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The continuing story of two boys and their sexually abusive aunt
Aunt Stacy had been molesting us for about a week now. It started with her forcing us to masturbate while looking at her naked body, then it progressed into making us eat her out. One afternoon I went into the bathroom to take a piss, when the door burst open behind me. Stacy was standing there glaring at me. “Don’t move”, she muttered. Suddenly I felt the crook of her arm around my throat…then it happened. Stacy plunged her finger into my little twelve-year-old virgin asshole. I yelped loudly only to have it cut short when Stacy squeezed her arm around my throat, cutting off my airway. She leaned in so close that I could feel her lips dancing on my ear as she whispered. “I’m doing you a favor, you little fuck.” Tears began welling up in my eyes as she probed around in my ass. I felt a certain sense of relief as she finally began extracting her finger, but all that ended when she reinserted it accompanied by a second finger. I tried to scream but my cries were cut short when she throttled me even harder. She worked her fingers around inside me for what felt like an eternity of unspeakable pain. I could feel her fingernails ripping my insides as she jabbed them into my ass repeatedly. Finally she removed her fingers and released her grip on my throat. I immediately feel to the floor crying gasping for air. Stacy slapped me across the back of the head and said, “You’ll thank me later.” Thank her for what? I thought to myself as I lay there bleeding from my rectum.

That afternoon Stacy emerged from her room and I almost didn’t recognize her. Her hair was freshly washed and styled. She was wearing a thin red dress, which really accented the tone of her skin while doing a decent job of hiding her paunch. She must have been wearing a bra because her breasts looked perky and almost perfectly round with a little cleavage bobbling out the top of her dress. “I’m going out”, she stated, “and you little bastards are to stay right here and if you go outside, I’m gunna know about it.” The door slammed shut. Billy and I were finally left alone. Billy looked to me and ask, “Bobby, how’s she gunna know?” “I’m not sure,” I responded quietly, “but we’d better do as she says. No telling what she’d do to us if we disobeyed. We’d better stay quiet too…just in case.”

Curiosity must have gotten the better of Billy. He looked out the front room window and exclaimed, “Bobby, look! There’s a puppy on the porch!" I hopped up and looked out the window and sure enough, there was a plush puppy sitting on the wood deck. Billy made a dash for the door, but before I could stop him the door was open. Something pinged on the wood floor and I ran over to see what it was. A penny clattered to rest at Billy’s feet. Stacy must have stuck it in the crack of the door and baited a trap for us with the stuffed dog. I scrambled over and slid the window open and told Billy to close the door. I slinked out the window and recovered the penny, shoving it into the crack of the door, and climbed back inside the window, closing it behind me. I could feel my heart trying to pound out of my chest. “Billy,” I panted, “we’ve got to be careful. It doesn’t take anything to make aunt Stacy mad, and she’s looking for any reason at all to punish us.”

A few hours later the lock on the door popped and Stacy strolled into the house carrying a half dozen bags. “Hello boys!” She chimed cheerfully. She deposited the sacks in the kitchen and walked into the living room with the plush toy in hand and gave it to Billy. “I got you something while I was out.” She smiled and patted my brother on the head. "Oh, and Bobby, I got something for one of you, but it’s a surprise for after dinner.” Stacy went back into the kitchen and started preparing the evening meal.

After dinner Aunt Stacy looked to us and said, “Okay I promised you boys another surprise…and here it is.” She slapped her hand down on the table and gazed at both of us. “Do you know what it is?” She asks. We both shook our heads in unison. “Anybody want to guess?” We both shrugged our shoulders. Stacy slowly removed her hand from the table and to our horror, she revealed a penny. Stacy launched up from her chair and began screaming. “Which one of you little motherfuckers went outside after I told you not to?!” We were both stunned with fear. I must not have put the penny back in the right place. Billy started to speak, but I hopped up and exclaimed, “I did aunt Stacy.” I tried to think of a viable excuse as to why, but I was too scared. She reached across the table and snatched up and handful of my hair and jerked me over the table. Dishes crashed to the floor breaking into a hundred pieces. She dragged me by my hair into her bedroom and slammed the door behind us and locked it. She flung me face first to the bed and flopped atop my back. Stacy reached to the floor and produced a bag and proceeded to dump the contents on my head. I saw a few pairs of handcuffs, rope, and a couple plastic penises. One of them was bright blue and had leather straps attached to it. “Aunt Stacy, no! Please!” I begged. I wasn’t sure what her intentions were at the time but I knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable for me. Stacy snatched up one of my arms and cuffed it to the bedpost. I tried to flail and buck her off of me, but I wasn’t strong enough. She managed to wrangle my other arm from under me and cuffed it to the bed as well. She then spun around and wrestled my legs to the mattress and cuffed each to a bedpost. I screamed for help, and begged to be set free, but she never relented. Instead she scooped up a pair of her dirty panties and stuffed them into my mouth mid scream. I continued to try to buck her off of me even with my limited range of motion. Stacy grabbed up the rope and began tying it around my midsection. She tossed it under the bed and retrieved the slack from the other side and brought it around over top of me once more and sat on my back again as she tied the rope off into a knot. I was gagged, immobilized and completely at aunt Stacy’s mercy. Then unexpectedly, she left the room.

Hours must have gone by. It was dark now. All I could do was cry, but every time I did, I choked on Stacy’s panties that were stuffed in my mouth. I heard the door creek open and a dark figure entered the room. She spoke not a word as she slinked over to the head of the bed. She clicked on the lamp and placed the penny by my face. “You think you’re pretty smart huh?” She inquired. “I want you to look at that penny and think about how you got yourself where you’re at now.” She took one step to the side and continued, “I’m gunna teach you not to disobey me. I’m about to give you a lesson you will never forget.” She cackled loudly and produced a pair of scissors from the nightstand next to the bed. I began crying and struggled against my bonds. She cut the elastic band at the top of my shorts and the proceeded to rip them the rest of the way off of my body, then did the same with my underwear. I could hear her muttering and cussing under her breath as she stood behind me. What was she about to do to me? She removed her clothing and picked up the rubber penis with the straps and removed it from my limited view. I could hear the buckles jingling as she manipulated the apparatus. Then she climbed onto the bed and sat on my legs. “Now I regret finger fucking your ass this morning.” She said in an evil tone. “I knew I was gunna do this to you eventually, and I thought I’d do you a favor by popping your ass cherry the gentle way so it wouldn’t be so bad for you. I had no idea you’d be so defiant though. I thought you’d learned your lesson by now, but nooooo. So anyway, since I can’t punish you the way you should be punished, I’m just gunna have to be more aggressive with you.” I began shaking my head franticly. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but I had a pretty good idea. Stacy seized the back of my neck and pinned my face to the mattress. The penny slid down and stopped at the tip of my nose. My screams were muffled as tears began streaming from my eyes. I could feel Stacy’s breasts crushed against my back as she leaned forward to whisper into my ear. “That’s it you little son of a bitch; scream. Scream for me.” She leaned back and my nightmare began. I felt the tip of the plastic dick divide my ass cheeks and press against my tiny asshole. Stacy pulled her hips back and then thrust them forward. My eyes widened as my screaming halted. The shock of what had just happened; the pain; the feeling of this foreign object being forced into my ass was paralyzing. I could feel my little asshole being torn apart. My only relief came from the blood acting as some sort of lubricant. Stacy withdrew her hips until only the tip of the prosthetic appendage remained inside me; then she thrust forward again. Deeper this time. I squealed as my ass was ripped open wider. Stacy never let up. I could feel her sweat dripping on my back. She grunted angrily with each powerful thrust. She continued pummeling me…raping me…until I finally passed out from the painful horror being inflicted upon me.

I awoke naked on the floor in the living room. Billy was sitting next to me curled up in a ball, sobbing quietly. I could feel the dried blood caked on the inside of my thighs and on my balls. I cried out in utter pain. Billy began sobbing harder. I figured Stacy would had to have heard me, but I didn’t care. I was convinced there was nothing worse she could do to me at that point. I envisioned her in her room listening to my cries on her baby monitor, and laughing at me. I would get even with her some day. If it took the rest of my life, I would make her pay for taking my anal virginity from me.

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read the topics and keep away jerks...
nice story, waiting for more

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wow you got talent great material


2009-02-21 20:24:13
it wasn't that bad

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Love it! Have her anal rape the 8 yo too. And maybe bring in some friends.

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