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If you haven't read any of the previous stories, you're going to be lost...
Katie’s screams for help echoed throughout the Warehouses. She reaches up as he pulls her hair, trying to get some sort of relief from the tough and sharp pain on her head.

“Where the fuck are you taking me?!?!?!?” Katie screams out to her captor as he keeps on dragging her through the dark and abandoned streets.

“Go head, scream all you want…” He says to her as he grins. “Kinna like that…”

Katie’s watery eyes looks around. The blinking lights of the industrial neighborhood are soft and slow glowing. No houses for miles. Just warehouses and factories belching steam and smoke. She is pulled up a rusty ramp, and through a heavy iron door that clangs shut once they’re inside the desolate room.

A dim light casts long shadows in the large room. Chains and assorted benches and restraints line the walls and ceiling. Katie takes this all in as quietly she hears a soft and quiet whimper from a large cage in the corner of the room, darkness consuming most of it. She turns her head into the direction of the gentle cries, but immediately her head is jerked back by the Man’s thick hands grasping her hair.

He moves her roughly, like some cruel puppet master, dragging her to what looks like a horse saddle-shaped bench in the middle of the room. He lays her out on her back and pulls her hands and arms over her head. Katie feels the cold touch of steel on her wrists as he closes the restraints. Another movement and she feels the same thing on her small ankles as he forces her legs painfully wide apart.

Katie remains silent as he watches him restrain her down, not knowing what to expect after a night like this. The Man looks down at her and chuckles softly. Soon he walks out of sight into the shadows. Katie turns her head back and forth, trying to figure out a way to escape.

From the shadows, the sound of a soft clang is heard. Katie turns her head to the place of the sound where the cage stood.

The Man walks into the light, dragging with him a bedraggled redhead girl, her skin freckled and milky, fresh tear marks on her face. They both exchange deep stares, both seeing the same fear in each other.
A collar circles her neck as she hesitantly approaches Katie, being directed by The Man. He unzips his pants, slowly stroking his cock into hardness yet again as he says loudly to the girl, “Clean this bitch up…”
The girl walks closer to Katie, slightly whimpering. As she comes into the light, the signs of her beatings are visible and clear as day: welts, bruises, scars, and other signs of abuse are all over her body. She looks up to the Man briefly before sinking her head down between Katie’s legs. The soft red curls of hairs lightly tickle Katie’s thigh as her tongue begins to dart in and out of her pussy lips.

Katie gasps for air as what feels like electricity runs through her body. Her body starts to writhe as this girl licks her pussy, her restraints being tested.

The Captor grins as he surveys the sick little scene. Soon he grabs a hold of the little Redhead’s waist and slams his cock into her cunt.

The girl’s lapping increases as she whimpers and cries softly against Katie’s pussy. The intense hammerings push her rhythmically back and forth against Katie’s clit and pussy lips, despite the girl’s quiet protests.

“Yeahh,” The Captor says as he slams into the redhead. “Thass right, feels good, don’t it?” His cock drills the redhead as he watches Katie intently, getting off to her forced pleasure.
She looks away as she tries to avoid his lustful stare. Her mind fills with disgust knowing he is watching and getting off to this. Katie’s mind fills with shame, replacing the disgust, and begins to cry softly as she feels the soft tears from the Redhead splash down onto her pussy.

The Captor growls, pumping harder as he ravages her abused cunt. Katie watches him tense up as he cums inside the Redhead’s pussy, her weeping vibrating Katie’s pussy even as she increases her lickings. As he finishes, he keeps his cock inside of her and leans forward to get a closer view of what she’s doing.

Subtly he directs her, making her push Katie to the heights of pleasure even as Katie is lost in shame. She hears his raspy voice as he whispers to the redhead, “Get her odd or I’ll use the cigarettes again…” Immediately her lickings become deeper, more urgent. It’s all Katie needs to cum again. Her pussy gushes the sweet nectar as the little Red Head laps it all up with her little and powerful tongue.

The Man grunts as he slides out of her, his cock making an awful slopping noise as he stands her up and pushes her toward Katie. “Now make her clean you up…” he says to the Red Head.

She whimpers as she approaches Katie, raising her hips up to slide her pussy over Katie’s mouth. The Man chuckles as his cum slowly drips onto Katie’s face from the Red Head’s cum filled pussy. The Red Head slowly lowers her body onto Katie’s face even more. Having no other choice, Katie begins to lick the first pussy she has ever licked.

She begins to moan low, and slowly starts to grind on her face, slowly at first, but becoming more urgent and slightly more aggressive. Her pussy grows wetter under Katie’s diligent and inexperienced lickings.
Katie jumps a little at first as she feels her Captor between her legs with his cock sliding into her wet hole slowly as he matches almost perfectly the Red Head’s downward thrusts onto Katie’s face. Katie puts up no resistance even if she wanted to, for fear of getting the same punishments the Red Head has received.

The Red Head moans as her tiny gasps of pleasure increase. Her grindings become more and rougher as she reaches down and takes Katie’s hair into her fists, forcing her toward her clit. Her grip is tight and painful as she stares into her eyes. The pain in her eyes mixes with a lustful cruelty. Katie’s thighs slap as The Man continues to pump away. Her eyes well up in tears as the sharp, hot pain in her thighs from his slapping grows, and the heavy weight put on her mouth as the Red Head rides Katie’s wiggling tongue.

Katie licks with more urgency in the hopes of getting air. Her muffled moans for help are all that the Red Head needed. The wet and abused pussy of the Red Head tensed up and released a surge of her warm and sweet cum, still mixed with The Man’s cum onto Katie’s face and tongue.

As she shivers briefly and lightly rubs her pussy over Katie’s face The Black Man grunts loudly and pumps Katie full of his warm and sticky seed once again. The Red Head whimpers, looking up at him, unsure of what to do. He quickly drags her over to a large number of sex toys on a nearby wall. Methodically, he chooses a massive strap on. The Red Head steps into it hesitantly, but with a slight lustful gleam in her eye.

“I’m leaving you two bitches for the night, but I expect you to be good fucking little whores for me…” He grins as he pushes the Red Head down between Katie’s wide open legs. He pulls her arms up, affixing each to chains dangling from the ceiling, securing her there, but allows her legs to move freely.

“You keep that cock in her, bitch.” He says to her as he grabs her face and jerks it into his face. “If I come back tomorrow, and it ain’t in her…” He lets the last sentence trail off as he gives he a meaningful look.

She hesitates, and then begins to slide the massive head into Katie. It slides in with ease from the Man’s cum already lubricating her pussy. Katie begins to cry softly, staring off into space as her quiet whimpers fill the room. She knows that this is going to be the rest of her life, locked away as a sex slave.

The Man walks to the back of the room, into the darkness. Just before the door shuts with a loud clang, he shouts back to them, “Get her nice and stretched! We got another party tomorrow!...”

The girl, alone with Katie, begins to move the large strap on into Katie in slow, grinding motions as she tries to pleasure her only friend in this bleak existence. The dildo slides into her slower and slower until it’s fully engulfed into Katie’s abused and sore cunt.

Katie lays there in her chains as the dildo slowly moves into her. She cries softly into the quiet room as the soft and gentle pushes of the dildo give her some comfort.

The Red Head’s voice, cracked and broken from so many nights of crying and sobbing, echoes in the chamber of horrors. “Feels… so… good…” She whispers softly. Her thrusts become more rapid. She grinds her body against Katie’s as she gets more bold, taking her pleasure from using Katie.

Katie’s body writhes in silent orgasm as she feels the Red Head’s grindings against her body. Soon enough, the Red Head climaxes, her thighs quivering against Katie’s as the Red Head moans in shame.
The lights slowly dim as she fades, her exhaustion taking over, the cock still deep inside of Katie. As darkness slowly consumes the room even more, the soft blinking of a red light goes on and on in the corner of the room.

Katie moves her thighs against the Red Heads in an attempt to get her attention. Slowly the girl stirs from her exhaustion nap, looking down at Katie.

“He video tapes this sick shit?” Katie asks. Her voice is soft and cracked.

“He… He…” She sobs a little. “… He brings the ones that want us…”

The tears of memories from the Red Head land softly onto Katie’s naked chest. Katie takes her thighs and softly rubs them against the Red Head in some attempt to console her now only friend.The darkness takes over completely, throwing the room into total darkness, save for the red light blinking, and blinking, and blinking…

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When I first started this storie I was not sure that I would like it But as I get into it I fined that it is really REALLY making me HOT and HARD as a steel pipe and I would LOVE to do this to a couple of hot little girls. Especially if thay were underage baby bitches oh say around 14 to 16 years old. I love the idea of burning them with cigarettes especially there tits and nipples, OH MY how thay would screem and cry and how I would CUM AND CUM with a never ending hard on for my little baby bitche/slut/whores. So nice. So nice. I love to make a underage little bitch screem and cry in pain as I rape and fuck them in all of there holes.

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Part Four is being written. It's just been busy for me lately to write anything. But rest assured, it will be soon.

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oh man u need to write part 4!

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is there a part 4? please

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