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My friend Mike returns the favor
I got a lot of positive feedback on my first story about me and Mike so I decided to write another. Thank you all for your support. … Emily

A couple of weeks had gone by since my first story. Mike and I saw each other once in a while but never had the chance to go “swimming” by ourselves. We have other friends and family stuff to do so it took a while for us to have that chance again. Almost too long for me.

The day finally came and we set up a meet and told our parents our plans to go swimming. We just failed to mention our plans for afterwards. We met as usually at the tree house and dropped off our clothes and snacks. We walked down to the pond, neither of us saying anything about what we would do after the swim. When we got there Mike asked if I really felt like swimming. I smiled and said no and without a word we ran back to the tree house as fast as possible.

Once in the tree house, I whipped off my shirt and displayed my marble-like nipples. I use the word marble because they’re about that size and they were that hard. Little nubs in the center of two barely noticeable breasts. Mike had seen them last time so I wasn’t the least bit shy about showing him again. But I hesitated when it came to pulling down my shorts. Mike had not seen my cunny the last time we were here.

Mike on the other hand, stripped right down to nothing. His cock was already hard and sticking out in front of him. I wanted to play with it again and suck on it some more but I knew he would blow his load all over the floor again, be tired and not wanna learn about my girl stuff. He looked at me still in my shorts …

“Well?” he asked.
“Are you gonna take those off so I can see?”

I knew that eventually I would have to - and I knew that I wanted to anyway - so I took a deep breath and let my shorts slide to the floor. Mike came over to me and got on his knees in front of me to get a better look. There wasn’t much to see. I have blonde hair and I haven’t had hair down there for very long so it’s really light and really thin. It’s an extra soft little patch of almost white hair above my slit. Other than that, not much to see, but Mike seemed fascinated.

I moved over to the couch and sat down. He kneeled before me again and was smiling up at me. He slowly spread my legs apart and kinda scooted forward to the edge of the couch. He very gently ran his finger down the outside of my cunny slit. It kinda tickled but at the same time it sent waves of electricity thru my whole body. He put his face down there and rubbed it my little patch of hair. First one cheek, then his nose and over to his other cheek.

I reached down and spread my lips apart showing him my pink inner folds and my clit. He took one finger and ran it along my now moist inner folds. Nobody but me has ever touched those places and it felt wonderful. His finger just grazed my clit and I jumped from the feeling.

“You ok?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said smiling. “That’s kinda the reaction I got from you when I licked the tip of your cock.”
He thought about it and said ,”Yeah. … Does it feel that good?”
“It feels great. Do it some more.”
He asked, “Can I use my tongue? I saw it in porno movie once.”
I nodded.

I had my arms spread out across the back of the couch, tilted my head back with my eyes closed and my legs spread so far open that my cunny was Mike’s to do with whatever he wanted. I trusted Mike and knew that I could put a stop to this at any time I wanted and he would obey. I knew Mike would never hurt me or do anything I didn’t want him to - so I was completely relaxed and just laid there ready to enjoy whatever sensations he was gonna give me.

Or at least I thought I was ready …

Mike carefully spread my cunny lips apart with his fingers and then proceeded to run his tongue up along the whole length of my slit. He started at the bottom and slowly moved his way up in one long lick. I could feel his hot breath on me as his tongue entered me. It felt terrific and my whole body tensed under the feeling. Then he hit my clitty and engulfed it with his hot wet tongue. I drew in a sharp breath as my back arched. I drove my cunny up into Mike’s face and he responded. He started lapping and licking my clitty like crazy. I think I screamed - I can’t remember. The next thing I know I had both my hands in his hair pulling him into me.

The whole world melted away. All that existed was a bright white light, me and Mike. I could feel the pressure building inside me. I knew I was gonna climax. I had made myself do it a few times before but it was never like this. It was never this intense - this extreme. The pressure kept building and building - I thought I was gonna explode or something.

Mike was relentless on my clit. He kept licking faster and faster. I think he had one or two fingers stroking the inside of my cunny. Without realizing it, I was thrusting my hips up and down into his face. I know it was hard for him to keep on my clit, but he did a great job. I put my feet on the edge of the couch and stuck my cunny way up in the air. Mike had to get off his knees and stand at that point. He supported my weight by putting his hands on my ass and holding me up. But he never stopped eating my cunny.

I was breathing hard and kinda grunting from the massive pressure building inside me. I was so close to exploding it was almost scary for me. Something had to give and it had to happen soon! Then I lost all control of my body. My back arched - My entire body stiffened - I was covered in sweat - Grunting like a pig - Fistfuls of Mike’s hair - Grinding my cunny into his face with complete disregard to how he felt.

Then it happened …

I actually screamed outloud as my body started convulsing. I twitched and jerked as though I was having a seizure. Wave after wave ripped thru my body as I climaxed all over Mike’s face. It seemed to last forever. I never thought that it could be like that. It was like an explosive force let loose inside my body and it was all directed out thru my cunny. Spasm after spasm tore thru me like an electric shockwave.

When it was finally over I collapsed like a lump onto the couch. Out of breath - My heart beating like it would explode - Covered in sweat - And my cunny covered with my sticky juices and Mike’s saliva.

Mike got back on his knees between my legs and lay his head sideways on my lower stomach. He was breathing hard and moving kinda funny. I was so tired that I barely noticed and didn’t care. He told me later that seeing me like that was such a turn-on that he jerked off onto the floor again.

- - - - -

For the next month Mike and I pleased each other with our hands, mouths and tongues. I can write more about those experiences OR I can tell you about our actual first time having sex. I hope I get some comments about this story and what you guys would like to hear about next.

And a special thank you to all of you who left positive feedback and comments - You guys are the best … :-)

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2013-03-31 04:32:54
so what did ya all like that little fuck session cause THAT WAS SO FUCKING AWSOME!!!!

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2012-04-29 21:37:26
I enjoyed both your stories. Well written, short, which I like,
and you tell all that needs to be told.
Would enjoy reading more, short and sweet.


2011-08-04 02:10:10
Please write more!!! I wanna hear about your first time having sex with him. You're such a good writer!

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2011-05-15 00:11:25
Good but a bit short

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2011-02-11 18:46:21
loved the story//More// Love to hear of you sucking his cock and eating his cum and him doing you

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