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My name is Mike, this is part one of my first gay experience and you get a little of my first strait one too. It took a few days to build up to us actually having any contact, but it sounds better if I build up to it. I’m Latino, at the time of the story I was 5’ 7” with auburn hair, 160 pounds and a nice tan. Rick was Latino/Black 5’ 9” with black hair , 150 pounds and a mocha complexion . We were both teens then. It happened when I was living in Central America.

It was a warm summer day, Rick and I were sitting in front of his house smoking a little weed. “ Fuck it’s hot out here, I think we should call Devin and go to the river up the road for a swim” said Rick.

“Sounds like a plan to me” I said. So we gave him a call and he said he’d be right down. Ten minutes later we were waiting for the bus. That’s when Devin said “ Bra you guys should have seen this hot bitch that give me head last night” . “ She had these beautiful tits and a nice ass but, she wouldn’t fuck me, something about remaining pure until marriage, I can’t stand that shit with those Catholic hoes” he continued.
“ Anyway she started by slowly stroking my cock with a little spit till it got nice and hard, after she made me beg for it she took about half of it in her mouth and licked it like a lollipop. I couldn’t hold back and told her I was going to cum and she swallowed it, man it felt good.”

After listening to Devin’s story, Rick and I of course had huge hard ons but, I didn’t notice until Rick ball tapped me and said “ Hey calm down there killer, your cocks popping a tent “ . I don’t know why I looked but his was to and that made my cock twitch even more.

“ Oh shit , hey it’s only natural” I said as I shifted it to the side. About that time the bus came and we hopped on board. It only took 20 minutes to get to the river. As we got off we noticed we were not the only ones who had this idea, about 40 people were there but it was a good size place so it wasn’t crowded. We headed up to the top , since these rivers come right off the mountains they are usually sloped up. At the top they was a little shack that sold food and drinks. We bought a bottle of rum ( alcohol always starts shit) and a carton of OJ, this was our usual beverage of choice and we drank it strait out of the bottle, just because we thought we were tough. After a few drinks , Devin spoke up “ Bra there be almost no good looking women here, I only spotted 3 but they had men wit dem , I gon check ya’ll later I’m gonna go and try find some ass”.

Devin left, which was fine with me since I got tired of hearing about the abundance of ass he gets. After the rum was gone we finished the weed we were smoking earlier and I said “ well I guess I’ll go for a swim, that’s why we came here for”. Rick followed and we swam across to the water fall that came off the mountain and sat next to the base of the falls.

“ One time “ started Rick “ I almost got me a piece of tail from my sister’s friend Alice”.

“Alice? No shit, she is hot as hell” I said “ So how come only almost got some ass and not I got some ass.”

“ She said that my cock was too big and too long for her to take. She was so scared of it she would not even touch it, so I had to jerk off after she left” He responded

“ Bullshit you lying fuck I saw your cock once when you were pissing and it didn’t look THAT big, what really happened. “ I said before I caught myself, that usually happens when you drink. He looked stunned, I couldn’t figure out weather it was the fact that I called him a liar or the fact that I confessed to looking at his cock. “ Uh I mean I uh saw it once by accident “ was my response as I tried to save face.

“ Man, you are right, It ain’t that big I just was too scared, she asked me if I wanted to fool around and I made up some stupid excuse to leave her house. You know what I mean, your first time you are supposed to be scared, right?” Rick said “What about you? You probably did the same thing? Right?

I didn’t want to tell him that, No, I did not do the same thing, His Sister and I fooled around once and I had a great time. “Yeah I kinda did the same thing with Barbara from school , I ran at first but, I went back later and we fooled around a little. “ I had to tell him something to make him fell better. That story was better than telling him that I didn’t run and I had touched his sister not Barbara.

“What happened when you went back” He asked “ Did you fuck her or what?”

I wasn’t ready to be asked details about my encounter so I decided to tell him about the time with his sister and I’d just change the names. “ Well after I went back I told her I was sorry for running but was willing to play around if she still was, She said yes and took off her shirt while telling me to do the same. I did as asked and she reached out and pinched my nipple and I returned the gesture. She then told me to suck on her tits, as I sucked on her nipple I played with the other and she scratched her nails up my back. She then reached down and grabbed my cock , I had not noticed that it was fully erect but she had.” I said

“ MMM that feels nice Mike take your pants off “ She said as she took off hers. “Put your hand on my pussy and play with it but keep sucking my tits” she commanded. I followed my directions as she stroked my bare cock. “ Oh yeah that feels good Mike how does my hand feel?” she asked. Before I could respond she said for me to get on my knees and lick her pussy while she sat on a chair. I got on my knees and was inches from her pussy when her mom knocked on her door and told her she was home. “ Oh shit, get dressed “she said “ If she finds you she’ll flip out”. So I got dressed and left as so as she distracted her mother.

“ Damn that was close “ Rick said “ You are lucky you didn’t get caught”

“ At that point I didn’t care about her mom I just wanted to continue on “ I said. “ I tell you one thing though the smell of pussy is nice and I would have loved to bury my face in it and eat it like crazy”. That’s when I noticed my cock was hard from telling the story and I saw that his was too. “ Sorry I didn’t mean to get you excited” I said trying to break the sexual tension in the air. But something about his dick got me a little curious and I looked at it a little to long. I didn’t move my glare on it till he said something.

“ Hey what are you looking at” He asked

“Sorry, just spaced out “ I told him.

“ Don’t worry, It has been hard all day, after listening to Devin and you my balls are killing me.” He said.

I don’t know what came over me but I said “ Well the guy at the drink shack told me that there is a cave behind the falls, you could go back there and jack off and no one would know, except me of course.”

“ Yeah that sounds like a good idea” He said “ Where is it at”

“ I don’t know he just said behind the falls, here lets look together “ I said. We got up and tried to walk behind the falls, we got behind them and groped around till I felt an opening “ It s here” I said. I walked in to it and he followed, as we stood in the cave we noticed that you would not be able to see in here from the outside. The cave wasn’t to big maybe bout the size of a SUV but you could easily stand up and walk around.

“ Hey how am I supposed to jerk off with you in here” He announced

I turned around to find him sitting with his cock out stroking it, the sight of it made mine rock hard. Why was I feeling like this? I could not understand it. “ sorry” I said , “um the water coming down has to much pressure for me to walk out alone, I ,uh ,wouldn’t feel safe walking out by myself , so I’ll just look away while you do it.” That was pure bullshit, some part of me wanted to watch and I was happy but scared when he said.

“ I think you are right, I don’t mind if you stay” he was still slowly stroking his cock and I was still watching. “ Hey I got an idea you want to jerk off together ? We can do it back to back ? I mean if you want to” he said.

I was curious about this so I said OK, back to back sounds alright. I sat behind him and pulled out my cock and started stroking it nice and slow. I could here him doing the same and moaning a little so I decided to moan as well since I usually do anyway. “ man that feels good” I said

“ Yeah I know, I love jacking off it feels so good. Hey we have a problem here, you saw my cock but I’ve never seen yours, that’s not fair.” He said “ You should let me see yours , I mean its only fair to even out the odds.”

I don’t know why, but the idea of that really got me excited “ Ok if I can see yours again I’ll show you mine.” I said. I got up and turned around so we now faced each other. Rick’s cock was about 6 inches long , uncut , and not too thick but not too thin somehow it seemed just right. My Cock also 6 inches long , cut , and a little thicker than his.

“ Wow that’s pretty big , bigger than mine I think ” he said. “ Hey I got an idea how about we face each other and jerk off, I mean I could be the alcohol talking but lets experiment. What do you think?

“Sure, I mean it’s just the rum talking and it’s just like watching a porno I guess.” was my answer. As we sat there jerking our cocks I could not keep my gaze off his dick and wonder what it would feel like to jerk it off for him or even what it would feel like to suck it. I could not believe what I was thinking , there was no way this could be the alcohol talking, could I be Gay or Bi. “Being Bi would not be bad” I thought “ It could be a lot of fun.”

“HEY, you gonna jerk off or just watch me and drool over my hot cock?” Rick said.

“ Yeah I just , uh , got lost in the pleasure and zoned out” I said as I resumed jerking my cock. I noticed he stared at my dick too and I wondered if he thought the same things I did. “Should I ask to touch it? What would be his reaction? Would he let me?” I wondered , I didn’t have the chance to ask.

“oh I’m gonna cum , I gonna cum “ he said as he blasted a load all over himself. The sight of that sent me over the edge and I blew a load as well. “Man I fell better now and hey that wasn’t bad , watching each other I mean it was cool. Right?”

“Yeah” I said “ It was cool maybe we could do it again later?

“Sure “ was his answer who knows what else we could do. Anyway lets head home its getting late.”

As we got up I felt him brush his hand against my dick. I knew it wasn’t an accident so as we started walking out of the cave I brushed against his and it was rock hard. I couldn’t wait till next time to see how far we’d go.

The End


2009-07-22 21:27:30
OH YES, Got me HARD reading about it !! Brought back some HOT memories !!

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good storty ,waiting for the next chapter


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Luved your story. Can't wait for you to continue !!!


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Good Job

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