I can't believe I let it get this far with Lisa, my step daughter. I guess Lisa was always very special to me. I met her mom when she was just one and a half, and I've loved her like my own ever since. I was a good dad while she as growing up. Taught her softball, went to all of her games and school events. I just never imagine we would get as close as we have in the last year.

She's 16 now, and absolutely beautiful. I always thought she was super cute. But I first noticed how she was turning into a young lady when she was about 13, when her little titties started poking out. She was very proud of them, and wished they were bigger. I guess that's why she started dancing around me so much, sticking her chest out and huggin them up against me as much as possible. I thought it was really cute how she was flirting with me, but I wasn't exactly turned on or anything. The first time I got a little excited was when she was getting out of the shower and she was wrapped in a towel as I was coming up the stairs. I looked at her and blew her a kiss, and she looked deep into my eyes from about 20 feet away and dropped her towel. Wow. What a surprise. She was really coming along. After that she'd come in my room alot in her towel and tickling me, and of course the towel would often come off as she pretended she cared and slowly put it back on.

When she turned 14, she was really developing nicely. Her chest was getting very big and she was filling out in the legs and hips nicely too. She also started increasing the flirting and taking things a litte futher all the time. She love to sit on my lap now. I was suprised that I would get hard, although I don't think it surpsied her. It seemed like she was doing it on purpose. It started with her putting her hand on my leg to sit herself up. But she was getting closer and closer to my dick all the time. Eventually, she started just grazing it as she'd get up or sit down on me. Finally, she put her hand straight down on it. She left it there for a few seconds, and I wasn't sure what to do. I was embarassed that I was hard, and that I liked it, knowing how wrong it was. But I couldn't stop her.

Eventually, it became a regular thing for her to sit on my lap and give me lots of kisses, mostly on the cheak, and the occasisional kiss right on the lips. She would warn me that she was jumping on me, and then she'd usually land right on my dick. After a while, my dick would get hard all the time just from being in the same room with her. So when she plopped down on my, she would instantly feel my dick. The emarassment was fading away, as I realized howm much she loved to squirm and dance on my hard on. And I was loving it.

By the time she turned 15 her tits were huge. And they were always popping out all the time. She was so proud, she wanted me to see as much of them as possible. Oh and her hugs were amazing. She would give me a great press with her tits and then she'd slide down my body, stopping on her kneeds with her chest pressed against my hard on. She like to grind herself against me often, and I notice she really likes to get me all hard with my wife in the room. She would sit on my lap or lay with her feet in my crotch and rub them against my hard on. I would be dripping pre-cum all the time as well. The pre cum really turned me on. Once while she was laying on the couch with her feet on my dick, she decided to try something new. She turned around and layed across my lap on her stomach. She started by reaching across me and laying her huge tits down on my dick. Then she slid all the way down her body until her crotch was right over mine. I though I was going to come right there. I'd never been so hard. But then she started humping down on me, and I couldn't help but hump up on her. We never spoke about what was going on, we just did all this in silence as we watched TV. With her laying across me she wanted me to rub her back and her legs and thighs. After an hour of this torture she got up kneeled between my legs on the floor and leaned in for a big hug. But this time, she put her arm right inbetween my leg and pressed it against my hard on. But I just didn't have the guys to try anthing further with her. I figured if it was going to go any further, she'd have to inititiate it.

So she kept teasing me and rubbing up against me. We'd be walking through the house and she would stop dead in front of me and push her ass into my dick. I couldn't help but grab her and pull her tighly against me and kiss her kneck as she wiggled her ass on my dick. I wanted to fuck her so badly. It was about this time I noticed her panties laying aroun her room and bathroom. For some reason, I started picking them up to check them out. After one of our flirting sessions, I picked one up while she was in the shower and it was soaked. My little girl was all wet from me. I was really getting smitten with her now, and I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out.

More to come!

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2014-01-13 12:55:51
My stepdaughter loves playing with my cock when we bath together.she plays until i cum.

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2013-11-21 08:55:58
My stepdaughter gave me a bj she is 6

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2012-08-02 10:11:54
Stores even better if little underage daughter or stepdaughter does not want daddy or stepdaddy to fuck her but is forced into doing what her daddy wants her to do and into what he wants her to becume, like his and his friends baby fuck/slut whore. And I do mean WHORE as in he PIMPS her young ass out to his friends and to strange guys to do as thay like with her at bars, pool halls and truck stops.

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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) love talkin bout taboo wit hot gurls txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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Wheres the step mom,and please correct your spelling and grammer,other wise a good story

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