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A girl goes on a friday night and meets...
Fiction, Mind control, Romance, Consensual sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Rape, Strangulation, Brutality, MF.

Author’s comments:

This is a rewrite of the first story I published on the forum while the main story site was in-operational. All comments are welcome but if any of the categories named don’t fit your taste then please don’t read it. If you read it anyway then don’t criticize me for writing about the things you dislike.

Since English is neither my first nor second language all spelling and grammar corrections are more than gratefully accepted.

Some years ago I read the story “Camp” and since then the idea of psionics has intrigued me. I never thought it would end up with a story of my own, but here it is anyway. If you are looking for a theme in my stories it’s simply boy meets girl and mind control.

Should you be unfamiliar with the concept of Psionics there is a deion of the concept in my profile.

J. Bailey

The Barfly, ch. 1, rewrite.

It was a friday afternoon around 1700 hours.
Her name was Natasha.

She sat at the kitchen table in her one bedroom apartment, her elbows on the table, her face resting in her hands, her eyes closed. She was tired after a long and grueling week at work. She was sad and lonely and her greatest wish was to get a new job somewhere, doing something entirely different from what she was doing now. Unfortunately the economy was down and getting a better job was next to impossible for her as she had no education to build on.

She tried to persuade herself that maybe by going to a bar she would for once meet some nice people. Normally when she indulged herself by going out she ended up with some married guy telling her his wife did not understand him and he would love to spend the night with her.

Natasha had immigrated from Eastern Europe a few years back and somehow missed her old home. It hadn’t been much of a home, but over here she felt even more alone than in the old country.

She had been rather on the chubby side when she came to the new country and had started on a diet which had later become an obsession that resulted in her becoming way to skinny. But she still felt too chubby and she still wanted to become “slim like a movie star”.

Finally she decided to not stay at home this friday evening but rather to go to a restaurant she sometimes visited. It was a nice restaurant, with romantic music, a bar that was separated from the dining area so one could sit in the bar lounge without having to eat. It was a place where she could sit and, once she had a few drinks, she could relish in thoughts of her old homeland.

She stood up and walked over to her bedroom. She stood in front of a full size mirror and started to undress. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper, then she pushed her pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She took off her white cotton socks and looked at her long legs. They were straight and slender and she thought she could be proud of them.

She then began to unbutton the cotton shirt she had worn to work. She started at the top and as she had unbuttoned her shirt she took it off and dropped it on top of the pile that was starting to form on the floor. She then took off the white cotton top she was wearing under her cotton shirt.

She was now naked except for her white cotton panties. She pushed them down to her knees and let them drop to her ankles before stepping out of them.

Natasha stood in front of the mirror and looked at her body. Her breasts were A cups, rather small she thought, her aureolas were dark brown, perfect round spheres, just a hint of fluffiness, with perky, blueberry sized nibbles.

She looked at her self and thought about loosing another pound or two. She did not see the protruding hip bones nor the protruding collar bones, nor the lack of mass on her arms and thighs. She looked at her belly button and as it was an “inny” it gave her a reason to imagine she was too fat. She looked at her sparsely haired mound with the protruding outer labia and not once she contemplated that she might be too skinny. She stood with her legs together and there was about an inch and a half of space between her inner thighs just below her outer labia.

She could see about an inch of her slit as it curved up towards her bellybutton. She ran three fingers along her slit and outer labia and shivered at the sensation. How nice it would be to meet someone she liked that would fill her love-canal and make her experience the bliss of fulfillment she so much longed for.

Natasha shook her head sadly and turned towards the shower to release the water. She adjusted the temperature and stepped into the shower-booth. She enjoyed the water hitting her body and stood still for a moment, her face directly in the streaming water. She felt the fatigue of her mind and body being rinsed away by the warmth of the water and she started to look forward to her outing. Almost anything would be better than to stay at home alone.

Natasha arrived at the restaurant wearing a conservative, halter less, black summer dress that ended just below her knees. She was just about to order herself a drink when he came in and looked around. He was nicely dressed and had a comfortable aura around him. He walked to the bar and sat on a barstool next to her. As he sat down, his arm brushed against hers and she felt a tingling sensation flowing through her entire body.

He ordered a drink for himself, then turned and looked at her for a moment and asked her if she liked a drink.

“Yes, thank you please” she said with her thick East European accent. He ordered her a drink, paid and walked to a free table, suspecting that she would follow him in a while.

He sat down and checked on her, she was actually looking straight at him. She looked a bit unsure on what to think of him walking away. Usually when someone offered her a drink they pestered her with their life’s story and a mash of how their wives didn’t understand them.

This guy simply invited her on a drink and then walked away. Now that was a first...

He lifted his glass in her direction and smiled. She smiled back and lifted her glass in return.

She thought about it for a while and finally decided over to his table. In some uncertain way she was attracted to him. She had no idea why since she only just met him.

“May I join you?” she asked. He looked up at her and smiled.

“Yes please. I was hoping you would like to join me.” He offered his hand and said:

“Charles...” She took his hand. This time she got a bit week in her knees from the tingling sensation.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady.” he said, smiling as he let go of her hand.

She smiled at his remark and sat down.

“Why did you walk away after buying me a drink?” she asked him.

“I had the impression you were tired of married men telling you their life’s story.”

“How did you... Are you married?” she said a bit startled by his reply.

“No, I’m not married but I had a date for the evening and was stood up. Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?” She looked into into his blue eyes and decided to take him up on his offer.

“Yes I think I would like that.” she said. He touched her hand and smiled. Again the tingling sensation, only this time her groin seemed to be affected as well and she became all warm and a bit lustful towards him.

“Thank you Natasha, it’s been a long time since I have had such a beautiful date for dinner and I think this may become an interesting and even enjoyable evening.

As he took her hand she again felt that warm tingling sensation fill her entire body and she felt really good about herself for the first time in a long time.

“Now tell me about yourself”

She started to tell him about her life in Eastern Europe and how she had come over to the new country. And she told him about her job and how badly she was often treated, being an immigrant. She talked and talked and he listened still holding her hand. The words flowed from her mouth like a waterfall. He was a good listener and she didn’t notice how the time passed until a waiter came and told them their table was ready.

He stood up and pulled her chair. As she stood up he offered her his arm and together they walked into the main dining room. The waiter seated them, at a nice corner table where they had a bit of privacy, and left them with menus and a wine list.

“Would you like some wine?”

“Yes please, but I would prefer a White rather than a Red, or perhaps a Ros?

“Ok, and what would you like to eat Natasha”

“I have no idea, could you please order for me Charles. Since I came over this is the first time someone invites me to a fancy dinner like this.”

He ordered a “Lobster soup a la creme” as an entree, for the main course he ordered a couple of steaks and for desert he ordered ice cream with Baileys and fruits.

“I can’t eat this much, Charles, I have to watch my weight.” He took her hand and looked into her eyes. Again she felt that tingling sensation and a wave of giddiness came over her.

“Natasha, if you keep on eating as you have done so far you will eventually die, since you are much to thin. You need to start eating in order to regain your health.” She looked at him with fear in her eyes.

“I can’t eat this much Charles, I will get fat.” He looked deep into her eyes and said:

“We will worry about that later but now you will eat for me.”

Her eyes glazed over for a moment and then she replied:

“I will do it for you Charlie.”

They sat and ate their meal and drank their wine. After emptying the bottle they were in a wonderful mood. She felt happy for the first time since she came to the new country, she laughed and she found him wonderful. She couldn’t believe her luck. This was exactly what she had longed for, for so long. After they finished desert they ordered coffee and he had a brandy while she asked for some Baileys as she had liked the taste of it on her desert.

“You know Charles I think I have never eaten this much during a single meal before.”

“Well it is about time you start to come back to health. Despite what you may believe, you are neither fat nor healthy looking. You are such a beautiful woman it would be a shame to watch you whither up and die”

She looked at him and strangely enough his words did not hurt her or make her uncomfortable, they simply made sense and she agreed with him.

A sudden urge came over her. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the mouth barely able to hold back her tears.

“Thank you Charles, this is about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in this country.”

As they finished their coffee he asked for the bill and paid.

“Well Natasha, what would you like to do now?”

She looked at him and he could see the alcohol was getting to her.

“You know Charles, you make me feel good about myself. I would really like to stay with you tonight. Can we go to your place now?” He looked at her thoughtfully and then nodded his head.

“Ok Natasha, I like you and really would like to enjoy your company tonight.” She smiled at his remark and took the arm he offered her.

As they came outside he called a Taxi and opened the door on the passenger side for her. He closed the door and walked around to the other side of the Taxi and got in. He gave an address to the driver and took Natasha’s hand. A warm comfortable feeling flowed through her body but this time there was also another feeling. She had a tingling sensation in her groin and her breasts felt sensitive.

She closed her eyes for a moment and felt how her pussy became all warm and tingly. She was not sure but she had the feeling her pussy was becoming wet. Suddenly she longed to feel his cock inside her. She looked at him with wanting eyes and pressed his hand harder. She moved closer to him and whispered:

“I want you Charles.” He pressed her hand back and smiled. As the taxi drove on she felt something tickling the inside of her thighs. She leaned against him and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation she felt. Suddenly she felt something touching her clit. It was as if someone was nibbling on her clit using his lips and tongue. She pressed his hand harder and a shudder went through her skinny body. Finally the taxi arrived at his house and he paid the driver.

He went out of the taxi and walked around to the other side and again opened the door for her. She got out and took his arm. Together they walked to the front door and he opened to let them in. As soon as he had closed the door she pressed her body into him and kissed him fiercely. He replied and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Again she had the sensation of a mouth attending to her clit and a shudder went through her skinny frame. She broke the kiss...

“Oh, Charles this feels so good.” Her body twitched and she grabbed his arm with both her hands to steady herself. After a while the sensation of a tongue and mouth, licking and sucking her clit was too much for her. She came and collapsed into his arms with a loud moan, her head on his chest, his arms around her holding her up, preventing her from collapsing to the floor.

“Ooooh, how did you do that Charles?” She was still shaky and had not quite comprehended what had just happened.

“That is for me to know and for you to find out my dear.” He looked at her with a boyish grin.

“You are teasing me.” she said and pouted.

He looked at her smiling and nodded his head. He took her hand and led her into the living room where she sat down on the sofa.

“Would you like something to drink Natasha?”

“Do you have any wine?” she asked him back.

“I think I’ll find something you might like.” He went into the kitchen and brought back a bottle and two glasses. He poured wine into the glasses and offered her one. She tasted the wine and a smile lit up her face.

“This tastes good.” she told him, took another sip and put her glass back on the table.

He took her into his arms and started to kiss her. She responded and their tongues started a duel of the arms. She greedily sucked his tongue into her mouth and kept sucking hard as if her life depended on it

Suddenly the feeling returned. There was a distinct sensation of an entity massaging her outer labia, then entering her slit slowly pressing back and forth massaging her G-Spot in the process. Then she felt a tongue slowly circling her clit. He broke their kiss and moved down to the side of her neck covering it with his soft lips, moving further down to her cleavage covering her upper chest with his warm passionate kisses.

He pulled her halter less top down down exposing her breasts and their gorgeous centers. He engulfed her left aureola and nipple gently with his warm, soft lips and began to lick the blueberry like form in his mouth.


Natasha’s body shuddered and she threw her head back and moaned softly as she felt her aureola crinkle and the nipple harden. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him hard into her chest. She was wild with ecstasy, the attention her pussy was getting made her sopping wet and yet she hadn’t even take her panties off. She turned into an animal. She moved to straddle his lap and humped the bulge that was forming in his pants.

She pulled her, by now hard and perky nipple, from his caring mouth and kissed him hard while she ground her crotch into his hardening bulge. This time he took a turn at sucking her tongue hard into his mouth causing her to whimper with desire, her eyes totally glazed over, her body twitching lightly each time her crotch made contact with his ever hardening bulge. She broke the kiss and moaned:

“Fuck me Charles, I need you, I want you to come inside me.”

Never had she experienced such passion before. Never had she experienced such want for a man’s “hard on” before. She was on fire. He looked at her with a strange smile on his face.

“Let’s come to bed then. I really would like to pay your sweet little pussy a visit. He moved his hand down to her ass and squeezed her crack causing her to almost collapse on top of him, so strong was the feeling she experienced from his touch. Totally out of breath she replied:

“Oh Charles, stop teasing me, I need you inside me right now. I need to feel you come inside me.” He unzipped her dress, she stood up and he pulled the dress down her body. She stepped out of it and let her panties follow suit. For the first time he saw her naked body. He looked at her and smiled. She was way too skinny but he planned to change that once he got her better under his control. Her breasts were rather small, little more than perhaps large A cups, but her aureolas were dark brown with a golden shine to them and about the size of a silver dollar. Her left nipple was standing proud and about the size of a large blueberry while her right nipple was still in its normal relaxed status.

He took her hand and they walked over to the bedroom. It was a nice friendly room with warm colors and a large, king sized, bed. As they came into the bedroom she grunted and pushed him down on the bed. She attacked his zipper and belt buckle before pulling off his pants, underwear and socks. She then went down on him, took his cock into her mouth and massaged the head with her tongue. She moved to alternating on his balls taking them into her mouth, playing them gently with her tongue, then moving back to sucking his cock until she felt it grow in her mouth.

“Mmmmm” she said as she felt his cock grow hard in her mouth. She moved up and down his shaft taking his head into her throat, sucking harder until it stood at full attention.

At that point she straddled his waist, took hold of his cock with her hand and guided it into the origin of her animalistic heat. As she sat down on his shaft the sensation she felt was incredible. There were hands everywhere on her body, tickling, massaging, stroking. There were mouths licking and sucking her nipples, there was a sensation of her anus being massaged and there was the sensation of her clit being sucked by a mouth and massaged with a tongue.

As she continued to ride his cock slowly she gave a grunt on each down thrust and a shudder went through her body. She increased the speed of her movement and as she increased her speed, the grunts changed into loud moans and at last she changed to:

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, harder, YES, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, NOOOOOOO, I’M CUMMING, NOOOOOOO, I DON’T WANT TO COOOOME YEEEEET, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEESESEESESESEEES”. Her body twitched and convulsed on his shaft. She ended in a scream as he pinched her nipples between his fingers and twisted them moving her over the edge. The walls of her vagina contracted and he had a hard time not to come with her.

She jumped up and down on him in her orgasm thrusting hard and the pain she had expected from his pinching of her nipples turned out to become a feeling of lust increasing her orgasm manyfold until she collapsed on top of him.

She lay on top of him totally spent and he gave her some time to recover before moving her off of him so that she came to lie on the bed face down. He got on top of her and moved her legs apart, at first pressing his cock into her pussy and then after a few strokes moving to press into her anus. As soon as his cock touched her anus a wave of sheer panic hit him and to his surprise it originated in Natasha’s mind.


“Once she had been tied to a table and been butt fucked against her will. It was the most gruesome experience she had ever had. She had gone to a party with people she had met in a bar and after a few drinks she passed out. As she woke up again she was tied to a table and blindfolded. Her legs were tied to one set of table legs and her hands to the other and someone was fucking her pussy hard. In and out in a steady rhythm. As she woke up she started to moan and then she screamed.

“Shut up you bitch.” the person behind her said and slapped her ass hard with his hand. By now she was screaming at the top of her voice. Suddenly she felt something like a rope being put around her neck and then she couldn’t breathe anymore.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up, you bitch.” and then the rope was pulled a little tighter until her chest was hyperventilating trying to suck in air. Suddenly he let go of the rope and she gasped for air. Her assailant grabbed her ass cheeks and yanked them apart. He pressed his cock against her little tight rose bud. She tried to withstand his pressure, but he brutally pressed his cock into her butt hole after hitting her again with his hand causing her to loose concentration.

The pain this caused her, resulted in another scream that died suddenly as he yanked the rope around her neck strangling her again, brutally cutting of her airflow.

“Krrrhgkrgkrrhgrhrhhr” She gagged and grunted and turned red, the veins in her head bulging out. After a while she started to turn blue while he relentlessly pressed in and out of her ass. Just as she passed out she felt something hot squirt into her bowels.”

After this experience she had been franticly fearful of anybody fucking her anus. She screamed as she expected a sharp pain but to her amazement she felt no pain. She felt her little rosebud to be fully relaxed and no obstruction to the invading piece of flesh. Actually she felt lust, more lust than she had ever felt before, as Charles thrust his rod slowly into her butt hole. She could not comprehend that she was not feeling any pain from his actions.


What started as a scream abruptly turned into a long guttural moan.

“YEEES, CHAAARLIE, HARDER, MOOOOORE, I’M GOING TO CUM AGAAAAAAAIN. AAAAAAAAAAAAH.” And suddenly she came with a long moan for the third time that evening, pressing back hard causing him to come. As his semen squirted into her bowels she felt happy, more happy than she had ever before felt in her life.

As she came, she collapsed onto the bed squeezing his cock and pulling him down with her. As his erection subsided he popped out from her butt hole and turned to lay on his back. She laughed out loud and kissed him passionately.

“That was amazing Charlie. How did you do that?”

“Do what” he said with a grin. “Have you never had an orgasm before?”

“Sure I have, but never like this. This was something else...”

She cuddled into him putting her left leg over his thighs and her left arm over his chest with her head on his shoulder.

“Tell me Natasha, what happened just as I started to fuck your butt?” A sad look came onto her face.

“I got tied up and raped once and had problems sitting and shitting for a month. I expected the same pain to repeat itself. Instead I was filled with lust and a feeling of pleasure I have never before experienced. How DID you do it?”

“It’s just a thing I do. Look, I’m sorry if I spooked you, I won’t do it again. I’ll ask before I pull another stunt like that.” She smiled and hugged him tighter.

“It was such a wonderful feeling Charlie, you can do things like that to me anytime.”

They lay on the bed holding tightly onto each other. His last thought, before he fell asleep, was if he should tell her, or not, that he was a psionic.

To be continued...

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2014-09-30 20:57:09
Charles Xavier was the last person that came to mind as I wrote this story. I had a certain character in mind and started to look for a name. After some thought the name Charles somehow fitted the character and finally stuck.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-20 03:14:36
I knew this was going to be intereseting as soon as you mentioned camp. But i did feel disappointment when the main character was named Charles, it's such a korny name for a psychic "Charles Xavier" its been used alot, so much that this character doesn't feel original but a hoax on the X-men

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2013-01-25 06:19:46
It must be so hard for you to appear to be the happy and to spraed joy, when inside your heart is being ripped to shreads by the plight of the children. Looking at the pictures we see that no-matter how distressing the plight of a child is, they can still muster a smile. For me, children are all born with joy in their souls and it is us unfortunate adults that have lost our way. Sometimes I wonder where all the joy of life goes? These children show us that no matter what circumstances we face, the gift of life is precious and should be treasured. I would say that if your journey results in the saving of just a single life, it will have been time spent wisely. It is so easy to discuss infant mortality in the third world in terms of statistics but that is an insult to the gift of life. To that end, I think it is genius that Save the Children have chosen the three of you to help them in their quest because after all what better champions of children are there other than mums?

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2011-01-08 16:11:38
God that was hot I shoved my hairbrush so far up my pussy

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2011-01-08 16:11:27
God that was hot I shoved my hairbrush so far up my pussy

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