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It was just after a devastating nuclear war, and God came down to the Last Jew, Aberham

Appearing before the startled man, God said unto him "because you have been faithful, you have survived and I will grant you 3 wishes, however, as the arabs were persecuted, you should know, whatever you wish for, I shall increase 2 fold, for the last Arab.

The Aberham did not like this, but such as it was, he considered and said "Well Lord, for my first wish I wish for 1000 Square miles of fertile uncontaminated land.

And The lord smiled and says "that is wise, you will need a place to live that is free from contamination and to grow your food, but as you have wished I must give the arab, 2000 Square miles.

Aberham was troubled by this..but on to his second wish "Lord, I wish for 50, beautiful fertile women.

And God said "again a wise choice, for you must repopulate the earth, But as the arabs were persecuted I must give him 100 Women.

and Aberham REALLY didn't like this.

So he thought hard and then said to God "Lord, to remind me of this day of sadnes...I wish you to remove ONE of my balls....

The moral of this story is, never try to screw with a Jew

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2009-04-12 19:35:01
did you ever pass math class?

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2008-08-25 02:20:36
i thouht u were gonna say the jew wished to be beaten half to death killing the arab and taking his stuff

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