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3 Ducks walk into a bar, The Bartender thinks thats strange but they have money and are paying customers.

He walks up to the first duck, and says "so fella... what's yer ya been doing?

The duck smiles up and says "I am Huey, and I am pretty good, I been outside playing in puddles all day long, thats as good as it gets with a duck, I'll have a Beer.

So he serves the Duck and moves to the 2nd Duck "how about you?"

The 2nd Duck smiles and says "I'm Dewy, and I am pretty good too, I have been outside playing in puddles all day long too, thats as good as it get's for a duck...I'll have a scotch, neat

Now the Bartender see's how this is going and moves to the 3rd duck "I bet your name's Lewy

The 3rd duck smiles and shakes his head "No...I'm Puddles

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2014-09-17 04:19:24
I have a few questions for the green candy that you meteld what kind did you use cause I cant seem to find any in my local Bulk Barn, OR can i use white choc meteld with green foodcolouring i knwo it gives it a weird taste sometimes but I would appreciate any feedback

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2012-02-10 04:23:10
So true,so true. Makes you want to stick pins in your eyes. I know. I do. Thanks for vinitisg my blog--I'll be back too!

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2008-07-25 11:11:32
(snickers under his breath)




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