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So I decided to write part two. If you have not read the first part, I highly recommend it. I have a part three planned, but will only post with high ratings, views, or favorable comments.
Katie’s head turned to the growing throng of Homeless Men coming down the alley way, their eyes filled with a lustful hunger for her. She scrambles for her life, naked and covered in dirty cum. Katie stumbles running down the alley way. She doesn’t pause, leaving behind her clothes.

They chase after her, their hunger pressing them on. Katie reaches the end of the alley into the middle of the street.

The Leader of the Gang Rape pulls up in a rusted out piece of shit car, the passenger window rolled down. He grins wide at Katie. “Guess you smart after all, bitch… Need a ride?” He laughs, opening the door.

Katie’s mind pauses for a minute, lost and debating itself: Subject myself to more rape by homless bums with God knows what diseases, or take a ride from one of the men that just raped me? Finally she makes up her mind, jumping with speed into his car, slamming the door shut on one of the homeless men that chased after her.

The Car speeds off into the night, the Leader laughing hard as he watches the bums chase after the car yelling for a few minutes. He slowly turns his head to Katie. A grin comes across his face as he rolls down the street, looking over her battered and bruised body, her hair a mess, her skin caked in dry cum in various places.

“Shit…” He says. “I could make some damn good money off a whore like you…”

Katie sits back, her head turned looking at the man that started this whole nightmare for her. “Why did you do that to m-me?” She mutters to the man.

He grins back at her. “Cause I can use another whore like you…”The Man says. “My buds may fuck you and leave, but I like a steady supply of fuckholes.”

The car stops down a lonely road near what looks like an abandoned warehouse. He unzips, his big black cock hard and out of his pants.

“Now you’re gonna suck me off good, just like a little whore should…” He says, looking at her. “Or I’m gonna make you hurt.” He lightly motions towards his dick with his hand.

Katie pushes herself up against the door, trying to get as much distance away from him as possible. She is filled with fear, locked inside a small, enclosed space with the rapist who raped her not even an hour
ago. Then she sees it. A gun sitting on the dashboard infront of the man.

He chuckles lightly, noticing her stare at the gun. The Man picks it up as if it were nothing and idly waves it at her. He points it to the window beside him where the faint glint of a river is barely visible in the darkness with the bright moon.

“You hear them news stories about the girls washing up downstream?” He asks as he looks out the window towards the river. The Man turns towards her and leans forward, looking her over again and licking his lips. “You gotta choice, bitch…”

Katie looks down at his cock and cries. There is no other choice. Slowly she lowers her head to his lap, closing her eyes as sobs come out of her. Katie’s lips close around his cock, beginning to suck on his cock. She thinks to herself that if she does a good job, he will let her go home, like some cruel and sick job.

His fingers tangle themselves in her hair. They aren’t forceful, just merely there as he lets her take his cock into his mouth, grunting slightly as Katie parts her lips to let him in.

“Thasss right… You want that cum, don’tcha you slut?” His low chuckles mingle with the sound of the engine running.

Katie’s imagines that it’s someone else’s cock that she’s sucking on. Her tongue dances across his cock head as she milks his shaft with her hand. Her spit and saliva runs down from her mouth, lubing the cock as she jerks him off.

He groans slightly as he feels her working his cock. Katie can feel his eyes staring a hole into the back of her head, watching her bob up and down on him. “You’re gonna make a good addition slut… mmgh…” The Man leans his head back, his grip tightening slightly as he pushes up into her tongue, his cock dirty and tasting of own juices.

She works harder on his cock, trying to give him the best blow he has ever had in the hopes of letting her go. Her hand moves towards his balls, massaging them and rubbing soft little circles with her nails, as her lips jack off his cock.

His familiar groans echo in the car slightly as he arches up, cumming hard into her mouth as his grip tightens in her hair. His cock spasms wildly in her mouth. The man grunts, pumping his cock into her mouth a few more times. “Yeeeah, thass good baby slut…”

Katie pulls herself up slowly. Wiping the cum off onto her arm. She curls up against the dingy leather of the car as the cum still dries on her. The Man zips up with a chuckle, the taste of his seed still fresh on her lips. He grins over at her.

“Yeah, gon’ break you in real good…” He gets out of the car, slamming his door shut and quickly opening Katie’s. The Man grabs her by the hair, pulling her out by it and drags her towards the abandoned warehouse only a few feet away.

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baby slut o.O....... first time ive heard/read that nickname lol

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more and longer chapters

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i loved it, keep going!!

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