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I wasn’t out on the prowl. I wasn’t looking for love. I wasn’t on the hunt for a piece of ass.
I was lonely, feeling lost, and confused. I was reaching out for a friend I had always been able to count on for advice and comfort. A friendly face, strong arm, and a good ear to listen to all my woes and sorrows. A man I could pour my heart out to and know that he cared.
It wasn’t that late. It was nine o’clock on a Thursday night in the heart of Kansas City. The weather was nice for March. It wasn’t quite chilly enough for a jacket, if you didn’t stay out more than 20 minutes. I lived in the suburbs on the Kansas side of the line and it was a good half hour back to my crappy apartment where my new ex-fiance resided in co-habitation with me until we found our separate ways. I didn’t want to go home. I dreaded the thought. Then I remembered that Jay was working. I wasn’t far from his job. He worked at a sports bar and pizzeria in the River Market district, where he also lived. I thought, maybe I’d just pop in to say hi and kill some time with a good friend.
Now I was about to turn 21 within a week’s time, and I stand 5’3” with long, thick, soft, waving brown hair, fair skin, and a curvy figure. I’ve always known I was a sexy little thing, but over the past 3 years with my ex, I had begun to dress a little frumpier and was self conscious about myself. I was wearing my tighter jeans and a breast hugging, low cut blue shirt and my hair was down. I’d worn glasses for years, and they gave me a sexy librarian look that many men seemed to love and commented on almost daily.
I was driving downtown. I didn’t have a clue where I was or where I was going, all I knew was to go north and I guessed on Broadway. The trick was finding it. I of course stood out to everyone I passed because I was in my ’79 Chrysler with a loud engine and loud pipes. I knew everyone was watching me. But I didn’t care. I was on the phone with Jay. I didn’t tell him I was stopping by. I wanted to surprise him.
Finally, I pull into the parking lot. I knew he couldn’t see me. He had hung up and was texting me, asking me where I was. All I said in reply was “Surprise.”
I walked in the front door, expecting him to be standing there. But he wasn’t. Where is he, I thought to myself. He hadn’t replied yet, and I had stood there for almost ten minutes waiting for him. I could feel a strange nervousness building in the pit of my stomach. Finally, he came out of the side door to the kitchen and nearly jumped back in surprise. He hadn’t read my text yet and had no clue I was waiting for him. It had been at least 6 months since I had actually seen him. I looked him all over. He was 32, stood 5’11” and had a lean and slender body, with dark hair, and piercing blue eyes that not only looked back at me, but I could almost feel him seeing inside me. The real me that most people didn’t know existed. The sleeves of his shirt were pushed up revealing his tattoos and I could see he was playing with his tongue ring between his lips in thought, probably about me.
He smiled his wide grin and walked over to give me a hug. The knot in my stomach tightened as I drank in his scent and my knees went weak when he kissed the side of my neck. It was one of those soft kisses where he let his lips lightly pull against my skin as he closed them. He pulled me towards him in those strong, but gentle arms and soft hands that glided across my back. I was trying so hard not to let him know that he had just made me wet. I’m sure he knew by my gasp that I enjoyed it.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“I just thought I’d drop by. I was in the neighborhood and I’m not ready to go home yet.”
“Well come sit over here then.” He ushered me over to a seat next to his station where we could talk and he could do his side work at the same time. His job was to answer the phone, take orders, and fill peppers and cheese. It was a busy night for the bar because the college basketball championship games started that evening and the place was packed and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing with people wanting pizza.
Eventually, the phone gradually died down and people began filtering out of the place. We were finally able to have a decent conversation between the phone calls. He had started playfully flirting with me and rubbing my knees anytime he’d walk by. I started playing back and grabbed his cute little ass. It was nice and firm and it appeared he didn’t mind me getting grabby. Then, a wonderful thing happened. He looked deep into my eyes and walked over to me and gave me a gentle and the most passionate kiss I have ever had. One of his hands was cupping my hip and the other my thigh. I was damn near shaking and I began to get lightheaded. I could feel my heart pound in my chest. When I opened my eyes and looked at him I could feel my face getting red and hot with blushing. He just stood there giving me that same grin he gets when he says something witty or dirty and there was a sparkle in his eyes that told me he was quite proud of himself just then. I punched him in the arm and looked away. I was trying so hard to control my breathing. He had almost worked me into a sweat. I don’t know what it is about him, but he can still work me up like that whenever he comes around.
10:30 finally rolled around and he was off work. We got in my car and went around the corner to his apartment building. During the walk through the parking lot, I slipped my arm around his waist and he followed suit. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I couldn’t wait to find out.
We went up to his apartment, and the first thing he did was walk in the kitchen to feed his cats and empty his pockets on the counter. I was in the living room leaning on the back of the couch talking to him and watching him. Then, he came over and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deep and hard. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, like mine. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and massaged mine. I had never kissed anyone with a pierced tongue. It was a whole new ball game for me. My teeth kept catching on his ring. I was a little embarrassed. He knew I was no stranger to intimacy or sex. Then here I was, fumbling like I had never been kissed before. I was trembling with nervousness and excitement. I had been wet since he had first kissed my neck. Eventually, I was able to collect my thoughts and concentrate, so I began nibbling on his lip, sucking his tongue, and I could feel him breathing hard. He let out a gasp when I kissed and nibbled on his neck. Then, grabbing me by the hips, he pushed me to his bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. He was so forceful, but gentle enough not to grab me wrong or hurt me. He lay next to me and kissed me deeper and harder and faster. His hands slowly found their way to my breasts. He massaged and squeezed them, and lightly pinched my nipples. Soon, he had taken off my shirt. I don’t even know how. I don’t remember taking it off. Then my bra. Then, I slid my hands up his strong back and slipped his shirt over his head. Feeling his skin against mine was enough to get me even more wet. I could feel my juices soaking through my panties. I was sure I had soaked my jeans as well.
All I could think was ‘Is this really happening?’ I certainly didn’t want it to stop. I had known him for almost three years and I knew the entire time that he wanted me and, secretly, I wanted him too. I just never thought I’d have him.
He was even better than I’d imagined. Somehow he knew just where to kiss, where to nibble. He kissed his way down my neck, biting here and there. Kissing his way slowly to my breasts, he started licking first one nipple, then the other. Then, he began sucking and gently nibbling while lightly pinching the other. I wanted him so badly, yet I was afraid to make my own move, so I just lay there and let him do what he wanted with me. Next, he lightly licked his way down my belly, stopping to nibble on the peaks of my ribs where my belly sinks in, and down to my belt buckle. There, he stopped, and worked his way back up to my mouth and started kissing me again. I was glad, because after three years of waiting, I wanted it to last all night.
Then he rolled over pulling me on top of him. We kept kissing, giggling a little. Then, we had pillow talk. We actually lay there, half naked, and talked for about 15 minutes. We talked about how we had secretly had a longing for the other and how we never thought it would happen. Then I wanted to feel that tongue ring again. I started nibbling his lower lip, then kissed my way over to his neck and bit him lightly. He let out a gasp and I felt his nails sink into my back a little. I could feel his cock swelling in his jeans and poking at me. I went on to lick and nibble at his ear. He couldn’t hide how much he was enjoying it. He dragged his nails down my back and his cock swelled even more. I wanted him to rip off my pants and just take me, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. After playing with his ears, I kissed my way down his neck, down his chest, and flicked my tongue across his nipple. He let out a moan as I sucked it and bit it lightly.
He grabbed me by the waist then and rolled me over. He had started to kiss down my body again, only this time he didn’t stop at my belt buckle. He had my pants undone and was pulling them off only to be stopped by my boots. He had gotten so caught in the moment that he forgot I still had my boots on. I laughed and sat up to help him. He pushed me back down as soon as he heard both boots unzip and yanked them off and then he roughly grabbed the ass of my pants and pulled. They slipped off with ease. As I was reaching for his belt, he went for my panties. He slowly pulled them off and I could feel my juices leaving a trail down my thigh. I was shaking, nervous that he wouldn’t like me in bed. He stood up and I undid his belt and zipper, he pants fell to the floor and I discovered that he didn’t wear underwear. He bent over slowly in the dark, cupped my chin and kissed me softly, easing me back where he wanted me. He lay me back and slowly, painfully slow, he ran his hands down my body, down my thighs, and spread them apart. He kissed me again deep and slow, his trademark speed thus far. Then he kissed down my neck, the same soft kiss he gave when he first saw me. He kissed that way all the way down, between my tits, down my belly, he lingered for a moment on my navel, and continued down. He went to my inner thigh and nibbled one side, then the other, and finally, when I could bare no more, he dove tongue first into my cunt. I could feel the ball in his tongue rubbing between my pussy lips, something I’d never experienced before. He kept sucking and licking. Harder and faster. He was careful not to penetrate my pussy, the first thing he wanted inside me was his cock.
Oh my god, this is really happening, was all that ran through my head between the toe-curling orgasms I was having. Finally, after what seemed like an agonizing eternity, he came up for air.
“David was an idiot. Your pussy tastes so sweet, I don’t want to stop.” Despite the dark I could feel his eyes piercing into me, waiting for me to beg for more.
“Jay, make love to me.”
I grabbed his hand and pulled him up towards me. I could feel his hard cock bouncing against the inside of my thighs. He began rubbing it on my pussy lips, feeling my wet pussy and getting my scent all over his cock. I could feel the tip about to enter me.
“Wait.” I tried to push his hips back. “Do you have a condom?”
“No. Do you?”
“Oh well.”
“Wait, we really shouldn’t without one because I’m close to my…”
“Oh god, Jay!”
That was all it took and all rational thoughts had left my mind and I gave myself over to a night of pure ecstasy. Never have I given myself over to pleasure so quickly. I hadn’t been touched in almost 3 years due to my ex-fiance’s impotence problem, and I had almost forgotten where orgasmic bliss and raw passion could take you.
I ran my nails down his spine, and held him close to me while he thrust his hard cock inside me. I could feel every protruding vein and the head of his cock rubbing my clit with every thrust. Each time it was as though he were pinning me to the mattress, claiming me as his, and never to let me go. I would’ve stayed there as long as he liked.
I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. He nibbled and kissed my neck between thrusts, each time biting harder. I moaned and gasped with pleasure. I could feel beads of sweat forming across his back. I reached down with one hand and squeezed his tight ass. He thrust harder.
I opened my eyes and with the help of the streetlight’s glow coming in the window, I could make out his silhouette in the dark. His head was tilted to his right. He pushed himself up with his arms to support himself and thrust faster and deeper. I could feel it building up inside me. Another orgasm, only this time I couldn’t control it. I screamed his name out into the night while the muscles of my pussy tightened and clenched hard on his cock. I heard him grunt, and he grabbed my arms. He pulled out so suddenly and flipped me over. He pulled my hips up to meet his and forced me into the doggy style position, not that I minded. He had a tight grip on one ass cheek while the other hand grabbed my shoulders and pulled my body towards his, so when he thrust, we met with a hard jolt and I could feel his balls slapping against my cunt. With one swift blow he slapped my ass hard. I screamed with pleasure. He knew I loved to be spanked. The sting lingered, then he slapped hard again in the same spot. “Yes!” He grabbed my hips with both hands, thrusting as hard and fast as he could. I couldn’t take any more. Then he pulled out and came all over my ass. I collapsed on the bed. My arms weak and shaking after holding myself up through the sweet pleasure he gave me. He cleaned me and himself off quickly and collapsed next to me. We laid there together for the rest of the night. I should’ve gone home, but I didn’t care. He was worth every second of screaming I endured when I returned the next morning.


2008-09-16 11:07:00
indias first night


2008-06-05 06:22:26
goosh; it should have to last longer was it really after 3yrs


2008-06-01 19:54:42
I loved the story, very well written 8^)

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-28 02:45:48
garsh! that was a great story! i loved it. sexy, sweet, romantic...

Alex BomeReport

2008-05-27 23:46:40
Hell the sex sounded awesome. But what made it better was the romance in it. Id love to find a girl that made my skin crawl and my heart beat everytime i looked at her.

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