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I knew I shouldn’t be taking the bus this late in the night, but I had no other options. All my friends had abandoned me, even though it was my birthday night out, for my 16th. We had gone bowling, but my friends had met some girls from school and decided to spend the rest of the night chasing after them. I’ve never really been interested in girls, but I’ve never had a gay experience even though I’ve fantasized over it many a time.

It was a real dark night and I was waiting at the bus stop all alone. No one else was there, so as you can guess, I was pretty scared. I wasn’t waiting long before the bus turned up. As I got on I noticed it was empty, completely empty apart from the driver. The drive was a middle aged man, must have been in his late thirties.

“Where you going lad?” He asked.

“Er… home, its errr its near Green Lane” I mumbled back.

“Ah yes, that’s the stop after next, that’ll be £1.80 please”

As I handed over the money, we touched hands briefly, and he gave me a look that I didn’t understand. It made me uncomfortable, so I went and sat down near the back of the bus. He drove about 2 miles down the road, and turned off down a darkened road. I thought to myself that he’s driving the wrong way, but I let it slip as I thought there must be a reason why he’s taking a detour.

Suddenly the he driver pulled the bus in a lay-by and turned the engine off. He slowly got out his chair and walked down the bus, towards me. I didn’t know what was going on, so I said “What you doing? This isn’t my stop.”

“It’s ok lad, I need a break from driving. Can I sit down and talk to you?” He said.

“Er, yeh I guess so, as long as you promise to take me home soon” I said.

He sat down next to me and put his arm on the back of the seat. It wasn’t touching me, but was near enough to make me feel a little trapped. I could see his face clearly now under the lights in the back. I don’t often fancy older men, but I defiantly felt some attraction towards him. I immediately begun to relax.

“I saw the way you looked at me earlier, do you like men?” he asked.

“No, well maybe yeh, err I dunno” I stuttered back.

“Have you ever been with another man before?”

“No never” I said.

At this point I was thinking that he was defiantly coming on to me, and that he wanted me to do stuff with him, and that I want him to. So many thoughts were going through my head, about how I wanted to feel his cock, and that maybe I wanted to taste it too.

As I looked down at his crotch I could see a slight bulge, all of a sudden it started to get bigger. He knew that I noticed his erection, because the next second he was rubbing his bulge.

“Can I touch it?”

I didn’t even give him chance to answer; I just moved my hand over his bulge and put it over it. I could feel his hard penis through his work trousers. It was beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was touching a complete stranger’s erect cock in the back of the bus. It was such a turn on. He could tell I wanted more because he slid his trousers and pants down, showing his pulsating cock. It was huge, bulging with massive veins that looked like they would gonna explode. It wasn’t like my little 5 inch dick, it was a real thick man’s cock. I moved in for a closer look. I grabbed it with my hand and started stroking it.

“That’s it, work it baby, oh yeh, mmm”

His cock was only inches from my face. I dunno what got into me, as without thinking about it I opening my mouth and stuffed his cock into my mouth. He gasped and let off a moan and mumbled something like “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, suck my cock you dirty boy.” It was big, but I managed to fit it all in my mouth with ease. Ever since I knew I was into men, I begun playing with cock-shaped toy, pretending to suck them and shove them in my ass. I guess my practising has finally paid off, as I seem to be giving a good blowjob.

My head was frantically bobbing up and down, whilst my hands were on his thighs to support myself. I got up and kneeled between his open legs. This was when I suck his cock, I can see his face to make sure he was enjoying it. I teased him at first, looking him straight in the eye and licking his shaft. After a few minutes of teasing, I shoved his cock down my throat and he threw his head back in ecstasy. My hands were running up and down his smooth thighs, his cock was going so deep inside my mouth that his balls were touching my chin.

His cock started to taste funny, like a little salty. I was doing such a good job, that a some pre-cum was entering my mouth.

He started talking dirty to me, calling me his “little slut” and a “dirty little boy.” To be honest, I loved it. I loved being his slut, and I loved feeling his cock in me. I started talking dirty back, saying stuff like “you like that big boy” and “are you gonna fill my mouth full of cum”

He suddenly grabbed my head with both his hands and forced his cock down my young throat and yelled “I’m gonna cum hard for you boy, oh god. Oh oh……………mmmm”

His hot cum can gushing out, filling my mouth and running down my throat. He let off an almightly groan and moved his hands away from my head. I continued to suck all the cum from his cock, and any that spilled out. What seemed like loads of cum was swishing around in my mouth. I stopped sucking him and opened my mouth to show him how much cum was there. Still staring into his eyes, I took one massive gulp and swallowed the lot.

He got up, got dressed and went back to his driving seat and continued to drive home. He didn’t say a word for the rest of the journey. As I stepped of the bus, I asked “When are you next working?” He replied with “Tomorrow night at the same time”

“I’ll see you then” I said and he gave me a seedy grin back.

In the short walk back from the bus stop to my front door I couldn’t stop thinking about next time I’ll see him. I couldn’t wait. I begun thinking that I may ‘accidentally’ forget the bus fare and that he’ll have to punish me, hard…

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i want sum dick after this one any offers hit me up

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2009-09-08 13:13:48
awesome story. it made me so hot, i had 2 start jacking my shaft at work. good thing its a private office. ;D


2009-08-25 11:55:44
good story write more like this


2009-08-22 13:04:29
Story was great. Be nice if it were continued the following night giving the 16 yr old more experience.

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anybody want a young mouth and ass to unload in you can use mine

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