== The Party by LO ==

I was sitting alone, watching TV, when the boy peeked around the edge of the door and then came into the family room. He came over and sat down next to me. I could see he had on a dry swimsuit, so I knew he had not been in the pool yet. He had a bottle of wine with him, and it was already partially emptied.

"Hi," the boy said. "My name's Sammy."

" I'm Margie," I replied.

Sammy and I began talking for a while, and began to talk about boyfriends, girlfriends, and sex. I tried to seem knowledgeable and sophisticated, but mostly I just nodded my head and laughed at his remarks. He kept drinking the wine, and pretty soon I chugged some of it too after he held the bottle out for me to take.

I did not tell him that I was only fourteen and had just started high school in September. I was at a high school party for seniors, and I wasn't supposed to be there, but my older brother Gordon, who is seventeen, had been invited. Our parents told him he was supposed to stay home to watch me. He really wanted to go to the party, but the only way he could go was to take me along with him.

Gordon had driven us to the house, where the party was taking place. From the shouting and screaming, it sounded like most everyone was outside at the swimming pool. I had dressed myself in a short skirt and a loose top and had fixed my hair in a style that made be appear older. Gordon led me into the family room, which was completely empty, and quickly left to look for his friends, pulling the door shut behind him. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, but I was feeling a little bored and very lonely.

"Have you ever had sex?" Sammy finally asked.

"No," I replied, but to appear sophisticated I admitted, "I did make out a little and let a guy finger my pussy a couple of times."

"Did you give him a handjob?"

"I started to, but his mom came home, and we had to stop fooling around."

"Have you ever sucked a dude's cock?"

"No, I'm only sixteen." I deliberately added another two years to my real age. "I don't know much about things like that, but a guy kissed my pussy once, and I kissed the end of his cock."

"Wanna try doing it? I'll teach you how to suck a cock."

"I don't know. Maybe I'll think about it."

"Do you want to jerk me off?"

I put the bottle to my lips and took another large gulp. My head was already buzzing from the previous swigs.

"Okay," I said bravely, still trying to appear to be a big girl.

Sammy stood up and dropped his bathing suit down to his ankles. I began playing with his dick, fascinated by its growing length as I teased it. Then I began to stroke him and watched his face go through some changes. I took another pull on the bottle.

"Does this feel good?" I asked.

"Yeah, this is really nice, but blowing me would be better. Wanna do it?"

Well, I thought, that might be interesting. I was becoming even more dizzy, so I just giggled a little. Sammy kept after me to give him a blowjob, telling me that I was a really hot babe and said it would show how hot I was.

"Okay," I finally said. "Maybe I'll try it out."

Sammy did not give me any time to change my mind. He held out his dick in his hand and pushed it close to my face. I could see that it hot and swollen from jerking him. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled my face gently toward his swollen cock.

"Suck on it. Go ahead and put it in your mouth," he said.

There it was right before my mouth. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it rather gently for a minute. I was going to pull my mouth away, but Sammy forced my head to go up and down by grabbing my hair so that I could not escape.

"Now lick the underside of the shaft, babe, and suck on my balls too. Give me a nice head job. I know you can do it."

With his guidance, I was really getting into it and was becoming a bit excited by my lewd and brazen conduct. I started to go up and down his shaft, licking and tonguing his thick member, and began sucking his heavy balls. Then I returned to his cock, slurping the bulbous head. As he coached me, I was soon trying to take his entire cock into my mouth without gagging. Sammy was feeling my little tits and talking dirty to me. He pushed my panties aside and began rubbing my pussy. Soon he had inserted two fingers inside me.

I finally let the big rubbery prick loose and said, "I wanna be a real slut, so show me how."

"Don't worry about that," he assured me. "Get my cock in your mouth again. You are becoming a fine slut right now! Just suck away, babe. Your are doing just fine!"

I was soon back to fulfilling his dirty requests with my lips wrapped around his prick.

Sammy began moaning. "Oh shit! I... I'm com... coming. Do... Don't stop, ba... babe! K... Keep your mouth around my dick. Yeah, ba... babe, Ohhh yeah!"

I was busy trying to understood what Sammy was talking about. The next I knew, his thick semen was squirting into my mouth. I had little choice but to swallow his juices, even though a little dribbled out. He urged me to keep sucking on his dick, even after it softened so that I slurped up every drop of his juices. I milked a final few drops of his juice and swabbed them up, sucking the semen off my fingers.

As soon as we finished, Sammy told me he knew a way to make me an excellent slut. He pulled up his swimsuit and quickly headed for the door.

"Stay right there, babe," he directed. "I have some more slut lessons for you, so don't go anywhere."

He had left his bottle, so I took another big drink to wash the taste of his semen from my mouth. A few minutes later, Sammy was back, followd by a couple of his friends. He pushed the door shut behind him as they stared at me with lewd grins, appreciating my disarrayed clothing. I could see that they were still damp from the pool and wore nothing but their soggy swimsuits.

"Take off all you clothes, babe," Sammy told me.

I pulled off my clothes while each boy was rapidly yanking his swimsuit off. Sammy pulled me from the couch and made me kneel on the floor. Quickly, I was surrounded by Sammy's friends, their dicks already lay stiff in there hands anticipating the pleasure they were about to receive.

I was kept rather busy, wanking and sucking the array of firm pricks gathered about my face. I was constantly being reminded if I neglected one or another by having it poke my cheek. One by one, I sucked off each guy and swallowed his creamy semen. Apparently drained, they sprawled on the couch or just leaned against a chair or some other furniture. I appreciated the lewd, but flattering, comments they were making about my newly acquired oral skills.

"Damn, babe, you are some fine, cocksucking whore!" Sammy informed me, summing up the flattering remarks about me.

The wine I had consumed were having its full affect, somehow augmented by the loads of come I had swallowed. I picked up a couple of half-filled beer cans, which had been laid aside by the lads, and downed their contents. As I killed the second can, I saw Sammy sitting on the arm of a chair, slowly fingering himself, staring at my naked, sweat-streaked body. I realized that I had not sucked off Sammy again, but had merely briefly stroked his cock for him as he hand mingled in the throng that had gathered about me.

"How about giving me a nice fuck now," Sammy suggested. He rose and strolled casually over to me. He stood over me, urging me to kiss the swollen head of his dick.

Sammy then eased me onto my back, right there in the middle of the floor. Spreading my legs apart, he knelt between my thighs, running his fingers up and down my slit. His touch made me feel good. He finger-fucked me a little and watched me writhe with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, Sammy, that feels so good!" I murmured.

"You little whore," he laughed as he probed deeper into my vagina, "You are dripping wet. You really are getting a thrill out of this, aren't you?"

"Go ahead," I giggled drunkenly, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. I want you to do me. I want to feel your cock inside me. Then I want all of you to do it, so I can be a real slut."

As Sammy lowered himself on me, I raised my knees. He guided his dick up against my soft outer lips and abruptly rammed himself into me.

"Ow! That hurts!" I cried out as he slammed into me, but he clamped his lips over mine before I could make any further objection. Sammy shoved himself in deeper, and I could feel more pain between my legs. I thought he was in all the way, but he flexed his hips once again and finally sank deep into my torn pussy. Strangely, it was no longer so painful, but was an odd mixture of pain and pleasure, and the pleasure quickly winning over the pain. I suppose I was so drunk by that time that I was not really feeling much pain.

"Oh shit, guys, this slut has one tight little cunt," Sammy cried. He relaxed a moment as he bragged to his buddies about his fucking me, allowing my pussy to adjust to his cock.

Pretty soon they were all gathered around Sammy and me, watching him slowly stroke his hard dick in and out of my slick pussy. He felt rather good inside me. I was becoming warm and excited.

They all had their hard dicks dangling over my face, fingering themselves in anticipation of their turn at my pussy. Automatically, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around Sammy's waist, rolling and rocking my hips in time with his thrusts. Our audience cried out in appreciation of this unexpected lewd manuever.

I was aware that the door opened to allow more young guys to enter the room. I don't know what brought them, either the moans and shrieks of pleasure or the desire to find out what became of the others.

Suddenly, Sammy accelerated his grinding against me and trembled as he groaned appreciatively. I could feel him driving into my belly and knew he had shot a load of his rich cream into me.

"I'm next," someone yelled.

Dragging his limp dick from my juicy pussy, Sammy was quickly replaced by another young stud. One after another, the guys were rapidly pumping me full of man juice until I could feel it running out of my ruined pussy, drenching my inner thighs and ass crack.

Even with the discomfort of the second penetration, I began moaning from the illicit pleasure of this new wanton adventure. Again and again, I felt a hot flush of pleasure swell up from my pussy, spreading out in waves across my body. I was soon lost in a daze from the booze and the endless chain of orgasms.

Opening my eyes, I realized that my own brother was now kneeling between my legs, preparing for his own thrusting deep into my brimming pussy.

"Hey, Margie," he whispered as he prepared to fuck me, "if I knew you were going to give it away so easily, you could have given me a break at home long before this."

I could see he was a little annoyed to see his little sister being a slut for his friends. I decided to make it extra special for him, in spite of his having to accept, as I found out later, were "sloppy seconds." Actually, by this time, Gordon was number seven, and things were very sloppy indeed. Them semen that had been sprayed into me, was spreading in a thick, sticky pool on the rug under my ass. I noticed, looking down between my legs, that Gordon's cock was bigger and thicker that any of the others that had been in me. When I raised my arms to invite him to use my body, he quickly placed his manhood against my cunt lips.

I pulled his face to mine and kissed him hard on the lips while I wrapped my weary legs around him. Pushing his head to the side I whispered in his ear.

"Don't worry, Gordon. I'll fuck you as much as you want from now on. You should have told me how good it was. Now fuck my pussy really good, with that big dick, brother. Make me come again."

As soon as we got it on, he was too busy to be annoyed. I felt annother slight tinge of pain when he put his large, manly cock into me, but I was soon so into his thrusting with the background chorus of boys talking dirty, calling me a slut and whore, and cheering my brother on that I was soon overcome by a dizzying round of repeated orgasms.

After all the loads of hot come and thrills of the past hour, this was certainly my best fucking of the evening. I was moaning and screaming so much that all the boys began to cheer loudly. This brought the remaining party-goers into the steamy, raunchy room. Now the room was crowded with girls too. Almost all got into the spirit of things, and soon they were out of their bathing suits, even those few reluctant young ladies who needed to be helped out of their suits with a more than verbal persuasion.

I barely noticed the variety of positions and lascivious deeds going on around me and my brother. I was far too busy. I was in a pink fog of incestuous pleasure, bucking wantonly beneath my brother as he dipped deeply into my semen-soaked cunt. This one final fuck ended in our mutual orgasms. Gordon pumped his fertile seed inside my womb to mix with that of his pals.

I was so worn out when my Gordon and I were done that I could not get to my feet without his assistance.

"We've got to go, babe," he whispered into my ear. "We need to get home before mom and dad get there."

As I rose, I glanced groggily about me at the scene of depravity my own lewd actions had instigated. I saw prissy Marianna DiFrancesco sucking the cock of Billy Smith. Quiet, prim Debbie Finkelstein was getting it "doggy style" from Rob Cooper and was screaming at him to do it harder and deeper. Helen Reilly was sitting on top of Dean Wittinger, rising and falling on his stiff dick in a wild frenzy while his hands roughly fondled her large breasts and pinched her big nipples. Before I could see much more of this lascivious orgy, Gordon pulled me from the room and helped my get on the few of my garments he had noticed and gathered up. Anyhow, I never saw the panties I had worn again.

When we were in the car, he said he we had to keep mom and dad from finding out anything about this when they got home. I agreed, or thought I was agreeing as I leaned almost asleep against him. When we arrived home a few minutes later, Gordon quickly helped me upstairs and into the bathroom. We stripped off our sweaty, semen-stained clothes, and he mostly carried me into the shower because I could barely stand up by myself.

There was a lot of touching, and I could see my brother was getting excited again along with me, so I grabbed hold of his stiff cock. Gordon pushed my hand away and cautioned me we needed to calm down.

"Enough for now, you little slut! We have to appear to be in good shape when mom and dad get home. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash to kill the odor of all that booze you were drinking."

I giggled, but made a real effort to clean myself up, especially my sore pussy. I hoped all that semen was draining out of me. Gordon got us both dried off. By this time I was feeling a bit more sober. I got into my nightie by myself and climbed into bed. Gordon put on some fresh clothes and went downstairs. I heard him turn on the TV as I fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at my clock. I saw it was about five in the morning. I saw why I was awake. My door was opening and closing very slowly, and I saw the dark, shadowy shape of Gordon slipping inside my room. I sat up and lifted my blanket to welcome him, and my brother slid into my bed next to me.

Gordon put his hand on the naked flesh under my nightie and whispered into my ear.

"How do you feel now, okay? If you still want to be a slut, then you can be my slut."

"Okay," I whispered back, feeling his hands begin to stroke my naked skin. "You can have me whenever you want, and I want you right now."

"We gotta be quiet. Mom and dad were a bit loaded when they got home. They are probably sound asleep and won't wake no matter how much noise we make, but let's not take any chances."

We lay there in the semi-darkness, kissing and touching, slowly removing our night clothes. Soon Gordon was between my legs again. As I spread my thighs apart for him, he began to push into me, and I felt a little pain. I pressed my mouth against his and moaned weakly. He worked his entire length into me, allowing me to experience the wonderful stuffed feeling of his large cock totally inside my pussy.

I kicked away the blanket and sheet. I was hot with the passion of our incestuous joining. I entwined my legs around his and met each of his thrusts with my own enthusiastic heaving of my young pelvis. We took our time with this love-making, for it was love, not only of our sexual union but also of the feelings between brother and sister. It was so sweet to be enmeshed together like this.

In spite of the slow and deliberate copulation, we came far too soon. Gordon gasped and rammed himself deep inside me before resuming his movements. I lifted myself against him and the gentle touch of his balls slapping against my ass titillated me to a deep orgasm. I moaned weakly into his ear as his brotherly semen flowed into my youthful womb.

When we are home alone together now, whenever we want each other, he can fuck me and I can fuck him. We have experimented with all kinds of positions and techniques. Thankfully, we knew where mom and dad had hidden a old marriage manual, filled with detailed advice and even a few instructive drawings. Especially useful were the instructions on how to keep from becoming pregnant. My brother bought a box of rubbers and wears them each time we fuck. Thankfully, that orgy and our subsequent love-making did not result in my getting pregnant.

My mom would KILL me!

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Zune and iPod: Most people cropame the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It's very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

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my brothers friends fuck me all the time, and sometimes two and three of them together. my brother never touches me, but he likes to watch. i wish he would fuck me too

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you people r sick


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A good story, but you should get pregnant. Mabe son can get mom into the act and sister can get dad and have a 4 way with mom and sister both getting pregnant.

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the guys "fingering" themselves refered to them play with their cocks but not quite jacking off

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