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How I began to have intimate encounters with my best friend's 11 year old daughter
It all began when I became the pastor of a church about 5 years ago. My wife and I moved to a new town and didn’t know many people. The church was welcoming and we began to fit in well. Then we met Dan and his family. Dan had one son and 3 daughters that showed great potential to grow to become beautiful young ladies.

It started when Dan invited us to join a bible study at his house on Wednesday nights. We did not know him or his family very well so we decided to join them. We all hit it off. I knew early on that we would become close friends. My wife and I began going to their house on the weekends and staying the night in the guest bedroom. We became like part of the family. The girls all adored my wife and I, and we loved spending time with them.

One night we were all lounging in the family living room watching a movie. The youngest daughter, Annie, came over and lay with me on the couch spooning me. I wasn’t to sure how to react with my wife and the whole family in the room but when my wife and Dan’s wife noticed the both whispered to each other “look how cute!” So I relaxed and threw my arm over Annie’s waist. There was nothing sexual running through my mind and it all seemed harmless and cute.

Annie was 10 years old at the time with the curliest blonde hair with dimples and the blues eyes you’ve ever seen. Her smile and giggle could melt any heart.

Well this position of me lying on my side on the couch with Annie nestled in front of me became common place. It was never a sexual thing for me until one day. My hand came to rest on Annie's waist and her shirt had slid up an inch or two so that my fingers came to rest on her stomach just below her belly button. It felt like electricity began to run through my fingers. The touch of that warm, soft, smooth skin gave me an instant erection.

I was kind of freaked out that she might feel my dick pressing at her small round ass. But I couldn’t move my hand. I had never before had sexual thoughts about a girl younger than 16 or so. But that touch made my heart race. However, I was too afraid of going any further so that is how it stayed.

Within the next month the cold of winter moved in and we began to have more frequent movie nights at Dan’s house. I never made any moves towards furthering anything with Annie. I knew to do so would be morally wrong and could damage my job, friendships, and marriage. It wasn’t until one night things began to change. Annie was lying in front of me in the usual pose and she said she was cold. She jumped up and hopped away to retrieve a blanket. Coming back she lay down and covered us both with the blanket, pulling my arm over her waist. My fingers hit that spot just above the waistband of her pajama pants and the electricity flew again. I was instantly turned on and could help myself. With my wife and the rest of the family lounging nearby I began to slowly and gently rub my fingers across her tummy. She moaned softly enough that only I could hear. I kept this up throughout the movie.

I didn’t dare go any further. As the movie ended Dan sent the girls to bed and Annie gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. From this I gathered that she didn’t object to my ministrations.
This became the ritual for Annie and I for the next month or so.

Nothing went much further till the night she and the middle sister Cheryl came to stay the night with my wife and I at our house. My wife claimed the recliner and Cheryl took the love seat which left Annie and I the couch. I didn’t object. Annie nestled in and within the next 20 minutes or so my wife and Cheryl had fallen asleep. I was gently dragging my finger tips along the soft skin of her abdomen and then took the next step to slide my hand up her shirt until it was lying flat on her bare stomach. I knew better than to push it so I left it there for a while. I didn’t want her getting upset or scared so I didn’t want to go too far.

That is until I felt her tiny hand reach up and came to rest on top of mine. She curled her fingers in between mine and tightened her grip. My hard cock was pulsing and I knew she was feeling it pushing into her hip. Within a few minutes she began to move her hand still intertwined with hers across her stomach. The heat from her skin was making my heart race. She used my hand to rub her midsection in circles for 10 minutes or so before I noticed that with each circle my hand was being directed higher. I began to think any minute now she’s going to push my hand away but she didn’t.

Then I began to feel the swell of the bottom curve of her small eleven year old breast. And still with each orbit of my hand she was pushing even higher. Then her hand stopped when my fingertips came to rest on her small nipple. I was barely breathing. This was one of the most erotic moments of my life. Lying here with my wife across the room sleeping while my hand rested on the breast of this adorable little 11 year old girl.

I dared not move until I felt her begin to rhythmically squeeze my hand cueing me to begin manipulating her small nipple. I was practically drooling over this little girl. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Here I was with my hand up this little girl’s night shirt rubbing her nipple. She began to coo ever so softly into my ear. The feeling of her breath on my ear made me go wild. But what should my next move be?

I chose not to decide but to let her make the next move. And to my excitement she did! She pulled my hand down and away from her breast and began to move it in circles again on her stomach. For a moment I was saddened thinking that this was the end but then she began to slide her hand, with mine in it, lower. My hand brushed against her panties then back up and again brushed the scalloped waistband of her panties. Then she pushed my hand lower. Until my hand was resting on her satin covered little girl pussy.

She could have only learned of the wonderful sensations she was seeking from my hand by touching herself in her bed at night or in the bathtub. Or perhaps it was one of her sisters or even her older brother that introduced her to the feelings of her own sex?

Again her hand began to squeeze mine, signifying her need to be pleasured. As I began to rub her mound through the thin fabric she began to moan and her body began to writhe. If I went too much further she might scream out waking my wife and her sister. But I needed to keep exploring her folds. Then I found the small hard protrusion of her clit. I began to focus on it until she pushed her face into the crook of my neck and let out a moan that I was sure would wake the others.

I slowed my movements longing to reach under the material that separated me from my prize. Then I felt her pushing her panties aside and moving my hand directly to her pussy. Little Annie then pushed my middle finger against my opening. This was too far. I couldn’t allow myself to penetrate her. But her movements were insistent. Then my finger slowly began to enter her wet slit. God the warmth and the wetness. I so wanted to feel my penis enter her that same way.

I maneuvered my hand so that I could rub her clit while I fingered her hole with my finger being careful not to push against her hymen. To take the virginity of such a young girl would definitely cross all moral boundaries. I continued my assault on her sex until she began to whimper and bit down on the collar of my shirt. Then it happened, I exploded my cum into my pants. I had cum without even touching my cock. She restrained the moans and cries to little more than soft whimpers until her orgasm subsided.

I moved my hand from beneath the fabric of her panties and lifted my hand to her face. She looked into my eyes and placed my finger in her mouth licking and sucking the juiced from my hand willingly. After my hand had been cleaned she moved it back Old Testament her bare midsection and turned to me. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered a thank you. Then she nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep.

I could have held her like that for eternity but I knew the wet spot in my pants would give me away. I rose from the couch careful not to wake the girls and went to the bedroom to change. Fortunately I had a matching pair of pajama pants and could change without anyone being the wiser.

I returned to the living room and lifted Annie into my arms and carried her sleeping body into the guest bedroom. I laid her on the bed covered her and kissed her forehead. I returned and carried Cheryl and placed her beside her sister and covered them both with the quilt.

Only after the girls were tucked in and I had made sure everything was in order did I wake my wife and escort her to our bed. Falling asleep I wondered if this would ever happen again or if I might ever be able to fuck my beautiful little virgin or even her sisters?

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I like the age

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I love Young girls 10 to12.those First breast buds and pubic hairs.the First Time they hold a cock in there hands and there First orgasm;

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I love Young girls 10 to12.those First breast buds and pubic hairs.the First Time they hold a cock in there hands and there First orgasm;

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I love Young girls 10 to12.those First breast buds and pubic hairs.the First Time they hold a cock in there hands and there First orgasm;

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