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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write more parts. If you don’t I will do, too. Have fun reading it.
Mummy’s true passion- part fifteen (final chapter)

Mum drove, May and her will- less slave shared the rear bench. Since mum’s vagina still was a little sensitive from the piercing session and she had just taken my load while we showered I thought this was a good way dealing with the situation. I sat on the right side and may on the left. I didn’t know the way too this mysterious Chinese restaurant so I thought if mother wouldn’t have turned out to be a sexy lady with a strange but still super hot past, I would have wondered why the bloody hell she knew the way to a Chinese restaurant somewhere in New Jersey. But I certainly had stopped wondering about those kinds of turns for a few days. As we drove it was one of those rare but worthy silent moments in my slave life. I let the events which had ruled my youngest experiences roll back in my mind and formed the pictures anew in front of my inner eye. I watched the thick, brown piece of mummy’s shit I had found in that filthy diner toilet. I tried to remember the letter I had found in there and was surprised that the action of finding a letter from my mom in her shit didn’t seem strange or nasty to me only two days after the actual action had happened. The wired circles of my prevent mind faced mum’s hot smile when I had got back from these unisex toilets. The sharp picture of mummy’s sweet Brazilian V appeared in my head I swear I could almost smell her juices that moment. I remembered our appointment at the scat doctor and took an imaginary picture of the moment when I first show my mistress taking a long shit. I remembered the tone of her voice when she had said “fuck the shit out of mummy” and smiled inside my brain, it was the certainly satisfied smile of a son whose mother was his mistress. I ripped my imaginary self away from this very first event of scatology and let it fly over the hotel room a mistress had shared with her slave in New York City. The slaved tongue remembered the bitter taste his mother’s shit had left in his mouth when he ate it the very first time and the sweet contrast between the sexual strength she had over him and the magnificent power of joy this meant to both of them. Like an invisible bird I flew trough the time and my mind turned around the next morning and the experience of swallowing my mistress’s barf down and how hard my pride had been then. I tried to remember the taste of this worthy gift mother had given to me and I thought I did I quite well. The next scene that came to my mind was the exhibitionistic event we had at Aileen’s boutique. The well known smile forced its way inside my when I remembered how I had drank mummy’s pee juice in this small changing room and how my thick semen had lapped out of my mistresses pussy on our common way back to the plaza. Like a soft high speed fall through time and space I stopped at the situation when we had met mistress May, this red headed and super sexy mistress, who sat just next to me that moment, this fabulous woman with a great body and a totally nasty mind. I imagined the first time I had tasted her ass and how I had tried to figure out the differences between mummy’s bitter shit and May’s surprisingly mild aroma. And still I wondered why I didn’t find those thought strange. And I think, although I had realized that I was a slave now, in fact it was that moment, that rare and valuable moment of silence, when I really was sure that this was what I would be forever. The idea of thinking about eating your mistresses shit and not even being able to imagine that this could be strange or nasty, I thought, is what makes you to a slave not only in your mind but, what is much more important, in the depth of your beating heart. I thought that from this unusual moment, each beat my heart would do would bring me closer to the next meal of mistress’s juices or whatever I was offered. Each little cell of blood, pumping through my veins and arteries was owned by my mother now and each time my DNA did any action of tranion of my M-RNA was translated, whenever my body did anything all this belonged to the women who had given my birth and now was the fulfilling of all my sexual, romantic and impassionate dreams. Well, I think I hadn’t been much luckier in my life than I had been that moment of total silence. Not on a mountain’s top or an old temple or the rear of a sinking ocean liner or any other coulisse in any big motion picture but in real life on the rear seat of a Mercedes ML65 AMG driving through the city of New Jersey.

“Honey, what are you thinking about?” May asked and turned to me. At first I felt like being ripped from a dream or a deep sleep but then, as I compared my current thoughts to reality I felt really good and this well known feeling of joy I had experienced over the last few days grew up inside my body and rushed over myself like a warm wave in the ocean. “I just thought how great these last few days have been, May.” I replied and hoped that my estimation of the situation was right and I was really supposed to answer and not to be quiet and behave like the sexual slave I was. “That’s so sweet and you know what? They will become better.” May said and it sounded like a normal part of any conversation to people could have and nobody would have been able to guess what we were actually talking about. I heard mum giggling in the front and took my eyes away from May’s face to look what she was amused about. “Sweetheart, I think you want to leave a good impression at this restaurant, don’t you?” mum said and I nodded in a way that I could be sure she saw it in the mirror, “so I would suggest you take care that you honor your mistresses in a way we like and can appreciate.” It didn’t take me long to understand what my mummy wanted me to do. May understood it herself and turned over to the window with her back. She laid her high heeled feed across my lab and made sure her heels were touching my already growing pride. “So slave, show me what you have learned.” She ordered and I was surprised how fast she could change her voice from the polite conversation tone into her sharp and cold mistress tone typ. So I leaned forward and pulled her right foot a little up to my face until I finally could lick her shoe tip. The leather tasted rough and was very flat. I let my tongue make circles around this wonderful shoe tip that was presented on that way to me by my mistress while my other was driving. May certainly realized how my blood was getting pumped through my body and found its certain way into the red glowing steel like flesh pulsing between my legs; hungry to shoot another load for these ladies I proudly called my mistresses. “Guess what.” May said to mother, “his cock is already growing again.” “Oh, what a nice little slave he is.” Mummy said, „Do you enjoy licking May’s boots, baby? Is mummy’s little honey a total slave who gets a big and hard cock licking women’s shoes?” I tried to say yes, but I was that concerned by licking the leather wrapped around my mistress’s graceful foot. I worked my licking way down the sole of this wonderful boot until I reached the heel. It was long and made from metal. Its surface was shiny and I expected it to feel cold, but still could barely wait to finally get it into my slave mouth. So I sucked the tip of this sexy heel into my mouth and thought about all the ground my mistress had touched with it and felt honored to be allowed to suck this heel. I would have been satisfied if I was allowed to kiss the flood May had touched with it. I felt almost worthy licking this silver colored heel. After a while I felt my burning penis pressing hard against May’s other boot, lying on my lap. “Now his penis has grown to its full size, my dear.” May said. I could see mum smiling her motherly and dominant smile in the mirror. “Well, I would you really can’t go there without a sigh of his status” she gave back. Somehow May managed to open my zipper with her heel and my cock popped out. I still kept licking her other heel while she started stroking the other one along my shaft. Icy steel on burning flesh. When she reached the tip she laid the tip of her heel onto my piss hole for a couple of seconds, exactly as long as the excitement was stronger than the slowly growing pain which usually builds up if this part is violently touched. But the strange situation or at least the certain knowledge, that this situation would have been classified as being strange by others, let me fly over the sweet pain my mistress was giving me and exited me even more. After what seemed to be half an hour I felt my cock making slow moves and I knew I wasn’t far from another orgasm. May realized this for sure, too. “I think your son is now almost ready to shoot his semen over his mistress’s boot. Do you think we should allow him to cum?” Mum didn’t answer but pulled the car to the right lane and stopped it. May was a little surprised by this move, too, because I felt her stopping stoking my shaft with her heel for a heartbeat. But as the car had stopped mummy turned around and reached over to her boot licking son’s hard cock. I felt her long fingers wrapping around my shaft and her nails being stacked into the fire. May turned her foot in a way that my cock was in the space between her heel and the rest of the sole. “Now baby, are you ready to shoot your load over mistress May’s boots?” her voice sounded like a mother’s. I nodded although I in fact fought my balls down with all my strength because I could have shot this load much earlier. So mum moved her hand up and down my penis until after a few moves I really couldn’t hold it back any longer and wave after wave ran through m y body as thick streams of cum were catapulted from my pride’s tip and landed hard and heavy on May’s boots and mummy’s fingers. When I was done May gave me a sweet look like a girly which I couldn’t really bring into any connection. Then mum licked her fingers clean and shared a few drops with May. The ladies didn’t say a word after that scene and mum drove back onto the road as if nothing had happened.

I daydreamed another thirty minutes while mummy drove the SUV to the restaurant. Finally we arrived and mum parked on a big parking space behind the building. May freed her cum covered boot from my semi hard cock and I got off the car. Like a slave or just a normal polite gentleman would do I walked around the car and opened first the driver door and helped my mummy getting out of the car. As I did so I got down to her feet and kissed them before they touched the ground. I certainly did the same when I helped mistress May getting off the car and tasted a little of my own cum on her leather boots. Mum locked the door and the two ladies linked their arms with me on both sides. “Ok baby, I want you to be a good slave when we get in there. So please do whatever you are told and don’t question it.” Mum said. I nodded. “Darling, do you think his cock is hard enough? Look.” May pointed at my lap, ”it’s not even really showing off under his pants.” “Oh my god, May you’re absolutely right,” Mum laid her fingers onto my cock in a way that she could pound my shaft through the fabrics. “Now do mummy a big favor,” she turned to me and we stopped our walk,”will you be a good son and make your cock hard and thick for your mummy? Will you make your mother a proud woman with a nice son showing his hard and round penis to the world?” “Yes mummy I will” I said and I could feel May’s evil smile hammering on my backside like a jack- hummer. “That’s to nice of you honey, mummy will help you. Before we left neither May nor I did pee and I know you are totally addicted to drinking your mistress’s urine, aren’t you?” I nodded as I slowly let myself fall on my knees right on this parking ground and felt fresh blood pumping into my shaft and anticipation in my brain. “Will you start?” mummy asked May. “Yes, I’ve been waiting since this morning to fill our slave’s mouth and stomach with my golden drink again.” she gave back. With those words she pulled up her tight jeans skirt and showed of her pussy. Since she hadn’t put the tampon back inside it was covered with a few drops of menstruation blood and I started licking them off gently. Then I managed to get my mouth over the upper part of May’s vagina. I could feel her moving her pelvis into my direction and that way forcing much more of her trimmed pussy hair into my mouth. Then she leaned her head back and slowly I felt my mouth getting filled with her sweet piss. Since I didn’t want to be covered with her urine juice all over I swallowed hard and fast but I think she controlled her pee stream as well because the ladies didn’t want their slave to look like freshly used as a toilet as well. So I swallowed mouth after mouth of my mistress’s salty and worthy pee until only a few little drops were streaming out and I felt she had to press to get them into my willing toilet mouth. My cock for sure grew all the time and I already felt it hitting the fabrics of those trousers. As she was done she laughed her evil but still girly like way. “I’m empty for this time. He did so well. Your son is all addicted to his mistress’s body liquids.” Then she laughed again. “How hard has your cock grown, baby?” mum asked, her voice still had this familiar motherly sound which meanwhile fitted the content of her statements very well I thought. “Get on your feet and let your mummy how hard your cock is now baby.” I obeyed and mum touched my cock. First through the fabrics and then she opened the zipper and took it out. “Mm, what do you think May?” she asked as she stroke along my shaft and my cock still grew in her hands. May wrapped her fingers around my pride and moved them as if she was testing a gilthead on its solidity at the New York fish market. “I think he should have another drink, maybe our toy will get its perfect size then.” May said and I thought how frosty her voice sounded when she did so. “You’ve heard it honey,” mum said and raised her left eyebrow in a motherly and sexy way, “go back on your knees, your mummy will let you drink a little of her pee.” it still sounded normal. A few people walked across the parking ground and nodded to us in a friendly “good evening” way. I wasn’t ashamed as I got on my knees again and mummy started peeing in my mouth. I knew the group of people was watching, but this just let my cock grow faster. I also thought that they probably could hear the sound when mother’s urine hit my mouth. But I didn’t care about that either. As mum relaxed and her salty gift to me ran down my throat I slowly got closer and closer to the fount until my lips met hers. The yellow fountain shot out between those fresh piercings and was spit by the thin string of jeans material which ran through mummy’s sweet pussy lips. The string soaked full with the liquid and changed its color from a light blue into a darker blue. But my moved were quick enough that it didn’t contaminate the complete hot pant’s front. I hadn’t to swallow as hard and fast as I had when I serviced May. But mum had proved that she was the “good cop” to me earlier so I had expected that. When I had swallowed down the last drop my erection was as big as it could be and there was absolutely no chance to hide it from anybody in these wide trousers. I disclaimed on licking the ladies really clean because first they hadn’t ordered me to do so and second because I liked the idea that those women’s vaginas were still dripping from fresh and warm pee. “Now get up, honey, we must test your penis again.” mummy said as I was done. I got again on my feet and the ladies wrapped their fingers around my cock again. This time I thought May was even rougher than before if that was possible. But I liked being treated mike that so it only could raise my erection. Mum stroke over my flaming flesh very gently and the contrast between those two touches was really great. “I think there’s nothing that excites him more than swallowing his mother’s body liquids.” May laughed but this time I didn’t sound that mean but more ironic. With those words the May pressed my cock back into my pants and mum closed the zipper. Now the bowl there was really obvious and not to be hidden. Then the women linked themselves with my arms again and we walked to the front door. I was sure I had heard these strangers on the parking ground saying things like “Oh my god that just can’t be possible” or “did this guy just drink the women’s pee?” or “I think the other women just said “his mother’s”.

The front door got opened by a man dressed in an Asian looking suit. He bowed down and made a wide move with his right arm as if to guide us to the restaurant. I felt way underdressed because as I looked at all the other guests- I could see then through a milky glass wall- and the employers as well I thought my and especially the wardrobe of my two escorts looked like farm girls and their cousin from Kansas. But then I thought that maybe this was another and really intelligent way of humiliating me since the ladies didn’t have to fear anything and especially mother knew I always had laid much attention of being dressed well. Anyway, now I couldn’t change it, so I decided to see it as another way of my mistresses of showing their power. This certainly rang the slave bell in my mind and I had the feeling that my trousers had become even tighter. We entered the area where you normally tell the steward that you need a table or in our and as I thought in that special restaurant the most cases that you have reserved one. But to my surprise- and I bit my lower lip as if for punish me for being surprised- not the normal receptionist but a lady that certainly wasn’t the same came to us. She was an Asian looking lady with those typical Asian styles in her face. Her eyes were thin and her lips were full and looked sexy in that dark red she had painted them with. The whole face was round and looked kind of flat. But I thought that this Asian lady was still sexy. I estimated her to by around the same age as mother and mistress May. Her hair was straight and black and she had styled it into a fringy Rock head. Some hair fell across her right light green eye and gave her that certain look of a beasty femme fatal. In my mind I began to think of some HBO television story of a poor man becoming the totally addicted slave of this woman who just used him and then let him fall but he still wasn’t able to get away from her. But then I concentrated on the reality. Mum gave me a smile and May… well let’s say she smiled, too. The Asian woman game over to us and closed the glass door which led into the guestroom carefully. I expected her to say something about our dressing. But she came close to us and didn’t say a word. As she did so, after she had turned around when se had closed the door I could see what she was wearing. I wasn’t able to see it clearly through the milky door. Her blouse was white and completely see- through. My breath took a break for a blink of an eye. Under this see- trough blouse she wore this kind of bra which bushes the breasts but leaves them totally uncovered. Her black bra just built a frame around her breasts. I swear they were fake but well done. In fact at first sight I thought they looked a little too big on that lady but I think the border wasn’t really stepped over. I estimated these two proofs of modern medicine’s options to be a 75 D, maybe a DD. I also realized that her nipples weren’t that big as you sometimes find it on women with that big knockers. They were just nice and fitted the full package. I let my eyes follow her silhouette to her waist. She wore a light grey skirt like the secretaries in old movies wear and which just had become back to fashion. It ended a few inched under her knees. Her shoes were nice and classy high heels in a classic design obviously transferred to our time and developed. They were red like her lips. She also wore dark but still transparent stockings or maybe pantyhose, I couldn’t be sure of that- by now. The outfit was completed with a wide black belt which reflected the light. Al those observations I made within seconds and finally she stood right in front of us.

“Darling May! It must have been an eternity!” she spoke without any accent and hugged my mother and May heartily. I saw her almost uncovered breasts hitting those of mummy through the white and May’s through the black top. I smiled inside. The ceremony of welcoming my mistresses took almost two minutes and they hugged over and over and smiled at each other until there was no doubt left that this Asian Lady was another of mothers and May’s past. And I was almost sure that this reunion had something to do with me. Just like out visit at May’s house had. Then the tree ladies turned to me. “This is he?” the Asian woman asked. “Yes Ling, this is my son.” Mum said and again this certain pride lay in her voice. “Mm, he looks good. Just like his father had.” Ling said and looked at me from the head to the sole. She raised her left eye brow when she saw the bowl my trousers were showing. “I see he’s ready.” Ling laughed. Then she came close to me and pressed her massive fake tits against my chest. I could feel her hard nipples peaking into my flesh and she did so. Then, as if it was the most normal thing on earth she let her right hand slide into my trousers almost like May had done when I had met her. I wondered what kind of a routine this was that you slide your hand down the pants of the son of an old friend’s son. But I for sure knew that this was just another way the ladies had developed to humiliate their slave. “Mm. feels good.” Ling said as I felt her wrapping her fingers around my shaft. “Do you like my hand where it is now, son?” she whispered in my ear as she started moving her black nailed fingers along my shaft and massaged my cock tip. I honestly didn’t really know what to do so I just nodded and made some moaning sound. I could hear mum giggle her little school girl giggle as I did so and knew that May tried to repress a smile. Ling licked my ear and pinched my balls with her index finger. I didn’t hurt. I think it was simply the contrast of feeling this great breasts being pressed against me and this smooth tongue licking my ear and the feeling of her hand around my pride. All this for sure in front of my mother, my mistress and in public. What else had I expected?

Ling got away from me after what might have been a minute and went over to my mistresses. She faced them and gave me a view of her ass. The part of her skit which normally would cover her ass was replaced by nylon. So I could see her ass cheeks and the little place where the string of a thong gets out between the cheeks. This area was surrounded by a red frame fitting with her shoes and lips. On her backside I could see a tattoo, showing Chinese or Japanese letters along her spinal column. I for sure didn’t know what they said.

I heard the ladies talking behind their hands and could only hear a few fragments like “just like his father”, “yes a full load”, “as often as you want” or “like a machine”. I could think what the rest said. My- I think I can say three- mistresses were talking about their toy’s qualities and May and mum informed Ling. After another few minutes had gone by they turned around and faced me. “Baby,” mum begun, “I have good news.” I didn’t say a word. “Ling here” May went on, “is the last member of our old clique.” I nodded as if I hadn’t found out all this by myself so far. “And we will have fun tonight like we had with your father, son.” Ling finished. I had expected that and wondered why the hell they told me all that stuff. But I didn’t ask. The ladies turned around and went into the restaurant. I followed them and looked at their three sweet asses in front of me. I thought that in some little details all straight men are equal. The milky door opened and we got inside the huge guestroom. The air was full of all different kinds of smells. And I knew that this was not normal. It smelled like a mix of food and shit. I was shocked.

As I looked around I saw woman in exaggerated sexy dresses and half naked men sitting on low tables. Each was counter sunk in the floor, that way the single tables build little booths. On some tables were a few people, others were shared by only one couple. What all the people had in common was that the men obviously were their wife’s or girlfriend’s or secretaries’ or in what relationship they ever were to their escorts, slaves. Some slaves were already eating their diner. Each plate carried at least one piece of shit. On some other tables the women were just taking their shit. Sometimes the men helped their mistresses and sometimes they didn’t. There were tables on which the women sat on chairs like those May sold with an open seat space and their slaves lay underneath. Other slaves were already licking their escort’s ass clean and some of the men had a couple of ladies around and did their best to satisfy them all. The whole scene was just surreal. I had found myself in a center of scatology fetish. And I knew all these people were having a normal life and lived their fantasies out here in this “Asian restaurant”.

“Close your mouth, honey.” I heard my mummy’s voice say and it sounded as if it was far away. I found back to reality as if somebody had switched on the light and saw mum standing next to me. She had her arms wrapped around my shoulders from the side. Her mouth was close to my left ear and she whispered. “Come with us,” Ling and May stood a few meters away on some stairs which led up and made sighs that we should follow them, “we will have more fun than you can imagine.” She kisses my ear and I was back as if I had woken up from a short sleep. I nodded my head and grabbed mummy’s hand as she offered it to me. Her French nails wrapped around my hand and she pulled me away from this shit orgy scene I had come in with smooth violence and I knew I would go into the same, but then I wouldn’t be the observer but an actor.

Ling opened a heavy metal door after we had walked up about six or seven stairs. We were half a floor above the normal guest room. Through a clear glass plane we had seen part of the kitchen and Ling had explained that this was the place where they cooked two things. First they cooked things that activated the digestion of the mistresses and- belief it or not- made their shit taste good or at least better than it would taste if someone only ate burgers because this whole scat eating process was not about the scat itself but about the feeling of a slave doing everything to his mistress and a mistress being totally responsible for her slave. The second thing they cooked there was in fact the shit. They had found ways to create real meals with the shit of the mistresses for their slaves respectively for both mistress and slave because some of these ladies even liked to taste their own shit just to feed it to their will less slaves again. I certainly had been speechless when I had heard that all but had simply nodded my head. I hadn’t have any idea that this fetish had that many fans and that there obviously was a whole community concerning about their preference of being a mistress or a slave. I was- well let’s say, astonished.

Behind that door I saw some kind of a dressing room. Dark blue and purple lights enlightened the room the walls were covered with all kinds of costumes. Some I recognized from May’s boutique others were unknown. As we walked into the room I felt the temperature rising and had the idea of this room being some kind of a front court to hell for people that weren’t into that stuff the usual audience of this location was. Those blue and purple lights built a strange contrast with the high temperature but somehow I thought it all fitted in some way because this whole restaurant was a strange contrast to normality if you observed it through the eyes of someone who was- well let’s say- normal.

As all these thoughts ran through my head just seconds passed by. May, Ling and my mummy went in front of their slave and he followed will less. I could see in May’s eyes some kind of pride that that many pieces were taken from her collection as she turned her head in her usual proud way. Mum seemed to be a little astonished but less about the pure existence of this location but about what it had turned into since she had been here the last time. She and Ling talked silently and fast about some details how the process of growing had moved and what the establishment was like now and then. I didn’t really follow their conversation. I still tried to get all this.

“You go there” Ling focused me with her thin eyes and pointed onto another but way smaller door on the back side wall of the dressing room. I obeyed and realized that this door was even smaller than I had estimated it to be. So I forced my muscular body through the frame and managed to get into the room behind almost crawling on my hands and knees. This room was a bit cooler but still hot. This honestly was the only thing I realized before I saw another person in there. My view first just saw a couple of high heeled boots. They were black and made from shiny varnish. The heel had a silver color and was very thin. I lifted my eyes to see who this feet and boots belonged to. I saw the boots ending beyond the knee. Then black nylon followed and found its end itself in lace where it turned into soft light brown skin. Just like Ling’s was. I let my eyes go their way and found the girls vagina in sight. She had the same piercings mum just had gotten. Her pussy was almost completely shaved but she had a small Mohican stripe coming from the slot’s end and ending after about two and a half inches. Then I saw she was wearing a corsage. It was black with deep red stripes and was obviously made from the same material her boots were. This piece of cloth ended underneath her breasts. I loved my mother’s for sure and liked the size of May’s and Ling’s, too. I knew all six of them were fake and I just loved the way they looked. I enjoyed the way the skin was pulled firm over the implants. But compared with the breasts this girl had they were small. I couldn’t really estimate the size- maybe an e-size ore bigger, certainly the biggest boobs I had seen in real life so far. I knew they must be fake and normally I would have said they didn’t fit with this tiny Asian woman but in exactly that situation I thought they were just perfect with her. Her nipples were long and hard. After what certainly was longer than I had taken to observe the rest of her body I managed to loosen my eyes from her tits and saw she was wearing a collar. It was made from leather and had a small silver picot in the front.
“Seems like you like watching my melons” the girl giggled. She was at the most eighteen. “Well they are nice and yes, I like watching them.” I gave back. “My name is Kayko” she said and I nodded “I’m Mistress Ling’s private slave” I nodded again. The girl had a nice round face and straight long hair. It was black and ended short above her hips. The girl’s eyes were almost like Mistress Ling’s were but seemed to be a bit bigger and gave that certain girl some interesting manga like- look. I told her my name and that I was my mother’s private slave but served also Mistress May. Kayko told me she had had the honor to serve the “grand Mistress” as she called her, too. Then she told me she was there to help me getting dressed and ready for the” session” and so she undid my pants and my shirt until I stood in front of her only wearing my slave costume. My cock felt like a rock the whole time and I caught myself staring at Kayko’s gigantic breasts from time to time. “What a nice cock you have” she said and I immediately felt like being in some bad teenage porn scene but simply smiled and thanked her. I think she realized what kind of a clich?his sentence had been and smiled a little ashamed. Then a bell rang silently and high and she gave me a sigh to follow her.

The tow of us went through a red curtain and entered a room. I was pretty sure that this room must be the last room, because the architecture of the building simply didn’t allow another room to be there. Kayko took two leashes from hooks on the left wall and braced them on each of our collars. Then she got on her knees and gave me a sigh to do the same.

I again caught myself staring at her boobs as she kneed next to me. She realized that I wasn’t able to leave my horny eyes away from her body and I saw a little smile appearing on her beautiful face. I wondered because normally if a woman gets on her knees her breasts would start hanging down or at least change their position but Kayko’s massive silicone melons were pumped that full with this magic stuff of plastic surgery, her tits didn’t move one bit. “Now will you stop staring?” she said, but I could hear from her tone that she didn’t mean it. “I’m trying hard.” I gave back and noticed that I talked in a complete different way with this girl than I would talk with my mistress. “Try harder or if you can’t…” she almost laughed as she said so. “If I can’t…” I repeated her last three words. “If you can’t stop staring then lick them, that way I will get my pleasure.” She smiled. She didn’t have to tell me twice since I wanted to lick those huge breasts of hers since I had met her a few minutes ago. So I rolled over and managed to position myself underneath her kneeing bogy. Then I opened my mouth and sucked her left nipple into it. I was surprised how long this piece of her meat in fact felt inside my mouth, but I got used to it and enjoyed sucking her long and hard nipple. I heard her moan above me and wondered as I felt my rock hard penis getting a little harder. I still tasted my mistresses’ pee in my mouth and tried to compare the two different tastes of Kayko’s huge sweet nipple with the bitter taste of mummy’s urine. I couldn’t tell which I liked better. As I just let her left nipple pop out of my mouth and wanted to lay my attention on her other boob I felt my cock being wrapped by a hand. I immediately knew whose hand this was and twitched.

“Is mummy’s good boy just licking this worthless slave’s gigantic breasts?” I heard my mother’s voice from above me. She sounded serious but still like my mother and I knew that she didn’t mean it really the way she wanted it to sound in front of her two escorts.

The three mistresses had changed their wardrobe. May now was wearing a dark red latex dress. It was as tight as her skin and fitted with her hair color. But it still as completely see through. So for the first time I saw May all naked. May’s wore high heels that looked the same like the dress and allowed the viewer’s greedy eyes to see her complete foot. Ling had changed into a full body nylon suit. But there was no material covering her breasts or her ass and pussy. Her shoes were classy pumps. Mummy had one of those bands pulled through her piercings. So her pussy made the impression to be mended. I thought how sexy this idea was of forcing the slave to open its mistress that way. Her breasts were uncovered but she wore this bush up bra that doesn’t cover the breasts. Her feet and legs stacked in black leather boots that reached over her knee and almost to her pussy.

“You will fix your fault, slave.” Mum said and I heard May and Ling laugh silently. Mum lowered her grip around my shaft and led me on my leash to some table I hadn’t seen until then in some corner of the room. Ling did the same with Kayko and we crawled on our eight fours on the soft floor like dogs to the boots of our mistresses. “You two won’t sit here. This is the table reserved for the mistresses.” I heard Ling’s voice. I looked to my left and found Kayko getting pulled to her feet by mistress Ling pulling on her leash almost violently. About that same time I felt a soft but certainly forcing pull on my own collar. I followed the force and got on my two feet myself. I faced my mummy now and was searching for the smallest sigh of grace in her face. Although her expression had certainly the appearance of a hard mistress I could see her motherly delicately chiseled features through it all. I smiled silently inside my mind and thanked whoever for the gift of having a mother like this. Then mummy blinked onto her slave and led me to the cross on the opposite wall of the session room and I got handcuffed onto the black leather cross. Kayko was bound right across. So when mother and Ling had went back to the table where we could see them and May sitting and talking my rock hard shaft pointed directly onto her Mohican. She smiled but didn’t dare to talk. As I followed her big eyes I saw a couple of wipes hanging above the table.

Suddenly another curtain was opened and a female waiter brought a silver plate covered by a massive bell. She placed it right in the middle of the mistresses table. Then she lifted the silver bell and told the ladies what kind of foot it was. I didn’t get it all the important fact was that this kind of food would stimulate the mistresses’ digestion. Ling told mummy and May that they should try a couple of spoons after the waitress had left the room again. Kayko and I watched each other and found bare joy in the other’s eyes. Kayko licked her lower lip. We heard the mistresses eating and still talking. “Oh darling, what a beautiful son you have.” Ling said. “Yes and he is just like his father. You should have seen him when I allowed him to taste my shit first. He was smiling the whole time.” Mum replied. May chewed a spoon of the delicious mistress food. “And he can drink even more of our pee than his daddy could.” “You are that lucky my dearest friend.” Ling said. “You’re right. I really am”, mum said, “but I am so very impressed by what you made from this location within the last years. I remember when I was here the last time with my husband it was a small place with something like eight members.” “You wouldn’t belief what kind of a movement has happened in our scene during the last sixteen years.” May said chewing. “It’s really unbelievable”, Ling said, “and the next generation is right on the run.” “Oh really?”, I heard mum asking, “I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to ask you that directly. So Kayko is your daughter?” “Yes she is and hasn’t she become a real beauty?” Mum and May nodded and mum took another mouthful of the delicious food. “Well I think she will become the number one once. We started enlarging her breasts when she was fourteen and had planned to stop when her tits had my size but somehow she loved the way the boys in school looked at her and the power her knockers gave her so she asked us if she could have bigger ones. And since she is supposed to become the new head mistress once we were really lucky she saw it like that” “Oh, I see”, mum said, “So now she is in her slave education, isn’t she?” “Sure, we think if someone wants to become the number one in our business he must know both sides.” May answered for Ling. “Yes and she enjoys both positions as well, so she has her fun fulfilling her duty” Ling completed the sentence.

The waitress came in and took the almost empty plate away from the table. She exchanged it with another plate covered with a black metal bell. “This is for the slaves” she commented before she again left the room humble. I looked at Kayko and saw her eyes glittering from excitement. As I bent my eyes down to look at her Mohican I saw a thin stream of liquid running out of her vagina. I thought that I must have been blind not the see the similarity with her mother, the Asian mistress.

The ladies got up and lifted the black bell themselves. The room immediately was filled with the lovely odor of fresh shit. But the odor mixed with others that belonged to a couple of spices and other ingredients I had seen in the kitchen. If someone didn’t know that this meal was cooked with female shit. I thought he probably would just think that its smell was a little “interesting”. Ling carried the plate and made circles under her face with it. The breathed the air in as if to check if the food was perfect. Then the three ladies stood right at the one side of the two crosses. Ling had taken the middle position and mum was close to her salve and May close to Kayko. The two slope mistresses took each one of the little round pieces of food lying on that plate with their spoons and held them under our noses. “Breath in baby.” Mum said and I obeyed. The smell was more intensive and I could identify a few of the used spices through the bitter dominating odor of poop. “You like this smell, don’t you?” mummy said. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft again and I somehow realized that I had been concentrated on the ladies’ conversation that much that I had forgotten my own cock. So it had become way softer again. “Oh, you think you don’t have to honor your mistresses, do you?” May said and her eyes had that green shine again. At the same time she forced her spoon into Kayko’s mouth and turned it inside there. “Do you remember the taste, darling?” Ling said. I could see Kayko thinking with the soon in her mouth. Not that I thought that the mistresses expected an answer but she still thought if she knew the taste. Then I saw her face lighting up as she found the answer in her slave/ future mistress brain. “I see, you do. It’s the same load you did this morning yourself. It’s the same load your own slave ate this morning and the same load she pooped out this afternoon. Do you slaves enjoy eating the shit of another worthless shit slave?” Ling’s voice had become some mysterious tone.

Mum had put the spoon into my mouth just when Ling had started answering her own question. I had tried to follow her words when the bitter odor and the strong taste had floated through my head. I tried to figure out the different tastes of the two bowls this meal had went through but failed. But the side effect of this meal and think of the enlightenment concerning its origin was that my cock grew hard and fast in mother’s hand. “Baby, you are such a prevent. Eating this shit that has gone through two women’s bodies excites you more than anything.” Mummy said. “Look at him Kayko.” Ling ordered her slave. She obeyed and lowered her eyes over her chewing mouth to see my pride doing the pumping moves as I ate this female slave’s, slave’s bowl. “He is such a shit lover.” May commented in her dominating way. Kayko and I swallowed our mouthfuls at the same time. I could see her pussy getting wetter by eating her meal just like my cock grew continually. Mum took her hand away from it. “Would you like to feel him?”, she asked and turned half to Ling, “you can feel the blood pumping through him.” Ling handed the plate to May and wrapped her nylon fingers around my pride and wanked a little as if to test how much more I could take. May meanwhile went on feeding my Co salve with spoons of her own poop and I saw the thin stream running down from her vagina and floating down her high boots turning into a thicker and deeper river of pussy juice. “Seems like your daughter enjoys her slave role as well.” Mum said as she followed my hungry eyes down to Kayko’s vagina. She bend over and inserted her right finger into Kayko’s vagina. The female salve made a moaning sound as if her deepest wish had been fulfilled. Mum took her finger back out and turned it in the red light. I could see it glittering and reflecting the color. Then mum rubbed her covered finger on my lips. “Is it that you are hungering for?” she asked. I licked my lips and tasted Kayko’s excitement. Mum reached over to the plate and took another spoon full of the slave food. She spit on it as if to mark it. Then she slid the spoon into her horny slave’s mouth. “Now chew it if it’s that what you want. Eat this girls shit and show us all what kind of a perfect slave mummy’s little boy is.” Her voice sounded strong and it was hard to find the last signs of her motherhood in there. I chewed and lost myself for seconds in the perfect humiliation of eating a slave’s bowl, mother’s saliva and the certain slave’s pussy juice. I moaned as I swallowed the mixture down Mum touched my head y like a dog ones and kisses my cheek. “I think we should give him what he is hungering for.” May suggested.

So Ling undid my handcuffs and I fell on my knees. Then mother pulled me over to Kayko. Meanwhile the river of her juices had reached the tip of her boots. “Now do your job. You are certainly the lowest slave I have ever seen”, Ling said, “You are a slave serving another slave.” She didn’t have to say another word. My willing tongue licked Kayko’s boot tip and I tasted her sweetness. I sucked drops of pussy juice into my mouth and used them to flush the rests of shit away. “Lift your feet, slave.” May ordered and Kayko followed. She gave me the opportunity to pay attention to her heel. I sucked the cold metal of those boot’s heel deep inside my slave mouth. My cock grew the whole time. “Look at him”, Ling said, “He really is the most worthless slave I have ever seen. The only thing he is good for is to clean women from their different body liquids.” “Yeah and look at his slave cock, it’s growing the whole time. My son enjoys his job.” Mummy giggled. I meanwhile worked my way up Kayko’s legs and kissed her boots. The shiny material felt hard and flat on my lips. From time to time I noticed the shoelace touching my lips and tongue. Finally I reached the nylon. It was sucked with the slave’s juice and I did my best to suck it out of there and down my throat. “That’s mummy’s boy,” I heard mistress mummy’s voice, “suck Kayko’s juices and make your mum a proud lady.” After a few minutes I reached Kayko’s Mohican. Her vagina was all wet and totally juicy. I had the impression that her pierced lips swam in her liquid and was fascinated by how much the situation stimulated her. I had to fight hard to get all her drops. “Now,” mistress Ling said, “give him a drink.” I could feel Kayko’s inner muscles working as she fought back her pussy liquid and tried to pee. I was ready to drink whatever this slave mistress would serve me. After a while the sweet taste of her juices was vanished and sour pee took its place. I inhaled the smell. It was just great for me to get the change to drink another woman’s urine in front of my mother. A few seconds want by until Kayko finally was able to concentrate on the peeing process completely. Then a thick mixture of her deepest pussy juice and warm piss floated through my lips and down my throat. I swallowed just as hard as I had when mummy and May had used my mouth as their toilet on the parking ground and managed to swallow the most. A few drops fell to the ground anyways. Kayko moaned out loud as the soft but full yellow steam left her body. As she was done and I had licked her teenage vagina as dry as possible wanted to go on kissing and licking my way up because I had hoped to get the chance to suck her gigantic tits one more time. “What do you think you’re doing, slave?”I heard Lings voice above me. I turned to the left.

“What do you think you are doing, salve?” Ling asked, “It’s your job to swallow each drop of my slave’s pee.” she lofted an eye brow. I understood what she wanted and got on all fours again. Then I lowered my head to the ground and searched for each and every drop of Kayko’s sour urine I could get. Meanwhile I heard May placing the plate on the ground. Obviously Kayko’s slave had had an enormous shit this afternoon because the plate still was well filled. Mother undid Kayko’s cuffs above me and she fell to the ground and on her fours right beside me. Her head came next to mine and we kissed slowly but not very long. Then she helped me drinking her pee drops off the floor. Her ecstasy during she had peed had let to a wide sprayed area of urine. So it took a while.

As we got pretty close to the mistress table suddenly May’s transparent high heel appeared in front of our slave noses. She had covered the heel and parts of the sole with the shit meal. “Oh, what a petty”, she said, “Look at my shoes. Seems like they became really dirty somehow.” Only moments later Ling’s classy pumps and mummy’s over knee boots appeared on both sides of May’s feet. The other four shoes were covered with the slave meal, too for sure. “How could that happen? Somehow our nice shoes got covered with shit, too.” Ling said and I heard mummy giggle. So Kayko and I certainly knew what we had to do and started on the left by licking her mother’s pumps clean. From time to time we managed to kiss through the space between the heel and the sole. Then our mouths and tongues met and we sucked the bitter shit from the each other’s mouth. We cleaned the space underneath the toes and the soles and the heels and sucked and swallowed each little piece of this great mean our mistresses were offering us as what had ran through two female bodies so far. Finally we had finished May’s and Ling’s feet. Our mouths were covered with light brown. Just as we wanted to get over to mother’s feet May held us back. I had looked forward to cleaning mother’s feet the most because that would have offered me the chance to be with Kayko and my mummy at the same time, admittedly in a strange way. “You are holding back your load for so long now, son,” May said and stroke over my head, “why don’t you shoot it on your mother’s feet? I know you love hers the most. Maybe our Kayko will help you.” I nodded. Ling had got some box from under the table and mum put her shitty feet right on it. I pushed myself up on my knees in a position that my cock was right on one level with mummy’s boots. Then I started fucking the pieces of shit on the shiny material while Kayko kept licking and swallowing the brown paste. From time to time, just like May had planned, my cock slid in Kayko’s mouth and she obviously enjoyed the little change from her work. Because whenever I forced my shaft down her throat she moaned and her body shook in pleasure. That was I could get a blow job on the one hand and do the low slave work of fucking female shit on the other at the same time. “What a good boy you are”, mother said, “you are serving your mother really well. Now do mummy a favor and cum on her boots. You know I love seeing you cumming and it always is that much cum!” Kayko managed to spin her tongue around my cock and covered it with a huge load of shit that way. I felt my balls tighten right then and knew I was very close. I don’t know if it was the shit or Kayko’s lick or the combination that drove me over the edge but right then I felt a massive force building deep inside ms body and with a shock wave thick white cum landed half on mother’s black boots, half across Kayko’s manga doll face. A few weaker waves followed until my orgasm had faded away. I looked up to see mothers face in that certain expression of pride it had when she had made me cum. Mother leaned forward and we changed a long French kiss while Kayko was licking the last pieces of shit and each drop of my pleasure from my mummy’s boots and my glittering and brownish cock.

May giggled. The next thing that happened was that I felt myself being pulled back on my leash. I got bound onto the slave cross again. Mistress Ling looked deep into my easy as she cuffed my hands. “Now I think it’s time to get to the main part of your session, my young slave boy.” She said and her voice sounded bitter sweet. As she walked back I could see that some kind of chair had been brought inside the chamber. It was high and looked in some way like the toilet chairs I had seen at Mays. But at the position where normally the slave’s head would lay a couple of bars were established. Kayko crawled over to the strange construction and managed to get her body into those bars. She positioned herself in a way that her ass looked up in the air and was directly underneath the round toilet hole. “You will be surprised.” May promised as she walked over to me. Mum took her place on my side and started rubbing my semi hard cock. In some way I was glad that I was wearing my slave costume and that my cock wouldn’t become totally soft. On the other hand the whole situation was hot like hell and so t didn’t take mummy really long to get her son’s pride back to life. She wanked my cock hard and fast and from time to time spit on it. May took her changed while mum took care about my cock and lifted her tight latex dress and rubbed her fresh pussy juice into my mouth using her slim fingers. “You enjoy eating your mistress’s vagina, don’t you?” May said and I could hear mummy giggling again. Then as if they had gotten a sign we all watched the spectacle in front of us. Ling had sat down on the top of the chair and her little asshole was showing through the hole in the chair. “I held it back all the time.” She said and watched my face turning her head. And then she pressed just a little and I saw a thick brown snake of shit being forced out of her butt. The consistency was soft but very stabile. The snake didn’t break like mummy’s shit usually did it just floated out of Ling showing us a negative of her inner bowl. It was almost two and a half feet long when I saw it touching Kayko’s asshole. I hadn’t realized that Ling had inserted some kind of speculum into her daughter’s asshole. But now I saw the brown snake from the mistress’s asshole slowly disappearing in the slave’s back. A few inches the whole snake seemed like a never ending connection made from shit between the two assholes. Then Ling finally was empty or at least stopped pressing and the rest of her shit snake fell of her ass. It fell onto Kayko’s wide asshole and disappeared almost completely inside her. Only about half a foot in length kept hanging out of the girl. Then Ling came down from her throne and watched her slave on the ground. She nodded satisfied.

“Now I guess someone should clean me.” She said and took care her voice sounded like a queen’s ones. Mummy and May undid my cuffs immediately and I fell on my knees instinctively. My two mistresses led me to my third. Ling gave me some evil smile. Then mummy gave my sign to turn on my back and Ling sat right above my face with her asshole. Nobody had to tell me what to do. I started licking Ling clean her ass was tight and her shit tasted- well belief it or not- really good. I told you that I ate mother’s and May’s but the taste wasn’t really good. But it still had turned me on. Well I guess it might have been that way with Ling’s ass because she ate all this mistress food. Anyway I licked the mistress’s asshole and did my very best to get each little pearl or her tasty shit. After a while she was satisfied and lifted her ass. “I’m clean slave”, she said, “seems like you liked my shit.” I nodded. “Well I hope you know it’s an honor to be allowed to eat the head mistress’s shit “, I nodded again but stronger, “and I’m sure you know that it’s the highest honor to eat a full load of my shit from my personal slave’s asshole.” I had expected something like that but hearing it spoken out like that was something different.

So May and Mummy pulled me back on all fours and I crawled over to Kayko who still was in the middle of all these bars, laying on her back. I smelled her mistress’s shit lying inside her ass and saw the piece hanging out, too. I held my nose above Kayko’s shitty ass and inhaled the sweet odor of Ling’s gift to me. Then I felt my head being pressed down until my lips touched the piece hanging out. “Kiss my shit, slave.” Ling ordered and I obeyed. Again I was surprised by the sweet taste. I stretched out my slave tongue and kissed the half foot of brownish ass crap as if I was kissing my girlfriend or in my special case my mum. I sucked little parts inside my mouth and moved them around inside. My tongue played with the mistress’s gift and I did my best to honor it like I was in charge to do. “You like my shit, don’t you, you worthless slave.” I heard Ling talking behind me and mummy and May giggled when they saw me nodding in pleasure. “Look at him. His cock is growing again. What a prevent.” May commented in her ladylike way of talking. “You’re right.” Mummy said and I felt her going to her own knees. Then her sexy long fingers wrapped around my growing shaft again and as if she wanted to check if her boy was doing well. “Obviously you love Ling’s shit, baby.” She said, “Well if you like it that much, why don’t you eat it all?” She loosened her grip and got up. Then I felt her shoe touching my head and I was pushed even more forward until my complete mouth was filled with Ling’s crap. I heard Kayko moaning when my tongue first met the inner skin of her anus through her mother’s scat. “You see ladies”, Ling explained to the other mistresses,” Kayko enjoys it as well. You like this worthless slave eating mummy’s shit from your asshole, don’t you?” I was a little shocked at first that Ling talked to her daughter in the same way mummy sometimes talked to me. But somehow I liked the idea that the kids were their parent’s sex slaves.

While I tried to listen to the nasty comments of my mistresses I kept kissing the brown crap in front of me and did my best to eat and swallow as much as I could during mother forced my head deeper and deeper into Kayko’s back door entrance. And then, suddenly mum took her heel away from my head. “Now my love,” she begun, “maybe you would like to show me how much you really love your mistresses shit.” I didn’t know what I should think about that. May pulled me to my feet and held me on my leash. Then I saw Ling remove the speculum from her sweet gigantic breasted daughter and her asshole tightened around the still well filled bowl of hers. Mummy and Ling pulled her out of the bar construction, she was led to her cross and cuffed with her face to the wall. “You better don’t lose one piece of my shit in your ass, young lady.” Ling said and she sounded like a real straight mother that moment. Kayko nodded that heavy that her booby swung. May put her hand around my body from behind and checked how hard my cock was again. “Now you will fuck this shit, slave” she said and pushed me forward. Mummy and Ling held Kayko’s ass in front of me and mum gripped my cock softly. Then she pulled it forward and I followed for sure. Finally she laid my cock tip on Kayko’s asshole. “Do you think you can take more in your little ass, young lady?” Ling asked with her straight tone and Kayko nodded. “Yes please, fill my worthless slave ass, mother.” It was the first time one of us had really talked during the session so far. Ling spit on Kayko’s lips and she licked the saliva greedy from there. For the blink of an eye I could have sworn that Kayko had turned her head a little and gave me a blink. Then mother pushed me forward and my hard cock slid into Kayko’s filled asshole. I was actually fucking her as and her mother’s shit at the same time and I loved it. The inside of her ass felt soft and tight at the same time. I could hear her moaning. “You want it harder, don’t you?” May asked and I didn’t really know who she meant but we nodded both. So I speeded up until my whole cock was covered with Ling’s crap when I slid my pride out. The few drops that came out build a small ring around my shaft and circled Kayko’s asshole. Whenever the ring was big enough Mummy or May took it from Kayko’s back with their fingers and let me lick them clean while I kept fucking the slave. After a while Kayko begun to shake and I knew she was pretty close to her next climax. “Does mummy’s little girl have to cum so bad?” Ling gibed. Kayko nodded and shook harder. Ling reached down her slave’s vagina with her one hand and rubbed its long nipples with the other. This was too much for Kayko’s body and she came long and hard. I felt her ass muscles through the shit around my cock. Mummy pulled me back and my pride out of Kayko. She was still shaking in ecstasy. May covered her right hand fingers with the brownish crap my cock was covered with and offered her fingers to Kayko. She licked the fucked shit from her fingers with a greedy tongue. Mummy meanwhile got on her knees and kisses my cock. “Mummy wants to taste Ling’s legendary shit, too.” she said and blinked. Then her lips wrapped around my cock and I immediately was reminded on how fabulous mother’s blow jobs were. While Ling and May took care of Kayko mummy satisfied her own slave with her mouth. From time to time she looked up and said things like “yummy” or “I see what the deal is with this special mistress food, we will sell much of it for at home”.

Finally May and Ling were done with Kayko and undid her cuffs. I hadn’t counted how many times these two cruel women had made her cum but her face told it must have been several times.

Mum had led me to the table and positioned herself on it. “Undo mummy’s pussy bands.” She had ordered and I had pulled them out of the silver rings around her vagina softly. A true lake of pussy juice had waited for me behind that silk wall. I had done my best to swallow it all but my whole face meanwhile was covered with mother. “Drink mummy empty, baby.” She had said and screamed out loud when her first orgasm had run through her body.

After a while the mistress food seemed to do its job. “Oh my god, this stuff is simply amazing”, Mummy pressed out, “get up here and fuck your mummy till she must shit again, baby.” First I didn’t really belief my ears because she had had two bowls this day already but she was serious. So I stopped licking her fresh pierced pussy and lay my cock on the wet Brazilian V. “Stick it inside, the hell.” Mum cursed. I saw her eyes on fire and didn’t want to let this hot lady wait. So I started fucking mummy’s pussy. First I took care and didn’t want to take her that hard because of the piercings. Then she cheered until I wouldn’t hold myself back anymore and fucked her vagina fast and hard. Her body shook in ecstasy again and I knew what would come next. With each wave of her pleasure her bowl moved, too. So I felt I warm soft material touch my balls which hand right on her asshole. “What a good boy”, mother smiled at me proudly, “you made your mother shit from ecstasy again.” I nodded my head and got on my knees again. The load was comparatively small but still about one hand full. As I smelled mummy’s odor I suddenly knew her smell was the sexiest of all. I kissed the shit between her legs and licked my lips. “You’re shit is still the best, my mistress” I said and mum smiled even wider. “Then why don’t you show your love to mummy and eat it?” I surely followed her advice. Mummy handed me a spoon like she had done in the hotel when I had eaten her first load. That way I ate the small load of mother’s strong and massive shit until the table was clean. I licked it. “Now clean mummy, my sweet baby.” My mistress ordered and her voice had lost each sign of aggression. So I kissed mum’s asshole and licked her graceful ass clean with slave tongue. Mum moaned again and I was afraid that she would press out another load but she didn’t.

When I was done I turned around and saw Ling, May and Kayko standing behind us and observing. “Seems like you really love eating shit, son.” May said and the tone of her voice told me that she had been satisfied by whoever- I guessed by Kayko. Even Ling smiled friendly. “Now what will we do with that hard on you still have, my dear?” Ling asked in some sarcastic way. “I’d like to taste his cum, if I am allowed” Kayko said silently but stronger than before. “I think we must ask his mistress who this last drop belongs to.” Ling answered. Mum nodded her head and Kayko had her sign. She walked over to me and kneed in front of me. “Watch her skills” May said joking. Finally Kayko had milked the last drop from my pride.
We all showered. The slaves for sure took care of their mistresses and then of each other. Then we dressed in our “normal” clothes again and I knew that my new life as mother’s slave in fact still just had begun.

Two weeks later:

Meanwhile we had gone back to our house again and found a daily routine that allowed us to live like true lovers and a mistress and slave at the same time. The orders from May and Ling had been delivered and our basement had changed into some kind of torture cellar. I drank each of mummy’s pee and ate as much of her shit as I could. We for sure had normal dinners as well and did all the stuff a normal couple would do as well.

One day I came home from the holyday job as a painter I meanwhile had taken and found mummy in the toilet. She held a short white stripe in her hand and smiled. Then she said the one sentence that would change our both lives deeper than anything that had happened so far. “Baby, I am pregnant.”

End of part fifteen.

Now we are finally done with the first book. And we have the change for a second one. I hope you liked this final chapter and comment it more than you have done to few of the other parts. I really want to know how you liked the chapter and the whole story (so far). So watch out if you find more of my stories soon. You will be surprised, we have only just begun.

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