It was a cool winter morning; the snow was falling at a slow pace when Joe woke up. He had a simple morning routine of waking up with a hard erection, masturbating then eating his breakfast that consisted of eggs, toast and milk. Joe threw the blankets off him and started to rub his gigantic erection and pulled out his porno magazine out from underneath his mattress. There was already pre-cum spots on his boxers as he pulled down his shorts and gripped on to his eight inch penis. He would look at a picture in the magazine, and close his eyes imagining he is going down hard on one of the models. This morning he pictured himself nailing the tall, slender blond with the perfect tits with the ideal pink nipples that fit directly in the center. A few minutes later a fresh load of white, thick cum was sprayed all over his six pack abs and relief fell across his entire body.

Joe cleaned himself up and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Joe was a college student and lived with his parents over breaks and summer. He was on Christmas vacation, his parents were at work and he was left in his house alone. Joe liked waking up alone at home since he could easily pull down his shorts when he woke up and masturbate to his favorite girls in his porno magazine or use his imagination to think of the hot neighbor girl.

As Joe finished his breakfast he was startled by the door bell. He looked out the window to see a woman between her late 40’s and early 50’s standing at the door dressed in a heavy red overcoat, black boots, and a matching red hat. When he opened the door the woman smiled at him and said “You must be Joe! How nice to meet you! My name is Jennifer; your mother hired me to clean up a bit each week when she was at work! I hope you don’t mind.” Joe nodded his head and let her in.

Joe kept himself busy most of the day with lifting and a trip to the mall to scout out possible girls to hook up with over the long Christmas break. He saw the hot neighbor girl Linzi walking around the mall alone so he decided to approach her. “Ha, bored too eh?” Joe said. Linzi smiled and replied “How could you guess? Not much to do around here this time of year besides wander around the mall.” The two of the walked around together for an hour or so before Linzi offered that they both go to her house to hang out; which Joe quickly agreed to.

When the two of them arrived at Linzi’s house, Joe parked his SUV behind her small car and they went into her house. Linzi was wearing a tight pink shirt, with blue jeans and white sneakers. Her breasts were of a moderate size, probably a C-cup at the biggest but they were the perfect shape. “Can I get you anything to eat or drink?” She asked Joe. He replied “No I’m good thanks! So… what do you want to do?” Joe smiled and told her whatever she wanted to do with a little something extra in his voice that he hoped she didn’t notice. She just smiled and led him into the living room. After the first hour of just hanging out and making small talk Joe decided to go back home, which was only a half block away.

When Joe arrived back home he noticed the cleaning lady’s car still in the driveway. He parked his SUV and went into his house. “Oh Joe I’m glad you’re home! Your mom called and said that her and your dad were running a little late tonight so she asked me to start dinner! I hope you like lasagna!” Joe was going to reply to Jennifer but he was just mesmerized by the woman. She was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans. Her long dark brown hair rested on her shoulders, and her chest supported two beautiful enormous breasts. This woman was close to 50 years old, but Joe could not help but check her out. He managed to shake his head before she noticed him ogling her and she went back into the kitchen. Joe rushed to his bedroom to relieve his massive erection and within a minute his chest was covered with warm cum. Breathing heavy after his session, he cleaned himself off and then was called for dinner. He didn’t know if he could stand looking at her again without trying to fuck her brains out!

Joe entered the kitchen and saw her making his plate for him. “Well this about does it! Your mom said just to leave everything out and you’d take care of it” Jennifer said as she handed Joe his plate. He was so disappointed that she was leaving, but then thought it was good so she wouldn’t catch him staring at her gorgeous breasts. Joe finished his dinner, jerked off again and spent the rest of the night playing around with his computer and video games. He could not wait to see Jennifer again next week. Her beautiful face, long brown hair and bouncing, natural tits were all too much for him to handle! Pulling down his shorts he let loose a full load of cum before he fell asleep.

The next week Jennifer came Joe made sure he was not leaving the house. As soon as Joe greeted her at the door he asked if she needed any help. He spent the entire day checking out her ass as she bent over to clean the toilet, looking down her shirt as he helped her straighten up the kitchen table, even gawking at her long legs as she stretched to get the cobwebs from the corner of the ceilings. The phone rang and it was Joe’s mom. She let him know that she would be late again and so would his father. A smile came across his face as soon as he heard the news. Jennifer agreed to make dinner again, but this time Joe asked her to stay.

Jennifer finished up dinner and Joe set the table. Joe sat down and Jennifer sat directly across from him as soon as she finished putting the food on the table. “So Joe, do you have a girlfriend or anything?” Joe smiled and said no and asked if Jennifer were married. She told him that she had been divorced for over three years after her marriage for more than twenty years. Jennifer said that she caught her husband cheating on her with a younger woman who was actually one of Jennifer’s friends. Joe noticed a tear in her eye and blurted out “Well it’s his loss! You’re a beautiful woman and any guy would be lucky to have you!” Jennifer looked as surprised as Joe did after he said that since they really didn’t know each other.

The rest of the dinner was eaten in silence, but as Joe was about to finish his dinner Jennifer looked at him and said “Did you mean what you said about any guy being lucky to have me?” Joe smiled and confirmed that he really believed what he said earlier. Jennifer gave a flirtatious smile that Joe immediately picked up on. “Hell, I’m sure guys my age are chasing after you!” Joe divulged to her. “Well, that’s not the case at all, but I did notice you checking me out a bit” Jennifer replied with a giggle. She stood up from the table and walked over to him. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” She winked and spread her legs over his lap and sat down. Their lips met and Joe’s penis began to get hard. He worked his way down her neck and began to kiss her cleavage. He was getting very excited and his boner felt as if it were going to rip through his pants. “Ohhh Joe!” cried Jennifer.

Joe picked her up and carried her out into the living room and laid her on the couch. Her legs were still wrapped around him and he lifted her shirt up over her head and threw it on the ground. She was wearing a white lace bra. Joe grabbed both of her tits with his hands and squeezed them together. He had very big hands and her beautiful tits could not fit into them. He exposed her nipple and began to suck on it. “Oh my God! I’m getting so wet! I want to suck your hard cock!” Jennifer let out! Joe quickly pulled off his pants and Jennifer jumped right on him. Her mouth devoured his hard erection. She drooled a little bit down the side of his rod, then slurped it up with a big gulp as she fit his entire cock in her mouth. Breathing heavy Joe exclaimed “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” A load of cum shot out of his penis and right into her mouth; she swallowed every last drop of it. “Mmmm, maybe next time I can cum for you?” Jennifer said with a smile. She put fixed her bra and put her shirt back on. “Well I better be off, I’m looking forward to a cleaning, I mean to cleaning here next week.” She said with a giggle.

Anticipation for Jennifer to return next week was almost unbearable for Joe. He would try to make excuses to why she should come back later in the week without sounding excited, but to no avail he still had to wait four days before Jennifer would come to “clean house” again.

Joe was sitting in his room thinking of Jennifer’s perfect tits when he was taken from his daydream by the telephone ringing. He answered the phone to hear Linzi’s voice on the other end. “Hey Joe! Do you want to do something? My mom and step-dad are fighting again and I just have to get out of this house!” Linzi’s mom re-married last year and from the start of the marriage it was a disaster. “Sure, I’d love to!” Joe replied. He thought it would make time go by faster if he spent it with someone else, so he threw on some clothes and climbed into his SUV.

When he arrived at Linzi’s house she was standing outside waiting to be picked up and he could hear her mom and step-dad screaming at each other. Linzi ran to the car and jumped right in. “Let’s get the hell out of here!” she said. They decided on going to the Movie Theater since that was the only way to waste a few hours so the storm at her house would settle.

Linzi bought her ticket then went to the snack counter for a large soda. As they were walking into the theater Joe noticed Linzi taking out a flask and pouring a brown liquid into her coke. She looked at Joe and said “Just something to calm my nerves a little.” Joe didn’t think anything of it because he had brought alcohol with him to a movie on more than one occasion before so it didn’t really matter to him.

They sat down in the two big comfortable chairs, and within twenty minutes of the movie’s start the soda and liquid mixed with it was gone. “Joooooe” Linzi tried to whisper. “I’m bored!” Joe laughed out loud disturbing the other people trying to watch the movie. “Well the movie isn’t going to over for a while, so just try to watch it.” Joe said. Joe was getting into the movie when all of a sudden Linzi put her hand on his leg, dangerously close to his cock. He shook his leg a little to try and have her remove her hand but she kept it there. Then she moved it closer and closer to his penis before she was just about the touch the head. “Linzi what are you doing?!” Joe exclaimed. Linzi smiled and began to unbutton his jeans. Joe didn’t know what to do since Linzi was obviously bombed out of her mind and he didn’t want to take advantage of her. “Linzi maybe you should st…” before he could finish Linzi’s hand was wrapped around Joe’s cock. The feeling was unbelievable and there was no way he was going to have her stop. The next closest person was two rows a head of them, but that did not matter to Joe at all. Linzi bent down and began to suck Joe’s cock. She wasn’t as good as Jennifer but it still felt terrific. She was sucking hard, and sucking his balls with long licks against his throbbing rod. Breathing heavy he cummed all over Linzi’s face and a little got in her hair. “What the fuck Joe?!?” yelled Linzi. Everyone looked at the two of them, lucky for Joe it was dark so no one saw that she was covered in his jizz. Linzi got up and stumbled out of the theater leaving Joe with his softening cock hanging out in the open. Putting it back into his pants, and fixing himself up a little he ran out after her. He could hear Linzi throwing up in the ladies room of the theater so he waited outside.

Ten minutes later Linzi came out of the bathroom with her hair a mess and still little spots of dried cum on her face that one would think was dry skin if they didn’t know it was jizz. “I think I drank too much” said Linzi. Joe bought her water and they left the theater.

Returning to Linzi’s house, Joe could still hear the fighting. He walked Linzi into her house and up to her room. She clasped on her bed and Joe left her room. Walking down the stairs he saw Linzi’s step-dad sitting on the couch. Joe nodded his head and headed for the door when her step-dad stopped him. “Hey, why was my ex-wives car at your house the other day? She cleans your house now too?” After Joe heard that sentence he almost passed out. Linzi’s step-dad continued “Your mom better watch out because she might fuck your dad, she fucks all of her clients husbands.” Not saying anything Joe left the house in shock.

Finally cleaning day had arrived, Joe’s parents left and Jennifer just pulled into the driveway. As soon as Jennifer stepped out of her car Joe’s cock became hard. Jennifer walked in, threw down her bag and began cleaning. “Hi!” Joe said nervously. Jennifer looked up “So I heard you had a talk with my ex-husband? I hope you didn’t believe what that bastard had to say.” Joe shook his head. “Good… now you owe me something!” Jennifer jumped on Joe and took full control. She threw him on the couch and ripped off his shirt. She removed his pants and exposed his rock hard penis just waiting to fuck her tender pussy. Jennifer moved down and started to suck on his cock, then she wrapped her beautiful tits around his cock and Joe fucked her tits. “Mmmm, you fuck my tits sooo good.” Jennifer groaned. She stood up and removed her pants. “Now I want you to eat my pussy!” Her pussy was smooth, and the lips were puffing out a little. Joe began to play with her pussy lips with his tongue, sliding it around each part of her delicate vagina. Jennifer’s moaning was only making Joe hornier as she shoved his head into her pussy.

“It’s time for me to fuck you” Said Jennifer. She pushed Joe on his back and she slid his eight inch, hard cock deep into her pussy. “Oh my God” Jennifer yelled! She started to grind on him faster and faster. “I’m gonna cum all over your hard cock! Fuck me harder!” She leaned forward and Joe started go in and out of her as rapidly as he could. Jennifer’s massive tits were bouncing right in Joe’s face and he started to suck them again. Joe noticed her eyes were closed, mouth was open and she was definitely enjoying him nail her as hard as he could. “Now you’re going to work for me!” Jennifer said as she climbed off Joe’s cock and lay on her back. Joe crawled over to her, placed both of her legs behind her head and started to fuck her cunt as hard as he could. Jennifer was screaming louder and louder as she orgasmed. Jennifer yelled “I want you to cum in me Joe! Cum right in my pussy! I need it sooo bad!” Joe quickened his pace and let loose a fat wad of cum right into Jennifer’s cunt. As the last bit squirted out, Jennifer got up and started to lick Joe’s cock. “Mmm I love tasting my own pussy cum” Jennifer said.

After a few minutes Jennifer got dressed and said “Phew! I’m tired! You wouldn’t mind cleaning for me so I can take the rest of the day off do you?” Joe smiled and agreed quickly. “Thanks! I tell you what; I’ll fuck you every week I come if you clean for me. Does that sound good?” Joe’s eyes grew wide; he didn’t know what to say. A large grin swept across his face. “Good; I’ll see you next week babe!” Jennifer then grabbed the check Joe’s mom left for her, put her coat on and left the house leaving Joe sitting naked in the living room with a few hours of cleaning to look forward to.

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