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This is my second story, not a follow up on "Losing my virginity", but just something to keep you busy while I type up the follow up
I was stretched out on my hotel bed, tomorrow is the first day of our training, I stretched out and smiled. Not the first time I’m in the big city, not too bad for a small town boy. My cellphone rang and I picked it up
“Will hallo”
The voice is low, purring
“I heard that my favorite knight is visiting”
I grinned, it was my one friend, she loves role-playing
“Indeed he is my lady, but alas only for a short period of time”
“Hmmmm where does my knight find himself at the moment”
I frowned slightly and gave her the name to my hotel, she gave a little chuckle
“I’ll see you in a bit my knight”
With that she hung up the phone, I was wondering what the hell was going on, she never called me and even less did she give any indication of coming to meet me. I knew that things weren’t going too well between her and her boyfriend, but she confessed that he fucked her whenever he got home from work. I figured that she wanted to talk to me and I got up, throwing on a t-shirt.

Minutes later there’s a knock on the door, I got up and opened it in just my jeans and t-shirt, expecting one of my technicians, who came with me to do our upgrade course, but instead I found her standing outside my door. Every bit as voluptuous as the pictures she sent me.
“Greetings my knight”
She was definitely purring and it wasn’t because she was glad to talk to me, that much was obvious in her clothing and her eyes.
“Uhm greetings my lady”
I stammered, she shoved me inside, closed and locked the door behind her, I was completely taken aback, sure we had a lot of virtual sex, but she was very faithful to her boyfriend and wouldn’t allow another guy to touch her. She threw her handbag on the bed and slipped out of her leather biker jacket, her tight t-shirt clung full, firm breasts, her nipples stood out proudly making it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, she kicked off her sandals and looked up at me.
“The bike ride here and knowing you’re here got me so godamn horny, either you fuck me now or I rape you”
She walked up to me, looking at me with that awesome hazel brown eyes, brushing her black hair out of her face, her hips swaying invitingly in her short, black skirt.
“You drove here in that skirt”
I asked nervously, trying to win some time, she just nodded and grabbed my t-shirt, pulling it up. I helped her slip it off and pulled her close, she attacked my lips with her own, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She was so firm yet soft under my hands, I grabbed her ass and she moaned hotly, she broke the kiss and looked up at me, her expression telling me what I wanted to know. No foreplay needed. This was a fantasy becoming reality and if I was dreaming, I was sure as hell going to enjoy it.

I lifted her skirt and groped her firm ass, she moaned softly, closing her eyes slightly, no underwear either, here I was in my hotel room with a piece of prime female flesh hell bent on getting satisfied. I didn’t waste any further time, I turned her around and pushed her against the wall, lifting her short skirt over her hips, she stuck out her ass and I slipped my hand between her legs, finding her pussy sopping wet, she gasped as my fingers rubbed over her hard, swollen clit. With my other hand I slipped off my jeans and boxers, she peeked over her shoulder
“God it looks much better than the pics you sent me”
I noticed that in her lust she dropped the role-play act
“Your own pictures doesn’t do you any justice”
I said, guiding my throbbing cock to her wet haven, she stuck out her ass more, her cheek pressing against the wall, she moaned as I pinched her clit.
“God stop teasing me”
I happily obliged and sunk my raging cock deep into her hot pussy, she cried out in pleasure as I bottomed out in that single stroke, her tight pussy, stretching around my cock. I pulled back slowly before plunging into her again, she moaned deeply with each thrust, her pussy juices coating my cock as it slid in and out of her tight pussy. I kept moving my cock slowly in and out of her, her juices coating my cock and making a squelching sound as I drove my pulsing cock deep into her again and again
“Godamit! Just fuck me!”
She screamed at me suddenly
“You want it hard and fast?”
I asked, accentuating each word with a hard thrust into her
“Yes…yes please honey, I wana squirt over that huge cock of yours, please fuck me hard and fast??”
She was almost sobbing now, begging me to make her cum. I’m all for teasing, but this time I couldn’t resist. Her tight, hot pussy pulsing around my cock, her soft moans and pleas for me to go faster was more than I could take. I grabbed her soft, full hips and started to pound my cock into her like a jackhammer, now she was moaning like the star of a cheap porn movie.
“Oh Will Will Will God yes Will, Oh God fuck me honey, fuck me like a slut”
She kept moaning, suddenly she drew in a sharp breath and clenched on her teeth as her whole body started to shake, her pussy flooded with her cum and it squirted out past my cock as I kept on hammering into her. She was on fire, moaning louder and louder, I took the chance and slapped her firm ass hard, she bucked wildly
“Yessssssss, more, more slap me oh God fuck me harder, slap my ass”
I complied, slapping her sensitive ass hard as my cock thrusted hard in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Her cum was on my cock, my balls, her ass, running down her legs, without warning she came again, harder than the first time, shaking in the throes of her passion as I fucked her hard and kept slapping her firm ass. I could feel my own orgasm closing.
“I’m going to cum”
She looked at me, lust and pleasure written all over her face
“Cum inside me, I want to feel your hot cum pump into me”
That was all I needed, I kept thrusting hard into her, one final deep thrust sends us both over the edge, I cling to her hips, drawing her close as my world erupts into a ball of pleasure. My cum shoot deep into her as her own cum flood her pussy again, her cry of passion echoes in my head as I pump my cum deep into her, grinding against her tight ass as her pussy greedily milk my cock for it’s load.

Out of breath I look at her, she is leaning heavily against the wall, her firm, white ass is red from where I slapped it, she moaned as I pull out my still hard cock

“Mmmm, that was just what the doctor ordered”
She turned around, went down on her knees and starting to suck our cum from my cock, pulling back the foreskin, running her tongue tip over my cock head, before sitting back on her haunches and looking up at me with a grin
“You’re still hard, I’m in for a great evening”
I looked down at her
“What about Jeff?”
She stood up and tugged down her skirt, then looked me in the eye a defiant look in her eyes
“What about Jeff?”
I shrugged
“Look what you gave and clearly is offering me, you know I won’t decline nor complain, but I don’t want you to regret it in the morning”
She just shrugged
“I’m not cheating on anybody at the moment”
“Ok now I’m confused”
She looked away
“You were right about him, he was two timing me, I caught him out last week”
“Oh God, I’m so sorry…”
She just placed her finger on my lips and smiled
“Let’s go eat something and get back here, I’ve been waiting too long for this opportunity, to do what we always talked about”
I smiled at her, knowing exactly what I’m going to do with her when we come back, because I already knew that she carries one of her vibrators around with her.
“As you wish my lady”
I said and bowed down, she chuckled and straightened her clothes
“Mmmm I see that you’re still at attention honey”
I grinned at her
“Not my fault that you’re a pure aphrodisiac”
Her smile grew even broader
“I think I know how to sort that out”
She went down and start to slowly lick my cock up and down, looking up at me with that ‘Come fuck me’ look in her eyes, it felt like I grew even harder if that’s possible, she kept looking up at me with those hazel eyes, sucking on the sides of my cock. I placed my hands in her hair, brushing it away from her face and gently stroked through it. She kept looking up at me, licking and sucking my cock, after a while she started playing with my balls as her tongue rubbed and flicked over my cock head.
“Oh God Cheri”
She winked at me and suddenly plunged her hot, moist mouth over my cock, I almost shot my load right there. She forced my whole cock into her mouth, deep throating my pulsing cock as she played with my balls, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me.
“God you’re big”
I didn’t even get time to reply as she gorged herself on my cock again, sucking hard, I couldn’t stop myself, she was driving me mad, I grabbed her head and started to thrust into her mouth, I could hear her muffled ‘Yes yes yes’ as my cock drove down her throat, I looked down and found her looking up at me, she moved her head in time with my thrusts, moaning deeply sending delicious vibrations up and down my cock as she kept sucking away, I could feel my cum building up and tried to pull away, but she had other plans, grabbing my ass, pulling me to her as she drove her head down my cock, moaning hard, her tight throat convulsing and vibrating around my cock sent me over the edge, I grabbed hold of her head as I came hard, finally breaking our eye contact as I closed my eyes and cried out her name loudly, my cum pumped down her throat and she swallowed gamely, her convulsing throat milking my cock for more cum. I tried to pull back so that she could breathe, but she kept me firmly in place, swallowing my cum as it pumped down her throat, finally she let me pull from hear, but only so that she could suck the last cum out of me. I almost collapsed onto the floor, but helped myself standing up by holding her shoulders. She pulled her head away and looked at my erect cock.
“God how much do you still have left?
I grinned
“History shows that I only have one left”
‘Mmmmmm you better put it away then, I’m going to use that one a bit later on”
She got up, licking her lips, I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately, she returned the kiss and then smiled up at me.
“Thank you”
I whispered, but she shook her head
“No, thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known what he was up to and if it wasn’t for you coming here I would’ve killed myself by now”
I stroked through her hair and she smiled up at me
“Let’s go, that delicious started you gave me just made me hungry”
I laughed as I let go of her and bent down to pull up my boxers and jeans, I looked at her, she looked hot as hell, I smiled at her.
“You don’t look like somebody who just had a quickie and gave a blowjob”
She smiled back at me and stroked my cheek
“You’re so sweet”
She went to the bed and picked up her handbag and disappeared into the bathroom, I stood in the doorway and watched her brush out her hair, then she turned to me
“OK let’s go”
She looked awesome without her make-up, her lips full and soft, her eyelashes long and full and those hazel eyes still looking at me like I should be fucking her right then, I quickly got on some socks and my workshoes and we left, taking the elevator down to the hotel’s restaurant.

The meal went well, a lot of small talk and no silences at all. Apart from being sexy she had quite a great sense of humor and at times we had to force ourselves to stop laughing, while we were having desert she had her sandals off and caressing my cock with her foot, she leaned over with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Is that a cellphone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”
I grinned at her
“Maybe my cellphone is happy to see you”
She leaned back laughing. After a few minutes of her foot massaging my now achingly hard cock, the waiter came around with the check, I got out my wallet and paid him along with a healthy tip. We got up and for the first time in my life I was happy that I prefer baggy clothing and boxers, it did it’s bit of hiding away my erection from the rest of the people, as we left I noticed a table with just men staring at her, just before we walked out of the door, I lifted her skirt, displaying her delectable ass to them. She gasped and looked up at me
“Are you mad?”
I just smiled at her
“Call it payback for teasing me like that”
She smiled back at me
On the way to the elevator I kept my hand around her waist, sliding it down until I was grasping her one ass cheek, squeezing it gently. She shivered and leaned against me
“You know how to make a girl wet”
I slowly rubbed and squeezed her ass
“Only if I know what buttons to push”
As we entered the elevator she pushed me up against the wall and pushed the button for my floor, she kissed me hard and long and looked up at me, her eyes smoldering
“You’re going to make me go down and suck that wonderful cock of yours again”
I twisted pushing her against the wall
“No you’re not”
I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, her skirt riding up, I pushed my hard cock against her and she moaned softly. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I lifted her t-shirt and found her breasts naked and her nipples hard, I lowered my head and started licking and sucking her hard nipples. I thrusted against her, my cock rubbing against her through my jeans, I could feel the heat from her pussy and she moaned as I started to massage her firm breasts and nibble gently on her breasts.
“Oh God Will, you’re going to make me cum if you keep on doing that”
I kept on thrusting against her, nibbling her rock hard nipples and kneading her soft, firm breasts, she said something through her clenched teeth that I couldn’t quite catch and with a hard scream she came, squirting her cum over my jeans. I looked up at her, she was panting and flushed, she smiled slightly
“Wow Will, Jeff never did that to me”
I smiled at her and kissed her, lowering her t-shirt, then I whispered in her ear
“I hope you know that we were watched by that security camera in the corner”
I could almost hear her blush
I let her down and she looked up at me, biting her bottom lip, just then the elevator stopped and I pulled her out after me, heading for my room. She giggled all the way, but didn’t slow down
“I can’t believe you did that knowing that we’re being watched”
I looked over my shoulder at her
“Hey you teased me enough Cheri and I didn’t hear you complaining back there”
“Hahaha you have an answer for everything don’t you Will”
I unlocked and opened my door
“Well I do, most of the time”

I pushed her inside before anybody could see us and then locked the door behind me, hanging up the ‘Do not disturb’ board. I locked the door behind me and found her stripping her clothing, I quickly followed suit, taking in her naked body as she walked over to me. She pushed up against the wall and kissed me hungrily, wrapping her arms around my neck, I placed my hands on her firm ass and kissed her back, pulling her tightly against me. She opened her mouth and I met her tongue with mine, stroking over it, I squeezed her ass, making her groan into my mouth. She slipped her hand between us and into my boxer, rubbing over my cock, her soft hand sending another wave of pleasure racing up my spine and I kissed her even harder. Her soft hand slid down my throbbing cock and started fondling my balls, playing with them gently, she scraped her nails over them, making my cock jump, I gave her ass a sharp slap and she broke the kiss with a gasp
“God Will, how do you do it?”
I looked puzzled at her
“Do what babe?”
She started to strip off my boxers
“You make me so godamn horny”
Before I could say anything, her head was bobbing up and down on my cock, licking and sucking at it, I groaned and laid my head back against the door as she kept sucking and slurping at my hard cock, within moments of her expertly moving mouth, I was ready to cum, so I gently pushed her from my cock. She looked up at me, a bit confused, but I picked her up and laid her down on the bed, I started kissing her lips and her neck, she sighed softly as I gently nibbled on her throat, I slowly kissed my way to her breasts, I took them in my hands and started to gently knead the soft flesh, she moaned softly when my lips latched onto her one hard nipple, my tongue flicking over it as I softly massaged her breasts. I moved from nipple to nipple, sucking and licking, her fingers played through my hair as she laid back and just enjoyed the attention I lavished on her firm breasts. After a few minutes she tried to pull me up, but I went down and gently kissed her taut belly, dipping my tongue in and out of her bellybutton before going lower, I gently kissed her inner thighs and she spread her legs wider for me as I drew closer to her pussy, she had both hands on her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples as she looked down her body at me, I ran my tongue around the lips of her wet pussy, savoring her smell, she shuddered and moaned when I gently ran my tongue over her clit
“You have such a lovely pussy”
She just moaned in reply when I licked hard over her clit, I ran my fingers around her shaven pussy lips, slowly rubbing her soft skin, before sucking on her clit, flicking my tongue over her clit. Suddenly she grabbed the sheets and screamed out in pleasure, her juices squirting over my chin and neck, I didn’t stop sucking and licking her clit, she kept groaning, her body flushed and quivering from her orgasm. I glanced up and saw her looking down at me, her mouth open as she kept moaning, I looked up at her as I let go of her clit and stuck my tongue into her pussy, she closed her eyes and collapsed back on the bed, moaning my name loudly, her pussy overflowing with her juices and I lapped it up eagerly, she had her hand on my head, pushing me down as she ground her pussy into my face, I slipped my left thumb to her clit and started rubbing it hard and fast as I lapped up her juices, sucking gently on her pussy lips. She pushed my head down and screamed out my name, this time I was rewarded with a flood of her sweet tasting come, I sucked on her pussy, slurping and swallowing her cum. I sat back and looked down at her, she was spread out, her hands entangled in my sheets, her legs wide open displaying her wet pussy, her chest rising and falling, her hair spread around her head like a halo, but those eyes I’ll never forget, they spoke of untold pleasure and the want for more
“Wow you are so beautiful”
I said softly, she smiled and sat up
“Thank you….for everything”
She leaned over and kissed me, I kissed her back and whispered in her ear
“I got one more surprise for you”
She looked at me quizzically and I just kissed her, she kissed me back and was quite surprised when I pulled her onto her hands and knees, she looked at me with a grin
“You did say you always wanted to try doggy”
I smiled at her
“Yes, but this one has a twist, don’t move”
I got up and quickly gathered the tools I needed, she watched me curiously and smiled when I blindfolded her
“Now you’re getting kinky, me like”
I started to gently rub her supple back, she pushed up against my touch, enjoying it. I slowly stroked her beautiful firm, round ass and she shivered with pleasure, I picked up the Vaseline and dipped my one finger into it, I slowly started to apply the Vaseline to her asshole, she let out a soft moan, I got more Vaseline and slowly inserted my finger into her tight asshole, applying the Vaseline, slowly working my finger in and out, she moaned softly again, next I took two fingers with a huge load of Vaseline, she groaned deeply when my fingers entered her tight asshole, she started panting and moaning when I slowly started to move my fingers in and out of her tight asshole
“God….I didn’t….know….you’re….into…..anal….”
She ground out, clenching her teeth, I pulled out my fingers and cleaned them on my discarded boxer, I picked up her vibrator and held it between her ass cheeks
“I’m not, this is just for you”
I whispered in her hear, before slowly easing the vibrator into her, her arms gave way and she laid down on her elbows, groaning softly as I eased the vibrator deeper and deeper into her lubricated ass, she clamped down on it and turned her head around
“Is that my vibrator?”
“Yes it is”
She giggled and moaned again when I pushed it completely into her
“God that feels so good”
I switched it on and she gasped in surprise, I waited for her to settle in before I slowly entered her flowing pussy, this made her moan deeply, sticking her ass out more, I slowly edged my cock deeper, feeling the vibrating vibrator lodged in her ass pushing against my cock, she started moaning my name over and over again, I grabbed her hips and started to thrust hard inside her pussy, she stopped moaning, just gasped for air as I kept on pounding her tight pussy, I took off her blindfold and she had her eyes tightly shut and her mouth gaping open, she threw back her head and moaned hard and long as another orgasm washed over her, her pussy muscles clenching and releasing around my thrusting cock, I leaned over and grabbed hold of her firm breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, suddenly she found her voice again
She whispered fiercely between my thrusts, my groin slapped against her ass, driving the vibrator into her with each thrust, she whispered faster, not making any sense at all, I could feel my cum starting to build up, I tried to hold back, but couldn’t, her hot, tight pussy and her vibrator vibrating against my cock was too much to handle. I grabbed hold of her hips and drove my cock hard and deep into her, almost losing consciousness from the pleasure that coursed through me as my cum exploded deep into her, I could vaguely hear her scream my name in pleasure and thought that everybody in the Hotel by now knew what we were doing. We both collapsed on the bed, completely satiated and exhausted, panting for breath. After a while she turned around and cuddled up to me
“Thank you Will”
I kissed her tenderly
“It was all my pleasure”
She just smiled and dozed off, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as well.

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2009-09-15 18:27:29
A great story. Even though it was lengthy I did enjoy reading it. If all your stories are as great as this one, I want to read them all.


2008-05-22 11:06:03
Oh my. ;3

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-22 11:01:43
My oh my.
It just keeps going, doesn't it? ;3

This piece is very well written... And I think you know why I say so, beer.
It's also a major improvement from the first, from a language perspective.
You're growing as a storyteller, and doing so at a remarkable rate~

Watch out for a few things though, as in the first:
There are quite a few run-on lines throughout, and a few deions get somewhat repetitive...
This breaks the lovely rhythm you have going in your lovemaking scenes.

As for the story itself...
I can only say that she is a very, very lucky girl indeed. ;D

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2008-05-22 00:52:31

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