Caught by Mom

Bisexual, Boy/Boy, Oral, Boy/Older Female, Incest, Teen

This story is about when I was 15 years old and still in high school.

My name is Mike and like any other 15 year old guy I was constantly horny and no
matter how much I masturbated I was always ready and hard again soon afterward.
I wasn't the coolest kid in school but I wasn't with the nerdy people either. At 15 I was
about 5'10" and about 140lbs. I was pretty skinny and since puberty had hit I was
really starting to get more hairy. My dick was a good size I thought, I measured it
often and it was over 6 inches, and I kept hoping it would get bigger as I got older.

A friend of mine, Jeff was over for the night. We weren't old enough to drive so we
had just been hanging out playing video games most of the night. After everyone at
home had gone to bed we were still up playing on the PlayStation. After a while he
got on my computer and asked about some porn pictures I had told him about. I turned
off the game and pulled up a chair.

We clicked through all sorts of porn I had saved. I had anything from solo girl stuff
to group stuff and even some girl doing guy strap-on pics. Jeff had never seen any of
that and he seemed to really like it. We both we obviously getting turned on and we
had to 'readjust' as we sat there with our cocks getting hard in our pants. I noticed
him rubbing himself after a while and I decided to do the same thing. Before we knew it
we both had our cocks out and were each stroking as we looked through the pics and
talked about what was cool about them.

After a couple sets we got to one where there were two guys and a girl. The girl had
the strap-on and there were pics of them doing just about anything you can think of
together. We started talking about oral sex and it turned out that neither one of us had
ever had it or done it. Nervously, he ended up asking me if I wanted to try it, and that it
would be our secret. I kinda figured what the hell and said okay.

It turns out he wasn't as nervous about it as I was, and he reached down and started
stroking my cock. It felt good to have someone else stroking me, which had only happened
a few times with previous girlfriends. I pushed my chair back a bit and he got on his knees
in front of me. His face was close to my cock and he looked up at me and said that we
can't ever let anyone know about this. Of course I said okay and then he started kissing
and licking the tip of my cock. I had never felt anything like it and soon he was completely
engulfing my cock into his mouth. It felt so good and I knew I was making some noise
and at one point I remember telling him "oh fuck, I'm gonna cum". Jeff didn't stop and I
blew my load into his mouth. It felt so good, and I came really hard, it must have been
incredibly difficult to swallow all my cum.

When my cock finished twitching he got up and sat down in the other chair, and asked
me how was it? I said it was great and he leaned back and told me it was his turn to
enjoy it. I was really nervous as I got down onto my knees and reached over to his cock.
He was rigid and he had a good looking cock, it was about the same size as mine, but he
wasn't as hairy as me. I leaned in close to his cock, and he must have sensed my
reluctance because he pulled my head to his cock and almost forced me to take it. I did
my best but he had to help me by telling me what to do. His cock didn't taste bad and
it wasn't too long before he started to cum. I kept stroking him and let him cum in my
mouth just like I did to him. It didn't taste too bad and I swallowed it all.

It was really hot and after we finished it was a little awkward at first, neither of us knew
what to say, and so we ended up just turning back to the PlayStation and played more
games until we both fell asleep. We didn't ever talk about it afterward, and we acted
like it never happened and just kept being the same friends that we had always been.

The next weekend he was grounded and I ended up spending the whole weekend at
home, playing video games and looking at porn by myself. My Dad left Saturday morning
to help my Grandfather build a deck and I stayed home with my Mom. She asked me
if I wanted to do anything and we ended up seeing a movie. We got home about 7pm
that night and I went immediately to my room and started looking at porn that I had
downloaded earlier that morning. I was really enjoying the pics and stroking myself when
there was a knock on the door. I freaked out and shut off the monitor and went to the door,
tucking my cock back into my shorts as I did.

My Mom asked if she could come in and talk and I said sure. She sat down on my bed
and I sat in the computer chair. Of course after looking at all the pictures on the computer
I was in a horny mood. I caught myself checking out my Mom and really taking a good
look at what she was wearing. She was in her late 40s, and still had a nice body. She
had pretty big breasts, which I really had a good view of from where I was sitting. Her
cleavage was incredible, and her milky white breasts seemed so inviting. I guess I had
never thought about how sexy she was until then.

She told me it was time we talked about sex. My jaw dropped, I had heard about getting
'the talk' but thought my parents never would do it, especially since I was already 15. She
asked me all sorts of questions about what I knew, and eventually I got more comfortable
and she even asked me about my sexual experience. I admitted I was a virgin to her and
she listened attentively as I spoke. Then she asked if there were any questions I had, or
if there was anything else I wanted to tell her. I of course didn't tell her about last weekend,
but that was the first thing I thought of.

She looked at me, waiting for me to say more, and when I didn't she spoke up. She
looked into my eyes as she said, "I saw you and Jeff last weekend"

I must have turned really red, and I didn't say anything. She continued and told me that
to experiment and try new things was completely natural and that it was nothing to be
ashamed of. I still kept quiet as she talked, not sure what to say now. She had apparently
heard us and peeked in my door. She told me everything she saw, which was Jeff sucking
on my cock and then me sucking on his. She said she didn't see how it started and asked
if we had done that before. "No" was all I managed to say. I couldn't believe my Mom had
saw me doing that! I was so embarrassed!

"Mike, I just want to make sure you don't give up on women yet" she said next. I had
no thought at all about not being with women, but I still didn't say anything. Then she really
blew my mind when she said I need to be with a real woman before I make up my mind
about anything like that. "You know, its just me and you tonight" she said next. My mind
went racing, I sat there in awe, thinking about seeing her naked and the possibilities that
could come from this. I don't know how long I sat there, staring at her, but the next thing I
knew was she had taken her shirt off.

Her breasts looked wonderful, not like most of the porn I had seen, they seemed to
hang lower than most of what I had seen, even though they weren't huge. Her nipples were
already sticking out as she walked over to me. She reached down and took hold on my
hand and placed it on her breast. I was still frozen there, and she pulled my face to her
chest. I sat there, my face up against her naked breasts, feeling how soft they were and
then I started to kiss. "That's right" she said, "Kiss Mommy's breasts" I did as I was told
and as I felt my cock stiffening in my pants I started to kiss all over her breasts, and I
payed close attention to her nipples: licking, kissing, and sucking on them.

She pulled away from me and got down onto her knees, and smiled up at me as she
started to unbutton my shorts. She started to pull and I lifted up my butt so she could slide
my shorts off. As she let them fall to the floor she looked up and grabbed my cock through
my underwear. The tip of my cock was already leaking precum that had soaked through
my underwear and she rubbed her finger on the wet spot. Then she reached up and pulled
until my cock popped out, pointing up into the air.

"Wow, you have a beautiful cock, you are even thicker than your father" she said as she
grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed. More precum oozed from the tip of my cock
and she slowly started to lick the tip. "Now this is how a blow job is supposed to feel" and
then she took me all the way into her mouth. She completely engulfed my cock into her
mouth, and I sunk all the way in until my balls were against her chin. I couldn't believe
that she was deepthroating me, my own Mom! And wow was it good, I squirmed on the
chair as she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She started massaging
my balls and my cock started to twitch. She didn't stop or even slow down as I started to
cum down her throat. She just kept bobbing and massaging until my cock stopped
twitching in her mouth. All she did was smile and lick her lips as she pulled my cock out
of her mouth.

She took my hand and brought me over to my bed. I stood there next to the bed as she
slowly stripped her jeans off. Her panties were incredibly sexy, black, lacy, a bit on the
slutty side. It didn't take her long to lose them and she scooted back up onto the bed, and
pulled my arm down until I was on top of her. She let me kiss her breasts but then she
started pushing down on my shoulders, pushing my face down between her legs. "Now its
time for you to taste a real woman" and she then pulled my head down to her pussy. My
face was buried in her cunt and it was so warm. I couldn't believe I was in between my own
Mom's legs, and wow what a sweet pussy she had. She kept herself trimmed down there
and so just had a small patch of hair about her pussy, but nothing around her lips.

She walked me through exactly what to do, telling me exactly where to kiss and where
to lick and where to suck. She moaned louder and louder as I did exactly as I was told,
and eagerly took the instructions from her. She had me slide a couple of fingers inside
her as I licked around her clit and that was what finally drove her over the edge. "I'm
cumming!" she shouted and pressed my face hard against her pussy. I felt her hips
bucking as she came, and I could taste more of her juices as she mashed my face to
her wetness. She was really breathing heavily as she slowly loosened her hands from the
back of my head, letting my face come away from her pussy.

I looked up at her from between her legs and she was staring at the ceiling, still trying
to catch her breath. She looked down at me and smiled, then asked if that was more fun
than sucking a cock. I smiled at her and said yes. She sat up and pulled my up a bit
higher and gave me a tight hug. I felt her breasts rubbing against my bare chest, my cock
was pressed against the side of the bed, incredibly hard again. She held me close for a
minute or two, then told me that she loved me. I told her I loved her too, and we just
smiled at each other for a minute, then she looked down at my cock.

"Looks like you are ready for more" and a smile spread across my face. She took my
hand and got up and led me to her room. "We have all night Mike, and whatever you want
to try is okay with me, it will be our secret ok?"

The rest of the night was incredible, we didn't seem to stop until Dad called on Sunday
afternoon when he was on his way back home. It was just the first of many encounters
that we had, anytime we got the chance. And they continued and even though its been a
few years since the last time we were together like that, I know that we will again soon
as we get another chance...


2016-01-30 21:14:04
To the asshole who say this scenario is disgusting. .... If you had read the prologue, you would know what it was about. But you read it anyway and still bitched. If you don't like this stuff, don't fucking read it!
It was a well written and very hot story. Would like more.


2011-07-05 00:33:38
never fucked Mom. guess I should have treid it

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-22 16:50:08
I remember the first time I came in my friends mouth,Her was about 10 I was 11.The first time I sucked him off his load over flowed my mouth.Mostly he would stick the tip in my ass and jack off.

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-06 17:48:44
My dad and uncle were very drunk and horny. while mom was visitng her sister for the week. I was in the shower when they both when in to use the bathroom. Before I knew what was happening the shower curtin opens and both are standing ther naked with hard ons. I am only 12 and my penis is not as big as theirs are. They carry me to mom and dads room and then dress me in moms panties and bra. I was very embarressed. I have seen mom in her underware before and she looks real nice. She looks even nicer when shes been naked. Dad and uncle tad have me lie on the bed, and they are reaching under the bra and pinching and pulling my nipples. And somebody has thier hand inside the panties and their finger is inside me. I cant believe it. All of a sudden they lay me on my back, raise my legs over my shoulder, pull the panty crouch aside and they begin to actually fuck me. They play with my nipples under the bra they start kissing me and call gloria. Gloria is my moms name .


2010-08-01 00:24:00
I remember when I spent a friend spent the night at my house. I was 14 and woke up to find him sucking my cock. I pretended to sleep through it for awhile until I blew my load down his throat. I was afraid to suck him so I jacked him off instead. My mom found the towel in the laundry and had the sex talk with me. She requested I jack off in front of her and fingered herslf while I did it.

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