Jed's Abduction

It was close to midnight, and Jed was making the five
mile walk from his friend's house back home. The night
was much like any other night, the air was still warm,
and the sky was clear.

He had been hanging out with a friend from school,
and couldn't get his mind of what Steve had shown him.
Steve had recently come across a stash of porno magazines
that his father kept in the closet. The boys, being
like any normal 15 year old boys, had been flipping through
them for hours, admiring the naked bodies on the pages.
The magazines were unlike anything he had ever imagined.
Both of the boys had incredible hard-ons as they flipped
through the pages, showing eachother the different positions
and ways of fucking the people on the pages were doing. Jed
had particularly liked the ones of the girls getting gang
banged, and looking at them covered in cum. His own cock
throbbed in his pants and he noticed that Steve had a
large hardon as well. Jed felt the urge to play with it,
to see if Jed would like him to jack him off, but he
didn't wany anyone to think he was gay, especially not his
best friend.

So they continued to look, for hours before Steve's
parents got home, and they both panicked, packing away the
magazines as fast as they could, covering their hardons
with their shirts untucked as Jed said goodbye and left
for his house.

Jed was eager to get home, his balls ached, and he
wanted to get home to finally jack off to all the images
that were floating through his head. He knew that Steve
must already be doing the same, after all, he would if
he were at home already. And he wondered what Steve was
picturing as he stroked his own cock.

He was still a virgin, but he wasn't totally
inexperienced. He had had a few girlfriends, and had
even gotten to 3rd base with one, but his sex life was
mostly him in his room stroking his 6 inch cock. He loved
his own cock, thought that it looked great even if it
wasn't as large as the ones in the magazine.

After about a mile Jed decided to take a shortcut
across the corn fields. It was early in the season, so
the stalks were only about waist high as he made his
way through the first field. As he walked, he kept
glancing up at the stars, noticing one that he didn't
remember being so bright before. He kept looking
up at the stars as he walked, and after staring so long
he thought he saw that bright star actually move.
Not thinking twice about the star, he crossed the
creek seperating the first two fields and started making
his was through the second field.

Suddenly there was a bright light shining on him.
"Oh shit" he thought, he wasn't supposed to be cutting
through the fields and some of these farmers weren't
exactly keen on people in their crops. He turned to face
the light, and as he turned, it brightened up. Jed
shielded his eyes and just as he did, he felt a
tremendous jolt on his stomach. The wind was knocked out
of him and as he fell backwards he tripped, and his head
came down hard on a rock.

Jed was knocked out.

As he started to come around, he slowly started to
open his eyes. What he saw was nothing, nothing but
white. It was as if he was being blinded by a bright
light, yet it didn't hurt his eyes. Jed began to panic,
was he blind? What had happened? He tried to move but
couldn't. It was as if his muscles just didnt work.
Laying back, Jed was really getting worried now. He was
almost frantic, he couldn't see, he couldn't move.

Calm Down, there is nothing to be afraid of, relax...

Jed tried to relax, realizing he shouldn't panic. There
had to be some explanation. Closing his eyes again, and
breathing deeply, he relaxed his body, then slowly opened
his eyes again. What he saw was alarming, but at the same
time something inside his head said:

Relax, we are not here to hurt you.

Looking up, he realized the room was all white, and perhaps
he really wasnt blind. Looking up he realized he was in a white
room, but it was a room with no corners. There was somebody in
the room with him, he could almsot feel their presence, but he
couldn't see them. He tried to speak, tried to ask who was
there, but no sounds escaped his lips. He tried to ask where he
was but there was no noise.

You are safe with us.

Jed's senses were starting to come back to him. He could
feel the cool air against his body, against his naked body. He
was nude. He tried to move his arms but his muscles still didn't
seem to work. Concentrating on his sense of feel, he thought hard
about what he was happening. He could feel the cool air on his
bare chest, and he could feel the same cool air against his bare
balls. He was laying on his back, and whatever he was laying on
was cool, bare, and hard. Maybe a steel table, but no, it wasn't
quite like that, wasn't cold enough to be steel.

Suddenly there was something on his chest. He looked down
but couldn't see down far enough to see his chest. Thinking hard
about he sense of feel, he thought about what was rubbing across
his chest. It felt like a large soft finger, it was pressing at
different parts of his chest. The it happened, someone came into
view. No, it wasn't a someone he thought, it was a something.
Standing above him now was a being unlike Jed had ever seen
or imagined he would see. It was slightly human, but looked as
if it was wearing a tight silver bodysuit. It had eyes, but no
nose and no mouth. It was as if some of its features had just
been erased.

We will not hurt you.

No Jed thought, it can't be, an alien? Am I going crazy?

No, we do not belive you are 'crazy'

The feeling the he felt on his chest was indeed a finger, if
you can call it that. This being had long slender arms, no hands
at the end, just two exceptionally long fingers, which were
rubbing across his chest in a some sort of pattern. They brushed
past his nipple and he felt a spark of electricity. For just a
second he thought about how much he liked it when his last
girlfriend had sucked on his nipple.

It was as if the being sensed this, and its fingers returned
to his nipple, pressing all around and tracing across his hairless
chest. One of the fingers stopped moving, still right on his
nipple, and then it pressed down harder, and Jed could feel a new
sensation. It was a sucking sensation. The tip of this being's
finger was actually sucking on his nipple.

Jed started to feel more of a tingle, and he could tell
the blood was starting to flow. He could feel his cock slowly
filling, and it moved as it hardened. As his nipple was being
'sucked', his cock started to throb until it was standing rigid
against his stomach.

He felt a new sensation through his body now, as he was turned
on more and more, he felt acceptance. Acceptance for whatever was
happening to him, and he was no longer afraid.

Good, we are not here to harm, just to study.

The other finger had spread to his other nipple, and now both
were being teased, both were being 'sucked'. He could feel the
cool air against his rigid cock. Images flashed through Jed's
head. Images of his past girlfriends, images of things he had
seen in the magazines, and things on the internet. His mind
flashed through mental pictures of people having oral sex, people
fucking, anal sex, creampies. His mind was a projector of all
the naughty things he had seen and this being was watching it

As the two fingers continuted to work on his nipples, he felt
something slide up from between his legs. Another arm perhaps?
He felt it brush against his inner thighs and against his balls.
The fingers started to wrap around him, one wrapping around his
balls, the other wrapping around his cock.

That was too much for him. Jed's cock twitched and he started
to cum. He could feel the hot spurts of cum shooting from his
cock. They landed, he could feel, all over his chest. It was
warm and the feeling pushed him farther as his cock twitched
in the finger wrapped around it, spewing out a few more strands
of cum.

The fingers on his nipples stopped their sucking, and moved
across his body. They moved to all the spots that Jed had cum
on himself, and as they slid over it was as if they vacuumed up
all the cum, yet there was no noise, and no suction. The cum
just dissapeared as the fingers went over his skin.

The result of human pleaure.

It was as if he had overheard that, as if someone was telling
that to someone else, yet it was in his head. The fingers on his
cock started to move, and it unwrapped itself and slide to the tip
of his cock. It pressed against his cockhead, much like the others
did on his nipple, and then it started to give him that same
sucking sensation. This time was different though. As it started
to suck, it slide down and around his cock. It was as if his
cock was melting right into the tip of the finger. This continued,
the sucking never stopping, as his cock was pulled inside.

Jed could feel his cock being milked by the finger now, his
cock was buried in deep, all the way down to his balls. He was
completely engulfed, and the finger started to vibrate. Ripples
of pressure starting from the base of his cock would slide right
up to the tip of his cock, and then it would start again, base
to tip.

The other finger between his legs circled his balls, getting
close to his asshole as it circled lower. A vision of the girl
in the magazine getting fucked in the ass flashed through Jed's
mind. Almost immediatly the finger stopped circling and slide
down to his ass, and circled his butt hole. No, that's not what
I meant, he thought, frantic now that the alien might think that
is what he wanted.


Jed breathed in deeply, and the the finger at his ass started
to press against his tight hole. He could feel something warm
coming out of it, and it was wet as it started to coat his ass.
Slowly there was more pressure, and he could feel the finger
start start to spread him open.

This is human pleasure.

Slowly, he felt it slide inside him, still oozing that liquid
as it went, lubricating him inside. It was almost painful at
first, but Jed relaxed, realizing he was enjoying it. The finger
slid farther inside him, then slowly started to slide in and out.
He could feel it moving and changing shape inside him, this time
the waves of pressure were moving up and down, as if the skin on
this finger could create any shape and motion.

Jed wondered what it must look like, to see him naked on the
table, this alien sucking on his nipples with the fingers of one
arm, and the other arm coming up from between his legs. One finger
engulfing his cock, milking it, the other sliding slowly in and
out of his ass. Just as he thought it, the image itself filled
his mind, like he was watching it on TV. The alien standing above
him, and he was laying on the table, unable to move as he was
being fucked. It looked so much like those pictures he had seen
in the magazine. He remembered the girl in the pictures sucking
on a dick at the same time.

Again, it was as if the alien had pictured the same thing. And
one of the fingers on his nipples released its grip, and slid up
his chest. Jed looked down and could see it lift up above his
face. He watched it, seeing that the finger appeared to be hollow
and he could see a little ways inside. The same smooth silver
skin on the inside as the outside of this body in front of him.
It hovered for a moment above him, and then started to reform in
front of his eyes. It reshaped itself into what looked like a
cock. A silver cock, with smooth skin, but yet still a large
mushroom head.

Jed watched, amazed, still feeling the waves of pleasure flow
over him as his cock was milked, and his ass was slowly fucked.
He could feel the finger in his ass moving, changing shape again,
and in his mind he had the imaage play in his head as it happened.
The finger slide out of his ass, and reformed, a mirror image of
what was in front of his face, another sliver cock.

The ultimate in human pleasure?

He wondered if it was a question or a statement he heard in
his head that time. Before he had a chance to question it, he
felt the pressure again against his asshole. His cock slill
being milked, the tip of the cock pressed against his hole. Slowly
it started to open him up and slide inside. It was bigger now
than it was before, and as the tip slid into his ass, the other
silver cock in front of him came down lower until its tip pressed
against his lips. Jed slowly let his lips part as the silver
finger slide inside his mouth. He licked at the tip, and circled
it with his tongue as it filled his mouth. He could taste something
oozing from the tip as he circled his tongue around it, and soon
there was enough that he had to swallow. It was warm, and it
had an odd taste, not bad, but different.

Jed could feel his cock being milked, and thought about the
cum that he had squirt out, realizing how close he has been to
cumming again. Thinking about more he could feel the other silver
cock in his ass, filling him up, stretching his asshole. It slid
easily in and out now. The feeling was incredible.

He sucked on the cock, now loving the taste of whatever was
leaking from the tip. He could feel his own cock about to finally
burst, about to shoot out his hot cum inside this alien being.
Wondering about the fluid for a sec, the answer came to him all
of a sudden. It was him he was tasting, he was tasting his own
cum. How could that be? He wondered.

We have replicated it.

This was too much for Jed, he was already so close to the edge,
and knowing he was sucking his own cum from this cock was what
pushed him over. His cock twitched, and he could feel the silver
cock in his ass twitch, and the cock in his mouth twitched all at
precisely the same instant. He felt himself starting to cum, and
his cock shot a hot load into the alien. The cock in his mouth and
ass twitched too, and his mouth filled with his own hot cum and
he could feel it squirting inside his ass too. Jed's own cock
continued to spurt out loads of hot cum, and the other two silver
cocks matched spurt for spurt. He swallowed eagerly. Taking in
as much of the cum as he could, feeling the waves of pleasure
flow through him. He was in total extasy, he was a cumslut, and
he was loving it. As his own orgasm started to subside, the two
silver cocks filling him did not.

Jed kept swallowing, but between each gulp cum would explode
into his mouth and soon it was leaking out over his face and on his
own chin. The cock in his ass continuedd to spurt, and he could
feel it spraying inside him. Soon it was leaking out of his ass,
the fake cock still sliding in and out, fucking him as his own
cum filled his ass, leaking out now onto the surface of whatever
he was laying on.

Sensing that he Jed could take much more, the alien started
to pull his fingers from Jed. Jed was still slurping eagerly on
the silver cock in his mouth, still swallowing the jets of hot
cum that were squirting into his mouth. The other cock was sliding
back out of his ass, still squirting. As the cock left his mouth,
he kept his mouth open, and it continued spewing its hot load onto
his face and in his mouth. Soon his face was covered in the hot
sticky cum, his hot sticky cum. The silver cock in his ass slipped
out and continued its spraying. And soon Jed's asshole and balls
were covered in his own warm cum. The finger surrounding his
cock slowly rolled back, and as it lifted off his slowly softening
cock, a load of cum fell from inside it, coating his cock in a
sticky white film.

Jed lay there, beathing heavily, basking in the warm feeling
of his own cum covering so much of him. He felt alone again, they
must have left him in this room he though, left him laying here
like a used slutty porn star.

Then Jed slowly opened his eyes...

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Need more stories like this

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great fantasy-aliens at their best- fucking sucking cum eating-all of it was perfect

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made me cum as i turned upside down and imagined the alien cock was shooting in my mouth- write more

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this was really hot. I wish I could be in Jed's position, too. haha. Especially how 1) the alien was able to please him by conforming to what he was visualizing, and also 2) that the alien's fingers were able to become replicated versions of his own cock.

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