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A Suprise From My Wife
Part 1
Fem Dom, LIght Bondage, Ass Play, Strapon, Bi, MFMF, Wife

It was my 27th birthday, and at the time I didn't realize that it
was going to be the best birthday I have had yet. I had a great
morning of relaxing and being pampered, and sometime in the
afternoon my mother-in-law came by to take the kids for the rest
of the day.

Once we had the house to ourselves things really started to get
interesting. She sat down on the couch with me and wrapped her
arms around me. Before long we were kissing deeply, our lips
parting so out tongues could meet. She was rubbing the bulge that
was already growing in my pants when she whispered that she wanted
me to go to the bedroom.

I was all excited, wondering what was going to be part of my
birthday treat this year, so I wasted no time going to the bedroom.
She followed me in and told me to strip down so that she could
give me my surprise.

Before I knew it she was on top of me, still fully dressed, kissing
me deeply as I lay underneath her naked. It was surprising how
aggresive she was being today, which was quite out of the norm for
her. While distracting me with those luscious lips, she pulled out
the restraints that were already tied to the bed. After she had my
first writst tied to the bed, I knew what she was doing but was not
about to object.

My cock was rock hard, laying there on the bed, watching her as she
finished tying up my other hand. She stood up next to me, and
without saying a word, started to slowly undress, taking off her
dress ever so slowly.

Her milky white breasts looked so enticing as she let her dress fall
to the floor. My wife is a beautiful woman, by no means a model, but
still an incredible looking woman. Fair skinned, with long brown
hair, she was not the type that one would think had such kinky
mannerisms in the bedroom. Her 38 D breasts weren't as perky as
when we first got married, but her nipples still looked so tasty,
already sticking out a bit, getting harder by the minute. Her tummy
was still flat, and the only thing she had on underneath that dress
was a pair of black lacey 'boyshort' type panties.

She was soon back on top of me, rubbing those breasts over my body,
letting me taste each nipple. When she worked her way down to my
cock, she started rubbing her breasts around it. Working up slowly
to a faster pace, soon I was titty fucking her soft breasts. She
smiled up at me with those beautiful lips.

"Are you enjoying your birthday present so far?" She asked me,
licking her lips.

I smiled, "Of Course" was all I manged to say, my cock still
throbbing between her breasts.

"This is only just the beginning" She smiled again, and then moved
lower and engulfed my cock into her mouth. It was heavenly, she
is soo good as sucking cock. Her lips wrapped around my shaft, she
started slowly bobbing up and down on my cock. Her tongue felt so
good sliding around the tip of my cock, and soon she would be back
down, taking my 7 1/2 inches all the way into her mouth.

While she was doing that expert job on my cock, she reached down
and grabbed the lube she had already placed at the foot of the bed.
Lubing up her finger, never stopping sucking my cock, I suddely felt
it slip between my ass cheeks. Knowing what was coming next I tried
my best to relax. She rubbed her finger on my asshole but never
slid it in.

Without missing a beat, never stopping that wonderful blowjob she
was giving me, she had reached back down and grabbed a little silver
bullet vibe. She stopped sucking, and looking up into my eyes, she
started to slowly press the bullet against my asshole. It slipped
right in and it seemed that almost if on cue, the doorbell rang.

I opened my eyes again, wondering who could be at the door now, but
more just hoping they would go away. The bullet slowly slid farther
inside me on its own as she stood back up. She tucked the rest of
the cord and the controller under me, and walked out the bedroom
door, grabbing a robe as she went.

I lay there with my cock throbbing, it was still glistening with her
saliva. And at the same time I could feel that silver bullet inside
me, I realized that it was turned onto the low vibe setting, and it
was humming inside my ass. The slow vibrations pulsed through me
as I lay there still tied to the bed.

My wife walked back in the room, "It was just Chris and Charlene"
she said.

"Oh, and you didn't invite them in to play?" I asked with a laugh.
We have never played with another couple but it had been a nice
pillow talk fantasy for us.

"Who said I didnt?" she replied. And as I looked up, Chris and
Charlene walked through the door, a large grin on both their faces.

"Well you sure look surprised," Charlene said, "you didn't know that
she asked us to come help with your birthday preset?"

All I could do was stare, still aware of the bullet vibrating in my
ass, and my cock pulsing there for everyone to see. Chris sat down
in the chair in the corner, while Charlene took a step closer to my
wife, and slid her robe off her.

They kissed standing there at the edge of the bed, my wife in only
her panties. Charlene layed her down onto the bed next to me and
helped her slide the panties off. As my wife lay there naked, she
started to rub her hands up and down her own body. Her friend now
moving to the foot of the bed and slowly taking her clothes off as

I had always thought Charlene had a sexy body, but as she slowly
stripped I started to realize how much of a knockout she really was.
Her skin was tan and firm, and her breasts were small but perky. As
she took of her bra I saw that she had no tanlines, and beautiful
dark nipples. She slid her panties off too, revlealing a nicely
trimmed pussy. Just a small strip of hair was all she had, and
once again, no tan lines.

She didn't waste any time kissing up my wife's legs, slowly moving
farther up until her head was between her knees. Charlene was up on
the bed with us now, and her tongue slid all the way up to my wife's
pussy. She was very skilled, and as she licked and sucked and did
her magic, my wife moaned louder and louder. She came incredibly
hard, moaning, almsot screaming, out loud. As she came down from
the high of her orgasm, she looked over at me and smiled. We strared
into eachothers eyes, seeing only eachother for those brief moments.

As we broke eye contact, we both looked down and Charlene was
strapping on a dildo. Chris helped her with the straps and she
turned back to us, "are you ready for this?"

I grinned, it had always been a fantasy to see my wife get fucked
with a strapon, and this one looked great. It wasn't huge, but
still a good size, probably 6 or so inches, and it looked so sexy
hanging there off such a tanned body.

Charlene smiled and stepped to the end of the bed. She reached
down, and grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed.
The wrist straps tightening around me, my arms forced up above my
head. And it took a second, but I realized that the strapon wasnt
for her, it was for me. She never paused, and she grabbed my legs
and put them up to her shoulders.

"Ohhh Mike" she smiled as she noticed the cord hanging out my ass,
"have you been getting ready for me?" She pulled the cord slowly
and I could feel the vibrating bullet slowly slide back down my
ass until it slowly slipped outside. In a heartbeat is seemed, I
immediately felt the tip of that strapon pressing against my asshole.
My wife was whispering in my ear, telling me to take it like a good

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2011-10-28 06:41:20
I feel satisfied after rednaig that one.


2011-03-30 15:58:54
You really need to finish this storie. Alot of people would really love to know how it ends.

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2011-02-02 21:49:31
It would be nice to know what happens so please tells us more my wife loved it so much she bought a strap on just because of this storie and I love it

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2011-02-02 21:47:38
It would be nice to know what happens so please tells us more my wife loved it so much she bought a strap on just because of this storie and I love it

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2010-11-08 09:20:30
Love Strapons and love my wife using them on me!

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