Now that lisa was 16, she was constantly flirting with me and doing her best to keep me hard all the time. She'd find different ways for us to get close constantly. One of her favorites was to ask me for a foot rub or a leg rub after softball practice or a game. She'd plop down on the couch and sit sideways to lift her legs right on my hard dick. While I was rubbing her, she'd wiggle and move and do whatever she could to feel my dick. And I loved every minute of it. If my wife or other daughters walked in, it looked innocent enough, but they had no idea that heat that was going on.

One day she was begging for a leg rub and she was cold, so she got the blanket and covered most of us up while I rubbed her feet her thighs and her butt. Slowly, I'd inch my way up her inner thigh and come dangerously close to the heat coming from between her legs, sometimes just grazing her pussy with my pinky as I made my circles on her legs. I could even smell her sweet teen sex aroma, and it was enough to drive me crazy. Often, I would search her room for her panties to get some more of that sweet smell. After a nice leg rub she would often go take a bath, and I was certain she was masterbating from the sexual tension between us. I would go into her room to find the panties she was wearing to see how wet I got her, and how good she smelled. Sticking it up to my nose, I'd inhale as deeply as possible, getting an instant hard on. Most of the time, I was so worked up I had to go masterbate too, which only took a minute. After one intense leg rubing session, Lisa said "Whew, I can't take any more, I'm going to take a bath." I offered her help and she just laughed. Neither of us were really bold enough to take a major step like that, so the flirting continued.

One night she called me up to her room and asked "Daddy, do you want to rub lotion on my legs?". I excitedly told her of course. As I sat down on her bed and she handed me the lotion and threw her legs over my lap as always. I slowly worked my way from her toes up to her thighs, taking special care to caress the inside of her legs inching closer and closer to her pussy. She laid back and closed her eyes saying "oooh, that feels so good, Daddy". I was in a trance as she grinded her legs onto my hard on. I could feel the pre cum oozing out of my dick. I thought I would cum any second. But just in time, she grabbed the lotion from me and squirted some on her hands. She then put her hands down the front of her sweat pants and rubbed the lotion into her pussy and gave a loud moan as she stared into my eyes and said " I love the way the lotion feels right after I shave". That's right, my baby girl shaves her pussy bald... I don't know how I got out of there without jumping on her.

One night recently, after I had about 5 beers, she jumped on my lap for a late night leg rub. So she plopped down on the couch next to me and laid her legs across my lap telling me how she loved when I squeezed her thighs. I was certain she could feel my instant hard on but neither of us said anything about it. As I was rubbing her legs, working my way up to her pussy, she started drifting asleep (or pretending) and let her legs just drop open giving me easy access to her. I had a good buz from the beer and I was feeling pretty bold. I could already smell her sex and it was driving me to take the next step. My head was fuzzy, and I was a litte I was scared but I was also really turned on on and unable to stop. I slowly slid my hand under her shorts worked my had up to her waist, just barely avoiding making any real contact with her pussy, but I was loving the way her skin felt. Could I really just touch her bald pussy under her shorts? I was way to scared to do that, and I was already shaking just from the touching I was doing. So, I pulled my hand out of her shorts and continued my rubbing. I was more confident on top of her shorts that way if she jumped up my hand wouldn't be stuck in her shorts. So again, I inched my way up to her pussy. I wan't going to avoid the treasuer this time... I slowly ran my hand right over the front of her pussy and I almost shot my load in my pants. I could not believe i was really rubbing right on her pussy. This was the most erotic thing I have ever done, and my dick was harder then it has ever been in my whole life. This went on for 10 minutes or so until she suddenly woke up and decided to go to bed (to finish herslef off). I guess she had enough of my teasing, but I just wasn't ready to take the next step.

As she ran up the stairs I thought I saw a figure over the balcony looking down on me. As my eyes focused I could make out the shadow of my 14 year old daughter. Had she seen our initmate leg rub... and more? I called her downstairs to see what she knew. She gave me a wicked smile and sat down on the couch next to me. To my surprise, she swung her legs over my lap righ onto my dick. She could feel it digging into her and siad, "Dad, is that your thingy i feel", as she wiggled her leg on my hard on. I said "yeah baby, sorry". She just smiled and said, "well I have a soccer game tomorrow so I'll need you to rub my legs when I get home", and she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips and ran upstairs.


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