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Being gay in a small town has always been a difficult burden to bear. Although I know I’m not completely alone, most of the time it feels as if I am. Little did I know, that all that was about to change.
My name is Josh, and if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m gay. Growing up in a small town has been a pain in the ass. I never thought that I’d ever find anyone like me that I could just be myself around, that was until I met Davis. Up until the 11th grade, no one knew I was gay; I kept it to myself and acted completely straight. As a senior I told a few friends, and in a small town, a few friends turned into the whole world. Although I was gay, I still continued to go to church and hang out with my friends. This is where I met Davis. Now Davis comes from a very rich, very well thought of family. We have always been friends, and I think it hit him the hardest to find out that I was gay.
Having grown up with so many guy friends, you can understand that it’s not easy to hide the fact that you like one of them. Going to church and hanging out with all of my friends in the youth group, I soon learned that I was going to be treated a little differently. Well our story starts at the last gathering of our youth group for the summer, and in celebration of my graduation from high school. The party was going to be held at Davis’s house, partly because it was huge and they had a nice pool. We all met there around 5 in the afternoon and we just sort of sat around and chilled for a long time.
Davis knows that I’m gay, but he’s never acted any different around me. Although he did move schools because of his family, we still stayed pretty close friends. Anyway, during the cookout, we were all down stairs playing pool, and I caught myself staring at him several times, and I knew that if I noticed it that much, he had to have noticed it. As it turns out he definitely noticed. When it came time for us to head outside and eat, he called out really loudly that he was challenging me to another game of pool. As everyone walked outside to eat, he motioned me to follow and we headed into the back room. When we got back to his room, he closed the door and turned to face me. After what seemed like forever he finally spoke, and when he did what he said really surprised me. “Why do you keep looking at me?” That was the question that he asked that hit me and stopped me dead.
Not knowing what to do, I sort of mumbled to myself and looked at my feet. He repeated the question again, this time more forceful that before. The only thing I could think of was the truth, so I managed to tell him it was because I thought he was cute. Actually, cute was an understatement. Davis was around 5’7” with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. Anyway, I told him just how beautiful I thought he was and how I wished that he was gay. I stood there terrified as he just looked at me. After what seemed like forever, he managed to tell me that he was sorry I felt that way but he wasn’t gay. Feeling crushed I walked towards the door, but I stopped and turned to face him.
“How can you be sure, unless you’ve been with another guy?” Those were the words that managed to escape from my mouth. Davis looked as though he’d been shot. He started to mutter that he didn’t know, but he didn’t want to find out.
I really couldn’t take no for an answer at this point, but Davis looked in no mood to do what I had in mind. So, I took the only course of action I could think of. I turned, locked the door, and turned to face what lay in store. At this point, Davis had a scared look in his eye, and I can understand why. Here I am, two years older and about 3 inches taller, he had every right to feel intimidated.
I started to walk towards him, and he took a step back only to fall onto his bed. Knowing that the bed was exactly where I wanted him, I crawled in with him and prepared for the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. As I crawled up to him, so that my face was even with his, I felt his breathing start to increase rapidly. I reached out and rubbed his chest as I inched closer to his face. Without delay or fear of consequence, I touched my lips to his and kissed him like I could never kiss another. After a few seconds, his body relaxed and he began to kiss me back. Still nervous, and not knowing how far I could go, I decided to probe a little further. I had Davis laying on his back, and from the place I was sitting, it was easy to see that his dick was raging hard underneath his swimming trunks. I wanted nothing more than to taste his luscious dick, and feel his body below mine. My next moves were critical, so I did the only logical thing I could do. I reached out and began to massage his dick through his trunks. At this point Davis sat up and began to protest, saying it wasn’t right and he couldn’t do it, but I had come to far to stop now.
Without stopping to think, or caring what would happen, I reached out and started to untie his trunks. He tried to stop me, but I told him how much I wanted it, and that he would enjoy it more if he’d calm down. After moments of struggling he finally laid back, knowing he was defeated. After untying the trunks, I slid them slowly down his legs exposing a perfectly shaped 6” dick. I slowly ran my fingers across his legs, savoring the sight that lay before me. As gently as I could, I reached out with my trembling hand and took his perfect treasure into my palm. As I slowly massaged him, he moaned either a moan of pleasure or one of disgust. No matter what kind of moan it was, I was in heaven.
It seemed like forever, until I knew I was ready to move on to something I had wanted for a long time. As I held his dick by the base, I took what amount of his length that I could into my mouth. Words can’t describe the feelings I felt as his warm meat danced across the tips of my tongue. I licked up and down his hard shaft, flicking my tongue across the top of his dick. Bits of his juices leaked from the tip of his dick, and the taste was almost too much to handle. Davis sat silent through much of this experience, although he did release the occasional moan of ecstasy. I would bob my head and take as much as I could until it would hit the back of my throat and I’d release a little and continue to suck and lick. As I was sucking Davis’s dick, I let my hands wander down to his balls. As I licked away playfully, my hands were very gently massaging and fondling. After what seemed like a few brief moments to me, Davis started to moan uncontrollably and before he could get the words out of his mouth, he unleashed a savage load into my mouth, down my throat.
Davis and I laid on his bed both feeling very accomplished until there was a knock at the door and his moms voice coming from the other side telling us that we needed to come eat before the party was over. I quickly helped Davis slide his trunks on, all the time asking him if his feelings had changed. He turned around, looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m not sure, you may need to spend the night tonight, I think its my turn to try that”, and he walked away with a sly smirk on his face, and I followed shortly after with a raging hard on and a yearning to know what the night time would bring.

To be continued…..

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2011-10-03 09:45:17
Please continue with the story! Fantastic writing.

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2010-07-04 21:53:47
that was awesome when will u write the next story i love 2 c what davis will do 2 josh will they b sex buddy

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2009-09-22 17:23:50
more please please

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2009-07-27 09:10:04
Good story young man. Like to see what you come up w/ when they get back together. Surely more sucking and maybe even some ass tickling and flip fucking.


2008-11-11 23:33:40
good story......w as it real i also havent looked but are you seriously from ga....... me too around im round henry

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