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A mom is surprised by her children
One Big Happy Family
Chapter Two
By Dunchad

Seth pulled into the driveway almost an hour after his mother. As soon as he got in the house his sister Margo cornered him and started whispering questions. He saw his mother come out of the kitchen and told Margo he would tell her later. He pushed away from his sister and went straight to his room. His cock was still hard, even after an hour and talking to his Grandfather. Luckily Max didn’t ask any questions and just accepted his car keys when Seth returned them.

Seth got into his room and immediately grabbed his cock through his shorts. Just as he was about to unzip his shorts there was a knock on the door. He hoped it was not Margo already. He zipped back up and arranged his cock a little. He opened his door and there was his mother, he looked her in the eyes and he felt his face turn red and he turned his eyes away. He couldn’t look her in the face without thinking about what he had seen earlier that day.

In her melodious voice she asked him, “Seth, are you okay? You were rather rude to your sister and now you can’t look me in the eyes. What’s wrong with you?” He had to think fast and he blurted out, “I’m ok Mom. I just was at the mall for a while and well… kind of got frustrated and well, you know guy stuff.” He hoped she would buy it.

His Mom looked at him and then down at his shorts and then knew what his problem was. She smiled at his embarrassment and at the same time thoughts filled her head. Thoughts that weren’t appropriate for a Mother about her Son. “Oh you poor dear, can I do anything to help?” She didn’t know what suddenly came over her, but she couldn’t help it. Then she laughed internally at the blanched look on his face.

Seth couldn’t believe his ears, if only she knew. His cock throbbed at the sudden thought of her touching it and he almost exploded in his shorts. “Mom… just leave me alone please.” His embarrassment filled his voice and his face. His mother smiled and walked out of his room. Seth pushed the door closed and locked it. He needed to cum real quick and real bad. He waited and listened to make sure she walked away and he immediately dropped his shorts and underwear in one quick move and grabbed his cock. Within a few pulls he was shooting his seed all over his floor. He couldn’t help it, he needed to release it so bad. It felt good and yet his mind was filled with the image of his Mother sucking his Grandfather’s cock and let his cum fill her mouth and cover her face and tits. Damn he needed something else to think about or he would never get rid of his erection.

He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself; he used his shorts to mop up his mess then went down to the bathroom. He walked past his sister’s room and she looked up and smiled wickedly. He thought to himself, great Mom told her I had and hard on and Margo probably knows why. Damned if his cock didn’t get hard again and throb against the towel. He kept walking to the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind him.

As he stood looking in the mirror he heard a soft knock on the door, he knew it was Margo and he knew if he didn’t tell her now she wouldn’t leave him alone all night. He unlocked the door and she quickly stepped in. She was used to seeing Seth like this and she liked it a lot. She hoped that she could one day see his cock. She wanted him as much as she wanted their Mother. “So spill it.”

Seth couldn’t resist the sudden urge and opened his towel. His sister about gagged in shock as she saw his extremely hard cock for the first time. He quickly closed the towel around himself again and then said, “Well got your attention off of Mom now.” She simply nodded, still looking at where his cock was, hiding behind the towel and felt her juices flow and soak her panties.

Margo shook her head for a moment and looked Seth in the eyes, “Why are you so hard?” She knew it had to do with their Mother and she wanted to know right now. He looked at her and shook his head, “Can’t I get a shower first please, I am hot and sweaty.” She giggled and said, “Yeah I bet you are after all that masturbating you must have been doing. Fine you shower and then you come to my room immediately after… or else!” Margo had a very serious look in her eyes then snuck out of the bathroom and down to her room.

As soon as Margo was in her room her hands were between her legs and rubbing her pussy. She quickly removed her jeans and wet panties. She looked at them and couldn’t believe how wet they were. She pushed them into her mouth to help gag her from her immanent orgasm. She quickly applied two fingers to her clit and then pushed two fingers into her opening and pushed against her G-Spot. Within seconds she was orgasming and trying not to scream for all to hear. Her panties helped a little, but that only made her hornier.

She flopped down onto her bed and continued to finger her sopping wet pussy and engorge clit. She orgasmed at least five more times, all of them with her head buried in her pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure. Finally she could take it no more and pulled her puckered fingers from her wetness and licked her juices from her fingers and then grabbed a towel that she kept under her bed for such cases. Then she pulled her jeans back on, but this time without her panties. She could the dampness of her crotch immediately.

Seth spent a good twenty minutes in the shower. First he jerked off again and then after shooting another load of cum, this time on the shower wall, he started to shower and wash his hair. Finally he was done and calmed down. He stepped out of the shower into the bathroom filled with steam and grabbed a clean towel and headed to his room. He walked by his sister’s room and could have sworn he heard her moaning in orgasm. He smiled and stopped and listened at the door, but could not hear anything else. He continued to his room and quickly got dressed in some lightweight shorts and t-shirt that he usually wore around the house. He was glad the shorts were loose fitting too.

He made his way back to his sister’s room and knocked on the door. He heard her come to the door and open it slowly. He could definitely smell her sex in the room and he looked at her with a big smile. “So I did hear you when I walked by, how many did you have?” Margo smiled and blushed and held up five fingers. Seth chuckled and pulled up a chair by her computer. Margo sat on her bed and pulled her legs up underneath her.

“Well I followed Mom like we planned, she didn’t I know I was behind her either. She went to Grandpa’s house, and took her bag with change of clothes in with her.” Margo held up her hand, “You mean she changed clothes at Grandpa’s house and then went to meet her mystery man?” Seth shook his head and looked at the floor. “No Margo, Grandpa is the mystery man.” Seth the described everything that he saw to Margo, from watching them fuck to their Mom sucking off their Grandpa and then she showered and left and then Seth confronting their Grandpa about it all. Finally he ended it with, “And I told Grandpa that I want to fuck Mom and so do you. He said he is going to help us this Sunday when Mom and Dad are away for the luncheon, that way nothing can go wrong.”

Margo just sat on the bed and thought about it all. She always loved her Grandpa, and she had noticed more and more recently that when she would hug and kiss him that he had a hard-on and always wanted to hold her a little closer. But she never thought of him in that way. Then she realized that her pussy was wet again. She looked down and she had soaked her jeans. And Seth was looking at them too. “Seth, I can’t help but be horny. No wonder you needed a shower, and look your hard again. Are we sick or something?” She sincerely had a concerned tone in her voice.

Seth immediately jumped up and gave her a big hug. “No were not, just unusual is all. I can’t help but think what Dad would think if he knew. But we can never tell him. But I think that Grandpa wants to fuck you as well. I noticed a twinkle in his eyes when I mentioned that you are horny for Mom. I bet he is hoping to turn this into one big family orgy. And you know what, I think I would be okay with that if you are and we can convince Mom into it. I think she will at least I hope she will.”

The hugged for a few minutes and then stepped away. It was obvious that they both would be masturbating more before the night was over. They talked about all kinds of things then and how Grandpa and Mom had kept the secret and all. Then they heard their Mom call them for dinner. Then cleaned up and tried to make it look like they were not horny for her and were going to jump her bones on the kitchen table. They chit chatted at the table and asked about plans for the weekend and all. Seth and Margo both said they were hanging with friends since Dad was coming home for his luncheon. They knew it would be uncomfortable in the house. Their Mom lowered her eyes and just nodded. She suddenly felt abandoned, but she couldn’t blame her kids one bit. They finished dinner and cleaned the table and went their separate ways for the rest of the night.

The next few days were mellow and Seth and Margo exchanged knowing glances when they could as well as glances of lust at their Mother. They both wanted her so desperately. Finally Friday came to an end and they prepared bags to leave shortly after their Father arrived on Saturday, they hoped he came home as late as possible, so they would not abandon Mom too early. After breakfast they did some chores and then went outside to the pool and got it all cleaned and ready for some relaxation. Shortly after all was clean Mom came out and fired up the grill and made burgers for them all. After eating they went inside and changed into their swimsuits and lay around the pool. Seth and Margo watched their Mom and how she wore a rather skimpy suit for just the three of them, unless she expected their Dad to arrive soon and wanted to try and spark something. But Seth and Margo certainly got hot and bothered and finally had to dive into the pool to try and cool off or at least hide their horniness.

Several times while swimming Margo intentionally brushed against Seth, once she blatantly grabbed his erection and he had to surface so he didn’t drown from shock. Margo popped along side of him and saw that their Mother was not paying attention to them. Her legs were open slightly and they could actually see the outline of her pussy lips. Seth got harder and actually reached down and stroked his cock. Margo was feeling it too and she reached down and rubbed her pussy lips and a shiver swept through her. She leaned against Seth and felt what he was doing.

She grabbed his hand and moved it around to her pussy and then she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. He moaned into her ear and she almost orgasmed on the spot. She had to bite the inside of her lip not too. He was rubbing her pussy good now, especially hitting her growing clit. Sometimes she was embarrassed at how big it got, then others it just excited her more. The boy besides her brother that had touched her hard clit actually freaked and never spoke to her again. But she looked online and knew that it was not a freakish thing, and that most men actually got excited over women with big clits. Seth finally got the right motion and was pressing his hard cock against her back and she orgasmed. She bit her lip from screaming out and only moan a little too loud.

Their Mom sat up and looked at them, and they moved away quick. “Are you ok Margo?” She knew her face was flush, “Yeah Mom, Seth just challenged me to how long I could hold my breath under water.” Their Mom looked at them a bit odd then shook her head, lay back down and told them to stop being silly. She closed her legs so they swam away.

“Seth, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I need a damn cock in me and if it isn’t soon then I am going to go crazy. Damn it, you need to fuck me again. I got condoms this time, just please do me?” Seth could not believe his ears, but he did need to fuck again, and having a condom made him feel a little better about it all, yet. “We can’t, Mom is home and Dad could show up any minute. And don’t you want to wait to see Grandpa comes up with tomorrow?”

Seth saw the hurt and the frustration in her eyes. But he didn’t waver. He leaned in, nipped her earlobe and whispered, “If Grandpa doesn’t come up with something good, we will leave and come home before Mom and Dad and I will fuck you so good you will be sore for the rest of the week.” He saw her eyes light up and he smiled big too. Then he pushed two fingers into her pussy and found her spot quick and rubbed her G-Spot and clit at the same time and watched her erupt into a much needed orgasm while she bit her lower lip from crying out.

They played in the pool a while longer and then suddenly they heard their Mother gasp out in surprise. The quickly swam to her side of the pool and saw their Father standing over her reprimanding her for wearing such a revealing suit. They were fighting almost instantly and Seth and Margo snuck out of the pool and into the house. They showered and left a note for their Mother and quietly left the house. They gave each other a kiss and grope goodbye and headed to their friend’s house for the night. They both felt bad for their Mother and hoped that their Father would let up eventually and leave her alone until it was time for them to go to his luncheon.

The next day they meet back at their house just as their parents were leaving. Their Father didn’t even seem to notice that they were gone. Their Mother on the other hand seemed to be very angry with them and had the look that they were going to get it when she home later. They went inside and dropped their bags in their rooms and grabbed something to eat.

“Man Mom looked pissed when she left. It must have been really bad last night. What do you think Margo?” She looked at him and nodded.

“Yeah and I don’t Father even noticed if we were here or not. I hate him, I hate everything about him. I wish he would just leave Mom for good and leave us all alone.” Seth agreed and finished his food.

“Well let’s call Grandpa and see how he wants to do this.” Seth grabbed the phone and called his Grandfather. “Yeah they left a little while ago and Mom was furious with us. Hell Father didn’t even acknowledge us or anything. So do you want us to come over or what?”

“Ok see you in a few then.” He hung up the phone and turned to Margo, “He said he is coming over and be ready for him.” Seth got an evil look in his eyes… “So do you want to really get ready for Grandpa?”

Margo looked at him and then realized what he had in mind and got just an evil look in her eyes… she nodded and she could feel the lust boil up inside of her almost instantly. She stepped forward and kissed her brother and grabbed his cock and felt it get harder in her hands. She stepped back and quickly undressed and then waited for Seth to do the same. Seth pulled his shirt off and his shorts down and his cock bounced free and Margo’s mouth watered and she licked her lips.

She dropped to her knees and started to suck on his cock and play with his balls. She didn’t want him to explode yet, so she took her time and played with him good. She was on all fours, her ass shaking in the air when their Grandpa walked in and saw them completely naked. His old cock instantly got hard and stood still watching them. Seth looked up and smiled wide, then motioned for his Grandpa to join them.
Grandpa removed his pants and shirt and stepped next to Seth and Margo instantly moved to his cock. She swallowed his entire cock in one motion and started to play with his balls too. Grandpa moaned in pleasure and started to gently rock into her mouth. Seth stepped away and then behind his sister and dropped to the floor behind her. He moved between her legs and started kiss and lick her inner thighs until he got to her pussy. She squealed in delight as his tongue touched her clit and then she came all over his face. Her heavy breathing and moaning triggered Grandpa and he filled her mouth with his cum.

She swallowed all that she could then sat up and pushed down onto her brother’s face. She wanted to orgasm one more time and put on a good show for her Pappy. She ground her pussy into Seth’s face and started to pull and pinch her large tits and nipples. She was ready to orgasm again and then Seth pushed a finger into her pussy and she exploded and screamed like she was dying. Good thing no one was home. Their Grandpa watched in earnest and when she was done he applauded.

“Well damn girl. I guess you and your brother obviously play a little. He wasn’t kidding about you at all. So you two want to fuck your Mother then right?” Margo got off of Seth and nodded to her Pappy.

“Yes sir we do, but seeing and tasting your cock I want to feel what Mom feels so I know why she keeps coming back to fuck you.” Her Grandpa was a little shocked to hear those words, but didn’t stop her either.

“Okay, but first we need to formulate a plan. You said your Mom was mad when she left right?” They both nodded and he continued, “Okay then we shall use that as our opening. Here is what I purpose.” He went over a plan with them, making decisions and changing them as his grandkids suggested. Then after a few minutes they had their plan. They all hugged on it then Margo grabbed each of their cocks and started to stroke them.

“Before you leave Pappy, will you put this fine, aged cock into my young little twat?” She batted her eyes at him like when she was younger and wanted a doll or candy that she knew her parents wouldn’t buy for her. He couldn’t resist and pulled her to him and kissed her, not a Grandparent type kiss… but a kiss meant for a lover.

When he released her she almost melted in pleasure and then ran to her room. She came back quickly with a string of condoms that she had gotten from the Health Center a few weeks ago. She ripped one off for her Pappy and one for her Brother and threw the rest onto the table. Her Grandpa ripped the package open and rolled it onto his hard cock. Seth watched how he did it and followed. Then Margo purred in delight and stepped up to her Pappy… “Now fuck me… please?”

Their Grandfather had waited for a very long time to hear those words come from his granddaughter’s lips and wasted no time at all. He took her in his arms and hugged her close, feeling her growing breasts against his chest, his cock got harder then before and he couldn’t wait to put inside of her young, wet pussy. He slides his hand down her trim torso and found her thin matting of pubic hair and rubbed it gently. She purred and moaned into his shoulder as he rubbed her hair. As hid fingertips brushed her tender young lips he could feel how wet and excited she was. Finally he could take more and grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. She giggled like the little girl she was and he bent her over the arm of couch.

Her ass in the air Pappy wasted no more time and pushed his cock into her wet hole. She squealed in delight. “Push it all in Pappy; I have had a couple of cocks already.” She looked at her brother and smiled widely. Her brother stood transfixed and watched them fuck on the couch. His cock hard and encased on the condom. He watched his Grandpa fuck his sister and he pumped his cock. He moved a little so he could see the cock move in and out of her pussy and see her juices dripping off his balls and cock. He listened to Margo moaning and groaning and purring and then she started to scream as her orgasm approached.

Seth couldn’t help it and started to pump his cock faster and harder. Margo looked over and saw him and she didn’t want him wasting it in the condom. She reached for him and barely touched his cock. Seth jumped in shock and then realized it was her. She motioned him closer and he stepped up. She pulled the condom from his cock and started to stroke it with her hand. She pulled him closer and took him into her mouth and tasted his juices mixed with the plastic taste of the condom. But she didn’t care; she was a tramp and wanted them to know it.

Pappy continued to push his thick, hard cock in and out of his granddaughter. Relishing the fantasy fulfilled. Then he saw her pull her brother over and he got even more excited and started to fuck her harder and harder. He knew he was not going to last much longer, but he didn’t care it felt too damn good. He watched his little girl suck her brother’s cock deep into her mouth and that was all he could take. He pushed his cock as deep into her as he could and let his cock go and exploded in the condom. He doubted she would feel the explosion, so he pulled out and pulled the condom off and let the last few blasts shoot across her young ass. He was thrilled as she orgasmed with his blast of cum across her ass.

At the same time her brother lost control and exploded in her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but there was simply too much and it started to dribble out the side of her mouth. Her brother then pulled out and shoot a string of cum across her face and then onto her growing tits. He moaned as his cock exploded and Pappy smiled big. He slapped his cum into his granddaughter’s ass and she pushed back against him. He knew in time she would be more of a tramp then her mother.

Pappy went into the kitchen and grabbed a towel and brought it back to clean her up. She stood still as she was wiped down and seemed to get even more excited by the contact. Finally all cum was wiped off of her and she was almost as cleans as when they started. She hugged her Pappy close and then stepped away. “Ok kiddies, I am heading home. Now remember the plan, and stick to it. Call me tomorrow and let me know how it worked out.” He kissed his granddaughter on the lips again, lingering enough to taste his grandson’s cum and then pulled away. He shook his grandson’s hand and got dressed.
Pappy left them alone and sat in his car for a few minutes. Then he pulled out his cell phone and dialed his daughter. “Yes dear, I am leaving your house now. It is all set, just go along with what we discussed and you will be pleasantly surprised. No, no they don’t suspect a thing. But I was right, they are just as willing to get naughty and want you just as badly. No give them a few more minutes to calm down. Yes your daughter is a little tramp just like you; she fucked me and sucked her brother at the same time.”

Pappy got off the phone and pulled out of the drive. He was such a naughty old man. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Maybe he would get lucky and be able to join them the next time they have a family orgy and be able to fuck his daughter and granddaughter virtually at the same time. He smiled big and drove home.

Sara sat at the luncheon next to her husband and lude thoughts filled her mind and she couldn’t wait to get home and see what her Father and children had come up with for her. She felt herself get wet in anticipation and had to excuse herself briefly to take care of the sudden urge just so she could continue her commitment to her would husband. An hour later she leaned over to him and said she needed to go home, that Seth was sick. Her husband waved her off and then handed her some money under the table, perfect she didn’t have to worry about him coming home or inside with her. She knew her weekend was going to end better then it started.

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