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Fiction - Adult Male Becomes Attracted To Teen Girls
When my daughter was 11 months old my wife was killed in an auto accident and I did not re-marry again until my daughter had graduated from college. During those unmarried years I got to spend lots of time with my daughter and her friends. My daughter had an unbelievable large number of friends due to her personality and interest and those of her two best friends, Jessie and Alex. She met Jessie and Alex in kindergarten and they are still best friends even to this day. The large group of friends came about due to each of the three girls having a different interest and bringing the friends of that same interest into the one group. My daughter was passionate about the arts (music, acting, singing and painting), Jessie was a soccer star (she eventually was on the U.S. Olympic Team) and Alex was into cheerleading. Jessie and Alex could have cared less about the arts but came to every piano recital, art show or play that my daughter was in. And my daughter really did not care that much about sports but went to every game or event that Jessie and Alex participated in.

I think Jessie and Alex initially started coming over to our house because of the in ground pool but over time our house became the place for these three girls and all their friends to meet, hang out and spend nights. To accommodate all these kids I had the walkout basement finished into one large room without any walls or doors and lots of beds. Of course during the winter months when the pool could not be used they needed indoor entertainment so we ended up with a fooz balls table, a ping pong table, a pool table, two pinball machines, a large screen T.V. and a sound system that rivaled that of a disco. When Jessie’s soccer team would win a tournament the entire team would stay over night at my house. And when Alex’s cheerleading team would win a competition, that entire team would stay at my house also. By the time my daughter was in her early teens it was not uncommon for her, Jessie or Alex to have friends staying overnight 4 to 5 times a week during the summer months and even during the school months there would be kids staying overnight 2 to 3 times a week. Jessie or Alex would even have friends over when my daughter was out of town! Since all the kids called me “Mr. J’” my house affectionately became known as “Mr. J’s Hotel”. I always kept the house stocked with drinks and snacks but my monthly pizza bill had gotten completely out of control. Since I had several unoccupied commercial spaces available I bought into a pizza franchise that cut the cost tremendously; you can’t believe the profit that there is in pizzas. The profits were so good that I ended up with 6 stores in my territory ( I gave these to my daughter as a graduation present from college). The manager of the store nearest to my house knew that he could deliver as many pizzas as ordered to my house, no questions asked. That particular store very rarely made a profit at the end of the month due to all the free pizzas delivered to my house but the other stores made up for the loss.

But I enjoyed having the crowd in the house, it brought in a lot of activity and there were always kids visiting with me as they went in or out of the house. I only had about five rules concerning kids going in and out of my house but they were strictly enforced; there were no warnings or second chances. I overheard some bitching about the rules over the years but I think that on the whole the kids, and I know the parents, liked the rules for safety reasons. The rules I had for myself was to never ever, ever, ever never touch or get closer to a girl than twelve inches, only look at girls that were talking to me and then only look in their eyes. This rule became even more important as the girls got older because they started wearing less and more reveling clothes in my presences. I have no doubt that the girls dressed differently in my house than they did at their own homes. My downfall with young girls began when a girl named Franke started coming around when my daughter was about 13.

Franke was a friend, of a friend, of Jessie’s. She came to the house 3 - 4 times before stopping to visit with me the first time. After that she stopped every time she came into the house. Our visits got longer and longer each time. I knew she was beginning to be overly friendly with me when she started spending more time with me in the kitchen / living area upstairs than with the girls downstairs. She also began to wear more and more reveling clothes around me and I caught myself glancing at her body when it was only her and I in the room and I knew I would not get caught staring. Franke had an average face but one hell of a body since her breast had developed quicker than the other girls. Franke apparently did not think I had noticed her body so she decided that she would show it to me “accidentally”. The first time she spent the night she came up to the kitchen and I was startled by what she was wearing, or maybe not wearing, is a better description. She had on a sleeveless tee shirt that had the sides ripped out like you see boys wear. I had seen other girls wear this type of shirt around the house before but what was different about Franke was that she was not wearing a bra or any other garment under her shirt. Depending how her arms were positioned, at times I could look through the ripped opening of her shirt and see the bare sides of her breast. Several times the view was so unobstructed that I actually could see a nipple. And the shorts that she was wearing were a cut off, oversized pair of cotton gym shorts that the longest part of the shorts was the crotch, from there to the outer edge the shorts were cut upward. As she sat across from me watching T.V. she would folded her legs in such a way that if I looked at her waist I was looking directly at her exposed crotch. That night was the first time I ever masturbated while thinking about one of the girls that had came into my house.

About a week later she spent the night again and wore the same clothes but this time when she crossed her legs I saw that she had shaved her pubic area, I was looking directly at a 13 year old hairless crotch. One time that evening I had gone into the kitchen to get more tea and she was lying on her stomach on the couch watching TV. As I open the refrigerator door I could see through my peripheral vision her adjusting her shorts off to one side. As I walked back into the family room from behind her I looked at her lying on the couch. She had her legs spread apart and the material of her shorts that ran between her legs was off to the one side as she had positioned it so I had a clear view of one butt cheek, a partial view of the other butt cheek and I could see the lips of her vagina clearly. It was almost as if she was nude from the waist down. When I sat down she gave me a sly smile; she wanted me to know that she knew what I had just seen. Later that evening as she was holding a slim glass vase I noticed that the vase was about the same thickness as her thin arms. After she left that night I grabbed the vase in my hand, it did not feel quite as thick as my dick when I would masturbate. Could she take a dick thicker than her arm? I thought it might be possible for me to get my dick partially inside her but I was sure that I could not get the entire dick into her, maybe only half it’s length. That night I masturbated three times while fantasying about how that little body would look and feel as I used it for my own sexual desires.

That same night I made a major decision; I was going to fuck Franke.

I began making plans on how I could find a place and time to it. The main problem was all the kids going in and out of the house. If I was not there to let the kids in or out of the house it would be noticed immediately. After a few day I eventually came up with a plan that I thought would work. The next time Franke was in the house I was prepared to put the plan into action; if things went as I envisioned I would be fucking her before the end of the night. But Franke never came back to the house. When I mentioned to my daughter that I had seen Franke in a while she got quite and did not volunteer any information so I dropped the matter. A few weeks later, after I had time to think clearly about what I was preparing to do to Franke, the thought of what I was planning scared me. I couldn’t believe I was actually ready to do something that stupid. I swore to myself at that time that I would never touch one of these girls coming into my house. Franke was never at the house again and I was both relieved that she was not coming around due to all the potential problems that could have happen with me fucking her, but I have to also admit I missed seeing that young, tight body. I was never sure if she just wanted to tease me (she succeeded) or if she really wanted it to go further.

After what happened with Franke I found myself starting to glance at the girls if they were scantly clothed and I could do so without any fear of being caught. Based on what the girls at times wore around me I guess the girls never thought of me as a threat or thought it effected me sexually but it was making me horny as hell. Depending on the size I would see their tits giggle or bounce as they walked around the house without any bras, nipples pushing out against shirts and their butt cheeks hanging out from under tee shirts or underware. And during the summer months their bathing suits got smaller and smaller, on some of the girls the tops just barley covered their nipples and the most bottoms were thongs. Their clothes, or lack of, was becoming more and more of a distraction for me. I found myself masturbating while thinking of these young girls more and more often. One time I came home in the middle of a summer day when I was supposed to be out of town and found my daughter, Jessie, Alex and three other girls around the pool nude. Since there was a 10 foot privacy fence around the pool and the only way into the pool area was though the automatic locking front door of the house they did not have any fear of being seen. They were sitting and laying on deck chairs, swimming, walking and running around the pool. I peeked through the curtains and admired their young bodies, even my daughters. Since the pool was at the basement floor level and I was in the kitchen the next level up I got a great view. One of the girls that I did not know well started helping Jessie rub on some lotion. The girl said something that I could not hear and all the girls started laughing when the girl started rubbing the lotion on Jessie breast. Soon a couple of more girls started rubbing lotion on other girls breast, including my daughters, while everyone laughed. As I watched my dick got hard and sure that I would not get caught, I dropped my pants and began masturbating as I watched them rub lotion on each other. It did not take long before I had an huge orgasm and I came in the sink. They never found out that I was in the house that afternoon. By now it had been two years since Franke and I never expected my desire to be with one of these girls to go any further than just masturbating while thinking of them. Little did I know how quickly that was about to change.

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2009-04-27 18:57:13
Please improve the stories by giving them a really good proofreading. "reveling clothers in my presences"? "her breast had developed" - did she really have only one breast?, and so many more. Do breasts really giggle where you come from?

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2008-12-15 23:59:14
Good story.


2008-06-21 18:07:46
Gr8 cliffhanger... would have made Dickens proud !


2008-05-28 08:51:58
Yes, write more. Write alot more. Also, whats up with Franke? Will she re-appear for some more hot scenes? For a good fuck or two, possibly?

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