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He LOVES white girls, the sluttier the better
Darren was a brotha on a mission. It was Friday night and the club lights were coming up and it was time to take someone home and this white chick he’d been talking to didn’t even put up the pretense of playing hard to get. Darren had more than Jungle Fever; he had Sub-Saharan Tropical Rain Forest Malaria and slutty white girls were his penicillin. The object of his affection smelled of beer, cigarettes, and hair spray. Her drug-store eyeliner was smudged and all that was left of her lipstick was a barely detectable line of equally cheap, pink lip-liner framing her thin lips. The rest of her lipstick was adorning the six or seven bottles of beer she’d consumed. Her name was Jeannie . . . Janey . . . Jenny, something like that, but her name really didn’t matter to him. She was so wasted, he could have called her Matilda and she probably wouldn’t have noticed. She grabbed her purse and air kissed the girlfriends she had gotten a ride with goodbye and trailed behind Darren, stumbling and teetering on her cheap heels, completely comfortable leaving with a total stranger she’d only met an hour ago.

Darren held her arm, making sure she wouldn’t fall and bust her ass. When they got outside to his truck, he had to hold her blonde hair back from her face as she blew big chunks in the parking lot. Better projectile vomit there than in his vehicle. Behind the tinted windows and feeling better having relieved herself of some of that alcohol, she started chatting away. “Turn on the radio. Ohhhh, 50cent, I LOVVVE him. He’s so gangsta. You know what I mean? Keeping it real. From the streets. Word. Me and my girlfriends would love to just hang out with him and his homies, ya know?” She turned up the radio as loud as it would go and leaned out the window like she was a Crip in South Central. Never mind the fact that the closest she’d ever been to any hood was getting lost in Hartford once and driving into an area where she felt like she had to lock her doors. “And his wife Beyonce is so pretty right? She’s got a real badunkkadunk. She’s got some junk in the trunk, you know what I’m saying? Drop it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s hot. Black women have the best asses. I wish I had a big ole booty like black women.”

Darren was concentrating on the drive home. He contemplated telling her that Beyonce was married to Jay-Z, not 50cent, but what was more important to address was the fact that she had struck a nerve with him and he had to set her straight. “I don’t like those big, jungle butts. Fuckin’ black chicks wit their Ubangie butts ‘n shit, n’ big lips n’ shit. Fuck dat. Gorilla lookin’ bitches . . ." He was hardly finished detailing what he considered the many repulsive features of Black women but Jenny passed out somewhere in the middle of his diatribe.

She woke up and continued on with her conversation like she hadn’t missed a beat. “What do you do? I go to school at Stamford. I’m studying to be a whatchamacallit, a anthropologist, they study people, you know what I’m saying? I really want to be a interior designer or a makeup artist but my parents made me take anthropologism. It totally sucks. What do you do? Are you a drug dealer? You look like this guy I fucked once who was a drug dealer. He had some awesome X, dude. God, his cock was huge. Black guys are really packing. I only fuck black guys, you know what I’m saying? You know what they say, ‘Once you go black you never go back.’ Black guys are the bomb in bed. Man, I swear if my dad ever found out that I was fucking niggers . . . oops, sorry, I mean niggazz, you now what I’m saying, he would kill me.” Jenny’s penchant for talking without caring if the other person contributed or not, heightened by her inebriation, didn’t seem to bother Darren one teeny, tiny, little bit. He wasn’t even particularly disturbed by the fact that her “hood” vernacular came directly from MTV or that she had stereotyped him as a degenerate. He thought she was hot and that was all he cared about.

They arrived at Darren’s apartment in no time at all. It was a fairly decent complex with a pretty diverse group of residents, not too extravagant, certainly not the ghetto. They pulled into the parking lot in front of his building and Jenny couldn’t wait to get things started. The second Darren turned off the engine, she dove for his cock. She didn’t mind the taste of another woman’s pussy on his dick, or at least she didn’t say that she did, because Darren had fucked some random bitch in the bathroom at the club for a hot minute. It had been just long enough to get his dick wet but not enough to cum, so he was ready for some head and then some hot pussy. Jenny didn’t disappoint. She sucked his cock like a porn star, gagging on it and deep throating it, spitting on it and begging to get her face fucked, all while still in the front seat of his car.

It was time for them to get more comfortable so he pushed her away, with some difficulty mind you, she was really intent on giving him head, and zipped up. True to the nature of most drunken white girls, Jenny felt the need to flash her tits to the world in the cool night air. Some old white dude had paid good money for her brand new 38DD’s in exchange for the opportunity to eat her pussy any time he called and she was damn proud to show them off whenever the mood hit her. “Yeah, you like my hot, fucking tits, Derrick? Woo Hoo!” If she’d been on the beach in Daytona during Spring Break, it might have been appropriate. At 2:30 in the morning in a residential apartment complex in Connecticut, it was rude and inconsiderate. And apparently, knowing his name wasn’t a priority to her either.

The lights in the first floor apartment came on with all the commotion and Darren quickly grabbed Jenny by the arm and quickly pulled her towards the stairs to his second-story walk up. His downstairs neighbor was used to being awakened by Darren and his endless string of trampy white women in the middle of the night.

“Quiet down,” he said, “that fucking bitch who lives downstairs from me is always giving me dirty looks. She’s just fucking jealous I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.”

“YEAH, FUCKING JEALOUS CUNT BITCH!” Jenny yelled into the night towards the complete stranger’s apartment. “I’m going to get this big, fucking, black cock and you won’t get any, you ugly whore.”

Darren’s downstairs neighbor was neither ugly nor was she a whore. She was a quiet, attractive, young Black woman who was far more tolerant as a neighbor than most people would have been. She never called the cops or anything but she didn’t bake cookies for him at Christmas either. Darren hated her with a passion because he just knew that every time she looked at him that she was judging him for dating white women exclusively. It really didn’t matter that he was completely fabricating her thoughts in his mind. He especially couldn’t stand the sight of her because she wore her hair in dreadlocks and he thought it was just plain stupid to wear a hairstyle that reminded the whole world that her hair was nappy and ugly. He kept his own head shaved bald so he didn’t have to answer questions from girls about his own particularly dense hair texture.

Darren had never, not once in his life, dated a Black woman. From the time he was in the first grade, he wanted to sit next to the white girls, just like all the women he saw on TV. When all the little white boys on his little league team were making fun of him, making a game out of calling him the various racial slurs they’d learned from their older brothers and neighborhood friends, he learned then that being white was better than being black. In his little adolescent mind, he wished he could be white. He knew he couldn’t but as long as white girls liked him, he felt validation. He especially hated black girls because they reminded him that he would always be those names the other boys called him. In high school he was a jock and he played sports year round in order to be with all the cheerleaders. In his predominately white college, he was the campus stud, having white girls line up in the dorm hallway to swing on his Mandingo cock. He made it known to the few black girls on campus that even an ugly white girl was WAY better than any black girl. He didn’t like the fat ones so much, but he’d rather have a slutty looking white girl to bang than a black chick any day of the week.

Now that he was a productive member of the community, holding down a job as a fireman, he had plenty of Black male friends, all of whom only dated white women coincidentally. He stayed as far away from Black women as he possibly could. He thought Black women were ugly, loud, unsupportive, sassy, and stupid. The KKK could have used him as a spokesperson when it came to his opinion of black women. He’d never even so much as had a conversation with a Black woman other than his mother and his sister, let alone dated one, so he had no way of knowing what Black women were really like. Assured that there wasn’t a burglar breaking in or that no one needed assistance, his downstairs neighbor turned off her light just as the pair passed her front door and Darren said in a voice loud enough to make sure she heard, “Black bitch.”

That inspired Jenny to give her little speech about race, loud enough for all the neighbors to hear. “What the fuck is her problem? Doesn’t she know color doesn’t matter? Geez, Martin Luther King said that thing about . . . you know . . . about how color doesn’t matter. I’m not racist. I only fuck Black cocks. Get over it you fucking jungle bunny, slavery was over a long time ago.” It was pretty much assured that Jenny wouldn’t be getting a job doing diversity or sensitivity training upon graduation.

Once inside his sparsely furnished apartment, Jenny wanted the party to start. “You got any meth? I need something to keep my buzz going. Fuck, I need a drink really bad.” She started pulling off her denim mini skirt, g-string, and top, of course, leaving on her heels, and started posing like Paris Hilton at a photo shoot. “Hey,” she said with a flash of drunken brilliance, “why don’t you call some of your friends over and we can all party, you know what I’m saying, and get really freaky. I need some fucking black horse cock rammed in me. Gangbang style, you know what I’m saying? I swear, I’m such a fucking slut, right?”

Darren handed her a glass of straight vodka and she downed it in one gulp. He ignored her question about calling some friends because he wanted her all to himself. He wanted to prove to her that he was all the savage beast she needed. He was going to blow her back out with all eight, thick, ebony inches of his equipment. He was certainly larger than average by every calculation and most white guys would KILL to have a cock as big as his, but he felt insecure because he didn’t have a 12 inch dick and he didn’t need the completion.

His bedroom was just as desolate as the rest of the apartment, with only a mattress on the floor; two pillows and filthy sheets that looked like they had been screwed on a few times too many that were crumpled up in the corner. Darren pushed her down roughly but that was okay with her. Jenny wanted to play and play hard so she made it known. “Come on, fuck this dirty white cunt. You love this nasty white pussy, don’t you?” She spread her legs and bared her bald slit. At 5’3” and a couple of ounces shy of anorexic, she looked like the pre-teen she was trying to emulate with her shaved twat. With the exception of her massive fake tits, she couldn’t didn’t have enough meat on her to cover her rib cage or hipbones.

She rammed three fingers in her loose, sloppy twat and started fucking herself. She shoved those same fingers in her mouth and sucked them, tasting her juices but more importantly, getting them wet so she could shove them in her asshole. Flipping over on her knees, she rammed her fingers in her ass. Ray Charles could see that she had fisted her own ass numerous times in the past, or at least someone had fisted her, considering the ease with which she took those three fingers. She made a show of licking her ass juice off her fingers and ramming them back up her asshole a few times. “Oh yeah, I want you to fuck my tiny white asshole too, ram your big, black cock up there.”

Darren didn’t want be on deck anymore, it was time for his turn at bat. He took off his clothes and climbed on top of her. They kissed, swapping spit and tongues. Her thin, non-existent lips, in comparison to his full, sensual lips, were ideal to him. He liked anything that wasn’t like him. He loved her pointy, pug nose, her stringy, dyed blonde hair felt luxurious in his tight grasp, her pale skin that was now red with arousal looked erotic next to his own, smooth chocolate skin. Having a flat ass was WAY better in his mind than having a butt that looked like it belonged on an African savage swinging from the trees. His dick couldn’t get hard unless he saw the contrast in skin color.

Fantasies fueled by race ignited his desires. He found it erotic to think of himself as a slave on the plantation, taking the slave master’s wife. With that one single act of fucking her, he became the untamed Mandingo buck, getting his chance at the desirable white woman. He was the mack-daddy pimp, owning the white whore. Name a racist stereotype and it was sure to get his dick hard. He was proving to those white boys on the baseball field who were all grown up now that he was just as good as them because he could fuck any white woman he wanted. And when he finally got one knocked up, he was going to have kids that would never remind him that he was a descendent of cotton picking, illiterate slaves who were the victims of slavery, not sexually aroused by it. Color mattered to Darren because to him, his identity, his sexuality, his entire reality was tied to the fact that he believed with all his heart that white women were better. Moreover, he believed that being with a white woman made him better.

Jenny was getting her own jungle fever needs filled as well. Fucking black guys was dirtier than fucking white guys. Fucking black guys was beneath her, so that made it more thrilling. Most of her girlfriends knew the real deal but there were still a few holdouts that thought it was nasty to let a black guy touch them. It was her mission to convert them to nasty sluts for Black cock whenever she could so that they could enjoy the sensation of being a dirty, filthy nigger-loving whore. And as long as she said, “I’m not racist,” after the fact, it didn’t bother her at all that she never saw Black men as real human beings, just studs with oversized genitalia to service her insatiable appetite for extreme and perverse levels of degradation and abuse.

An intelligent person might want to contemplate what made this privileged, twenty-something white girl, who had never had a responsibility in her life, crave being used like a fucking rag doll by black men while spewing the most vile racist epithets . . . but who has time for such cerebral musings?

For all of his admiration and love for white women outside the bedroom, when it came time to fucking, he couldn’t degrade them enough. Jenny wasted no time in getting between his legs and giving him head. She grabbed his erection and started stroking it, making it leak precum. She licked the salty treat and told him how good he tasted. She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and Darren could barely control himself. She went down on it slowly, licking and sucking with painstaking precision. She was getting every black inch wet with her mouth and tongue and sucking it expertly with her lips. Jenny was moaning and slobbering all over his dick like a cock-craved whore and fingering her pussy at the same time. Darren grabbed her semi-golden hair and twisted it in his hand and shoved her mouth down on his dick, making her choke and gag. He held her head down and she thought she was going to pass out. That made her pussy leak even more. He fucked her throat hard and deep, not caring at all about if she was experiencing pain, and she was. He gave her enough time to gasp for air and he began fucking her mouth harder slapping her face and calling her a stupid cunt.

Jenny wanted more. She wanted to taste his cum and she didn't care how Darren treated her. She was looking him in his eyes and asking him if he liked it. Darren was out of his mind; it was sensory overload. She focused on sucking the engorged vein on the underside of his dick and it allowed him to calm down enough to regain normal control of his breathing. The room was spinning and it felt like it was 100 degrees in there. She started humming on his dick, sending vibrations up his spine and talking dirty. She was proving herself to be a filthy nasty slut desperate for cum and abuse from any black man that would fuck her senseless.

“You like my mouth on your hard cock? Treat me like a filthy white whore; it makes me feel good when you say nasty things to me. Treat me like a dirty white slut. Use me. Use me with your superior black cock.”

He grabbed her head one last time and started moving it up and down on his dick, fucking her throat like she was a rag doll. Jenny gagged but it only seemed to inspire her to be that much nastier. It seemed she couldn’t get it wicked enough, she was in a zone where she wanted to be debased and used like a cheap prostitute. She was deep throating him and stroking him and licking his balls. The raunchier she got, the more she needed verbal stimulation.

“Come on you fucking white cunt, suck my fat dick. Show me what a slut you are for that fuck meat in your slutty mouth. Choke on my hard dick bitch. Look at you, you fucking filthy cocksucker. Suck my god damn cum out of my big hairy balls. Lick that fuck tool real good and get it nice and wet so I can ram it in your wet pussy. Yeah, I’m going to fuck you senseless. Is that what you want? You want me to ram this big hard black cock in you so hard you scream like it’s going to rip you apart? What sort of nasty whore gets off on sucking my dick like that? Maybe I will bring all my friends by and let them take turns using your body and they can pay me for the chance to ram their big black dicks in your nasty asshole, pussy and mouth,” he taunted her. “You'd like that wouldn't you? Sucking all those hard black cocks after they fuck you in the ass? You like that you dirty slut?"

Jenny wasn’t satisfied, she wanted more and she wasn’t afraid to go for it. She was in a sexual fog, a lust inspired by the fulfillment of her nasty dreams and she started screaming for him to use her, not caring if the upstairs, downstairs or next door neighbors heard her. “I want more. I want to show you how REALLY nasty white cunts are.” She got between his legs and lifted them up. He knew he hadn’t showered for more than 12 hours and his ass was ripe with sweat and musk. Jenny seemed to not notice or care one little bit. She seemed to delight in looking at the brown hole and Darren was pushing out, making it open and close for her. “Oooooh, talk really, really dirty to me, make me feel like a nasty whore.”

Darren didn’t hesitate for a second. “Oh yeah, eat my dirty asshole. Stick your tongue in there and lick it out good, Get it nice and clean like a good slut should. Taste that hole you and lick it good and deep.”

She didn’t waste a second and started licking and kissing and sucking his brown hole. There weren’t many things Darren loved more than a tongue in his ass and he was grinding his ass on her face and pulling his cheeks apart so she could get deep. Jenny looked up at him and stared straight in his eyes as she said, “Mmmm, I love the way your ass tastes. It makes my slutty white pussy so wet to know that I’m being such a dirty whore for you.” Then she went back to her feast, sucking Darren’s asshole like a woman possessed. The filthy nature of her words and actions, he thought, was the way sex was supposed to be: primal and raw, animalistic and dirty. She was in sexual nirvana. Darren held his legs wider as he enjoyed the sensation of his sexy white bitch making a feast of his ass.

Jenny loved every second of it and she wanted more. This was the treatment she craved, being treated like a depraved and perverted white whore and who better to do that than the sexy black god with a smooth brown body, rippling muscles, a juicy booty and a dick of death? Darren had to stop for a minute and wonder exactly what sort of limits this white bitch had if any and the idea of how filthy could get almost made him work a load up from his nuts.

There was no need for pretense because Jenny was a woman that needed to get fucked and fucked hard. She was desperate to feel every inch of that hard meet rammed in her cunt walls and she needed him to do it hard and fast and rough like only he could. He grabbed her hair and pulled it like reigns on a philly. She responded by chanting, “Fuck me, fuck me, NOW!”

Darren took careful aim. He lined up the fat head of his dick with her slutty hole. He grabbed her hips and with one fluid, fast motion, he rammed the entire length of his dick deep in her uterus. She screamed out in pain but that didn’t stop her from begging for more. Darren began fucking Jenny with his force and she took it all and begged for more. He worked his thumb up her ass and she started using her muscles to coax out another load of cum. He started smacking that pale ass and reached around to her huge tits. He mauled her tits, pinching her nipples and causing her to moan. He squeezed her inflated chest so fucking hard she was surely going to have bruises the next day. He pulled them and twisted them with his dark fingers and she encouraged him to do it harder. “Pull my fucking nipples black mother fucker. Make them hurt. Slap them. Ohhh, it feels so good.”

Jenny was fucking him back extraordinarily hard, grunting and snorting like a crazed animal. “I need what every filthy white slut can’t get enough of. I need you to fuck me in my nasty asshole. Please? Fuck my white ass with your big, black cock.”

He pulled out of her pussy and saw her juices all over his erection. She had taken his finger with no problem so he spit on her asshole and started to work more fingers in. “Damn you Darren, ram it in there and make it hurt. I don’t want you to give a damn about me, use my asshole, rip it apart. Shoot your cum deep in my ass. Make me cum from dicking my shithole and then make me lick your dirty cock clean.”

“You fucking bitch, you asked for it. I don’t want you to complain one little bit that it hurts either. You better beg for more. I want you screaming and begging me to fuck the shit out of you, for me to never stop, you hear?”

“What are you waiting for? Slam it up my ass. Fuck this slutty white bitch in her backdoor. What’s the matter? Afraid my tight little ass will make you nut too fast? Yeah, it takes a real man to handle a hot, sexy hole like this, not a little boy.” Her teasing had one objective, to ensure that Darren fucked her until he fucked her unconscious.

The head of Darren’s dick didn’t even look like it could fit in such a small hole. He held his dick still as he pushed the tip in. Jenny gasped for air and gripped the sheets tightly, sweat was forming on her body and she was in agony and ecstasy. The sensation of Jenny’s tight ass ring on the shaft of his member was so intense, he was sweating trying to work all 8 inches in and he didn’t understand how she could even take it all so easily. Jenny took control and started fucking him back. “Fuck my naughty asshole, make me a bad girl. Make me crave getting used by big black cock in my asshole. Make sure I never want white cocks again.”

Darren grabbed her hips and started pounding. Jenny lowered her head and stuck her ass up in the air so the last few inches could get the right angle and sink deep in her ass. Darren could smell the earthy, strong aroma of ass fucking and it was intoxicating. Jenny was moaning loader, begging for it harder. Ass fucking was supposed to be dirty and primal and filthy in every way and Jenny and Darren were two untamed wild animals that were lost in debauchery and pleasure. Jenny had craved the sensation of losing herself to a man completely and she started to cum. It was a mental orgasm, a freedom from society and rules and inhibitions.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum. Fuck the shit out of me. Shoot your cum deep in me. Empty your nuts in my slutty white asshole. Make me shit out your baby juice all night long.”

Darren grabbed her hips and started ramming himself deeper and harder, practically ramming Jenny’s head in the wall. “OHHHH FUCK! Take it whore, take my load.” He pulled out and shot his load in her mouth and Jenny sucked every drop of his sticky, sweet cum. He pushed her down on the bed and wiped his dick off on the sheets in the corner.

When all was said and done, it was just another typical Friday night for Darren. He would drop her off in the morning and they would exchange numbers like they were really going to keep in touch with each other. Next week, there would be another slutty white woman in his bed, whose name he might or might not remember, begging him to use her, fulfilling her dark-continent fantasies.

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Mmmm nice story....I love rough treatment.

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2015-06-14 17:58:55
"get real, no white lady would ever act this way. this is just another black fantasy. reverse discrimination"

I laughed,their are white women who act like this. Whit my girlfriend acts like this 1/10 of the times when we smash.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-18 12:34:17
My ex-wife acted like this to score some coke and get another front. It went on for almost a year. She was doing 6 man gang bangs within a couple months.

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2009-09-26 02:40:45
That was fucking good! I love it when a white slut takes a black dick in her ass!

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