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A man gets to Las Vegas and cannot wait to hit the Casino's. Sure enough Lady Luck smiles on him and he hits it big. Taking his winnings, the Casino offers him the High Roller's suite. On his way up he tips the Butler, and says:

"I hear Las Vegas has the BEST hooker in the world right here"

The Butler replies "Yes that is true sir"

"send her up!" the Guy says.

About an hour later there is a knock at the door and in walks the Hooker dressed in a slinky gold dress.

Excited the Guy asks her "how much for a Hand Job?"

"50 Dollars" the Hooker replies.

50DOLLARS? the man exclaims

The Hooker opens the drapes and points down to the street where a Brand New Rolls Royce is sitting and says "Bought and paid for one night, these hands.

Now curiosity has him and he pays the 50, and sure enough it is the BEST thing the guy ever felt...

Relaxing with a smoke the guy asks "how much for a Blow Job?"

Without blinking the hooker says "500 Dollars"

The man is stunned "500 Dollars for a BLOW job?

The Hooker again goes to the window and points to a condominium "Bought and paid for, one night these lips"

Unable to resist and after the great hand job, the guy pays and sure enough, it is the most WONDERFUL thing the man ever felt.

So after, he is panting and excited and asks "I have GOT to know... How much for straight sex.

Again without blinking the Hooker says "5000 dollars"

The guy is just amazed "really 5000?

The Hooker goes to the window and points to Ceasers Palace

Now the guy calls her "Wait a min, I KNOW a hooker does NOT own Ceaser's Palace!"

The Hooker smiles back at him and says "I would if I were a woman...."

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