So I come home the other night from a friends house after drinking a bunch of shots of vodka and some beers... and I guess I smoked a joint too. I knew Lisa was having some friends over, and they'd be drinking some too. I let her drink with her friends as long as nobody was driving, and it was limited to a group of friends that I trusted. So I walk in the house and run upstairs to take a piss when Lisa stops me in the hallway and says "Daddy!!!" in her best drunken voice. She then proceeds to grab hold of me and hug her gorgeous body against me. As she breaks the hug, she kisses me right on the lips with a slightly opened mouth. I was shocked because we've never even come close to making out before. Then she looks me in the eye and plants another one on me and I can fee her tongue slip in between my lips. I was still too shocked to respond. But then she looks at me with a curious face and my body finally caught up with my brain. I grabbed her and gave her a really juicy kiss for our first time. I gently caressed her lips with my tongue and then I sliped it inside where we began to explore each other's mouth. It was the most sensual kiss of my life. I was making out with my step daughter. My gorgeous, sexy, under age step daughter.

With such a bold move from her, it was my turn. So I pushed her up against the wall, grab her ass and grind my hard on into her. We're just dry humping away and she starts to moan into my mouth. Just then her friends come busting out into the hallway almost catching us. But we play it off like an innocent drunk hug. It would be a full week before I could get her alone again.

As Lisa goes running off with her friends, my 14 year old daughter gives me an evil glare and says "Really nice Dad. What was that all about?". Shit, busted. "I thought I was getting my legs rubbed after my game today, but Lisa is always hanging all over you. I guess I know who your favorite is." I didn't know what to say. I loved all my girls equally, but it's true that Lisa and I have a really flirty and sexually charged relationship. "Honey, you know I love you both the same. Now let's go into your room so you can strectch out on your bed and I'll rub your legs out."

I do feel a bit wierd about this situaion now. Debbie has seen me and Lisa get really close during one of these massages. Is that what she really wanted too? I mean, I rarely thought of Debbie like that since she first hit puberty and she was always dropping her towel "accidentaly", and showing off her budding breasts. That was just fun experimenting with her safe Daddy. Did she want more? If that's what she wants, then who am I to argue?

I walked into her room a few minutes later and there she is waiting for me to arrive and take care of her. Still feeling unsure of her intentions, I position her legs away from my dick, so she can't feel the inevitable hard on. As I start rubbing her legs and feet, she says "Daddy, you're not doing a very good job." and with that she shifts her legs so that her feet are digging into my crotch where she can certainly feel my hard on. The same thing she's seen her sister do many times. Now that her intentions are clear, I give her the full treatment which means a lot of friction in my pants, and I can feel the precum starting to drip.

As I'm rubbing away, I can feel her putting extra pressure on my crotch, and she's starting to get a rythm going. I look at her and say "What are you up to Debbie?" She just smiles and says "I'm just being nice to you Daddy, like you are to me. I just want to be close to you like you are to Lisa". And with that she slides her hand down and gives my dick a soft squeeze and leaves her hand on it. I was too drunk to stop her, so what else could I do but start sliding my hand up her smooth tan 14 year old stomach and make my way to her tits. "Well two can play that game", and I start to gently massage her tits, giving her nipples some extra attention and a little tweak. "Oh, Daddy that feels so nice", as she begins to really start rubbing my dick. I lean down and start to kiss my way up her stomach and she's squirming like crazy, but when my tongue hits her nipple, I though she was going to cum right then as she's moaning. As I'm sucking on her nipples my hand starts to make its way over her pussy as I begin to gently rub her and feel the heat at moisture.

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Oh come on two beautiful daughter's and you ain't fucked them yet stop messing about and pop there cherries and screw the arse off them

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