This chapter goes into the more intimate sessions when we were in high school. It picks up the last cliffhanger just to set the stage for another. This is the last story that involves an actual plot in high school.
Chapter 4: The Romp and Stomp

“Are you okay?”

I had to have had the most disheartening look on my face. There I was half deflated but still buried to the hilt after my first time and I probably looked like I was about to cry. Oddly enough right after I came, the first thing I thought of was a guy, Tim. Not because I’m gay or anything but because Tim had a kid when we were in High School, and I sure as hell didn’t want the same thing to happen to me.

I started babbling about Tim and kids and condoms and she just kissed me and said not to worry, that she would go get a morning after pill the next day. Reassured by her comment we kissed softly and she rolled off of me. Laying there face to face on our sides we kissed a bit. I ran my hand down her shoulder to her hips then rested it on her amazingly cute ass. We lied there just kissing softly and cuddling. I grabbed a blanket and pulled it over us as she turned her back to me and pressed her ass into me and grinded a bit just to tease me. I started to push forward a bit to tease back and she shook her head no saying; “You’ve had enough for the night. Just hold me.”

I kissed her on her back, then her shoulder, then bit her ear and kissed her on the cheek. Her wide big teethed Persian smile beamed with happiness but her eyes said something else. “What?” I asked. “He never kisses me on the shoulders or anything. He usually just rolls over, and falls asleep while I lay there.” I kissed her again and held her until we both dozed off.

We all awoke to the sound of Christie’s phone going off. It was her mom. Apparently the girls were supposed to be at their house and were in some pretty deep shit. We walked them home, well, to their street, wouldn’t want the dad seeing us guys walking them home after they were out all night, would be kind of obvious.

It was a couple of weeks before we saw them again. This time we were at Lee’s house. Lee lived with his uncle who was usually out late at one of the local bars. No one wasted any time, Lee and Christie went to his room and Clarissa and I went straight to the couch. Without hesitation I grabbed her jeans and pulled them down while she slipped off her shoes. Next came the shirt and bra, I left the panties. We went to our normal position of her straddling me and me sitting on the couch.

We were grinding a bit, the usual kiss kiss here touch touch there. I pushed her back a bit and took her all in; Her fair skin glowing a bit from what little lights there were in the room and the light shining in from outside. The only lights inside were the bathroom light down the hall and the flashing green VCR clock light.

I leaned in and bit her nipple a bit and slid it around between my teeth and tongue playing a bit. Mostly it was a distraction so she didn’t feel my hand sliding down her belly to her panty line where my fingers rested against her belly and my thumb started to massage the top of her slit through her panties. I started to feel the moisture build up on her panties and my thumb. I hooked both thumbs around her bright orange thongs panties and pulled them down. She leaned back and put her ankle by my shoulders with her hands on my knees to balance herself.

I made a squinty weird face as I pulled her panties off from her ankles. She gave me the same look back only hers was a look of curiosity directed at my look of plotting. I grabbed her knees and pulled until her ass rested on my chest and her legs hung over the back of the couch, leaving her pussy just inches from my face. Her hands now rested on my thighs for her balance.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs so my hands were on the top and dove in like a Lion attacking a Zebra on one of those Discover shows. I started out teasing her, licking in a zigzag motion on the outside of her slit, slowly dipping in and out now and then. When I figured she was ready for me to focus more on her clit, I didn’t I kept teasing and nibbling and her freshly shaved loins for a few more minutes until I just pressed my tongue against her clit hard not moving it, just letting the pressure against it build. Her hand gripped what little hair I had on my head and massaged it.

I teased her more, slowly circling the area just around her clit then would quickly go back and forth over it until her legs tensed up a bit and then I would go back to circling again. I could tell she loved it and hated it at the same time. I had a new trick that I had heard of that I wanted to try. The trick was to slowly lick a girls clit while spelling your ABC’s with your tongue. The challenge was to make her cum before you got to the end, but if she made it past “M” that was abnormal. I decided to just spell my name out, which was 18 letters total. I started out, F – R – A – N – C, and her legs started to shake. By the time I got to the “S” in Francis she had her legs folded around my head in all sides, her ankles pushing against my head, like she was trying to curl up in a ball around my head.

When she started to twitch and her pussy started to shake and spasm before she came I sped up to keep up and she grabbed my hair with both hands basically making her do a sit-up on my face as she came. I felt it start to die down as she bit her lip trying not to moan too loud. It felt like she stubbed her toe really bad, just a muffled grunting moan. She let go and laid back, not even trying to hold herself up, she just laid back, with the back of her head resting against the footboard part of the couch, with nothing other than my kung-fu grip around her thighs holding in place.

She then got up and curled into my lap wrapping one arm around my neck and holding her own hand with the other while her head rested on my shoulder. She asked what I wanted, and I was inspired by the light. No, I didn’t want to watch a movie; I saw the bathroom light and suggested we go take a shower.

Off we went. She left her clothes, and I still had mine on, so I just watched her wiggle her ass into the bathroom and smacked it as I closed the door behind us. She turned around and kissed me, but she learned a few of my tricks and it was just a distraction so she could unbutton my shirt. Off came the button down, then the under shirt, then the 626’s and the Fruit of the Looms. With a stomp of one toe and a pull of the foot off came one sock then the other. She got in and started the water as I pulled off my socks, then I got in. Little did I know she actually wanted to shower.

She started out by getting her hair wet while I washed her back and sides, then she turned around to put in the shampoo while I washed her front, I was too nervous to wash anywhere…down south. I was afraid of getting soap or shampoo in there, so fuck that. When I bent down to wash her legs and feet I did give it a little kiss though.

Now it was my turn. I didn’t have to do anything; she shampooed my hair, then washed my back and chest, kneeled down and washed my legs and feet then looked me dead in the eye and bit her lip while she lightly washed around my junk. She stood up and grabbed the carry around spray arm from the shower head and started to rinse me off. She knelt down to rinse all of that off and then just dropped the sprayer. Without breaking her gaze she leaned in and licked my shaft from base to tip, starting with the bottom of the sack then took me all in at once.

She did this thing with her mouth that was amazing. She would go all the way down pressing me against the roof of her mouth and tongue and when I was about to top out she would loosen her grip a bit and breathe in real sharp, the contrast of her hot mouth and the cold air was enough to make me fall over, but I didn’t. Every now and then she would press the top of my shaft against her teeth and push up with her tongue; oddly enough that was amazing as well, teeth and all.

I got closer to finishing and wrapped one hand up in her curly dark red hair. My balls tightened up and I could feel that rush coming. She must have felt it to as she sped up with her tongue and then let me bottom out way in the back of her mouth and flicked her tongue around wildly until I had her hair entangled in both of my hands and I thrust hard with each spurt in her mouth. She swallowed and stood up. I kissed her lightly on the lips then asked if I could return the favor. She said no because she was afraid of falling when she came, so I came up with an idea.

I would kneel down in front of her and she could use me to balance on with her arms; easier said than done. I knelt down and evaluated the task at hand. I just said the proverbial “Fuck it” and when straight for it. Seeing as how she had already came once I just started slowly pushing against her opening and rubbing her clit until I was in and making the “come hither” in and out motion I was used to. Then I went for the two-for-one deal and leaned forward licking her clit. I almost died.

She grabbed the back of my head in excitement pushing my face against her, basically making my tongue useless, now my face was just a bumpy object for her to grind her clit against. The almost dying part came when she pushed so hard face mouth was smothered by her opening and her clit and my nose smothered by her waistline and her heavy breathing. Every time she breathed out I was able to breath in a little bit. This changed when she threw one leg over my shoulder and just a few seconds later her full weight was on me, she was cumming.

With one leg wrapped around my right shoulder down to my left hip and one hand in my hair then the other on my shoulder she started to twitch and shiver. She shivered a bit and moaned then finally took her leg from around me and I stood up, kissing her body the whole way up just to tide me over until I got to her lips. We kept our lips embraced as she pushed we walked with my back to the shower head and she turned off the water.

We dried off and I threw my boxers and undershirt back on. She grabbed my button down and threw that on, only buttoning the middle button. A cute girl wearing a male dress shirt and nothing else is by far one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. We made our way back to the couch and sat down. I sat down first and she curled up in my lap again. We kissed a bit and then she stood up and slid off my boxers and pulled my undershirt over my head, tossing both on the recliner to our right. She went back to our normal foreplay spot of straddling me, only we were bare. I was quickly rising to the occasion from feeling the heat and moisture from her slit on my semi flaccid shaft. With every beat of my heart it would tap her opening a bit until she started returning the favor and ground in a bit. The way we were sitting caused me to be gripped by her a bit, only sideways like you would nibble on someone’s lip.

She rose up a bit and reached behind her ass and slid her hand down, cupping my balls and massaging a bit. She positioned her palm at the base of my shaft and then rose up more and put just the tip in. She slowly slid down letting out a long sigh as her eyes squinted and her mouth opened from the feeling of me inside of her. She leaned forward a bit throwing her arms around my neck as we started to rock back and forth slowly; at first.

She was doing most of the work with the rocking, as I just pushed back and forth with my arms and lifted a bit to match her movements. We started to change pace a bit as I slid around inside her, barely even coming out at all, more relying on the rhythm of my shaft hitting every spot inside than an in and out motion. We would change pace quite a bit slow, fast, slow then back to fast.

I broke our kisses when an idea hit me. I pushed her body back a bit and slid my right hand down her stomach unbuttoning my shirt she was wearing on the way down. She put her hands back on my knees to give me more room, also freeing my other hand. My right hand slowly slid to her clit as my left went under her right arm and around her back and I wrapped my fingers in her beautifully long, dark read, curly hair and pulled lightly. Leaning in I took her left nipple, well, more than just then nipple and bit down, as she let out a little squeal and tightened up, which was exactly what I was going for; Orgasm number three so far for the night. As she started to tighten up I rubbed faster, bit harder and pulled tighter until I felt her inner walls stop twitching around me. She pulled back a bit to get me off of her nipple and threw her arms around my neck slamming her body against mine and just sat there hugging me as I felt her drip down my shaft and onto my thigh. She sat there panting heavily and kissing me on my neck and nibbling a bit until she whispered “Your turn, put me wherever you want.”

My mind was racing, where should I put her?! I just decided to trade spots a little. I took my shirt off her and threw it on the recliner with the rest of my clothes. We were on the right cushion of a three cushion couch so I just flipped her to my left and pushed her back up the couch a bit, elevating her above the seat. I lifted her knees until they were pressed against her shoulder and the back of her knees rested on my shoulders. I slowly leaned my body in and put my thighs against the bottom part of her ass as I slid into her now sopping wet honey pot.

The couch was a really soft leather couch, making it comfortable but when you started to sweat it would grip you and keep you from sliding around, which is exactly what I wanted it to do to her back so I could go as fast and hard as I wanted without her sliding around; I could hold her up no problem, but keeping her from going too high would have been a challenge.

After I slid in as far as I could I leaned in and kissed her, folding her up even more. Once I kissed her I pushed in as hard as I can until our embrace broke in a loud moan and her hands slapped against the couch trying to grip it, which didn’t work too well with leather. I let off a bit and she put her hands back on my sides and I started out slow again. Once again, not even trying to pull out all the way just going in as hard and far and then pulling back to where I was inside her to the hilt but not as much pressure.

This lasted a little while until I got bored and decided to do what my friends and I call “killing the goose”. I grabbed her behind her knees and pushed her up a bit higher so I had a little more room to work with. With my knees firmly buried in the couch cushion and my shaft deeply buried in her I started picking up speed like an old locomotive, minus the “chugga-chugga” sound and whistle. After just a few seconds I was furiously slamming back and forth with a well paced rhythm that loudly slapped my balls and thighs against her ass.

It started to be uncomfortable so I put myself onto a bit slower auto-pilot fuck until I could figure out where to go next. I put her knees back around my shoulders and started lifting with my legs. Supporting her weight with my thighs until I stood up enough to put my hands around her ass and hold her that way. I stepped off the couch to the floor and walked around the coffee table finding a large enough area for us. I dropped to my knees, the weight of her body still impaled on me bouncing as I dropped felt amazing; all that weight on my member.

I leaned forward dropping us both a little bit more roughly than I wanted to. I had her in the exact same position only 90 degrees farther back; her back on the floor and my hands and knees holding me up. She let her arms just fall to the floor above her head. With her legs still draped over my shoulder I leaned in for one long kiss then went back to a kneeling only position grabbing her ankles to hold her legs apart. I kept it like this for a few minutes keeping a conservative pace and just enjoying the view. I let go of her legs and let them wrap around my waist while I slid forward and kissed her while grabbing each one of her wrists in each hand. I gave her one more nibble, bit her neck, and then started back at my thrusting.

I started rocking back and forth in all the way until I could feel me hit her cervix and push against it as hard as I could and then back out about halfway. I kept this up until my thrusting got shorter in length and faster in pace. I could feel my balls start to tighten up. I pulled out and leaned in to kiss her right as the first spurt of cum shot out, hitting her on the stomach, I pressed against her and rested my cock against her ass as I came down her ass crack. We laid there for a bit until I started to hear noises coming from Lee’s room, sounded like the little party we were having was ending soon.

My prediction was justified when I saw the light come on through the bottom of Lee’s door. She got up as I went and got her a towel to clean up a bit. I soaked the towel in some water and came up behind her and started wiping myself off of her. She giggled as I wiped her ass cheek and crack with the freezing cold wet towel; I forgot to use warm water. I smacked her with the towel as I walked to the bathroom to put it with the other used towels.

When I came back she had my shirt back on and nothing else. She looked at me blushing and said “Will you do that again, only harder?” I gave her a weird look because I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and then remembered that I had just smacked her ass. I smiled as she turned around and lifted my shirt (that was way too big on her) up in the back to give me ample room. I leaned in, drew back and with a decent clap I smacked her ass and watched her cringe in pure painful bliss. She recovered a bit and said “Harder”. I drew back one more time and swung my whole body leading with my open hand with a thundering smack that would leave Barry Bonds in awe. With a giant sigh and an “OH MY GOD!” she cringed and tears came to her eyes. I felt horrible, I thought I hurt her. With a shocked and scared look on my face as she fell to her knees and grabbed her ass, she looked at me and said, to my amazement.

I finally started to breathe again thinking that I had hurt her in a bad way, but I did hurt her bad in a good way. A moment later Lee and Christie emerged from Lee’s room smelling of the same sex smell that Clarissa and I reeked of. Lee looked at us and asked what the noise was, we didn’t say anything. I just grinned as Clarissa lifted up the shirt in the back exposing the giant perfectly outlined red welt handprint on her right cheek. It looked like she was attacked by the Hamburger Helper mascot, only with more fingers. I felt bad and proud at the same time.

The Clarissa buttoned up the rest of my shirt, which was long enough to curtsy in, and then threw on her jeans and shoes as they got ready to leave. She put the rest of her stuff in her backpack and some of Christie’s as well. We kissed a few more times and then said our goodbyes. The girls headed home and Lee and I sat on the couch watching TV until he went to bed and I just slept on the couch that I had rightfully claimed earlier that night.

A few days later after school I was hanging around talking to some people when I saw Clarissa walking up the street that was next to our High School track. I excused myself from the group and with a huge grin started walking towards her. She didn’t seem as happy to see me as I was her, but still cracked a smile as we met up. We kissed hugged, said “Hello” and then she filled me in on the news.

Christie had cheated on Lee that Sunday after our little romp on Saturday night. She told Lee about it and they broke up, severing the only common tie that Clarissa and I had. It would be damn near impossible for us to see each other now. We both agreed to keep in touch and would try and see each other whenever we could. We kissed and groped a bit then we both had to head out. We did keep in touch but didn’t see each other after that; we only talked for about two more weeks.

In those two weeks I would call and her boyfriend Josh would be over most of the time. They would be arguing and she would immediately cheer up and ask me to play her favorite song through the phone. It was her favorite song from her favorite movie; “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield as heard in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic: “Pulp Fiction”.

Apparently her cheering up and completely ignoring him when I called was what sparked his curiosity and paranoia that would follow. The one time I did call and he wasn’t there I asked about him. I knew him, but I didn’t really know how he was or what kind of guy he was. What she told me upset me pretty bad and still does to this day. He completely controlled her life, any friends, clothes or CDs etc. that he didn’t like, he threw away. He threw away her collector’s edition “Pulp Fiction” movie and soundtrack when he figured out that she liked that song because of me. He didn’t understand everything completely, but he was paranoid enough that it was some what of a deterrent to both of us and we lost touch, for now.

A few months had gone by and I was now a senior at Samuel L. Clemens High School. One of our required classes as a senior was Government and the other was Economics, they split that “Civics” classes. So there I was in Government when the teacher finally finished his lecture and we could talk a bit with the other students. One of Josh’s friends, who knew about Clarissa and I, but like Josh, didn’t know any details and couldn’t prove anything anyways turned around to talk to me. She looked right at me rather blankly and said:

“Did you know that Clarissa is pregnant?”

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