“Fuck me! Oh my God fuck me!” Joe was watching her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, her mouth wide open screaming with a wild orgasm. Her beautiful, enormous breasts bouncing as Joe pounded her vagina. “I’m gonna cum so much Joe don’t you dare fucking stop!” Just as she said that cum shot out of her wet pussy and splattered all over Joe’s hard cock. “Now it’s your turn! Cum inside me Joe! Fill my wet cunt with your jizz!” Joe’s cock was near explosion as he fucked her faster and harder; then a burst of hot cum loaded her vagina and Joe continued until he gave her all that he had…

“Oh what the fuck?!?” Joe woke up looking down at his boxers soaked with his cum. “Damn it! Not again!” Another wet dream which was the third one he had that week. Joe still had another hour that he could sleep before he went to his first day of his summer job. He was too wide awake to sleep just another hour, so Joe got up and headed for the shower. After he was all dressed and ready for the day, he went downstairs to breakfast where his mom had a big spread all laid out for him; eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage; the whole nine yards. Joe thanked his mom for the delicious breakfast and just as he was about to finish up he realized that he was running late for work. He grabbed his car keys and sped to work.

Entering the tall building, Joe entered the elevator and went up to the fifth floor where the office he was interning at for the summer was. Joe was an upcoming college senior and needed a great internship to give him an edge for when he graduated from college in just a few short months. He walked over to the receptionist and she took him over to his desk where the other intern had already been seated. “Hi! My name is Amber! You must be the other intern right?” Joe smiled and introduced himself. Amber was a beautiful girl. She had medium length blond hair, blue eyes, and nice perky breasts which Joe noticed right away. Her breasts fit perfectly into the blazer she was wearing that matched her black skirt and black shoes. Joe’s mind started to wander before she said “So, are you excited to start?” They made small talk until their boss Mr. Mendoza greeted them ten minutes later. “You two are going to have your hands full, but I expect good things from you!” Mr. Mendoza told the both of them. “Work together and make sure you’re proud of the work you do and you will be rewarded properly.” Mr. Mendoza handed them each a piece of paper with an assignment on it and they began working.

The day went on with little flirtatious chatter between Joe and Amber and before they both knew it; it was time for them to go home. “Well I hope these days move by this quickly” Amber said to Joe. He smiled and they exchanged goodbyes. Joe couldn’t stop thinking about how Amber’s breasts fit so perfect into her blazer and every time she would briskly walk, or even sneeze they would bounce. Joe noticed she was wearing a dark red bra that he could see through her lighter red blazer.

“Joe!” Amber yelled and he looked up and saw her wearing the same outfit from the day before. He thought it was a bit odd but didn’t say anything. Mr. Mendoza gave him quite the project and he was working in the quiet of the conference room that was in the back of the office space and rarely visited. Amber bent down which allowed Joe to get a very good look of her cleavage. “You like what you see?” Amber giggled as she asked Joe the question. She moved over to Joe, lifted up her skirt just a little bit and sat down on Joe’s hard cock. Amber started to grind against Joe’s cock and he could feel through his pants how wet she really was. “You’re very hard! I can feel your bulge against my wet cunt!” Amber stood up and started undo Joe’s belt. His heart started to race as he thought what would happen if anyone caught them but he didn’t care, he was way too horny! “Mmmm, your cock tastes sooo good!” Amber said as she began to suck his rod. Joe could feel the back of her throat as she gulped his cock over and over. She would go fast, and then slow, then fast again; it felt so good Joe could hardly keep himself under control. Amber licked and kissed the head of his penis as she pulled on his cock. “You’re splurge right in my mouth aren’t you baby?” Amber said with a smile. She continued sucking hard on his cock, and before he knew it a load of cum surged into her mouth. As Joe was cumming in her mouth Amber sped up the pace as she sucked out every last drop that Joe could give her…

Joe woke up; his heart pounding hard and yet again soaked with his own cum. But this time he didn’t care; he just had the most amazing dream of his life and he could stop thinking about Amber. It was nearly time to wake up anyway so Joe got up and ready for work.

Joe was at work a little early today and he beat Amber there. He could not wait to see what she was wearing, nor could he forget the dream he had of her the night before. Staring at the clock, wanting time to move faster he did not even notice Amber come in and sit down. Her hair was up in a bun today, she was wearing a blue button up shirt that with the top two buttons undone, and long, tight black pants. “Good morning!” Joe said over enthusiastically. “Hey Joe! How are you?” Amber replied. He could barely talk to her without thinking of the dream he had; he just wanted to rip her clothes off and have his way with her.

This day did not go by as fast as the first because of all Joe had on his mind. It was freezing in the office and Joe wasn’t the only one who thought so. He would find himself staring at Amber’s nipples that were rock hard and showing through her thin blue button up shirt. Joe was just imaging sucking hard on her big tits, then filling her mouth and pussy with his cum. But in order to do that, Joe needed to make a move. “Ugh! This stuff is so boring!” Joe said to Amber when he sat down next to her at her desk. “Oh I know! I can’t wait to get out of here today! My boyfriend and I are going to the drive-in! It’s our first date since Spring Break!” Joe smiled as he felt his penis shrink to normal size. “Oh” he said in a surprised voice. Amber went on about her boyfriend, how they’ve been dating for three years and how amazing he was. Disappointed Joe went back to his work area and finished up his project for the day.

The summer internship went on, and Joe found himself becoming more and more attracted to Amber. They would constantly flirt and joke as they did all of their work half-assed. Amber and Joe were becoming very good friends and they would talk about anything and everything. She would sometimes mention sexual things about her and her boyfriend which Joe found odd. She would say about how he wouldn’t always cum when they had sex, or that she would fake orgasm during sex. It tore Joe up inside as he wanted to fuck Amber so bad, but knew that it would never happen unless it were in his dreams. He knew that Amber’s boyfriend was not good enough sexually for her, and he so much wanted to be inside her pussy; Joe knew that he was the right man for the job of satisfying all of Ambers needs.

“You wanna grab a bit?” Amber asked Joe as they were about to go on their lunch break. As they ate lunch Amber mentioned that she was having a party over the weekend and that Joe should definitely come; which Joe appreciated because Amber did not fail to mention her boyfriend wouldn’t be there since he was going out of town with some of his own friends. They finished their lunch and went back to the office, but Joe was not thinking about his work, he was thinking about Amber’s party and how this would be the perfect chance to do what he longed so much to do.

Saturday night finally came and Joe and his friends were getting ready to head to Amber’s house. Her parents were out of town for the weekend which is why she was having the party and there was sure to be a house packed with horny girls just wanting to be fucked. Joe didn’t want any of those other horny girls, he wanted Amber and by the end of the night he would get her. He did not care about the consequences or if it would be awkward at work, he was so obsessed with fucking her he didn’t care what happened.

When Joe and his friends arrived at Amber’s house, it was packed with a ton of people holding red cups filled with alcohol. After seeing that he knew it would be a good night. He grabbed a cup and helped himself to some beer and began looking for Amber. She was playing beer pong with her friends in the dining room when Joe found her. “Joe! I’m so glad you made it! I see you already have a drink!” Amber said as she greeted Joe with a hug. As she hugged him, to Joe’s surprise he felt her squeeze his ass. Turning red with a smile across his face Joe said “Well! I’m happy to see you too!” He joined in the game of beer pong, and before long he and Amber were upstairs in her room making out. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hook up with you Joe!” Amber said as she pinned Joe down on his back.

By this point Joe himself was drunk, and had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Amber tore off Joe’s shirt and began kissing his chest. She moved from his upper chest, down to his stomach and began to rub her face against the outside of his pants. Joe moaned as she unzipped and took off his pants and began to suck on his cock. Joe lifted her shirt off of her exposing her beautiful, perfect tits. Joe pulled her up towards her, removed her bra and began sucking on her pink nipples. “Oh my God! Joe that feels sooo good!” Joe sucked hard on her nipples and blew on them to make them hard. She went back down to his cock and wrapped her tits around it. “Mmm you fuck my tits Joe, you fuck them hard!” As Joe started to fuck her breasts faster and faster he to cummed all over her face. “Keep going! Keep going! Cum on me!” Joe unloaded his sperm all over her chin and mouth. After he was finished she laid on the bed next to him. “Did you like that?” she asked. Joe still out of breath managed to shake his head and he noticed she started rubbing herself. Catching his breath back, Joe rolled to his side and began playing with her as well. Her pussy was so wet; he was able to slid three fingers into her. She moaned loud as she pushed his fingers deeper inside her. Joe’s cock was starting to harden up again and Amber took notice. “I want you to fuck me hard!” Amber said to Joe as he sped his fingers up.

Joe moved down to her wet cunt and began to move his tongue around the lips of her vagina. He licked all around the outside of her pussy and began to lick her clit. Amber pushed his head into her cunt and she began fucking his face. Joe swept his tongue all over her wet pussy before she ordered him to fuck her!

Joe took his hard cock and rubbed it against her wet vagina. Slowly sliding it into her, Amber’s eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened wide. She started breathing heavy and Joe’s cock was all the way in her. Amber grinded against Joe’s cock and started to orgasm. Digging her nails into his back, she grinded against him faster and faster. “I wanted to fuck you for so long Joe! Your big fucking cock is so deep inside me! Don’t you dare stop!” Joe felt Amber’s cum on his cock and her tits bouncing as he pounded her as hard as he could. “Don’t stop Joe! Oh my fucking God don’t you dare stop!” Joe gave it to her harder and harder and finally released another large load of cum straight into her pussy. Joe rolled off of her and they lay next to each other, both of them breathing heavy.

Waking up the next morning, Joe noticed Amber sleeping soundly. He got up and dressed himself. He walked downstairs there were people sleeping on the couch in the living room, under the dining room table, and even in the kitchen. As he reached for the door, it opened; almost hitting him in the face. Recovering from the close call, the guy standing at the door said “Some party huh?” “Yeah” Joe replied. “I’m Brian, Amber’s boyfriend.” Joe’s eyes got wide as he shook his hand and said “Nice to meet you! Umm, I have to go, my parents are gonna kill me for being out all night!” Joe pushed past Brian and walked briskly to his car. He saw Brian walk in the house and shut the door. Joe couldn’t remember where he parked, and after a minute or two he saw his car down the block a little way. He got into his car, rolled down his windows and started for home. As he was driving by Amber’s house he heard someone yell “You fucking slut! What the hell did you do?!?” Joe then realized that Amber was still lying naked in her bed where they fucked the night before and recognized Brian’s voice. Joe slammed on the gas and around the corner.

Joe was nervous about Monday, but happy that it was the last week of work. He couldn’t stop thinking about fucking Amber and wondered if he should try and call her to make sure she was ok; but he didn’t and just waited for Monday.

Joe was early to work, making sure he beat Amber there so he could pretend he was working when she walked in. A half hour passed, then an hour, then two hours and then three. Amber wasn’t at work and it didn’t look as if she was coming. “Mr. Mendoza? Is Amber coming in today?” Joe asked his boss. “Oh no, she isn’t Joe. Actually Friday was her last day; she’s done for the summer.” Joe couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know what to say, so he went back to his desk and finished up his work. The week passed very quickly and it was time to start packing up for school.

Joe had a week off before he went back to school so he could pack up all of his things. He wanted to call Amber, but was too afraid to, even though the party was almost two weeks ago.

The next morning he woke up to a text message from Amber; it said “Joe. We need to talk… I’m pregnant.”

“Gah!” Joe sat straight up in bed, his heart pounding and he was covered in sweat. Trying to get himself under control he wiped the sweat from his brow and got out of bed. Looking in the mirror his hair, t-shirt and boxers were drenched in sweat. “What the hell was that?” He asked himself. Joe then glanced over at his calendar; it was the first day of summer… Joe looked back into his mirror “It was all just a bad… dream?”

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