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For my first, I will write a partially true story. It was an opportunity that I could have taken advantage of but didn't. Names changed of course to protect her identity.

"Luke, I really need you right now. A lot of family stuff has happened and I just need out of my house." he heard her say with a quiver of fear and sadness in her voice.
"Well how about I bike up there and we go for a ride? Then end up back at my house? You know I really do care about you Carla"
"That would be fine, but don't forget I have work in the evening."
"Of course I won't, I'll head out right now. Be there soon. Bye"
"Bye Luke, Thank you." Carla said wryly.
"Anytime hun."

Luke and Carla had been dating for over half a year and were close to each other. Both were in high school in the same year. Carla was 16 and was very self concious. She had dyed blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, stood 5'6 and weighed 130. She had a feminine frame with slender shoulders, broad hips, long legs and was well endowed for her age at 34 C. She would dress conservatively to not show her features but Luke always had eyes for her. They had been experimenting with softcore touching and feeling through clothing but both secretly urged for more. They took their relationship seriously and didn't want to rush into anything too quickly. Carla had become dependent on Luke's strong emotional nature through her family's tough times. Luke would often have to take Carla away from everything to get her mind off the bad times and restore her strength. This time period built a strong bond of trust between them.

"Came here as fast as I possibly could but the hill back there's a bitch." Luke panted while sweating slightly from the bike ride.
Carla was wearing a darker pink tank top and a denim "skort" as she called it. It was a skirt which was slightly shorter than the knees with shorts built into them. Luke looked at her with hungry eyes but realized they must bike back to his house before anything could happen.
"No problems, I just duck out of the wrath of the family anyway but let's get going, I don't want to spend another moment here." she looked at Luke who was adrift in his own thoughts, "What's what look for?"
Luke was staring at Carla's chest. He swore she wasn't wearing a bra but quickly composed himself, "Oh, umm, yeah, I just think you look good today. Is that a new skirt?"
"Luke, I wore this last week." she added staring blankly at Luke. He was caught red handed and thought to himself *Nice observation asshole, now try and think up a come-back to that*, "Well I like it paired with that top," he smiled, "shall we?". With that they started biking back. Carla's skort at the back would fall down slightly revealing her white laced panties making Luke's heart beat faster than it already was with the physical activity. Although panties were one of his biggest turn-ons, he kept his fantasies to himself and enjoyed the view when he could before Carla pulled them up.

They arrived at Luke's house and made their way downstairs. A quick hug and kissed were exchanged for Luke 'rescuing' Carla. She was really grateful that he would do that for him, he is a great guy after all.
"Hun, I know I just got here and whatever but I'm all sweaty and I do have to work later. Would you mind if I took a quick shower?"
Luke was slightly disappointed that she would want to take a shower now and delay their usual hot make-out session.
"Well, I guess it's okay. There are clean towels there and yeah, sure." he replied not trying to sound disappointed.
"You're the best, you know that? I shouldn't be long." Luke scoffed and though *Ha! A girl NOT taking long in the shower? My ass she won't be long*. Carla walked into the bathroom when he was thinking it.
Luke noticed he was sweaty too but he showered in the morning. *Can't smell that bad
* he thought as he went and sat on the couch and watching the TV. He took a quick smell of his pits and thought *Ha, antiperspirant-1, bad smell-0*. Although he was sweaty he didn't smell bad. Luke didn't pay much attention to the weather network which had been playing when he turned it on. His thoughts kept going back to Carla's white lace panties. He felt something lurch in his stomach, he felt the desire for her again. His breathing increased slightly as he started to think about their past fooling around. He thought about when he first went up her shirt and caressed her soft warm boobs, how responsive she was to his touch. His mind started to race when he thought about her grinding into him as they were having dry sex with her on top. Luke started to reach down and just play with himself through his shorts. He was really hard right now and the thought dawned on him, they're home alone, she's naked in the shower. He got up slowly, walked over to the bathroom and heard the water running as it has been for a while. He knew she was in the shower because of the irregular patterns of splashing of water. Luke knew how to unlock the bathroom door and did so quietly and easily with a coat hanger which lied in the room which he was just in. The tell-tale 'click' told him he had unlocked the door but froze to see if Carla heard anything. He kept thinking of seeing her naked and was rubbing himself while he thought about it. The adrenaline was pumping though his body making it hard not to shake, he knew what he was doing and he would follow it all the way through. He had to get a look of his girl naked. The knob of the door felt warm because of the steam on the other side as he twisted it slowly. *The mirror... that should let me see everything* he thought as he pushed the door open. The door has some difficulty opening *Fuck! She must have put her clothes right beside the door!* his mind raced. Luke decided to give one good push and that should open it up enough to see the mirror. He threw his hip into the door which made a definitive thud,

[Author's note: This is now told from Carla's perspective as she enters the shower kay?]
Carla picked up the clean towel, winked at Luke and walked into the bathroom. She turned the shower on and took off her top. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and turned and just observed herself. She never really did like what she saw but she loved when Luke played with her breasts. Carla cupped her boobs and squeezed and rubbed them a little bit. She felt a tingle in her pants but stopped playing altogether. She took off her skort after taking out her hair elastic and turned around to look at herself in the mirror again. *Maybe I am a bit fat... but then again maybe I'm too hard on myself* she thought before taking her panties off and freeing her trimmed pussy. *That feels a lot better* she smirked as she hopped in the shower. She was washing her body with the soap that was there and she was feeling a bit horny because she had just gotten off her period. She lathered up her boobs until her pink tits got hard and she moaned quietly. *Fuck, I don't want him to hear me do this in HIS shower* so as she started to wash her pussy she calmed her moaning to heavy breathing. She found her clit and thanks to the lubrication the soap provided she worked herself into a frenzy. Her breathing was faster and the heat from the water just got her hotter. She heard a thud, dropped the soap and was brought back into reality.
"Luke?" *FUCK!* he thought, "Luke, is that you?" He couldn't close the door now, too late. His mind raced thinking what he could possibly do. While he thought Carla had popped her head out the shower. They both stood frozen looking at each other. Carla's eyes were transfixed on Luke's bulge in his pants. Luke saw her eyeing him and just kept playing with himself. He saw Carla bite her lip. She winked and nodded him to come join her in the shower. Luke almost came at the thought of it. He stopped playing, and stripped out of all of his clothes as quick as he could. He looked into the shower before he went in hoping to catch a sight of Carla naked first but she had her back turned. No words were spoken, they knew what they wanted. Luke fully went in and Carla turned around.

Luke gazed and took her all in. Wet hair, an intrigued look in her eye, her jaw dropping, her big soft boobs and her erect pink tits, her hour-glassing abdomen, her hips, her trimmed pussy with her clit sticking out and her long waxed legs.

Carla's eyes went right to Luke's cock which she had never seen in the flesh before. He was uncut and was trimmed like she was. The hard cock pointing at her sent her into a frenzy. Luke came pulled her body into his as they locked mouths. Their tongues danced as Luke softly began pushing his hardness into her body making Carla grip him tighter. She loved the feeling of the warmth from his cock against her body. Luke freed one of his hands and started tracing from her hip up her body to her boob. He grabbed it longingly and slightly roughly. Carla sighed hard as he let her boyfriend have his way putting her hand on top of his. She was in heaven as she felt his hand grip her boob roughly and his thumb flicking her already hard nipple. Luke did this several times and as he did, Carla shivered, twitched or moaned. Carla's hand dropped to Luke's cock as she rubbed the head through the foreskin with her thumb. Luke stopped playing with Carla's boob when he felt the sensation on his dick. She looked into Luke's eyes and then got on her knees. Carla started pumping her fist on his cock while still looking up at him. Luke's head rolled back and he began to moan softly. She kept pumping him slowly as she started to lick in circles on his balls causing him to moan louder.

*Fuck she's way too good at this* he thought in bliss. He felt her jerking him faster and looked down in lust at her. Carla looked back into his eyes, then at his cock as she pulled back the foreskin a bit and licked the head which was covered in precum. He nearly lost his stance at this new pleasure. Luke managed to stand back up regularly but Carla took more of his cock into his mouth.
"Oh fuck, Carla..." he panted out. She was now bobbing her head on his cock. Luke began to follow rhythm with some soft thrusting. He felt himself about to cum but he pulled out and looked down at her. "Your turn"

Luke got down on his knees too and told Carla to lie down. The shower stream was now on Carla's awaiting pussy. He looked up into her lustful eyes, pulled her lips apart slightly and gave a lick. Carla nearly died from the intense pleasure she felt. Luke looked up to see her reaction but she pulled him back to licking her pussy. He started licking really quickly sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. Periodically she would twitch and buck her hips when Luke hit her clit. Luke was enjoying the taste and kept on licking. He didn't know the hole where he was supposed to fuck so he just kept licking everywhere. He loved the way Carla was bucking her hips, turning her on was really getting him turned on.

Carla pulled Luke up and looked deep into his eyes, "Luke, I need you to fuck me now." she demanded
"Oh fuck." he just wanted to fuck her right then and there, "won't you get... you know"
"Oh no, I just finished my period. Now fuck me!"

Luke pushed Carla on her back. He put his cock up to her pussy and pulled back the foreskin. He pushed hard with his hips and he managed to slip into her. Carla softly screamed with pleasure and Luke moaned loudly. He kept it in her for a while not moving around while Carla's hips spasmed from the new sensation. Luke pulled his cock nearly all the way out before fucking hard back into her. Carla moaned out his name. Luke then started to fuck fast enjoying the sensation. Carla was very wet and very warm making it easy to slide in and enjoy it. Luke was fucking as quick as ever and was working himself to a quick orgasm. Carla's pussy was clamping and grasping hard on his cock and that was making him only cum faster. Carla was completely oblivious to anything around her other than the pleasure. She's never felt anything so good before and could feel her orgasm building.
"Oh fuck me harder Luke, I'm cumming. ohhhhhh"
"Me too babe mmmmm"

In an instant, both parties came. Luke fucked into Carla hard while he loss control and let his cock shoot out cum deep inside her wet pussy. Carla was twitching and bucking trying to have him fill her up completely. They both kept fucking until their orgasms subsided. They looked into each other's eyes and fell into a deep embrace and kiss.

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