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One day, a young boy comes home from school, and hears a strange man in the Bedroom with his mother. Hiding in the closet he see's a man in bed with his mother.

Suddenly his mother looks up and says "Oh my god, my Husband is home early! Quick hide in the closet.

Once inside the man hears a voice " sure is dark in here...

The man startled tries to quiet the lad "Shhh..please be quiet"

The boy leans up and says "o.k. if you'll buy my Base ball"

The man asks "how much?"

The Kid says "$100"

The man says "are you crazy? $100 for a base ball?

The kid shrugs "I'll go ask dad then"

O.k. o.k." the man says "here's $100.

The next day, same thing..kid comes home, see's the man, The man ends up hiding in the closet. and hears the young voice...

"Sure is dark in here?"

The man sighs "look you gotta be quiet?

The kid says "Sell ya my Ball mit for $100.

The Man sighs and pays.

Later that day, the Father asks the kid to play BaseBall. the Kids says he can't he sold his ball and glove.

His dad asks how much and the kid shows him the $200.

Immediately Furious, the man says "that was NOT a fair price, you cheated that man, you go to church and go to confession RIGHT NOW>

So dad hauls the lad to church, and up to the confessional. The door closes and the Kid says "man, it sure is dark in here, and from the other side of the screen he hears a familiar voice say "don't start THAT again!

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2012-05-31 02:12:17
I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

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2008-09-11 23:16:28
ok i've been reading some of these jokes and i also look at the comments i have seen some of the jokes before well guess what you don't see me bitching like a spoiled brat. if nothing nice comes out of your mouth shut it and definately don't type it cuz other ocd people and people in general that read the comments kills the joke and then we get mad people want a good laugh and they are happy enough to get it here this is a fucking porn site so just shut the fuck up if you can't take a joke and if you can't say anything nice ty


2008-09-02 08:07:25
reader, shut it u rtard

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2008-07-25 11:27:48



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2008-06-13 13:09:44
copied an old joke you homo

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