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Chapter 29

Ken looked down at Linda and gave her a quick reassuring smile as they approached the front door of Kathy’s house. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked as he gave her shoulders a quick squeeze. “After all, I just popped your cherry about an hour ago and here we are about to walk into a house with two horny guys who want to fuck you.”

“I’m ready,” Linda said with more enthusiasm than she actually felt. Her pussy drooled with anticipation of fucking Kathy’s brother and father, but it still had a dull ache from losing her virginity. Even so she was determined to fuck Jim and his father if they gave even a hint of interest in her cunt.

With a shiver of desire for what was waiting for them Ken reached out to ring the doorbell and waited anxiously for someone to answer. He saw a face in the door window but it disappeared before he could tell who it was. He heard the lock snap and saw the door crack open just far enough for Kathy’s arm to slip out and gesture for them to enter while the rest of her body was hidden by the door. Ken followed Linda through the opening and turned to see Kathy close the door behind them.

“I hope we didn’t interrupt anything,” Ken said with a large grin as he looked over Kathy’s naked body. Her belly was so large it was hard to believe that the twins in her body had been conceived about the same time he’d finally managed to knock up his sister Mary.

“I’m sure my dad and Jim won’t mind the interruption,” Kathy said as she ran her hand over her swollen belly. “Especially if there’s a chance they can fuck Linda here. They will have a chance to fuck you, right Linda?”

“Yes,” Linda said with a blush that ran all the way down her neck. “Ken popped my cherry about an hour ago and now that I know how much I love fucking I’m ready to fuck even more cocks. The only thing is that I want to be sure Ken knocks me up the first time so they’ll have to wear condoms until I know Ken’s baby is growing in my belly.”

“I don’t think they’ll be too happy about that,” Kathy said with a mischievous smile, “but I think they’ll do it if it means they get to fuck a fresh cunt.”

“But didn’t you tell me that your dad and brother always wore condoms when they fucked you?” Linda asked as she and Ken followed the younger red-head to the back of the house.

“That’s what they did before I left for camp,” Kathy said, “when dad popped my cherry and the two of them started fucking me on a regular basis they thought I was too young to have a baby so they didn’t take any chances. But even before I got back from camp the two of them finally talked through the idea and realized that they liked the idea of knocking me up and decided to give me what I wanted, my own baby. Boy were they disappointed when I got home from camp and found out that I managed to get knocked up with twins while I was at camp.”

“I can imagine,” Linda said with a chuckle and a wink.

“While,” Kathy continued as Ken took an extra step closer and put his hand on her bare ass, “since I was already pregnant when I got home that meant that they could both fuck me bareback instead taking turns knocking me up like they originally planned. And now that they’ve been fucking me that way for the last four months they don’t look forward to putting those damn rubbers on again.”

“But you think they will if it’s the only way they can fuck me,” Linda said.

“I know they will,” Kathy said with a quick nod as they finally reached the darkened den where Jim and her father waited just as naked as their sister and daughter to find out who was at the door.

“Ken,” Jim called as he hoped out of the leather chair to greet his friend, his half-erect cock bobbing in the air as he crossed the room to throw his arm around the younger boys shoulder and turn him around to face the couch where his father was stretched out wearing nothing but a bemused smile. “Dad, this is Ken Jamison, the brother of Kathy’s friend from camp. You remember I met him and his sister Dannie last summer when I took Kathy over to their house for a visit?”

“Ah yes,” Kathy’s father said with a quick nod. “You did tell me about meeting them and fucking the sister. Is it true that you knocked up both your sisters Ken?”

“Not only did I knock them up,” Ken said with a proud grin, “I popped both their cherries.”

“So you must be Mary then,” Kathy’s father said with a frown as he looked at Linda’s flat stomach. “But I thought you got knocked up about the same time as Kathy.”

“Oh dad,” Kathy said, laughing so hard it made her swollen belly and tits bounce, “this isn’t Mary, this is our friend Linda and Ken only popped her cherry about an hour ago.”

“Really?” her father said as he looked from Ken to Linda and then back again. “But Ken, if you have two fuck happy pregnant sisters why are you fucking another girl?”

“Because our parents just found out that Mary and Dannie are pregnant,” Ken explained with a grin. “Dad was still out when I left the house but mom was pretty upset about the whole thing. The girl’s plan involves keeping attention off me and our relationship and making our parents think they got knocked up while they were at camp. Part of their plan involves making our parents think that I’ve been dating Linda since the start of school and that’s why I didn’t notice their expanding bellies and tits.”

“But you didn’t have to pop her cherry did you?” Jim whined, “you were already ahead of me two cherries to none, now you’re ahead three to none. And if you manage to knock her up that will give you three pregnancies to my none.”

“Sorry Jim,” Linda chuckled as she eyed the older boy wistfully, “I already decided to let Ken knock me up with my first baby. In fact I’ve been looking forward to it since I helped Mary plan how she was going to seduce him almost a year ago. But once I have Ken’s baby I’ll be happy to give you a chance at the next one.”

“Promises promises,” Jim said with a frown that turned into a wide grin, “I’ll take it.”

“But until I’m sure Ken’s knocked me up you and your dad will have to wear condoms when we fuck,” Linda pointed out.

“Damn,” Kathy’s father said with a frown, “I hate wearing those things - especially now that I know how good it feels to fuck my own daughter bareback. But, if that’s what it takes to fuck you then I guess I’ll have to do it. But once that pregnancy test comes back positive the rubber’s off.”

“Agreed,” Linda said with a wide grin. “Now go get the rubbers before we get so hot and horny we forget about them.”

“I’ll get them,” Jim offered as he turned and headed for the first floor bathroom. “I’m already hot and horny enough to fuck again, and if I don’t get them now I really will forget.”

“Thanks son,” Kathy’s father called after his son. He turned to the two newcomers and gave them another broad grin. “It seems to me that two people in this room are overdressed for fucking, why don’t you get out of your clothes and join us.”

“I was wondering when you’d ask,” Ken said as he pulled his shirt off over his head. Even before he had his arms out of the sleeves Kathy was unbuckling his belt and all he had to do was let his pants slide to the floor in a puddle once she unzipped his fly. The eleven year old had his boxers off down to his ankles before he knew what she was doing and all he had to do then was push his shoes off with his toes while the red-head rolled his socks down and off. Ken turned to see that Kathy’s father had been helping Linda with her clothes and she was standing just as naked as he was when the older man patted the seat of the couch next to him and offered the brunette a helping hand as she sat next to him.

“Why don’t we take the other couch and let the three of them have that one,” Kathy said as she steered Ken to the empty couch against the other wall. “How was Linda? Is she a good fuck?”

“She is,” Ken said, startled by his own response as he plopped down next to the naked preteen and reached out to stroke her pregnant belly. He knew how much his sisters liked it when he did that, and with her twins Kathy was even larger than they were. “She must have picked up a few tricks from you girls because she really knew what to do once I popped her cherry.”“

”Maybe she’s just a natural fucker,” Kathy said as she turned to watch her brother reenter the room and cross to the other couch with a handful of condoms. “I wonder if he actually thinks they’ll need that many?”

“Maybe he hopes they will,” Ken said with a chuckle as Jim made a small pile of the foil wrapped condoms on the end table and then grabbed one for his father and another for himself. “And now that Linda’s had a taste of cock they just might need them all.”

“Linda may be the hottest, horniest thirteen year old my dad and brother have ever fucked,” Kathy said with a bemused shake of her head, “but not even I could get them up that many times in an afternoon.”

“So,” Kathy said as Ken reached between her thighs to stroke her drooling slit with two fingers, “what do you think will happen now that your parents know about Mary and Dannie?”

“I don’t know everything that Mary and Dannie have planned,” Ken admitted as he moved the hand on Kathy’s pregnant belly up to her tits and squeezed her left one until her nipple popped erect as gasp of combined pain and pleasure escaped from the girl’s lips. “I think they intentionally kept me in the dark so I wouldn’t make the mistake of revealing too much to mom and dad. In fact you could know more about their plans than I do.”

“Well,” Kathy said as she humped her body forward into Ken’s probing fingers, “I think their plans include getting into the special program the high school has for pregnant girls. Dad’s already working to get me in.”

“But the three of you are still in middle school,” Ken pointed out as he switched to the nipple on Kathy’s other breast and twisted the three fingers he had buried in the young girl’s dripping slit. He could see the girl’s swollen stomach quivering with the pleasure building in the pit of her belly.

“The class is mostly high school girls,” Kathy said, her voice a hiss of pleasure as Ken pinched her nipples with one hand and stroked his fingers in and out of her fuck hole. “But the single qualification for getting into the program is that you’re pregnant so I think you’d agree that the three of us qualify. In fact, I hear that they even have a ten year old taking classes because her belly is sticking out further than mine is.”

“If her stomach is that big she must be about ready to have her baby,” Ken said as Kathy started shivering with the pleasure of her approaching orgasm. “I wonder who knocked her up?”

“No idea,” Kathy managed to gasp as she panted for breath. “She’s not talking - and neither is anyone else in her family - but the rumor is that her father seems overly proud of her expanding belly.”

“But only when no one’s around to notice it,” Ken guessed with a soft chuckle.

Kathy’s only response was a scream of pleasure as her cunt clamped tight around Ken’s invading fingers as her belly and tits quivered as her orgasm exploded from her pussy to envelop her whole body. “That was my best one so far today,” Kathy sighed as her whole body melted into the couch except for the occasional shiver.

“I bet I can do better,” Ken said with a suggestive smile, “and just playing with you has me so horny I’m ready to fuck you into next week.”

“Really,” Kathy said as she climbed into Ken’s lap just like Linda did in the empty movie theater, “let’s see if you’re as good a fuck as you think you are.”

“If that’s what you want,” Ken said happily as Kathy reached under her belly to grasp his hard cock and guide it toward her pussy lips. He continued to play with the girl’s tits and swollen belly as Kathy rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit, teasing her erect clit with every stroke. “You’re good at this,” Ken whispered in Kathy’s ear as she shifted the angle of her stroke so that the head of his prick split her pussy lips and slid into her fuck tunnel.

“Well I had some great teachers,” Kathy said with a sigh as she slid down Ken’s shaft until the coarse brown hair on his balls meshed with the red hair around her cunt. It felt so good to have Ken’s cock in her pussy again, he didn’t have the longest or thickest cock she’d ever fucked, but somehow his shaft felt just right in her slit, just the right size and shape to touch the most sensitive parts of her fuck hole.

“I love your pussy,” Ken groaned as Kathy slid her cunt up and down his cock and he played with the pregnant preteen’s belly and tits. “Your cunny is better than all the other cunt’s I’ve ever fucked.”

“All three of them?” Kathy giggled as she felt one of the babies in her belly move. “I know you’ve only fucked four girls, Ken. Of course three of them were virgins and I’m the fourth, but I still think it’s great that you consider my pussy the best. I think your cock is the best one I ever fucked, it hits all the right places in my pregnant pussy - and even my babies enjoy it when you fuck me.”

“I know,” Ken said rubbing her belly as one of her babies kicked, “I can feel them encouraging me right now. Hold on Kathy, I’m going to give you a fuck you’ll never forget.”

“I’ll never forget one of your fucks,” Kathy purred as she picked up the pace of her fucking, she could feel Ken lift his ass off the couch and slam his cock up to meet every stroke and she could feel the sexual energy building in her cunny with every thrust.

“Damn,” Ken said through clenched teeth as the pregnant preteen rode his cock, sliding her tight little butt up and down his stomach with every stroke, “your pussy’s so tight and hot I don’t know how long I can hold it.”

“Just a little longer Ken,” Kathy gasped as her stomach and pussy both quivered with her own approaching orgasm. “I’m almost there, just a few more strokes and we can cum together.”

“I’ll try,” Ken groaned as he brought his hand up to pinch Kathy’s clit and send another jolt of sexual energy racing up the girl’s spine. “But hurry up or I’ll cum without you, and I don’t think either of us wants that.”

“I’m almost there,” Kathy screamed as she leaned forward to change the angle of Ken’s thrusts so his balls would smack against her clit. She could feel her cunt starting to quiver now and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before her body exploded as Ken filled her pussy with his baby juice. Almost there,” she repeated with another stroke that had Ken’s cock pulsing in her fuck hole.”

“I’m cumming,” Ken screamed as he grabbed Kathy’s hips and held her tight against his crotch.

“So am I,” Kathy screamed as her slit clamped around Ken’s spasming prick and tried to milk all the juice from his body. “I can feel you cumming inside me, Ken. I love it, I love you.”

“And I love you Kathy,” Ken said as he leaned forward to kiss her mouth and then bent his head down to catch one of her bobbing tits and suck the nipple into his mouth.

“You know just what I love, Ken,” Kathy sighed as her body gave one more shudder and then dropped back against Ken’s chest. “The only thing that could be better than this is if you were knocking me up with your baby right now.”

“Someday,” Ken promised as he gave Kathy another kiss on the lips, “but these babies have to be born first, then we promised your dad and brother that they could knock you up. But someday it will be my baby in your belly, and I love you enough to wait.”

“And I love you enough to wait until you’re done knocking up your sisters and Linda with all the babies they want,” Kathy sighed, “but I still wish I could have your baby now.”

“Wow,” Linda said as she watched Kathy and Ken fucking on the other couch, “are they always like that?”

“I don’t know,” Kathy’s father chuckled as he watched his daughter fucking her boyfriend, “this is the first time I saw them together. What do you think Jim?”

“They were just as hot for each other when I took Kathy over to their house,” Jim said with a broad grin. “I knew that was the first time they ever met, but just watching them together told me there was something special between them.”

“I’m just glad Ken agreed to let us knock Kathy up with our own babies before he took his turn with Kathy,” the pregnant girl’s father said as he watched his daughter fuck the brown haired boy he’d just met.

“Hey,” Linda said as tore her eyes away from the sight of the younger red head fucking the boy she wanted to knock her up. “I’m glad you like Ken so much, but right now you have a cock hungry girl here who wants to get fucked.”

“And we’re ignoring you to watch Kathy and Ken,” Jim said with a chuckle as he leaned down to kiss Linda. “I’m sorry, Linda, but it is pretty hard to ignore Kathy when her big belly and tits are bouncing up and down on someone’s lap.”

“Yeah it is,” Linda admitted as she grabbed a foil wrapped condom from the coffee table and tore it open. “So, who’s first?”

“Age before beauty dad,” Jim said with a wink.

“Actually I had another idea,” Jim’s father said as he grabbed another condom from the table and tore it open. “That is if Linda’s as horny and curious as I think she is.”

“What do you have in mind?” Linda asked slowly as she looked from Jim to his father and back again. “I don’t know what you have in mind, but I’m so horny I’ll probably agree to just about anything you have in mind.”

“Do you know what a DP is?” Jim’s father asked as he rolled the condom onto his hard cock.

“Yes,” Linda said hesitantly as she rolled the other condom onto Jim’s cock. “Kathy, Dannie, and Mary have all told me about DP’s. The way they describe them having a cock in your pussy and ass at the same time is better than having one cock at a time. I always thought I’d try it some day, but until now I never thought I’d do it the same day I lost my cherry.”

“Is that a yes or a no?” Jim asked as he reached out to stroke the girl’s hard nipples.

“That’s a yes,” Linda said with a nervous sigh as her nipples sent a charge of of sexual energy straight down to her drooling pussy. “So, who gets my ass and who gets my cunt?”

“If you don’t mind dad,” Jim said as he leaned forward to lick Linda’s nipples as he squeezed her tits to make them stand out even more, “I’d like to fuck Linda’s pussy this time.”

“Are you sure you want me to have her anal cherry?” Jim’s father asked.

“I’m sure,” Jim said with a grin as he ran his hand down Linda’s flat belly and stuck two fingers in the girl’s wet pussy as he massaged her erect clit with his thumb.

“In that case,” Jim’s father said as he got up from the couch and offered Linda a hand, “you go ahead and stretch out here.”

“Ok,” Jim said as he followed his father’s instructions and stretched out on his back so that his cock stuck up straight. “I think you know what comes now, right Linda?”

“I sure do,” Linda said as she straddled Jim’s hips and grabbed his waving prick to place the tip against her drooling slit. As Jim grabbed her hips to steady her Linda lowered her pussy lips down his shaft with a soft hiss of pleasure as Jim’s cock stretched her fuck hole. When Linda’s pussy lips kissed his pubic hair Jim shifted his hands from the girl’s hips to her shoulders and pulled her down so that her tits flattened against his chest as he kissed her, pushing his tongue between her teeth and running it around her mouth before he pulled away.

“Your pussy is incredible,” Jim said with a wide grin as he looked deep into her blue eyes.

“I’m glad you like it,” Linda said with a grin of her own as she looked into Jim’s eyes. “Because your cock feels so good in my belly that I want to keep it right where it belongs.”

“You two sound like a fuck happy couple,” Jim’s father said as he climbed on the couch behind Linda and reached down to stroke her ass cheeks affectionately.

“That feels good,” Linda moaned as she lifted her butt so the older man could see his son’s cock buried deep in one hole while he had a clear shot at the other one.

“Hold on while I lube you up,” Jim’s father said as he grabbed a bottle of KY lotion from the end table behind him, “then you’ll see just how good it feels to have two cocks in your hot little body.”

“It already feels good,” Linda sighed as Jim’s father squirted some lotion into her ass hole and stuck his finger in her hole smear the lube around. “Hurry up, I want to fuck now.”

“Ok, ok,” Jim’s father said with a chuckle as he brought his wrapped cock up to Linda’s hole and held her hips steady as he started to work his way into her ass hole. “Are all horny young girls as impatient as you?”

“I’m not sure about all girls,” Linda gasped as she felt the cock work it’s way into her butt, “but I figure I have about three years worth of fucking to catch up with your daughter since you popped her cherry when she was ten.”

“I don’t know if you’ll ever catch up with Kathy,” Kathy’s father said as he forced another inch into Linda’s tight ass hole, “but I’ll do whatever I can to give you as much cock as you want.”

“Dad may give you as much cock as he can,” Jim said as he felt his father’s shaft slide along his with just a thin layer of skin between them, “but I’ll give you as much cock as you want.”

“Oh,” Linda groaned as Jim’s father shoved the last of his cock into her ass and held it there so both of her holes were stuffed with fuck meat, “I’ll hold both of you to that. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ken knocks me up first.”

“Well,” Jim said as he and his father started to slide their cocks in and out of Linda’s holes as the thirteen year old moaned in pleasure, “we tried, dad.”

“Yes we did,” Jim’s father said, his breath hissing through his teeth as he moved in and out of Linda’s tight ass, “but I didn’t think we’d make her change her mind.”

“You’ve got that right,” Linda groaned as the sexual energy build in her belly with every stroke of the two cocks filling her holes, “I promised myself months ago that Ken would be the first boy to knock me up, and I’m not about to change my mind no matter how horny the two of you make me.”

“So dad,” Jim gasped as the two of them fucked the girl between them, “how many orgasms are we going to give her before we shoot our loads?”

“Our record for Kathy is two,” Jim’s father said through gritted teeth, “but Linda here is fucking tight that I don’t know if I’ll make it that long.”

“If you think her ass is tight just wait until you have her pussy milking your cock,” Jim gasped as Linda’s cunt squeezed his shaft.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Linda chanted, riding the two cocks in her body as her body exploded with her first orgasm. “Oh God, I love your cocks.”

“Hold on dad,” Jim gasped as Linda’s pussy clamped around his shaft as he held it deep in her belly.

“I’m holding I’m holding,” Jim’s father gasped as Linda’s ass squeezed his cock so hard it hurt. “We’re going to give this slut a second orgasm if it kills us.”

“Now that would be a waste of good cock,” Linda gasped as her body gave one last quiver before her holes relaxed around the two cocks in her belly.

“It sure would,” Jim agreed as he slammed his cock in and out Linda’s slit, rotating his hips every time his prick was buried deep in her hole so their pubic hairs meshed together. He could feel his own orgasm growing with every stroke and wished he wasn’t wearing a condom so he could shoot his load deep in the horny girl’s fertile cunt.

“I hope you’re getting close to another orgasm,” Jim’s father groaned as his belly smacked into Linda’s ass cheeks with every stroke, “because I’m about to blow back here.”

“Almost there,” Linda groaned as her belly gave a little spasm with her approaching orgasm. She had so much sexual energy crashing through her body she thought she’d start glowing any second. She felt Jim’s cock jerk in her slit and realized that he was shooting his load into the condom wrapped around his shaft as he grunted with effort.

“I’m cumming,” Linda screamed as her ass clamped tight around the pricks buried in her holes.

“So am I,” Jam’s father screamed as his balls jumped and he shot his load into the condom wrapped around his own cock.

“That was as good as everyone said it would be,” Linda sighed as Jim and his father pulled out of her holes. “Thank you, both of you.”

“No, thank you,” Jim’s father said as he returned Linda’s kiss before he looked down at his prick and sighed at the condom encasing his wilted shaft. “But I can’t wait until Ken knocks you up and Jim and I have a chance to knock you up.”

“It’s only a matter of time,” Linda assured both of her lovers as the three of them sat up on the couch and Jim and his father took turns massaging her tits and pussy.

“Jim, I just thought of something,” Ken said as he poked his head out from around Kathy.

“What’s that?” Jim asked.

“When do the buses stop running around here?”

“Let’s see,” Jim said as he turned to check the wall clock, “I think you just missed the last bus.”

“Oh great,” Ken said with a sigh.

“No problem,” Jim said as he turned to his father. “Dad, can I borrow the car? I can give Ken and Linda a ride downtown so they can catch their buses from there. Or maybe I can drop them off a block or so from their homes so they can walk home from there.”

“Why don’t you just take them both home?” Jim’s father said, “you can always say that you met at the theater and offered to drive them home after the movie.”

“Good point,” Jim said as he got up from the couch. “You guys give me a few minutes to get dressed and then we’ll head out. Just don’t start another fuck because that will make us too late.”

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