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Work and Play
Not much sex, sorry for the ending, it was just dragging on and on.

“Eve, you’re…you’re freaking me out.” I stammered, slowly backing away until I bumped up against her desk. I couldn’t see her at all, the windowless room being pitch black. I had to suppress a squeak of shock as she grabbed handfuls of my shirt. The next thing I felt were her soft lips on my own, and then pain as she slowly leaned me backwards over her desk. I thanked my lucky stars that she didn’t have much on her desk, nothing sharp and nothing too hard.

“Mm, I’ve always wanted to have sex in my office.” She breathed, before kissing me tenderly again.

“What? No way!” I exclaimed, scrambling away from her as best I could, up and over the desk, tumbling down onto her chair and to the floor. She followed me the whole way, knocking papers from her desk and grabbing at my leg to stop me.

“Oh Tom, please. Only this once I swear, just a quick one. Please!” However quick or agile or enthusiastic she might have been, I was still bigger and stronger than her. But for the life of me I just couldn’t pin her down or get away from her, she was everywhere. I stumbled around her office, unable to find the door and slamming into her desk at every turn like a wounded bear.

“No Eve! No! Someone’s gonna catch us!” I continued to protest. I stopped, confused, as I realized she wasn’t chasing me anymore, she wasn’t grabbing for me either, everything was still except for my labored breathing and my pounding heart. I slowly turned in a circle, squinting into the black for any sign of where she went, but found nothing.

“Eve? This isn’t funny. Seriously, come on.” I was beginning to panic again. Suddenly something hit the back of my knee, and being as tall as I was, that meant I was going down because of it. I went down on one knee, trying to get back up as quickly as possible when Eve landed on my back, looping her arms around my neck.

“Tommy please.” She pleaded in her best, and most innocent, little girl’s voice.

“Eve, no. The next chance we get I promise. But not here, not now.” She squeezed a little, reminding me that she believed she was in control here. “What about after work huh?” It was a little hard to speak from the way her arms were wrapped around me.

“But where’s the fun in that?” she whined, squeezing harder. I grunted and sat back, making it awkward for her to keep hold of me. But she didn’t give up, stoically clinging to me.

“You…ehr asked for it.” I grunted, slowly rolling back, trapping Eve underneath me.

She instantly let go, “Uhg! Get off, get off, you’re heavy!” she gasped, slapping at my shoulders.

“Oh, are you under there? I didn’t notice. And besides, you’re comfy.” I replied smugly. She tried to grab me, or pinch me, but I seized her hands and held them tight even as she continued to struggle.

“Fight all you want, I’m not getting up until you calm down and get control of your ridiculous sex drive. Understand?”

“It’s not ridiculous.” She demurred quietly, ceasing her fighting. I held still for a few more moments, making sure she wasn’t up to anything. I got off of her and felt my way to the light switch, flipping them on and looking back down at her. I was surprised to find she had undone most of the buttons on her blouse, her lacey black bra clearly visible.

“Oh Eve, come on.” If I was honest with myself, I think I hurt her feelings. She pouted and sat up against the wall, slowly, dejectedly, buttoning up her shirt. As if the fates collaborated to screw with me the door burst open and Brook scooted in.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Angry didn’t cover how she sounded to my ears.

I looked back at Eve, only to see a truly evil grin, “Wow, Tom I’m exhausted, we have to do this more often.”

“Tom!” Brook turned dark red and clenched her teeth, clearly holding back something she wanted to say.

“Brook I-I…I didn’t do anything.” I squeaked.

She shook her head and sighed, “Just shut up.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of Eve’s office, to the sound of her laughter.

“Seriously Brook, I didn’t do anything! Sh-she jumped me, but we didn’t do anything.” As soon as I finished speaking, I realized we weren’t heading for either of our cubes, or the caf?or that matter.

“I don’t care Thomas. Don’t speak.” She hissed, jerking my arm to pull me along faster. My heart rate skyrocketed when she swiped her access card through the card reader next to the security door I had become so familiar with last summer.

“Where are we going?” I asked tentatively, fearful of incurring her wrath. She stopped a few feet beyond the second door and turned on me, pinning my soul with her mesmerizing grey eyes.

“Tom,” she said slowly, deliberately, “be quiet.” I hung my head in submission and allowed myself to be pulled along. We headed into the warehouse, past racks of boxed receivers, transmitters, antennae, and all other manner of radio devices. Deeper into the vast facility, massive crates, taller than me, were stacked in rows that neared the ceiling. The stacks were separated by lanes so the serial numbers could be checked for inventory. It was for one of these lanes that she dragged me.

To my surprise, at the end of this particular stack, the crates stopped a good ten feet from the wall, leaving a rather large open space occupied by a single waist high crate. A thick blanket, of the kind used by movers, was draped over the top of the box. Instead of being able to see the next row to our left and right, the way was blocked by more crates. However, I could see a gap in between two boxes blocking our way to the left.

“Hey! Marco and I have been looking for this damn thing since I started last year.” I said gleefully, shaking off her hand and kneeling in front of the sticker containing the serial number and product designation. “Wow, this is it. Thank you for showing me this baby. The thing caused me so much grief.” I laughed, turning around to find Brook leaning against the stack with her eyes closed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “What?”

She let her fingers run over her face with a sigh, walking over to the crate and sitting down on it. She looked up at me with an expectant expression on her face.

“Do you really think I brought you here for this?” She asked patiently.

“Well, yes actually. What else would we be here for?”

A toothy grin slowly pulled at her lips as she brought her hands up, fingers gracefully undoing the topmost button of her shirt and moving down to the next.

“Oh come on! No, no, no, stop just stop.” I exclaimed, holding up my hands as if to ward her off while I slowly began backing away.

Still unbuttoning her shirt she said, “Stop.” She spoke in a soft voice but it had the same effect as if she had screamed it. In my head I told myself I was still moving away from her, but when I glanced down I found that my feet had rooted themselves to the floor.

“What the fu…”

“Come here Thomas.” She said in that same quiet tone, undoing the last button of her shirt and shrugging out of it. Again, to my utter shock I found myself moving back towards her. What was this, some kind of witchcraft or something?

“Mm yes that’s a good boy.” She purred, reaching out and grabbing my hands, pulling me close to her. I don’t know what she was wearing, perfume wise, but oh my god it was…it was heavenly, seeping into my skull and making my mind fuzzy. It must have shown, because her smile grew and her eyes sparkled with unbridled glee.

“Now, am I gonna have to tell you how to fuck me, or can you be a big boy and take care of it?”

I found myself smiling despite myself, “Only if you stop talking to me like I’m a baby.”

“But you are a baby,” she cooed, letting go of my hands and cupping my face in hers, “you’re my baby.” I know I turned bright red at that, my face feeling like it was on fire, and not just from where she was touching me. She pulled my face down towards her and lightly kissed me on the lips. I was so totally gone now. I think I understood how Brook and Eve felt when they got like this. I put my hands on crate on either side of her and kissed her back relishing the feeling of her soft lips against mine. I couldn’t believe I actually moaned, but as I thought about it, I could care less at that point. I broke away for air but quickly went back, though this time I went for her delicate neck, kissing and lightly nipping at the sensitive skin.

“Yes.” She gasped breathlessly, grasping at anything she could, trying to pull me closer. She had lain back on the crate, forcing me into a rather awkward position. I planted both hands on either side of her head and leaned over her, my thighs against the hard edge of the box. I don’t think I’d ever seen her this worked up before; she was breathing in short, hard intakes, cradling my head to her neck. She shifted her body and I felt one of her legs maneuver between mine, the toned limb rubbing against my now raging erection, eliciting a sharp breath through my teeth.

“Ohh, I want that.” She moaned, pushing her leg harder against my cock.

“Hmm, you can have it.” I sighed, kissing her on the lips again. Apparently this was just what she wanted to hear because she squeaked out this little noise and reached down my body, grabbing my belt and pulling me completely on top of her. The bulge in my pants pushed into the junction of her legs and she had to bite back a loud moan. It took me a moment to realize it but, I noticed that Brook was completely comfortable with my weight on top of her. If I wasn’t mistaken, this was the first time of that.

She kissed me long and passionately before breaking away with her mouth open, gasping, “Ok, enough!” Suddenly my belt was undone and her hands were shoved into my boxers, her delicate little fingers taking hold of my shaft. All the while her eyes flicked over every little detail of my face that indicated my emotions.

“C’mon Tom.” She encouraged, taking one hand out of my pants so she could pull up her skirt. I took a hand from next to her head and let my fingers roam up her smooth leg. Reaching deeper under her skirt, I was floored to find out she wasn’t wearing any panties. I swore I saw her put them on this morning! She must have taken them off before we left, like when she went to the bathroom or something.

“Someone’s a naughty girl.” I breathed into her ear.

“Yes…very.” She stopped pulling up her skirt and grabbed my belt again, dragging me closer as she pulled my dick out of my pants, aiming it at her crotch. I finished getting her skirt out of the way and slowly let my hips begin to drop forward.

“Ready?” I asked softly, the head of my cock pushing against her outer lips but not entering her. I kept doing this for a few more minutes, sometimes just tracing the outer area and other times only letting the head inside.

“Yehess.” She was breathing heavily, rapidly sucking in air, her stomach going crazy against me as a result. I grinned and let my hips down farther, inch by slow inch forcing its way into her insane tightness. I was trying to be careful, this being the first time she wasn’t completely in control. It was actually difficult to get into her and I found myself struggling to push my cock deeper and deeper.

“Uh, uh, is it…uhn…is it in yet?” she gasped breathlessly.

I looked down and couldn’t stop a massive smile from stretching my lips; it wasn’t much more than halfway in. I told her as much and she groaned, letting her head thump back on the thick padding in exasperation.

“This is ridiculous.” She groaned.

“Not my fault.” I grunted, pushing another inch or two into her gripping confines. “I’m not he one who’s tighter than the day I was born.”

“S-stop saying that!” she said through clenched teeth as I forced the rest of my dick into her. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up a little to see down her body.

“Oh thank god.” She sighed, relaxing her body, her inner muscles easing up on me slightly. I held still as she played her hand over the area above her pussy like she had done the first time. I fancied I could feel her pushing down on herself through my shaft. She let out a breath she had been holding and let me down on top of her, wrapping her arms around me.

“All set?” I asked. I had been holding still during this, thinking that she would need that time to adjust again. She moved her hips experimentally, causing a shiver to run up both of our spines from the sudden movement, before nodding.

And just as I began pulling my hips back, slowly extracting my shaft from her depths, there was a dull thud followed by a metallic clang that I remembered all too well. Brook froze, her fear widened eyes searching my face for anything that would suggest we had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately I could give her no such reassurance. I knew exactly what that noise meant. That was the sound of the warehouse shipping door opening and the cargo jack being wheeled through it. Which could mean one of two things, that a new shipment of something had come in, which meant we had very little to worry about, OR, it could mean that Marco was searching for something to ship out.

“So where did you say it was again Marco?” The voice of one of the shipping/receiving guys asked in his typical, overly loud, manner. By now I must have looked panicked because Brook had taken hold of my sleeve with a shaking hand.

“Umm, let me see,” I heard Marco’s richly accented voice clear enough, despite his tendency to mumble, “oh yes, stack thirty-nine, row five. That’s all the way in the back. We’ll need the special yack for this yob.” It never ceased to make me snicker at the way he butchered anything with a J in it. However this time I had no time to appreciate it properly, if memory served, this was stack thirty-eight and row five was two crates down opposite from where were currently entwined. Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck fuck!

We still had a few seconds left before they would be on us, but we had to move quickly. I stood up, ripping my still curiously hard cock from her tightness, causing her to gasp from the sudden emptiness. I looked to the gap between the two boxes in stack forty and judged it just barely big enough for the two of us and noticed that there was a darker spot further in, indicating another space that could be a little side passage.

Moving quickly and silently, I grabbed her shirt from the floor and snatched her hand, hauling her to her feet. Thankfully she didn’t make a sound, putting her trust in me to get us out of this. I pulled her along behind me, heading for the gap. I could hear the squeaky wheel of the cargo jack closing in on us. I had been right; the gap was just big enough to get my broad shoulders in with a bit of wiggling. I pushed her in ahead of me and she crawled for all she was worth to the junction, bending her body just so to get around it, and disappeared from view. I followed a second later, running into her from behind, a not altogether unpleasant thing let me just say. She sprawled on her stomach with a soft grunt. Turning her head, she glared at me. I shook my head and held a finger to my lips, handing her shirt to her. There was just enough space to turn around and I did so, peeking around the corner.

I could just see the specialized jack coming into view, pushed by Marco, closely followed by the irritating shipping/receiving guy, Dave I think was his name. They didn’t waste any time looking around thankfully, getting right to work raising the forks to get at the top crate. I jumped when Brook’s arms wrapped around my middle and she pulled me back, deeper into the side passage. I managed to turn around again so I was facing her.

“What?” I whispered.

“I’m not waiting any longer.” She hissed.

“What do you mean?”

By way of an answer she scrunched up and turned around, getting on her hands and knees in front of me. She reached back and pulled her skirt up again, revealing her beautiful ass and dripping wet pussy.

“Come on.” I sighed. This was getting ridiculous. However, I was still hard and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.

“Do it Tom!” she seethed quietly. “I’m sick and tired of waiting.” Something in her voice made it clear that I really didn’t have a choice.

“Fine. But this is it; no more special ‘this is what I want’ stuff got it?”

“Yeah, yeah, whateveheerr.” She squeaked as I positioned myself at just the right height and plunged my cock back into her from behind much, much, faster than I had before. It was only after I did that, that it struck me I hadn’t stuffed it back in my pants before heading for the gap. It was definitely a different feeling, the way we were doing it now, the tops of my hips smacking into her ample rear. And it seemed different too, like my cock was hitting different parts, but not. Either way it felt different, amazing, but different, and I vowed to get her to do it this way more often. I nearly lost it there, the speed combined with her gripping inner tissue and muscle was so intense. From the fact that no one was shining a flashlight into our secret hideout, I assumed her squeak had gone unnoticed. I pumped hard into her for a few moments, amused to see her arms give out, barely keeping her head from laying against the dusty ground. But when I felt myself get close I slowed down to an agonizing crawl that drove her insane. So much so, that she began pushing back against me, desperately trying to get more out of it.

But the best part was when I reached out and grabbed her breasts through her bra. She gasped in shock, the feeling she experienced translating to me through her pussy.

“Oh god, Tom.” She whispered huskily. I took one hand away, to her unmistakable disappointment, and used it to unhook her bra. Yes, I’m that amazing. It fell away from her and I replaced both hand on her gorgeous, now bare, tits. Remembering just how responsive she was from that time at Eve’s, I hoped to play this setup for all it was worth. I gently massaged one while simultaneously playing with the nipple of the other between my fingers. She began to breath harder again, making these little noises whenever I timed a thrust of my hips with a particular twist of a nipple or aggressive squeeze.

“I-I’m so close…cum with me.” She gasped breathlessly. I was all in favor of that, considering just how ready I was as is. I sped up all of a sudden, slamming my cock in and out of her a quickly as I could. The poor thing, I could tell she wanted to scream, to yell, to make some kind of noise, but she bit her lip and remained silent. Soon I was on the brink and I moved my hands a little harder on her breasts, twisting her nipples while somehow managing to squeeze them at the same time. And, as I hoped, her sensitive tits did the trick. She groaned from deep in her throat, her whole body tensing before going into miniature spasms just as I blew my load deep inside her. At that point both our mouths were locked open in silent screams, blasting through probably the most intense climaxes of our lives.

Brook’s body gave out finally, sliding to the floor, my own following close behind. We lay there panting for the longest time, even after struggling into our clothes in that tight space.

After getting her shirt and bra back on, she seemed to think of something and turned to me, punching my shoulder hard.

“Ow! What now?” I complained. We were sitting close to the bend, waiting for Marco and Dave to hurry the hell up and leave. Brook had been shifting uncomfortably for some time now, and to be honest, it was getting on my nerves.

“I have to go through the rest of the day in no panties and all full of your…stuff.”

I chuckled at her inability to say what she wanted, even though in the heat of the moment she had no trouble. “Well that’s not my fault, now is it?” I asked reasonably.

She gave me a dirty look and jabbed me in the ribs with a finger, “If you didn’t make me want you so much, maybe I wouldn’t have left my panties at your place.” She said all this in such an accusing tone that I had to remind myself that we weren’t exactly alone, so as not to burst into laughter.

“Really now, is that how it goes little lady?”

“Yes,” she replied, turning her little nose up at me, “that’s how it goes.”

“Well good then. Maybe that’ll teach you to control yourself eh?” I countered smugly, “and not to leave your undies at my house.” She stuck her tongue out at me and put her head on my shoulder.

“Are they gone yet?”

“Lemme check.” I peered around the corner and breathed a sigh of relief. Both the crate they were after and the one we had planned to fuck on were gone. I listened but couldn’t hear the squeaky wheel of the jack or any other sound for that matter.

“Yeah, we’re good.” I said, taking her hand and leading her back out into the open. After being in the semi dark for so long, coming out under the bright fluorescents was harsh on the eyes.

“Okay, back to work then?” Brook giggled, wiping the dust from her clothes, doing the same for me where I couldn’t reach.

“Jeez, this’ll be interesting wont it?” I said, mainly to myself.


“Do you think Eve will notice?” I asked her, a twinge of fear in my voice.

“Aww, why? Are you scared of the big boss lady?”

“Easy for you to say.” I said, holding the security door open for her as we left the warehouse with no sign of being noticed. “You’re not the one she’ll come after when she figures out what we did.”

“Well, why not? Why won’t she come after me? It was my idea.” She said, sounding a little hurt if I wasn’t mistaken, as if the implication meant she didn’t matter.

“Hmm, I don’t know…maybe because you lack certain parts she highly enjoys.”

She snickered and looped her arm with mine, “Well put by the way, but so! I can still…do stuff.” She said, then softly to herself, “I know what feels good.”

This time I couldn’t help but laugh as we sauntered back into the marketing area. I kissed the side of her head, “I’m sure you do.”

“What, am I not…a-attractive to her or something? I mean I try…” she trailed off, definitely talking to herself this time, so I chose not to say anything, relatively certain that if I did it would be the last thing I would ever do. We walked past Eve’s office and I stopped, poking my head around the corner to find her bent over her desk with her face almost touching her monitor.

“Hey Eve, is Brook hot?” I asked innocently. Brook threw off my arm and smacked me as hard as she could on the arm. Eve’s jaw dropped and she turned a bright red. I didn’t wait for an answer, instead shaking my head with a vicious smile on my lips and headed to my cube. They were such endless entertainment. Sitting down in my chair I held up my hand and slowly counted down on my fingers from five. And just when I reached one I turned around to find both of them standing there.

“What the hell kind of question was that?” Eve spluttered.

“Well, Brook was wondering why you don’t have sex with her more often.” I said calmly.

“What!?” they hissed in unison, keeping their voices low.

“You heard me.” I smirked. “Maybe that’s what I want to see.” They both tried to say something but all that came out were strange, shocked noises. There was something in the looks they gave each other that told me I would get what I wanted, eventually. I had begun to realize I could get just about anything out of these two, just so long as I didn’t abuse that privilege.

“Wa-I.” Eve stammered, throwing up her hands and heading back to her office, Brook following suit by heading for her own cube. I swear I could not stop chuckling about that for the rest of the day, and most of the week if I was honest with myself.

And so Friday rolled around. It was around three, and I was so ready to go home for the weekend it wasn’t even funny. My cell phone rang just as Brook sashayed into my cube and sat down on my desk.


“Yo Tommy, fucking ready for this?” Guess who.

“Ready for what?”

“For the fucking party you’re going to tonight, that’s what’s fucking what!”

“Dude,” I sighed, “what party?”

“The fucking one that Craig Johnson is fucking throwing. Dude you gotta fucking get out more.” Sam said as if I was dumb as rocks. I sighed, little did he know, little did he know.

“So you’re coming right?” he asked seriously, “Steven and John are gonna be there.”

“Hold on a sec.” I held my hand over the receiver and looked up at Brook who was watching me curiously.

“Wanna go to a party sweetthang?” I asked in a weird voice. She giggled and nodded, perking up immensely from her Friday afternoon slump.

“Sure dude, when is it?”

“Fucking like nine-ish, or that’s when it fucking starts.” There was a very awkward pause before he said, “So uh, are you um, gonna bring that Eve chick?” Oh shit!

“Um yeah, probably. If she wants to go.” She didn’t have a choice but there was no point in telling Sam that. “Can I bring someone else too?” I asked, casting nervous glances up at Brook as she scowled at me.

“Yeah man, bring whoever the fuck you want, there’s gonna be like sixty fucking kids there.” Craig Johnson owned lake front property, which came with a fairly large section of beach that he used for these parties. His father was a cop, so the rest of the Five oh left it well alone. Even when they received noise complaints from the few neighbors that stayed around after getting the notice from Craig.

I whistled, this would probably be the largest party Craig Johnson had ever thrown. “So Samwise, are you bringing Sonya?” Sonya was the skankiest bitch this side of the Mississippi, and Sam’s girlfriend.

“Fuck you man!” he started, then mumbled, “Yes.”

“Just wondering dude.” I laughed. “I’ll see you guys there.” Closing my phone I looked back up at Brook again, finding her sitting back against the cube wall with her arms folded under her large breasts.

“So you’re going with Eve, and I’m just tagging along.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Hey, not my fault. They saw me with her at the beach that time remember?”

She pouted, but said nothing. “Come on Brooky, cheer up.” I smiled, using the little pet name I had so cleverly come up with. “You have to help me get Eve to go.”

She tried to hold back a smile but couldn’t. I stood up and shook her knee, watching her get down off my desk and follow me to Eve’s office. The door was open and it looked like she was shutting things down for the day, putting miscellaneous papers where they belonged. I let myself in and plopped down in the chair facing her desk.

“Wassup boss lady?” I said with a toothy smile. To my surprise and utter amazement, Brook didn’t even hesitate before sitting down on my lap. She really didn’t do this by herself, I generally had to ask her or in one or two cases, force her to. Maybe she was feeling possessive, who knows, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop her. Eve looked at her funny for a second before turning her attention back to me, her blue eyes wary.

“Just putting things away. Why? What do you children want?”

“Well, I just got invited to a party tonight.” I began, letting that sink in for a moment.

“Yeah…?” If she had an idea of what was coming she didn’t show it.

“And as you know it would be most unbecoming of me if I arrived at this party without my…oh what was it we decided to call you? Ah yes, my nineteen year old hussy girlfriend.”

She paled at the thought of going to the party and then red at ‘nineteen year old hussy girlfriend’. “No Tom, just no. I’m not going.”

“Why not? Give me one good reason.”

“I wont know anybody!” She said in an exasperated tone, but she had a point.

“You’ll know us.” Brook chimed in, pointing at herself and then jabbing me in the stomach.

“You’re going?” Eve asked her.

“Yeah,” she said acidly, “as the friend. He’s ‘going’ with you.”

“W-what?” something flashed behind her eyes, which was usually a sign that she was thinking hard.

“Sam asked about you by name by the way.” I said.

“The kid who says fuck all the time?” I nodded before falling into fits of laughter.

“Tom, I don’t know. I wont know anybody and I’m not that into parties.” By now Brook had cheered up considerably as Eve seemed more and more likely to decline. Unfortunately for her, Eve noticed this. “But you did say I have to try to do this stuff right?”

I nodded sagely as Brook shook with internal rage, which somehow, I failed to notice. “Then I guess I have to go.” I caught the evil smile she threw at Brook but didn’t quite realize what it meant.

“Yup, you do.”

“So like, what am I supposed to wear? I’m not sure how the kids are dressing these days.” She asked with a sheepish little smile, just barely walking the line of calling herself old again, and I’m sure she remembered just what would happen if she did that.

“Don’t worry, when we go back to your place, Brook will help you pick out something cool. Wont you Brook?” I asked putting my arm around her waist and squeezing gently. She stiffened in irritation and grunted an affirmative.

“Ok.” Eve said with a well concealed smirk at Brook’s reaction.

“Sweet, so we’ll stop by sometime before we head out.”

“Alrighty then.” She chirped happily. Brook got off my lap and practically stormed out of the office.

“She seems a bit cranky.” Eve put in before I could leave. “Maybe you should fuck her at work again.” That stopped me in my tracks. I hadn’t told her about it, neither had Brook, and I had been surprised that Eve hadn’t noticed or hadn’t mentioned it at least if she did. She laughed delightedly at my reaction, rising from her chair and gathering up her personal things.

“Oh yes, little mister, I noticed as soon as you two came back.” She purred, pushing me back up against the door with her body, closing it. She reached down and squeezed my crotch with a small hand. “So tell me, what did you guys do huh? The usual stuff? Or did you do something…new?” she asked, her sparkling blue eyes searching my own for an answer.

“Why should I tell you? I think someone’s getting a little big for her britches with these questions.” I teased, reaching back around her and grabbing two handfuls of ass, lifting up. She gasped in surprise and got up onto her tiptoes as I pulled up.

“Ahh!” she feigned pain for a moment before smiling broadly, her expression easing, “It’s not even sore anymore.”

“I’m so disappointment in myself.” I said sadly, kneading her firm cheeks harder to see if she was lying. To my surprise she just smiled, closing her eyes with a sigh.

“Mmm, that feels good.” She breathed, putting her face into my shirt. I sighed and let go of her rear, putting my arms around her instead, though she didn’t seem to mind.

“So will you tell me what you guys did, eventually at least?”

“Why, so you can assert your dominance and one-up poor little Brook?”

She brought her hand up and played with my shirt, “Maybe.”

“Oo, nasty girl you are.” I said, squashing her against me.

“You bet your sweet ass I am.” She grinned wolfishly up at me, her chin pushing into my upper chest.

“Hey, how come I can’t call you sweetcheeks but you can say that?”

She giggled and pushed away from me, opening the door and waiting for me to walk out before following after me, locking the door behind her. “Because I’m a girl, and you’re a pushover.”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed, bending my knees and grabbing her around the waist before standing up straight. Her flailing feet were now a good three or four inches off the ground. “I am not a pushover.”

“Oh yes you are Tommy.” Brook said with all seriousness, leaning up against my cube wall, twirling my keys on a lanyard she’d bought me. It was really sweet actually, it was from the college I was going to, but she wouldn’t tell me how she got it.

“What the hell is this?” I couldn’t believe they were ganging up on me. I let go of Eve and she dropped to the floor, smoothing out her clothes before kicking me in the leg playfully.

“Just because I’m…small, doesn’t mean you can pick me up all the time.”

“Yes it does,” I said as the three of us walked out into the parking lot after picking up our checks. “And that goes for you too shorty.” I directed this to Brook as she was beginning to gravitate back towards me where she had been keeping her distance.

She surprised me by giggling, “I like getting picked up, I don’t know why you haven’t.”

“He’s probably afraid you’ll try to pick him up as revenge.” Eve chuckled, tossing her stuff in the back of her car.

“Hmhm, I probably could.” She declared proudly, flexing her arms like a body builder, funny part was her arms appeared more defined than mine. It wasn’t like I didn’t have muscle, I did, but her arms were thinner, making the muscles stand out more. I don’t know, that’s just how it seemed to me.

“Whew, are you selling tickets to that gun show?”

She blushed, standing on her tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek, “You get in free.”

“Aww, did you hear that Eve? It doesn’t get much better than that.”

“Pfft, I’ll see you two tonight I guess.” We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways from there. I took Brook home in near intolerable silence. She wouldn’t even answer me when I asked her what was wrong.

“So you’ll pick me up around eight thirty?”

“Yup, you sure you’re alright?”

By way of an answer she blew me a kiss and closed the passenger door, stalking into her house without looking back. I watched her go with a pang of regret, I hated not being able to make them happy or at least figure out something to do at all. But with Brook I didn’t know where to start.

However, when I returned to pick her up later that night, her mood seemed to have improved dramatically. It was a beautiful night and she was dressed accordingly in a pair of short shorts and a light button up shirt.

“Hi!” she said brightly, hopping into the passenger seat.

“Hello. You seem to be feeling better.” I replied happily, relieved to see her in a good mood.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“No worries, we’re all allowed to be like that now and again.” I said, pulling away from the curb. “Are any of your friends going too?”

“Umm, Brittany might, but she’ll probably be too busy fooling around with her boyfriend to hang with me.” She sighed, leaning her head against the window.

“Aww what’s the matter sweetheart?”

“I want to be the one too busy fooling around with my boyfriend to hang out.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Because you’re going to be doing that with Eve!”

“Oh yeah.”

She sighed again, “Can I at least get a kiss in front of people?”

“Of course.” I replied without hesitation. Then with a wry smile, “I didn’t think you were into PDA.”

She chuckled dryly, “Well now you know. And plus when I’ve been chasing the boy I like for four years and I finally get him, I want people to know about it.”

I laughed, “I guess that makes sense.” I pulled into Eve’s parking lot and shut off the car, getting out and walking around to the passenger side before Brook could get out. As she stepped out I pulled her into my arms, kissing her deeply, passionately.

“And I promise you, you didn’t chase me for nothing. You are a dream come true to me and I won’t let you regret it.”

She stared up at me for a second in silence, her beautiful eyes full of something, emotion I guess. “I know that!” she snapped, before turning so I couldn’t see her face. Turning away however, didn’t disguise the hiccupping of her shoulders and the wiping of the eyes. I let her angry reaction go and wrapped my arms around her middle from behind. She grabbed them and pulled me tighter, leaning back against me.

“Tell me you love me.” She sniffed.

“I love you Brook.” I choked, voice and body suddenly filled to bursting with emotions like never before. She let out a juddering breath and straightened up, turning around in my arms and burying her face in my chest. She breathed deeply, trying to keep herself from crying I think. I gently ran my hands up and down her back for a few minutes before she calmed down.

“You alright baby?” I asked, looking into her eyes. She took a deep breath and seemed to consider it for a moment.

Unexpectedly she beamed, “Yeah!” She seized my hand and began pulling me towards the front entrance. I was absolutely thrilled at her change in mood, the new look in her eye was amazing. She dragged me along up the stairs and to Eve’s door. She didn’t even let me knock.

Though I did get the first hello in when Eve opened the door. “Hi Eve!” I said before Brook grabbed her instead and dragged her away from me, towards the bedroom. “Don’t break my arm candy, Brook!” I called after them, closing the door behind me and sauntering after them.

“Who are you calling arm candy?” Eve yelled from inside her room.

I walked around the corner into her room just in time to see Eve get pushed back on her bed. She was dressed in a light shirt and a pair of sweatpants, which Brook practically ripped off of her.

“Wow.” I breathed, awed. “Oh my god if you guys like make out, I’ll be so happy.” Brook just giggled, turning away from Eve and throwing open the closet doors.

“Typical boy.” Eve smirked, slowly taking off her shirt and making sure I watched her do it. “You’ll have to get me really…worked up, for that to happen. Or, really drunk.”

“Well, I think I can handle that first one.” I replied smugly to her subtle blushing, “But I didn’t know you drink.”

“I used to, that’s when I would get into all that crazy stuff.”

“Oh I see.” I sat down next to her and watched Brook rummage through Eve’s closet. It took me a second to remember that Eve was now clad in only her underwear. Though, seeing as I generally saw her either naked, or in such skimpy garments as this, I was becoming used to it.

“You’re staring again Tommy.” Eve purred, forcing my attention back to her face. My face burned and I coughed, looking away.

“Aww. Aren’t you just so cute.” She giggled, reaching over and pinching my cheek. I gave her a forced smile and looked back to Brook as she held up a small jean skirt to Eve.

“Do you have anything smaller than this?”

“What?” Eve and I gasped at the same time.

“And don’t you have any skimpier tops?”

“What, are you trying to make me look all slutty?”

“Sorta.” Brook said simply, coming over to the bed and sitting Eve up straight. “You have small boobs too. How can I work in these conditions?” She sighed, grabbing Eve’s breasts and pushing them up and together. Eve gasped and turned dark red, smacking Brook’s hands away.

“And most guys have to pay to see that kinda thing.” I mused. They both gave me dirty looks before turning back to each other.

“I know you have pushups.” Eve worked her mouth like she was trying to say something but nothing came out. “Go get the one that gets them to do this.” She ordered, grabbing Eve’s breasts again and doing the same thing. Eve grumbled something and got up, heading over to her dresser and opening the top drawer. Brook went back to the closet and pulled out a little black halter top with a plunging neckline. And while I was looking at Brook, I totally missed Eve taking off her bra and switching into an utterly fantastic pushup. Somehow her tits looked twice as large and now had the most amazing cleavage I had seen on her thus far.

“Close your mouth Tom.” She ordered in a strained voice.

“You love it.” Brook put in, finally deciding on the jean skirt she had found earlier.

“Maybe.” Eve conceded, taking the clothes Brook handed her and slipping into them. She had her back to me so I couldn’t really see anything special.

“I’m a genius.” Brook said proudly, taking Eve’s shoulders and turning her around so I could see.

“Oh my.” I gasped in awe, looking her over. The plunging neckline of the halter top made it look like her pushed up breasts were about to pop out of her shirt. And the hem of the top stopped a few inches from the belt line of her skirt, revealing a gorgeous strip of tanned skin containing her perfect navel. Then you had her lithe and tanned legs that drew the eye after you were done gazing at her bust.

Eve sighed, “This is what I have to do to look nineteen?” Brook grinned broadly from behind her, and I had to stop myself from mimicking her. I shrugged as Brook began playing with Eve’s hair.

“That’s the type of thing the real popular chicks are wearing.” I said. It wasn’t completely true, but now that I looked at her, she would turn just about every head there when she walked in. “And remember this is also to help you get used to parties and talking to strange guys and such.” I shrugged again. “Granted they’re teenage guys, with basically just one thing on their mind, but still. I want to help you socialize.” You would think by the way she reacted I had just yelled at her, the look in her eyes. I stood up and smiled at her reassuringly, pulling her into a hug. Brook bit her lip and looked away, shuffling over to Eve’s bedside table and picking up something that glinted. She came back and smiled at me, handing me Eve’s locket.

“But you are missing something.” I said, taking the locket and putting it around her neck, nodding slightly to Brook.

“Thank you.” She whispered, hugging me back. I kissed the top of her head and lightly pushed her towards Brook, standing by the bathroom door.

I walked out into the living room as they disappeared into Eve’s bathroom. I got myself a cookie and parked myself in the new chair, expecting to wait awhile.

I was pleasantly surprised when they appeared merely five minutes later. I couldn’t immediately tell what Brook had done, but Eve was practically glowing. Instead of just being done up into a ponytail or let down like it usually was, Brook had seemingly combined the two. So her bangs hung off to one side of her face, but her hair wasn’t as long as it was and I assumed it was somehow done up in some subtle fashion. If I wasn’t mistaken, and I probably was, she had on some very light makeup as well.

“Good lord. You look so beautiful.” I said, beaming. She blushed deeply and turned to Brook.

“She did it, not me.”

“And you say I can’t take a compliment.” I snorted, putting an arm around each of their shoulders and leading them through the door.

Twenty minutes or so later, I pulled into a spot along the street Craig Johnson lived on. There had to be forty cars lining the road and the groups of kids could be seen milling around outside his house. Now when I say house, it’s really a massive understatement, a mansion would be a more accurate deion. But what really boggled the mind and got the rumor mill going, was the fact that his parents didn’t make near enough money to have a house like they did. Three stories tall, four car garage, balconies, chandeliers, you get the picture.

“So are you prepared for the horror of a teenage house party?” I asked Eve as we clambered out of my car.

“Tom,” she sighed, straightening her top, “you seem to forget that I was a teenager once. And haven’t I told you enough stories about the parties I’ve been to?”

“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you’re…older.” I snickered. “You just don’t look it.” I added quietly after a brief pause.

“Aw, an insult and a compliment all in the same breath, aren’t I lucky.” She smiled; putting her arm around my waist and pulling herself close.

“Seriously though, these are um, a little different then what you were used to I think.”

“She’ll be fine.” Brook said in a tone that suggested she hoped the opposite would be true. I gave her a look and headed for the open door. Even from out in the yard the pounding of popular rap music began infusing us with an excited energy. Craig Johnson was near the door, half way through a Heineken, checking faces. He was a big buy, not tall but broad. He had sandy blond hair and a butt ugly face, set off by a broken nose he’d won freshman year.

“Sup Tom, who’s your friend?” I was right, Eve’s chest held his eye to the point where I don’t even think they made eye contact.

“Eve.” She replied, flashing a saucy smile that was probably a wasted effort. He gave me an appreciative look and nodded to Brook who had come up behind us.

He drained the bottle and grunted, “Don’t break anything.” We walked past him and into pure noise and chaos. Craig Johnson’s parties drew the crowds, and not just from one social group either. There was an astounding mix of kids here, the jocks, the uber popular kids, the theater kids, skaters, emos, from every click you could imagine. It was a melting pot and all put together by Craig Johnson. We struggled into the living room, forcing our way in through a press of teens and the ever present pounding music. I cast a glance at Eve and found her grimacing slightly at the noise.

All the furniture had been moved to the sides of the huge room and an entire side had been given over to tables holding enough alcohol to choke Ireland. And next to that, a massive sound system filled the house with noise. A bunch of football guys were gathered around a keg and I couldn’t help but notice the furtive looks they threw Eve’s way and the astonishment in their eyes when they realized she was with me. I picked out a can of light beer while Eve mixed herself something I couldn’t identify, but looked a hell of a lot stronger. I’ll admit it, I was a huge lightweight. It took nothing to get me drunk and I learned my lesson the first time that happened, vowing to never let that happen again. Brook however, didn’t get anything, which I was glad for.

I led the way through the throng of gyrating, bumpin’, grindin’, kids out onto the back porch and into the sand. There were only slightly less kids outside the house, but they were calmer and I preferred it out here. It was an absolutely beautiful summer night, the kind of evening where you could sit outside and be completely comfortable. A floodlight or two illuminated the stretch of beach reasonably well, but there were still a few areas of deep shadow. Even in the dark, figures could be seen, doing what it was that teenage boys and girls did in the shadows.

Eve looked around over the lip of her big red cup and snorted, “Oh yeah, this is familiar.”

“Yeah, all that free love and stuff from the seventies?” Brook said quietly. I choked on my beer and burst into laughter. I did not expect that at all!

Eve slowly lowered her cup, and for a moment, I thought she was going hit Brook. But instead she just smiled and took my arm as I continued to splutter, trying not to spill my beer on myself. “C’mon Tom lets go dance.” She pulled me away, downing her drink in one gulp and tossing the cup in a trash can as we headed back into the house. I didn’t even dare look back at Brook because I knew what I would see.

Once back inside, Eve made herself another drink, downed it, and pulled me into the heaving mass of pent up teenage hormones that was nearly palpable. We danced for awhile, but Eve kept breaking the rhythm by telling me to ‘hold on’ while she went and got another drink. Before long it was starting to become apparent she was long since tipsy. She started slurring her words and trying to make out with me. Finally she had pulled me away; back out onto the beach, where we ran into my friends. Sam was drunk off his ass and so was Sonya, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. John and Stephen were trying to get them to leave, and didn’t pay Eve and I much attention. Brook was nowhere to be seen.

“C’mon Tom, lesh do it!” Eve said rather loudly, trying to kiss me again. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, her breath reeked and something deep inside me kept me from allowing it to happen.

“Eve, no.” by now it was well into the night and tomorrow was approaching fast, “why don’t I bring you home ok?”

“No!” she slurred, “I wanna stay!” I sighed and grabbed her arm, intending to spin her around and drag her out of here, but somehow our feet tangled and I ended up toppling backwards into the sand with her on top of me. The breath was driven from my lungs and I gagged as she finally managed to kiss me, her alcohol breath forcing its way into my mouth.

I got a hand up and covered her mouth with it, pushing her face away, “Eve, stop it!” I was getting frustrated, to say the least; I had never had to deal with this kind of thing so I didn’t know what to do.

“Tom, please! Jush a quickie.” She pleaded drunkenly. I pushed her completely off of me and got to my feet before she could even sit up. Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and turned me around, and a pair of soft, full lips pushed against my own. It was Brook. I moaned, after this whole ordeal it was like heaven, and sagged against her. I only became aware of the complete lack of conversation around us after it was too late.

“Unlike her,” she whispered after breaking away with a gasp, eyes flicking down to Eve’s prostrate form, “I’m not drunk.” She turned me so my back was to the house and looked up into my eyes,”But I could go for a little of what she wanted right about now.” And just for emphasis she reached between us and squeezed my crotch with a small hand.

“Uhn, Jesus, you can’t be serious.” I grunted, leaning into her and resting my chin on her head.

“Mhm, totally serious. And now that I’ve had my public kiss, I want mohore!” she squeaked the last word as I slipped a hand into her shorts.

“Well I’m sorry Ms. Landry, but you’re gonna have to wait a little while.”

“Aahh!” was all she could manage; my fingers felt over her soft outer lips and lightly brushed down her moist slit. Anyone watching would have been slightly suspicious as to what was going on. But all they saw was Brook pushing tighter against me and her hands going around my back to grab fistfuls of my shirt, clenching and unclenching her fingers.

“Shh, shh.” I breathed, bringing my other hand up and stroking her hair. She made these little noises against my chest as I started pushing a finger against her opening.

“I want to get Eve home alright. Then we can do whatever.” I said calmly, running my fingers through her silken locks.

“Uhg fuck it!” she groaned in annoyance, bringing her hands around and gently pulling my hand out of her shorts. She kissed my cheek and hurried over to Eve, leaving me standing there dumbfounded to turn around and see just about every eye outside turned in my direction. As my attention focused on them, a few huge smiles appeared along with a few shaking of heads. Seems opinions of my actions varied. I shot back a feral grin and went to help Brook get Eve to her feet.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She was muttering quietly to herself as we each took one of her arms and hauled her up.

“You’re alright.” Brook soothed as we half carried half dragged her around the house to my car. Thankfully she was small and was difficult to maneuver into the backseat. Though the noises she was making and the sudden nauseous look on her face was distressing. I rushed her back to her apartment, just in time too. The moment she was in her room her eyes bugged out and she put a hand to her mouth, running for the bathroom.

I turned to Brook with a nervous look, “You think maybe I should have eased her into it a bit more?”

She took my hand and squeezed it, “I know she doesn’t look it, but she’s a big girl Tom.”

I sat down heavily on the bed with a sigh, “Yeah you’re right.”

“Of course I am.”

“Right, I forgot.” I chuckled dryly.

She turned and stood in front of me, “Now if I’m not mistaken, you promised me a little somethin’

I sighed again, “Uh, I’m sorry, I don’t really feel like it. And plus,” I held up a hand in the direction of the bathroom and as if on cue the sound of retching was all too audible through the door.

She looked back at the door and smiled, “Since when were you allowed to say no to me?” She saw my face and knew not to push me on this, but that wasn’t going to stop her from playing with me.

“Oh, I’ve always been allowed. I’ve just chosen to spoil you all this time.”

“But why should you stop now?” She teased, pushing me over so I flopped onto my back on the bed. Fortunately she didn’t try anything she normally would have after doing that. Instead, she got onto the bed and lay down next to me, propping her head up on an elbow supported hand. I rolled onto my side and mimicked her pose with a smirk.

“Hmm, maybe I want to see what happens.”

She giggled, “You’re a bastard.” Just then the door opened and Eve practically fell through it. I rushed over and helped steady her.

“I feel disgusting.” She groaned.

“Aw, poor thing. Wanna take a shower or something?” I suggested.

She worked herself close to me and looked up at me with big blue eyes, “Are you gonna come with me?” she asked in the quietest, most innocent voice. For a second I was tempted to go through with it.

“Tell you what,” her eyes brightened, “I’ll keep you company while YOU take a shower. How about that?” She pouted but allowed herself to be led back into the bathroom. I sat down on the edge of the sink as she struggled to pull off her clothes. I noticed with a smirk, that when she turned around, her bottom lacked its former rosy hue.

“Too bad I’ve been good huh?” She asked, noticing me watching her.

“Too bad you’ve been good.” I repeated.

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2009-04-08 16:43:18
lol @ "my summBer boss" and perfect grammer and spelling for the story. great story though. DON'T BREAK EVE'S HEART. even though the last one is already out and this won't change it. BUT STILL! I <3 eve

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2008-11-09 09:23:28
TOTALLY agree with the idea of keeping Eve. I think the intimacy between those two is the best part of the storyline. Brook is fun, but Eve getting hurt would royally ruin it.

And btw, all of the 'fuck' this and 'fuck' that you put for the friend on the phone was HILARIOUS and just awesomely realistic. Oh teenage boys....


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The way your story line goes, it looks as if Eve is going to get hurt really bad really soon.

Although Brook is of Toms age, Eve is sort of the more likable character. Maybe it would be boring to some readers, but a happy Tom-Eve-relationship 'til Tom has to leave for college would be nice...

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Nice detells keep it going.


2008-06-29 23:15:10
These stories are good. But i dont like the TWO girls. I LOVED it when it was just you and Eve and then added a girl in for fun. But jsut for fun. Its too much fo rme..

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