It all started when I was 13.....

My ma and pops got divorced that year. During the break-up they sent me off to Grandma's for a while. Gram was widowed at a young age and loved having the company. At this time she was not much older than 50 and carried along a plump figure. 5'4 give or take with a huge set of natural tits and an ass you could set your coffee mug on. To cope with my parents divorce I had been stealing my pops' pornos and experimenting with masturbation. About 3 hours after stepping in my grams house I was kicking myself for not bringing any.

One morning, just as everyother I woke up and ran down to the kitchen for breakfast. I remember trying to discreetly get a glance of grams tits as she wore a loose fitting nightgown with no bra. After eating gram started walking upstairs to her bedroom (directly across from mine) and yelled down to me.

" Donny, can you grab my bra out of the dryer?"

"No problem gram!"

I raced down the basement stairs and opened the dryer. I dug in and grabbed a warm jet black bra plenty big to hold up her big tits. I instantly felt my cock harden. I wanted to wrap it around my dick and go to town. I ran up the two flights of steps to her room and walked in. She was standing at the opposite side of the room topless and waived me over. I hesitated briefly and handed her the bra.

"Thank you sweetheart"

I fumbled to find words and caught myself staring at her tits.

"Thank you gram"

She turned and smirked at me after my remark. I then left the room and told her I was going to take a shower. I turned the hot water directly on my dick and started to stroke. With my eyes closed I was having fantasies of fucking grandma while sucking on her tits. I shot the biggest load and watched it slowly ooze down the drain. After getting clothed I went looking for gram. I checked all over the house and then saw her out by the mailbox talking to a neighbor. I was still horny as hell after seeing my first set of real tits. I ran up to her room and checked all her drawers looking for her collection of bras and undies. I heard the front door open and hurried into my room to hide the silky wad of undergarments. I stuffed it all under my bed and then walked down to greet grandma.

When I approached her in the kitchen she was doing the dishes from breakfast. I sat at the table behind her staring at her ass as we carried on small talk. We ended up just hangin around the house all day and I helped her with some chores. At a bout 7pm the sun was setting and we decided to watch a movie.

"Why dont you go start the VCR while I get cleaned up honey?"

She walked into the bathroom and I heard the water turn on. Instantly I ran up to my room and began masturbating. I had her silky bra wrapped around my stiff cock moving it back and forth ferociously. I was just about to cum when I heard the stairs creek. I had a spot on my pj's from the precum as i quickly pulled up my pants and hid the bra. When grandma got to the top of the steps I saw she was wearing only a towel. She entered her room and closed the door 3/4 of the way. I slowly approached the door hoping to get a glance of her body. It was an old house so it creeked with any movement. With one eye peeking in her room I saw her towel hit the floor as she was looking in the mirror. I saw her shaved pussy for the first time along with her fat lips. I was so excited I wasnt paying attention to myself and hit my head on the door knob. She turned quickly and made eye contact. I didnt know what to do, I slowly moved my head aside and walked down the stairs to put the movie in. About five minutes later gram made it down while the previews were showing. She was wearing another loose fitting nightgown with no bra. I tried to act like nothing had just happened.

"Did I miss any Donny?"

"Nope, just in time."

The movie was long and boring with little conversation between me and gram. Immediatly following the end credits I got up to go piss. As I passed my grandma she began to say

"Can you do me one more favor Donny?"

"Sure gram, what d'ya want me t'do?

"My feet are killing me, could ya rub my feet before bed?"

"I'd love to" I replied

After taking a good long piss I grabbed the lotion and walked back into the living room. She was sprawled out on the couch. with TV turned off. I rubbed her feet for about 5 minutes (the whole time trying to get a peek of her pussy or tits.)

"Want your back done?"

"That'd be great hun."

Grandma sat up and rolled over on her stomach. I tried to rub her back over her gown and could tell she wasn't getting much pleasure out of it. A couple times on my way down her back I would rub the top of her ass crack. On my way back up her gown lifted to the over her ass revealing she was wearing no panties.

"Sorry gram"

"Dont worry dear, If you dont mine I'd like to get this thing out the way."

She then turned around sat up and took off her nightgown revealing her curvy body. As she started to turn back over to her stomach she grinned at me with a mischevous look. My dick had never been the hard and I squirmed to had my boner. I again proceeded to rub her back, this time with lotion. Her head was turned towards me and she watched me as I rubbed. Her eyes lowered toward my crotch and saw my erect cock. Her eyes widened.

"Do I excite you Donny?"

Never in my life had I been so embarassed. I stopped rubbing her back and replied

"Im sorry gram."

"There nothing to be ashamed of, its totally natural. Y'know I saw you looking at me after my shower."

"Yes, I know."

"Well since you were such a good boy for me today why don't I finally reward you.

She told me stand up and she sat on her knees beneath me. I couldnt believe this, I was about to get sucked off by my grandma, MY HOT GRANDMA. She pulled down my pj's and grabbed my six inches.

"Your mother was right, you are getting big."

She grabbed my sac with her right hand and started to suck. She deepthroated my cock without ever gagging. Looking at me right in the eyes I felt her smooth toung swirl around my dick. I felt the cum building up and squinted my eyes. Gram quickly pulled back and said.

"Not yet you don't, I want you in me"

She then stood up and pushed me back a little. With her back turned to me she put one knee on the middle of the couch followed by the other. She started moving back and forth and I watched in amazement as her ass bounced. She slid her hand between her legs and started rubbing on her clit. I could see the pussy juice forming a slimy outer surface around her puss.

"Ya wanna fuck me Donny?"

"Fuck yeah gram"

I walked toward her with dick in hand and began to push my big dickhead around her wet pussy. I remembered seeing the guys in the porno play around a little before fucking. I slowly slid the tip of my dick in her and felt her warm juices.

Fuck me already, FUCK YOUR DIRTY GRANNY!"

I grabbed both of her big ass cheeks and began to slam her pussy with rage. She cried out from the pleasure. Later I would learn I was her first dick since grandpa had passed. Her ass made a clapping noise and her pussy would queef every now and again.

"You like that gram?"

"Oh yeah fuck the shit out of me Donny"

I couldnt believe I was lasting so long. Must've been from warming up so many times that day. I grew deeper and deeper inside of her until I felt like I was going to cum. I screamed out!

"Im gonna cum"

Grandma quickly reacher her arms behind herself and grabbed my waist, pushing me deeper than ever in her. I jerked slower and slower anticipating blowing my load. I now layed over her while she was bent over on the couch.


I shot a long hard stream of cum into gram as i was hunched over her back. We both let out screams of pleasure. Maybe a minute passed and i finally pulled out, I remember it almost hurt because my dick was so sensative. I pulled my pants up and watch gram lay there in awe as she said

"I think Im gonna enjoy having a man around the house............................."

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