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Jolina and me

She was 12 when I first saw her. She was with her dad, a handsome man. Very handsome to be completely honest. But handsome guys had their downside. They were men, and never treated a woman like me good. He saw me, started to blush as I smiled at him, and he walked my way. “Are you single?” he asked. He had a deep voice, almost trembling. “Well, now that’s a good pick-up line!” I responded with a smile. He smiled as well. The ice was broken.

We started dating and after a few months he asked me to move in with him. Not knowing what to say I agreed. My move towards the little girl was made. I was going to live with her, and she liked it, at the beginning it was a bit rough, but later on we got more close, almost intimid.

It was a Saturday when I discoverd the little girl’s secret. John was out for work, and me and Jolina were home alone. Usually around this time of day she was hanging in front of the television, but this time she wasn’t there. After being completly silent for a few seconds, I heard a muffled sound, as if the sound was coming through some layers of textile. Sneaking my way up, expecting the worst and the best, the best was what was happening. There she was, moaning from under her sheats, with her hand between her thighs, moaning, huffing, breathing heavily. I stood still for some time, not believing my luck. “Need a hand?” I asked with a smile. Jolina was starteld. ‘I.. errh. . I was.. ‘ she tried to say. “No problem.” I said, silencing her. “We all do it, yet rarely talk about it.”. Ashamed, Jolina asked: ‘you as well?’. “Of course.” I replied. ‘Will you tell daddy?’ she asked me, still ashamed. “No, I will not tell daddy, if you don’t want me to. And if needed, I might be able to help you.” This was dangerous for me. Either my plan would work, of it would fail misarably, and I would never get another chance. ‘Well… I might use some tips.’. My plan had worked.
On the next Saturday, when John was out again, she asked me if she could get some tips about ‘it’. I taught her nearly everything I knew, what I like, what some of my girlfriends like, what they generaly didn’t like, what to do, what not to do, the lot. With a serious face she listend, started posing questions, and even asked me if I could show my method. “Ofcourse” I replied with a smile.

I began by taking of my clothes, in the bedroom, where nobody could see me or her. She followed my example. While we were naked, I got a good look at her body. Breasts were starting to show, but they were still small, and gorgeous. The soft belly and cute belly-button, and further down, a small vagina. Still childish, but adapting to puberty. I started rubbing my breasts until my nipples were fully erected. She followed my example. I lay on the bed, slowly rubbing my breasts with one hand, and slowly reaching down with the other. As I did so many times before, I closed my eyes and slowly began rubbing my clit. Slowly but surely, faster by the minute, using different methods of rubbing, I came close to cumming. I started putting my fingers inside, finding that g-spot, and erousing as much as I could. It got quicker and quicker until I could feel an emense feeling of relaxation coming from between my legs, spreading through my entire body. Muscles tensed and relaxed, as the last waves of feelings slowly went away.

I slowly opened one eye. She was there, looking at me. ‘Can I try now?’ she asked. “Ofcourse” I replied. She copied me quite nicely. Starting slowly, her small hand was rubbing her breast, whilst the other one went down, and rubbed the tiny vagina. “Shall I show where it’s really nice?” I asked. ‘Please do’ she replied with her eyes closed. I carefully lay the hand away for a second and started to put some distance between the vaginal lips. After some searching, I hit the spot. Her clit was fully erect and when I started rubbing it, Jolina moaned as she hadn’t moaned before. “Now you.” I said. Her hand reached down and began rubbing the small clit. It didnt take long before she climaxed. A small hand, rubbing furiously at the clit was always a good way to come. She let out a deep sigh and opened here eyes after a minute or two. ‘That was fantastic’ she said with a small voice. “I know” I replied.

We continued that tradition, masturbating with each other for a few weeks. She got more used to climaxing, and I had fun with her. She was becoming more capable by the week, and after a few weeks she asked if it was nice if you do it to another person. Naturally I said yes, thinking my plan was going quite well. ‘Who is going first?’ she asked. “Shall I begin with you?” I asked, my heart pumping like a madman. ‘Ok’. So I began. I started teasing here still small breasts, and began stroking the nipples. Every time I stroked them, she gasped. It was really cute. ‘ahh…’ she moaned, when I slowly reached more downwards. I saw here vagina, it was getting wet. ‘oh!’ she said, a bit surprised, when my hand was rubbing it all at once. I felt the small lips under my hand, felt the curving, and the small clitoris, fully erect, as I expected. I began rubbing more slowly, and more towards the small girl’s clit. She moaned harder and harder. And when I slowly held here lips apart, and started really stimulating her clitoris, she stopped moaning, and she became short-breathed. As if my hand rubbing her clit sucked all the ability to talk out of her. I rubber faster and faster. Until eventually.. With a final stroke, I saw the tiny body climax. Vaginal fluids everywhere. It was beautiful.

‘Now it’s my turn’ she said, still a bit out of breath. “Go ahead” I challenged her.

The first touch was breathtaking. I felt her small hands on my breasts, and couldn’t breath for a second. I felt her rubbing my breasts, my nipples, and I didn’t know what to do. She rubbed them slowly, but with increasing speed. Rub, rub, rub… That’s how it went.. It was great. Then she went further. She had one hand on my breast, and ventured down, like I did to her. Her touch on my vagina almost made me come. It was so great, I moaned loud. She was startled first, not knowing what was going on, but she continued fast. She rubbed both of her hands over my vagina, and began spreading them apart to find my clit. I thought for a second that I was a great teacher, and then she touched it. I was nearly coming, the feeling was immensely fantastic, but could retain it. She did notice I was close though, and with a big smile started rubbing my clit quite furiously. I moaned harder as she went faster, and eventually, I nearly screamed my name in lust, and had the best climax I ever had. There I was… Vaginal juices coming out of me, and a small girl with hands who were wet with them.

“Come here, near my face” I said. She came, still with lust in her eyes. Without stopping looking at her eyes, I grabber her hand, one of them, with some of my fluids, and licked it clean. She pulled her own hand near her mouth and did the same to her other hand, also with my fluids on it. ‘Mmm.. it tastes nice..’ she said. ‘Can I taste more next time?’ “Sure you can. Next time, I’ll show you the secret of using your mouth.” She smiled.

The next time was sooner then I thought.

In less then a week were in the same situation. We were both naked, and were both horny. Without saying anything, I started on her. I began by rubbing her small breasts with one hand, and reaching down with the other. Also, I got my head closer to the vagina. Closer and closer, until I closed my eyes and started licking everything. She screamed, she wasn’t expecting this at all. Luckily there was nobody around to hear it, so I continued. After the first few licks, she was getting used to the feeling, and started to moan, like she usually did. After a few minutes of constant licking, I could feel her climax again. I tasted her fluids, as they came out of her, and smiled about the taste. I kept on licking though, cleaning everything, and sucking even more. The little girl was speechless. “Ah, you taste fantastic” I said. ‘oh really?’ “yes. Want to taste some?” ‘ok..’ I got my head near hers and started to kiss her. She willingly accepted my tongue on hers, and tasted what I was tasting. ‘That tastes great indeed’ she said. ‘Now lie down, here I go’

She started a bit hesitant, but got it right quite soon. The sensation of her tongue, sliding and licking my vagina was.. heavens. I felt myself moving with her tongue, so I had the most pleasure, and began to moan. I moaned loader and loader as my climax got closer. Finally with a last stroke of her small tongue, I climaxed, leaving the girl’s face wet with my fluids. She sucked everything out of me, and was trying to get everything of her face, when I told her to get to me. She came, and I started licking the small face clean. She licked me clean, and I licked her. We were even.

A few minutes after we were done I asked “Shall I bring a toy with me next time?” ‘A toy, for me?’ she asked, not knowing what I meant. “Yes a toy, to make it more fun. “ ‘ok’ she answered, smiling…

To Be Continued…


2009-11-20 15:09:59
gr8 story i became so horny


2009-10-16 19:13:52
Hey, you brainless idiots! I see that most of you have the IQ of a brick. Otherwise, you would be reading and writing about sex with adults and not children.

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2009-07-03 17:47:31
Fuck im horny now mast myself now

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2009-06-17 00:17:53
i loved it. great story. please, me and my pussy are begging you to write more!

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2009-06-06 19:54:09
I love the taste of virgin pussie juice and I love to have another girl lick me. My clit is much larger than any others I have seen. Some times I can actually fuck another girl with it.

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