When Opportunity Knocks
Genre: Gay, Anal, masturbation, hardcore, cum-swallowing.
My name’s Shane, for as long as I remember I’ve always been curious about other men, I’m a teenager, 18 years old, well built, close to 6’0 and I got black curly hair and I’ve been told that I’m good looking, but as curious as I was about male sexuality and the like, I had never thought of doing anything about it as I wasn’t solely interested in males. Pussy, I LOVE pussy, so I never took the opportunity to explore my same sex interests. Until one day opportunity knocked on my door…

I was at home doing nothing as usual, my parents both worked 9 to 5 jobs so I was just lazing around alone at home, and horny as hell too, so I decided to watch some porn in my room ( Aka play with my dick), I put the porn on the pc and settled in for a good cock jerking. As the intro and star features were rolling I heard a knock at the door, FUCK! I thought, who the fuck wants what right now of all times. I got up off my bed and strode towards the door thinking of all the insults I could muster and the best one to use. I opened the door and standing there was Justin, my long time friend he was only 16 but we had been friends for a long time and we often watched porn together. I guessed he was probably as bored as I was with the school holidays so I invited him in and said I was about to watch some porn does he wanna watch?. Justin was about 5’7 and built similar to me, he had short brown hair and a dumb looking face, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either.

We walked to my room and I set the porn rolling again, I really didn’t give a shit bout Justin being here, he sat down on the bed as did I and we began to watch the porno, it was one of the Debbie series. Debbie does Dallas, and oh boy does she DO Dallas.
After about 10-15 minutes of Debbie doing a Dallas guy with a huge fucking cock my dick was hard as rock

I noticed Justin’s was hard too, I also noticed him stealing glances at my raging hardon, I thought FUCK IT!, let’s see what he does, I whipped my cock out my shorts and just held it in my hand feeling its hardness and warmth. Justin was staring at my dick shamelessly now as I began to stroke it lightly.
“Holy shit you got a big dick!” he said.
I looked over at him and said “Really?, let’s see yours”
Without any hesitation he let his fucktool spring loose of his shorts, it was big but about 2 inches smaller than mine, leaving it at about the 7 inch mark.
“Yours is bigger” Justin said.
“Guess so, you wanna touch it?” I asked.
He practically leaped at the opportunity and without replying he took my cock in his hand and began to stroke it lightly as I‘d been doing. From his actions I gathered he was enjoying this so I decided to milk this opportunity for all its worth.
“Can I touch yours?” I asked, my voice thick with lust.
He didn’t answer but moved closer so I could get to his dick, I grasped his 7 incher and began wanking it slowly and marvelled at the feeling of having a cock other than mine grasped tightly in my fist. I jerked his dick and he began moaning as was I, I kept my eyes locked on his cock and decided I wanted to taste it, I bent my head and began swallow his cock greedily into my mouth, he gasped as he felt my warm lips sliding and sinking over his hard dick, he began to moan softly and I started to really suck him properly, or as best I knew at least.

Justin was moaning as I sucked relentlessly on his 7inch cumgun, I decided I liked the idea and feeling of a hard cock buried in my throat but my cock wanted some extra attention too, I reluctantly pulled my lips off his cock and quickly ordered him to “Suck my fucking cock” as I flipped him on his back and straddled his face so we were in the classical 69 position, I chose to be on top because I knew I could effectively fuck his mouth from this position, he took my cock in his mouth slowly but I decided “FUCK THAT” I rammed my cock in his mouth and he gagged slightly and I eased off a bit allowing him to get used to my 9 inch fucktool in his mouth, amazingly he began swallowing my cock until he had it literally in his throat. My thoughts were hazy and my senses heightened as I felt his throat muscles massaging my cock, it felt glorious and only spurred me on to suck his cock faster and harder, I placed my hand on his nut sack and squeezed softly so I could feel when they were going to contract indicating he was gonna cum. I could hear his moaning increasing in volume and tempo so I kept up my pleasurable assault on his cock wanting to make him cum like he never has before, I felt his nuts tighten and I pulled my mouth off his cock and stroked it hard ‘n fast and he finally erupted onto my face, spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot sticky cum blasted into my face and for a while it seemed as if it would never stop, Justin wailed like a Banshee into my crotch as he came full force.

I slipped my cock out of Justin’s mouth and picked up an old shirt lying on the floor and I wiped my face with it, having not cum yet I decided to have a bit more fun. “Take your clothes off” I said to Justin, he didn’t even question my order, he just got undressed as I dug around in my cupboard looking for the cream I usually used to jerk my cock. Once Justin was totally naked I asked him to lie on his back and lift his knees towards his chest, I squeezed a liberal amount of the cream on my cumgun and his puckered virgin asshole, I positioned my cock at his rosebud entrance and slowly eased forward, his asshole resisted at first and Justin’s face was contorted in what I assumed was pain (hey I felt no pain) as I pushed harder into his shit chute and it gave way.

I was pushing so hard eventually that when it gave way I slid balls deep into his ass, my whole 9 inches of solid cock meat was buried in his once virgin tight ass, Justin let out a low pitched groan of pain as I remained motionless giving his bowels time to adjust to the size of my cock. After a short while I began to move slowly back and forth as I moaned softly, his asshole gripping my dick so tight it felt as if it was trying to swallow my body whole, as I pushed into him again and again Justin began to moan in more pleasure than pain now (so I assumed) and I began to move faster picking up the force of my fucking and increasing the tempo of my strokes as I pounded his ass. His legs were over my shoulders and he was playing with his now hard cock, jerking and tugging it like a crazed boy-slut as I gave his shit hole the pounding of it’s life, I was moaning and talking dirty saying things like “Take it you cock hungry boy-slut” and “I know you love my fucktool in your ass you dirty prick lover.” Justin was moaning loudly and I noticed his eyes rolling in his head, he screamed “I’m CUMMMINNGGG!!!!” and he came full force once again, only this time his cock was aimed at his own face and chest and he spurted his sticky hot seed all over his face and chest with another ear shattering wail. His asshole clenched and his ass bucked as he came sending me over the edge and I filled his bowels with my hot white spunk, I rammed my cock repeatedly hard as I came and came again in his tight boy-slut ass.

I collapsed on top of him spent and we both just lay for what seemed like eternity, my cock was still giving small shudders while still clenched in his asshole. I withdrew my now semi-erect love muscle and walked over to Justin’s face, I lifted his head by grabbing him by his hair and stuffed my semi-erect cock in his mouth “Yeah clean that cock you little boy-slut, eat my cock you cum-lover” Justin did as I said and he began to clean my cock with his mouth, his oral ministrations to my pecker were beginning to turn me on once more and my cock piece grew in size. Justin slid off the bed and onto his knees and sucked my cock as if he were born to suck dick. My lust overtook me and I grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his face, sending my cock balls deep in his throat at an astounding rate, I was pounding Justin’s face with everything I had, he gagged slightly but was able to accommodate my force and pace. Fucking his throat was taking its toll on my balls and they began to tighten up as I prepared myself for my ultimate release. As I felt my orgasm building I pounded even harder into his throat, I was at the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and as I was about to come, Justin who was holding my balls, shoved two cream covered fingers in my ass, I exploded with an orgasm unlike any other I had ever experienced, my cock spurted cum right down his throat into his stomach as I screamed….

Once we were both cleaned up I asked Justin if he would come over everyday he could so we could “Entertain” each other.
Beats being bored…

Written by: ExtremelyDisturbed

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no fuckin way

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very hot...makes me want to be seduced and suck cock for first time

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fuck yeah im sooooo horny just had 2 go play w/ my ass afterwards

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I happened to have my best friend over while reading this. We had the best anal sex I've ever had, and when he came he came hard. I opened my asshole and felt thr cum pour out onto my hand and then ate it all, while he sucked me off. It was great!

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