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A dirty little tale of being a peasent servant girl
Clara had been a servant for Mr. Smith for nearly a year. As soon as she turned 16, her mother threw her out of the house in order to prevent Clara's father from enjoying her teen daughter's silky skin. As a result, Clara needed to find work to survive and luckily found employment as a maidservant. Mr. Smith expected his lovely servant to attend to all the regular chores-dishes, laundry, dusting-all the basic duties expected of a maid. He had never, in the near year of her service, openly attempted to gain more from his beautiful maid. However, the thought had many times crossed his mind.

Mr. Smith was an older bachelor and consequently, masturbated quite frequently, mostly to the thought of Clara pleasuring him. He loved the idea of lifting her voluminous skirts and sliding his hard dick between her moistened lips, pulling an orgasm from her young body. Mr. Smith was not the only man to lust after Clara, though. John, the stableboy who tended to the horses, also spent much of his time dreaming of dipping his dick into Clara's pussy.

Today was no different. Mr. Smith was in his chamber, caressing his large cock, living the fantasy of fucking Clara in his head. Clara, meanwhile, was downstairs, doing the laundry for the day, while the water boiled for dinner's soup. John was outside, performing his chores, and taking note that Mr. Smith's mare was in heat.

Dropping his tools, John sat on a wooden bench, releasing his hardening dick from his breaches. The purple head glistened with pre cum, and he began to stroke the pulsing rod, imaging Clara naked and on her knees in front of him. In his imagination, Clara's lips wrapped around his cockhead, sucking and licking his growing manhood. The mare sensed his growing need, panting and stomping in her stall.

John had never considered fucking the mare, but his need was growing and Clara's actions were only a figment in his imagination. Standing up, he dragged the bench to the mare's stall. Seeing her heat, he closed his eyes and pushed forward into her warmth, imaging his dick was burying itself into Clara's pussy rather than the mare's. The horse grunted at the feeling of his thrust, and John moaned at the suction on his cock. He began to thrust, harder and faster into the mare. He imagined Clara calling out to him, screaming his name. The idea of her moaning and whimpering beneathe him threw him over the edge, and John came into the waiting mare.

Unbeknowst to John, Clara has witnessed the entire scene. Needing some cream for the soup, she has walked into the barn, just in time to see John free his cock and begin to jerk off. She felt the heat and wetness build between her own loins, watching his hand slid up and down his hard rod. Surprisingly enough to her, she was not disgusted at John fucking the mare. In fact, she was incredibly turned on, the juice beginning to wetten her stockings.

After John came, Clara rushed into the house, attempting to continue her laundry and rid herself of what she had just witnessed. Mr. Smith would soon be coming down to check on her chores, and she did not want to have to explain why his laundry had not yet been completed. Leaning against the wash drum, she loaded the clothes into a large drum, which she would fill with water and then, by way of a crank, turn the clothes within the drum to ensure their cleanliness.

As she leaned against the drum, she began to turn the crank, vibrating the wooden structure. Due to her height, she stood on a small wooden stool, and for balance, leaned her pelvis against the drum. The result was the vibrations dancing through her already stimulated pussy. More wetness gathered in her loins, staining her stockings. Instead of fighting against the feeling, she continued to turn the crank faster, enjoying the shocks of pleasure coursing through her body. The vibrations tingled her pussy, dancing on her lonely clit. She began to buck against the drum, breathing harder and moaning softly. She lifted the front of her skirt, she slid her left hand into her panties, finding her precious clit while her right continued the vibration of the drum. Her liquid slid past her probing fingers, filling the room with the smell of sex.

Mr. Smith finished his morning jerk off. Entering the laundry room, he first heard the vibration of the wash drum. Then he smelled the scent of female sex and the moans and heavy breathing of Clara. His dick instantly became hard as he witnessed his nubile maid masturbating with the wash drum.

He simply could no longer control himself, and quickly walked up behind her. Lifting her volminous skirts, he slid his hard cock between her pert buttocks, enjoying the smooth silk of her skin. Clara let out a gasp, surprised due her to utter consumption in her task. He began to thrust his hips, his dick sliding between her ass cheeks and pushing her clit into the wash tub. Clara continued vibrating the tub, sending shock waves through her throbbing clit. The faster Mr. Smith thrust the faster Clara cranked the drum.

Reaching up, Mr. Smith freed Clara's beautiful breasts, bouncing with the momentum of his thrusts. Grabbing each in his hands, Mr Smith began to thrusting wilder. As a result, his cock found its true home and slid into Clara's soaking wet pussy. Both Clara and Mr. Smith moaned and groaned in pleasure, neither protesting the change in location. Clara stopped churning the drum, and instead began to churn her hips back into Mr. Smith's. Mr Smith, holding tight to Clara's breasts, pumped wildly into his maid. Her clit was being smacked simulataneously by his balls and the wooden drum, spurred on to more pleasure by her circling fingers. With a scream, Clara came, spilling her juice down the length of Mr. Smith's cock. A few seconds later, Mr. Smith let forth his cum, shooting his first load into the depths of Clara's warm snatch, and jerking out to finish on her silken buttocks. He quickly pulled up his trousers and was out of the room before Clara could even realize what had happened.

John, however, knew exactly what happened, having witnessed the entire spectacle. His hard dick led the way into the laundry room, hoping Clara would finally become his. Instead, he watched Clara's masturbation interrupted by her master, and his quick exit. Knowing this was his chance, John took his naked dick into his hand and walked into the room. Clara had taken a seat on the wooden stool, running her fingers through her soaking lips, enjoying the after effects of the pleasure. She was startled when John rubbed the head of his dick onto her lips, leaving a trail of precum. When she hesistated, John grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her closer to his cock. Her lips parted and swallowed the purple monster; Clara got her first taste of cock. Sucking and licking, Clara pleasured John's cock while her fingers thrust into her own pussy. John began to thrust into her mouth, savoring his fantasy come true.

In a few moments time, he was ready to fuck. Pulling her up from the floor, he threw her onto the table usually reserved for folding clothes. On her back, Clara spread her legs, eager for John's hard dick. He teased her with the head, wettening it with the juice of her sex and Mr. Smith's cum. He thrust forward hard, earning a scream of pleasure from Clara. Pumping wildly, John fucked Clara, spured on by the thought that she wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard. Clara's tits bounced, as John's dick slid in and out of her cunt. Sucking a nipple into his mouth, John licked and nipped on her hard nips. Clara's moans and groans became whimpers and screams as she began to orgasm. Her pussy rippled with pleasure around John's dick, pulling his spunk from his cock. He pulled out from her pussy, his first load landing on her tits. The rest made it into Clara's mouth as he forced the head past her lips, pumping multiple loads into her greedy mouth. John, as Mr Smith had done, pulled up his trousers and left before Clara could comprehend what happened. She was left lying spread eagle on the table, with many lovely thoughts to fuel the rest of her loads of laundry.
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