiled and said that I could. Then she said that she had drawn a mark on the bottle after it was all the way in her. I checked for the mark and found it. Then just for the hell of it I took pictures of my sister nude. She knew exactly what I was doing and she let me do it anyway. She smiled and she moved around for me too. Her tits were a lot smaller that Desiree’s tits were but her nipples were a lot harder too.

Finally she asked me to fuck her. All right! I put the camera down and undressed but when I started toward her she told me to bring my camera. She said that one of her boyfriends had taken pictures of her pussy with his cock in her and that it had really excited her. So I got between her legs and started taking pictures as my hard cock got closer and closer until it entered her. I knew full well that she had had a big bottle in there all night but it sure felt good wrapped around my cock. The night before I had fucked her from behind after seven other guys had fucked her first. Now I was the first one and it was while facing her. As I slipped my cock in and out of Marge I knew that our relationship had changed forever. As I started to cum in her Marge clinched her pussy muscles and had an orgasm of her own. She thanked me and told me that she doesn’t ever get fucked enough. I couldn’t believe that. After all Marge was the most popular girl in our school. I told her that I would try my best to keep her satisfied. I also told her that I wanted to be in on everything that she had Desiree do too. Marge reminded me to take pictures of her pussy as I pulled my cock out too. She said that the white cum was kind of pretty to watch. She was right too. I got dressed, picked up the wine bottle and my camera, and then I headed back to my own bedroom.

Shortly Marge asked me if I wanted to take pictures of her peeing. Why would I want to do that? Marge told me that her old boyfriend had really enjoyed it and that I might enjoy it too. So I followed her back to her bedroom and locked the door again. She removed her robe and sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide open. I knelt between them and started taking pictures of her pussy as she started to pee. It was amazing to watch and it really did excite me. I got a pretty good stream of light yellow liquid flowing into the toilet bowl. When she finished she asked me if I wanted to watch her take a shower too. She said that I could join her if I wanted too. She was lucky because she and mom had their own bathrooms in their bedrooms while I had to use the one at the top of the stairs. So I took more pictures of my sister soaping up her tiny tits and then I got in with her. I got a blowjob in there too and enjoyed it. My sister was really someone special.

Before lunch Marge called Desiree and asked her to come over. She told her that she had a small zucchini waiting for her if she was still interested. Desiree arrived right after lunch and Marge took her up to her bedroom. A few minutes later they came into my bedroom and Marge told me to show Desiree the pictures that I had taken of her that morning. I had them uploaded so I just hit slide show and sat back. Together the three of us looked at over a hundred pictures that I had taken of Large Marge that very morning. When it was finished Desiree said, “Okay.” Marge then told me that I was to take nude pictures of Desiree’s pussy training now that she knew that I had taken nude pictures of my sister too.

I got my camera and followed the two girls back to Marge’s room. Marge got naked right away and then told Desiree to get undressed slowly so that I could take plenty of pictures of her. To reenact the previous night Marge took pictures of me fucking Desiree. Then I took pictures of Marge shoving a whole banana into Desiree’s pussy. This time Marge then peeled the banana and shoved it back into her pussy. Marge got down there and ate the whole banana out of Desiree’s pussy. Then she produced the zucchini. Desiree knew that it wouldn’t fit inside her but Marge produced a tube of K-Y Jelly and coated the zucchini and Desiree’s pussy real well. I watched as my sister slowly inserted it into Desiree inch by inch until it hit the bottom and then she pressed it in some more until it wouldn’t go in any further. For a day old non-virgin I was very impressed with Desiree. Marge marked the vegetable with her thumbnail, pulled it out a few inches, and then cut it off longer than her mark. She pushed it back in so that just an inch or so stuck out of Desiree. Then Marge helped Desiree get on a pair of spandex shorts to hold it in place. Marge put a beer bottle in her pussy and put on the spandex shorts that she had worn overnight. Then the girls got dressed in some of Marge’s clothes. They each wore just a T-shirt and a miniskirt.

Marge told mom that we were going for a walk as we left. Of course I brought my digital camera with me. We started out walking toward the Community Park where the older kids played baseball and the younger kids played on the swings and stuff. Marge told Desiree that she was to do everything that she did while I took pictures of them. Desiree agreed to that. I walked between the girls with my arms around both of them. Whenever I knew that no one was watching us I grabbed a hold of their tits. Desiree’s was just a nice handful but I kind of liked my sister’s tits too especially her nipples.

At the park I was told to stand near a fence while they sat on the end of the bleachers. Soon Marge opened up her legs wide enough so that I could see her bright green spandex shorts. I took a picture. Soon after that Desiree opened up her legs so that I could see her bright pink spandex shorts. I took another picture. From there the girls used the swing set, the teeter tauter, and the marry-go-round. They sat on benches, climbed rope ladders, and even crawled through big plastic tubes while I photographed their stuffed pussies.

On the way home Desiree told Marge that she had almost forgotten that she had something in her pussy. Marge was proud of her. Desiree was told to keep that zucchini in her pussy for the next two days and that I could remove it Monday after school. Desiree said okay but Marge told her that it would be replaced by something at least that big if not bigger. Also she could remove it so that I could fuck her and to go to the bathroom but that it had to be put back in.

I got to fuck Desiree twice that day and three times on Sunday. Monday at school Marge took Desiree into the girl’s restroom to check on the zucchini. She said that it was getting soft but that it should make it through the day. It did and I removed it at our house. I got to take pictures and fuck her before my sister put a big plastic cock in Desiree’s pussy. Desiree was getting used to wearing the spandex shorts all of the time too.

The plastic cock stayed in her constantly for the rest of the week. On Saturday Marge took Desiree and I over to her girlfriend’s house. Sue was the one with the pony. Marge told her that she wanted to put on a show for her little brother and his girlfriend. Sue asked if her boyfriend could watch too. Sure he could but Marge needed to be a little drunk first as usual. As usual? Yes Sue had seen Marge get fucked by her pony three times before. She had even helped her accomplish it by controlling her pony.

So Sue called her boyfriend and told him to bring three bottles of wine with him. Two were for Marge to drink and fuck herself with and the other one was for Sue and Desiree to drink.

Marge drank the first bottle on the way to the stables. Sue got out and we drove off. She had to saddle up her pony and ride him out to a far corner of the ranch where we would be waiting. Once there Marge could have him. When Sue arrived Marge had that first bottle empty and sticking in her uterus to Desiree’s amazement. She was half way through the second bottle when Sue showed up. Apparently the pony remembered my sister and got all excited. Sue couldn’t keep his head out of Marge’s crotch. Desiree and I watched as the pony’s cock grew and grew unil it looked like he had five legs. The head of his cock looked bigger than my fist.

Marge placed a blanket on top of a tree stump. Sue brought the pony closer to her until he was standing over top of her nude body. Sue had her boyfriend hold the pony’s reins. Then Sue put a huge condom on the pony’s cock. Sue pulled the wine bottle of Marge and then poked the pony’s cock into her. That pony started dancing in and out so that he was fucking my sister. She moaned and groaned and gave the pony encouragement. Sue stroked his big cock and even had Desiree help her. Desiree used both hands to surround his cock and stroke him as she tried to jerk him off. The pony reacted the way he was supposed to and he tried to fuck Marge to death. He battered her senseless and Marge loved it. I got a every excruciating moment captured on disc when he tried to shove his long cock into her far enough for it to come out her mouth. Only when the pony was completely satisfied and I mean completely satisfied did he remove his cock from my sister. Sue removed the condom, tied a knot in it, and put it a small ice chest that she had brought with her. Sue then told us that her pony was a Champion and that his sperm would be frozen and sold. He was a stud and my sister was his mare.

Desiree help Marge recover while Sue rushed the sperm back to the stable area to be frozen. Marge had Desiree put the wine bottle back in her pussy but bottom in first that time. It looked funny seeing my sister with a glass cock sticking out of her pussy.

The blanket got put on the ground and Marge got on it. Desiree then got undressed, removed the dildo from her pussy, and got on the small neck end of that wine bottle. I took pictures while they posed for me. After awhile the girls got dressed and the dildo went back in Desiree’s pussy. When we picked up Sue we all had to sign a legal document that said that we had all witnessed Sir Gallivant the forth cum in that condom. Marge had to sign as the surrogate mare.

On the way back to Sue’s house Marge told us that the “Sperm Man” had watched Sir Gallivant the forth fuck her the last three times so he knew that it was official. He had also tried to get her to let other horses fuck her too. He was willing to reward her handsomely for her services too. Marge had considered doing it. I asked Marge to do it so that I could take more pictures. She said okay and asked Sue’s boyfriend to turn the car around and go back.

Once back at the ranch Marge told “Sperm Man” that she would let him mate her to another stud pony. He got a big smile on his face and introduced her to “Fast Money” a new stud that had just come in. While Marge and the pony got acquainted he stacked up some bales of hay and covered them with a thick blanket. He asked Sue and Desiree if they wanted to help Marge while he held the pony’s head. He hobbled his rear feet to prevent him from kicking. The condom was in place and everything was set. Sue pulled on the wine bottle and it wouldn’t come out. Apparently that had happened before. Marge said that it was due to suction and that someone should stick a small straw of sorts down along the side of the bottle and blow while Sue pulled. Sue’s boyfriend volunteered so that I could keep taking pictures. Sure enough once the suction was taken care of the bottle slipped right out. Sue put the pony’s cock at her entrance and we all watched him fuck into my sister. Desiree jerked him off like she had Sue’s pony. I watched as the three girls got that pony so excited that he fucked Marge like a racehorse. Just as soon as he pulled out Sue tied a knot in the condom. When Marge was safe “Sperm Man” took that condom to a special room to freeze it. Once again we all had to sign the documents with Marge as the surrogate mare and “Sperm Man” as one of the witnesses. He wrote out a check to Marge for a thousand dollars for her stud fee. He promised her more anytime that she was willing to do it again. Marge told him that she had to survive this ordeal first. She normally waits two to three months in between getting pony fucked and she had never fucked two in the same day before.

That week at school Marge sat very cautiously and walked funny. She helped Desiree get into the next size dildo and she let me take nude pictures of her but I couldn’t fuck her. Hell no one could fuck Marge, she was really sore down there.

By the following weekend Marge was in shape to get fucked and party again but she wasn’t quite back to normal.

However after just three weeks in between she took Sue, Desiree, and I back out to the ranch. She had been talking to “Sperm Man” and had agreed to just one pony at a time. He had one all lined up for her. Just like the last time the hay bales and blanket were there and Marge took her place. However this time the owners wanted to watch too so Marge agreed to let them. The man was old and lecherous looking while his wife was young and gorgeous. Marge was totally naked and all ready, so Sue and Desiree did their thing while the owners watched. That pony sure liked Marge. He fucked her good too and maybe a little too rough at times. After the pony was done fucking Marge she stood up the man couldn’t believe that a little tiny girl like Marge could take a big cock like that. He said that if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes that he wouldn’t have believed it. Everyone signed the certificate and the owner wrote out a check for fifteen hundred dollars to Marge for stud mare fees.

That week Marge was in a lot better shape so she contacted “Sperm Man” and set up a stud mare service every two weeks. She started a college fund and gave Sue and Desiree a hundred dollars each for helping her. I just got to take pictures but I was certainly happy to do that.

Desiree did finally get big enough to take a beer bottle in her pussy but then she was anxious to get up to pony size like Marge. Desiree wanted to take over the stud mare business when Marge went off to college.

Eventually mom found out what Marge was doing to earn her college money. Mom didn’t care and even approved of it. She even approved of Desiree going into the ‘family’ business too. Mom asked Marge and I to help her stretch her pussy out too. Oh my God! Before I knew it I was taking pictures of my mother naked with Marge and Desiree forcing things into her pussy.

Life just couldn’t get any better than that.

The End
Large Marge
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